Past Reports 2000

Sludge!  I am entrusting this great republic of ours to you and Kahn.  It is up to you two, along with your readers, to settle this recent dispute of the election once and for all!  We can in no way compromise this Great Nation any further and we must reverse what has already been done to this ol'girl.  It is now up to you!

I'm not gone yet you sad sacs!
King willie of Amerika

SLUDGE 12-23-2000

    De-nial is not a river in Africa. It is a DoubleThink implant... a condom for self-induced "safe thought" proles strip on their minds to avoid infection by BadThink and detection by detectives of the PC Police. Critical thought is mind-crime in the INQUISITION* of the Inquisitive, and "inquiring minds" are kept on file in the Holy Office of the Thought Patrol. Open Minds and Truth Seekers who meander on the Party line are subject to slander, refused Holy Communion, and branded "Heretics of Hate" by the All Seeing Eye of the Holy See of PC.
    Pardons are a great stocking-stuffer for The Outer-Party at Christmas. A Jubilee for party-liners who couldn't buy the judge or beat the rap.
    Jim McDougal died in prison and David Hale went to jail, for being Kenneth Starr's key witnesses at the Whitewater trial of former Gov. Jim Guy Tucker.
    BBC- Dec.23- Simply Red singer Mick Hucknail has been cautioned by police for possessing cocaine and cannabis. Officers found the class A and class B drugs at Hucknail's home in Surrey following his arrest for rape, which the unidentified woman quickly dropped when she learned the singer was worth 30 mill and well connected. According to Sun newspaper, a Surrey spokesman said on Friday, " a 40 year old man was cautioned for an offense."

* Any strict or arbitrary suppression or punishment of those believed to be dangerous to the ruling powers.

SLUDGE 12-21-2000

    SR readers weren't surprised when eight years of lies of sunny skies, turned voo-doo to doo-doo ---- the instant ---- George W. Bush was proclaimed King. MiniTruth ripped the rose-colored glasses off the noses of the masses ---- the very instant ---- the Wreath of Thorns was dropped on his head. Now the Muse of the News scream Gloom & Doom, as hot-air gusts from bursting bubbles of a "booming economy," cause turbulent tremors.
    Fed Chairman Allan Greenspan, who jacked interest-rates to "cool down an over-heated economy," plays Scrooge as stooge of the Global Gods, while Daddy Bush is cast as the ghost of Christmas past. And a dubious Dubya gets the Dunce Cap and a pat on the back as he's shown the Mens Room of the White House.
    Major players deal for real behind the scenes, while pyro-priest Jesse Jackson of the black Braham caste, fans flames of racial hatred to cover the Bolsheviks scorched-earth retreat from Florida.

SLUDGE 12-19-2000

    Forked-tongues lick lizard-lies from plastic smiles on putty faces, whipping the spell-bound masses in a rawhide cattle-drive to the Corrals of Collectivism. Paralyzed by Medusa's gaze; trapped in the Matrix maze, polarized proles are driven into tunnel-visions of a myopia Utopia. The herd's spurred by the Wicked Wands of the Twisted Sisters, pulled by nose-rings and panicked by the lash of PC stings. Caught between the swelter of Global Warming and the freeze of a New Ice Age, heads down, ears back, they follow the pack in a cattle-prod plod to the box-cars.
    More uniting by the Green Machine follows the lesbo wedding of the Twisted Sisters. UK Drug Kingpin Glaxo Wellcome gets permission from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, to marry SmithKlineBeacham. The mammoth off-spring GlaxoSmithKline, is headquartered in London but based in the U.S, and will be on the shelves at both London and NY stock exchanges Dec.27th.

SLUDGE 12-17-2000

    As the clock approaches midnight, we see the Bolsheviks slipping out the back-door as the paint peels from the Face of the Whore. Like a movie script, rosy skies and the lies of a "booming economy" have suddenly turned to clouds of doubt and darkness, and why not, since it's part of the plot. Eight years of murder, rape, treason, and endless lies are swept under the rug, as ghouls and goblins go back to their caskets ... or find another nipple to suck off the Trough. The question is not who won the presidency, but Why aren't they RICO'd?
    Eight years of Klingon rule has pimped out the White House and pawned off America.They've spread out our troops, shut down our plants, opened our borders and sold our souls to the Gods of Globalization. They've cut the "sinews of production" and sliced out our Moral Heart. They've turned schools into prisons, and LYING into art.

SLUDGE 12-15-2000

     AOL/Time/Warner, Chase Manhattan/JP Morgan; "Healing" means mergers, and the Butter Battle ends in macro-meltdowns in the GREEN MACHINE. MiniTruth and Banksters mate, and the Twisted Sisters intertwine in a lesbian lip-lock at the top. The Party has united while the proles havedivided, and the "bi-partisan" Voter Task Force  will cement their Dual Dictatorship and pound the final nail in the coffin of any Third Party opposition.
    Pope John Paul sports his crooked-cross as he stumps for the NWO, while Red China bull-dozes 240 churches of the underground Roman Catholic Church in Zhejiang province. Rome is rebuilding the Coliseum, because the Gladiator games are about to begin. Jimmy Carter quit the Southern Baptists because they're next on the list to be fed to the lions. First they came for the "white supremacists" and "cultists," now they come for all who won't bend the bible to fit their Armageddon Script.
    Who can forget how Caesar bravely fought back his tears, as he sadly told us of fictitious black church-burnings from his boyhood days in Arkansas? Church Arson Task Forces quickly swept down and rounded up those evil old Haters on the Front Pages. But the subsequent arrests of SATANISTS Angela Wood and Jay Scott Ballinger in Indianapolis, for burning over 50 black AND white churches (primarily Southern Baptist), never made our evening news.

SLUDGE 12-13-2000

    Democrat demographics of Election 2000 show the "White-flight" to the suburbs has entrenched the Bolsheviks in every major city in America. DemoRats have nibbled off both corrupt coasts, and their base of those in control and those on the dole, can only grow as Barbarians flood the Southern Gates. No production means no wealth, and the atrophied muscle on the sagging ass of the middle class cannot support the drag from below. The Big Lie balloon of a "booming economy" has already been punctured, and Egors Goal-line defeat is a scorched-earth retreat, while AgiProps High Priest of PC Jessie Jackson, provides rear-guard provocation.
    Caesar still has his legends and Praetorian Guards, and hillary's dug like a tapeworm into New York. So the Redcoats are far from out, and the compromising compassion of Republicans has left them fighting a guerilla action in rural suburbs between the coasts. Can King George cross the Potomac and flush the Redcoats from the White House, before the Dome of the Rock explodes or Caesar imposes Martial Law?

From your emails:


We now live in a country where I have no President but I do have ...

1)  a dead Senator from Missouri going to Congress.

2)  a fake President played on TV by Martin Sheen.

3)  a new Senator from New York who used to be the wife of the boss
of the man who may be President.

4)  a Governor from Florida who is the brother of the man who may
be President and son of a man who was.

5)  a sitting President whose wife now will be hanging around the
same men who voted to remove him from office.

6)  a senior Senator from South Carolina who, under our current
Constitution rules, could be appointed to be President in this
standoff despite the fact that he is 98.

7)  a potential Vice President who, because he did not take his name
off the Connecticut Senate race, could end up being the deciding
factor in how the Senate is composed.

And finally ....

8)  A state where a Republican Secretary of State and a Democratic
Attorney General try to determine the outcome of 25 electoral votes
without appearing to be partisan.

Any questions?  Frankly, I don't see what the confusion is all about.

How the Gorinch Almost Stole the Election

Every Who down in Who-ville thought laws meant a
But the Gorinch who wished to rule Who-ville did NOT!

The Gorinch was a liar, he lied without reason!
He made up wild stories the whole voting season.

It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right.
It could be he simply just wasn't too bright.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that he just had no ethics at all.

But whatever the reason,
His ethics or brains,
He stood there on voting day, dreaming of gains.
While the voters were choosing with each little push
of a button, they gave the election to Bush.

For he knew every Who down in Who-ville below,
would give his career a right jolly heave-ho.
"They're punching their ballots" he sneered with a
"And tomorrow its final, it's practically here!"
Then he growled with his Gorinch fingers nervously
"I MUST find a way to stop justice from coming!"

For tomorrow he knew,
All the women and men,
Would wake bright and early and turn on CNN.
And then! Oh the noise! The Republican cheers!
We're Democrat-free, if just for four years.

Then the Whos young and old, would sit down to a
And toast a Republican toast at the least.
They would toast to the truth and to lower taxation,
Two subjects that gave the Gorinch great vexation.

Then he got an idea!
An illegal idea.
The Gorinch got a slimy illegal idea!

"I know just what to do" The Gorinch looked at the
And he beckoned his lawyers from under their rocks.
He plotted and thought, then he thought and he
They connived and conspired with brains most besotted.

All I need's an excuse...
The Gorinch looked around.
But excuses were scarce, there were none to be found.
The law was quite clear, but the Gorinch simply said.
"If I can't find a reason I'll invent one instead!"
So he called CNN as the others would follow,
He gave them a script which was all rather hollow.
"Dispense with the truth, tell a lie and repeat it"
"If they hear it enough then those suckers will eat

Tell make-believe stories to all you can reach,
and tell of the morons who live in Palm Beach.
We won't call them 'stupid' or names that will linger,
Even though they could be on the next Jerry Springer.

Then he loaded some bags like a loser demented,
With thousands of ballots though no law consented.
And proceeded to handle them, changes were simple,
Making up rules about doubles and dimples.
Just dislodge a few chads and the numbers start
Invent a new rule if they need re-arranging.

So the Gorinch grabbed the ballots and started to
When he heard a small noise sounding quite like
He turned around fast, it was Katherine Harris,
Who held up the law... and the Gorinch was
The Gorinch had been caught by this Florida daughter,
Who dumped on his plans a great bucket of water.

She stared at the Gorinch and said "Back off, buster"
"I've read the law and this doesn't pass muster"
And the Gorinch had no answer, he knew it was true.
Without lies his political life would be through.

But the Gorinch was so slimy and ever so slick,
He thought up a lie and he thought it up quick.
"I'm not making changes" the old master lied
"There's a chad on this ballot that's dislodged on one
"So I'm taking it home for my cronies to mount it"
"Then we'll bring it back here so we can re-count it"

And his fib made the news, which proceeded to sell it
Like snake-oil salesmen they continued to yell it.
Piling the lies just as high as a steeple,
and telling the world "Its the will of the people"

He stole enough votes to defraud the election,
Depriving the Whos of their right to selection.
Establishing precedent of the most dire sort,
Now every election will be handled in court.

This isn't a story that ends with a line
that the Gorinch will suddenly sprout enough spine
to concede that he lost and just step aside
He'll cheat and he'll lie till his last hope has died.

Only Whos can stand up for the Who-Constitution,
And bring this election to swift resolution.
By writing and calling, by shouting and faxing,
By holding to law in a grip unrelaxing.
For whatever your politics, all should be joined
in belief that the White House cannot be purloined.

It is possible that George W. Bush will be our next President. This will have catastrophic results in our vital -- no, indispensable --
entertainment industry. Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon, Whoopie Goldberg, Alec Baldwin -- among many others -- have sworn to leave the country if George W. Bush is elected President. And this is where YOU can help.

We need volunteers to help pack and to load moving vans. We also need airfare for these irreplaceable national treasures so they can relocate before they change their minds. For the cost of a small SUV, you can sponsor one of these celebrities and their unfortunate relocation. You will know that your efforts are helping when you receive postcards, letters and pictures from your chosen "refugee" as they learn to become a useful citizen in the Third World country of their choosing.

You will help, won't you? It costs so little but it means so much.
Call 1-800-deport-a-lib. Operators are standing by. Major credit cards are accepted.

SLUDGE 12-11-2000

     Flesh peddlers, dope dealers, and the money, all follow the same international trade routes. Kashmir and Kosovo were simply "territorial disputes" along the trail, and slave traders, smut peddlers and hidden persuaders, hide behind Shell companies in the Caribbean. Poisonous pricks from Junkyard Dogs in our "backyard,"pierce America's calcified coasts and shoot their sh*t into the Heartland.
     A Sludge reader sends the quote of the day:

" Refusing to accept the earth as our sacred mother, these CHRISTIANS have become a dangerous threat to the survival of humanity. They are the blight on the environment and to believe in BIBLE prophecy is unforgivable."

--- VP Al Gore, in his book

SLUDGE 12-10-2000

     Word-controlled humans driven by dogma of Demagogues que-up to the slaughterhouse: North Korea's stacked up on the border following Mad Hatters jig after Trading With Enemy. And the clinton's seal deals while the Red Dragon eyes Taiwan, and builds in the Bahamas. No doubt America's moral nose-dive has the Eagle in a tail-spin, but have we fell down the Rabbit hole too? And have we slid so far down the slippery slope of socialism that we are no longer distinguishable from them? Or have the differences become so minuscule moot, that the risk is no longer worth the struggle?
     Meanwhile, the Butter Battle series is tied up in court, while the armies of Gog and Magog gather in the Middle East. Larval lawyers have spun spools around the rules, while Bolshevik Judges play for a one-cut Showdown by lefty card-sharps, at the rigged tables of Reno's casinos in Miami-Dade.

SLUDGE 12-9-2000

" Those who write the law define nothing, those who INTERPRET the law define all." ---------------------------- Sludge 2000 AD

     Crimes of passion have been replaced by crimes of hate, because the Word of God has been displaced by the Party Line of the State, and love is no longer a valid defense. "Intent" is the motive, political correctness the mitigating factor, and The Party determines both. Original Intent is now Original Sin, because a "correct" head can conceal an immoral heart, and PC is the new morality.
    "Correct" and "incorrect" have usurped "good" and "bad" as gauges of the Wages of Sin, and PC morality is the dominate determinate of Dommunist culture. A high PC rating coupled with high PI(popularity index) is a pardon for entertainers and sport stars, and puts politicians Above the Law. Souls black as coals are scrubbed clean by the PC sheen, and crime and sin slide off the hard-wax turtle shell.

SLUDGE 12-8-2000

     Alexis de Tocqueville  in "Democracy in America," gives his description of majority rule: "For myself, when I feel the hand of power lie heavy on my brow, I care little to know who oppresses me; and I am not the more disposed to pass beneath the yoke because it is held out to me by the arms of a million men." The WILL of the people is always subject to the WHIMS of The Party, and democracies are half-way houses between Republics and Dommunism. Nearly 90% of America opposed the Panama Canal give-away, over two-thirds wanted all candidates in the debates, but the Globetrotters of the Green Machine roared right over them. Corporate Cashism always trumps the "will of the people," and The Powers That Be only seek Public Opinion to help load the Band Wagon.
     A televised minority rule a viewing majority because they have their finger on the public pulse and a Monarchial monopoly on the Pulpit. The TV Minority force-fed the Twisted Sisters down the polarized prole's throats, while ignoring 100,000,000 non-votes. Now we see wide-lens coverage on a few hundred bussed-in Twisted Sister fans, after suffocating the silent screams of fifty-thousand protesting both Conventions.

     I think the ruling has become the supreme crime.  Where's the masses when you need to take to the streets and take back the country?  Oh ya, I forgot.  It's not because they are black...this time.
Kahn 12-08-00

SLUDGE 11-29-2000

     "Every vote counts," but no one really knows the count, so the Butter Battle's in melt-down in O.T., and proles are forgetting which side their boy butter's his bread. Meanwhile, Dubious Dubya's dripping streaks down his cheeks, waiting for Daddy to seal the deal before THE GRINCH STEALS CHRISTMAS. So while we're all pretending not to notice as The Party picks our president, let us fantasize on what drives these Billion Dollar Boys.
      Both blue-bloods rode the same GREEN MACHINE and nobody's asked either, WHY they want to be President. Are both Sons of Royalty SO overwhelmed with love of country, SO touched by the plight of the peasantry and SO filled with compassion for humanity, that they're driven by Divine Design to some Great Civic Duty? If so, why haven't either unleashed their Great Plan to uplift America?
     Or is it greed we read, and a lust for power in a tiring Tug of War over a game of "Capture the Flag"?
     As usual, Sludge has the answer and we can settle this KISS(keep it simple stupid) quickly: We put the Good and the Bad back-to-back at dawn, and put the Final Count under a rock on the White House lawn. We'd find out the Ugly truth real soon, and we'd have our next President picked by High Noon.

From your emails

   You put your stylus in,
   You put your stylus out,
   You put your stylus in,
   And you punch Buchanan out.
   You do the Palm Beach Pokey
   And you turn the count around,
   That's what it's all about!

   You put the Gore votes in,
   You put the Bush votes out,
   You put the Gore votes in,
   And you do another count.
   You do the Palm Beach Pokey
   And you turn the count around,
   That's what it's all about!

   You bring your lawyers in,
   You drag the whole thing out,
   You bring your lawyers in,
   And you put it all in doubt.
   You do the Palm Beach Pokey
   And you turn the count around,
   That's what it's all about!

   You let your doctors spin,
   You let the pundits spout,
   You let your retirees sue,
   And your people whine and pout.
   You do the Palm Beach Pokey
   And you turn the count around,
   That's what it's all about!

   You do the Palm Beach Pokey,
   You do the Palm Beach Pokey,
   You do the Palm Beach Pokey,
   That's what it's all about!

SLUDGE 11-27-2000

     A Sludge salute to Alan Keyes, who ran the gamut through the primaries bearing the burden of the Cross. No promises of hand-outs, no screaming verbal assaults, no catchy slogans, kiss. And only a light applaud and slight nod, for the lonely Crusade of a quiet black man as he shuffled up the dark alley-valley between the neon signs of the Twisted Sisters, packing on his back a moral warning to America. Eyes blinded by bright lights, ears ringing from Bush/Gore roar, fans were too caught up in The Game and doing the wave for their Favorite Son. Too pumped on WINNING, to care about morality. So few noticed, and fewer really cared, as Keyes message of MORAL CRISIS served summons on us all.

     Black does not necessarily mean black.  Take Buchanan's running mate for instance.  Ms. Foster was more than capable as a Vice President contender.  She had good strong moral character and was more than qualified.  And as the Leftist's keeping with their racial equality stand, should have cheered, she was black and a woman.  But unfortunately I do not believe she was the right color of black.  Nor was Alan Keyes.  Nor such greats as Ken Hamblin or Larry Elder.  Men and women willing to stand up and be counted.  Americans.  However, their black is ignored for it does not represent the views of the Leftist Rebels who continually steer this country towards sure death.  It should be obvious irony when the above mentioned are labeled as "race traitors."  I was under the assumption that good moral character had no color preference.
Kahn 11-27-00

SLUDGE 11-26-2000

     It's rough on the skull to mind-meld with Evil, and the volt-jolts SHOULD be amped slowly, but the Sands of Time whip the Dome of the Rock, and the hoofs of the Pale Horse of Death kick up dust. So buckle up Sludge fans. *** The Twisted Sisters have left the Stage, awaiting the ratings of the judges. The Big Fix will drag on just as long as we watch. Meanwhile, Antichrist's in the dressing room powdering his nose for the opening scene, and Israeli tanks line the West Bank. Headline "deadlines" in the Deadlock come and go, while AgiProp quietly moves props behind the curtain for The Big Show.
     Horns of power sprout from Seeds of Evil, so why are we sandblasting the Ten Commandments off walls, while we wage a "war on crime?" Separation of Church & State is a favorite trick of the Bolshevik Tick, because it separates legality from morality, and insures an easy squeeze in the sleaze. Have the BolsheTicks dug so deeply into our subcutaneous subculture, that they've embedded their heads and we can't delouse the White House?

     As of this evening, Bush was declared a winner, even after a second attempt of introducing the fix to get Gore declared a winner had come to pass.  Now the Leftists are pissed that "their" Florida Supreme Court decision in "their" favor has arrived, that is the deadline for hand counting.  The Leftists have vowed to keep fighting, obviously till they get all their votes stolen and put in their pockets, making gore the new king.  How sickening it really is at this point that we are watching one get officially elected and the other continue to steal the votes right in front of our eyes.  Law is not law.  Official is not official.  Right is Left, Left is right.  Correct is incorrect, incorrect is correct.  And 2 is not greater than 1.
New Speak....get yourself some!  Kahn 11-26-00

SLUDGE 11-23-2000

     Super Bowl Sunday is the "new deadline" in our sudden death election. MiniTruth's refs kept the game in a "dead heat," "too close to call, before throwing the game-tying Terrible Towel. TV viewing is at a hypnotic high, as American's stare at the glare of the Fix in the box. So the Ministry of Truth pockets profits, while The Party benefits because they can better change our laws and electoral process to better rig the next one. And even voters who's Wildcard parties were screwed by the Twisted Sisters, are caught up in The Game. O.T. is fun for everyone.
     If it's just a game.
     Proles are polarized in a Circus Maximus, paralyzed by the Big Sting, while the fake flakes fall from the forged, painted portrait of a "booming economy." NASDAQ and Stock are dropping like a rock, while heating-oil rockets and The Party picks their pockets.
     Barbarians filled with hate are at the Gate, the Middle East's a volcano waiting to blow, and America holds it's breath... awaiting Sudden Death.
     And who's watching willie?

SLUDGE 11-22-2000

     Chad feuds in the Butter Battle have embroiled proles in a second Civil War over which Twisted Sister lays the leather on the asses of the masses. Egor is drooling, as a Bolshevik ruling sets up a "winner take all," final brawl in Reno's Casinos. Bolshevik judges in Bolshevik courts, have reduced our presidency to a cut of the cards in Stonewall Janet's Dade county. Are coke-snorting Bolshevik "mechanics" with Nine-inch nails, going to decide our next president in the most corrupt county in America? DemoRats have determined the intent of the laws...and changed or scrapped the ones which "don't fit," now their psycho-psychics are going to read ballots like tea leaves, and determine the INTENTIONS of the voters(?)
     "Any indication of the intent of the voter, whether the chad from the punch-card ballot is pricked through, or whether it is indented --- that is what counts," declared Egor's Top Gun David Boies, "It is the intent of the voter, not how the voter manifests his or her intent."
      Is Jeane Dixon sitting on Florida's canvassing boards?
      And why bother going to the polls at all.... if DemoRats can simply read minds?

     If you can't see what's happening now, then God help us all.
Kahn 11-22-00

From your emails

Algore I am!
Can we count them with our nose?
Can we count them with our toes?
Should we count them with a band?
Should we count them all by hand?
If I do not like the count,
I will simply throw them out!
I will not let this vote count stand,
I do not like them, Algore I am!

Can we change these numbers here?
Can we change them, calm my fears?
What do you mean Dubya has won?
That is not fair! It ruins my fun!
Let's count them upside down this time
Let's count until the state is mine!
I will not let THIS vote count stand!
I do not like it, Algore I am!

I'm really ticked, I'm in a snit!
You have not heard the last of it!
I'll count the ballots one by one
And hold each up before the sun!
I'll count, recount, and count some more!
You'll grow to like this little chore!
I will not let this vote count stand!
I do not like it, Algore I am!

I won't leave office, stayin' here
I've glued my desk chair to my rear!
Tipper, Hillary, and Bubba too,
Are telling me that I should SUE!
We find the Electoral College vile!
Recount the votes until WE smile!
We do not want this vote to stand!
We do not LIKE it, Algore-I-am!

How shall we count THIS ballot box?
Let's count it standing in our socks!
Shall we count this one in a tree?
And who shall count it, you or me?
We cannot, cannot count enough!
We must not stop, we must be tough!
I do not want this vote to stand!
I do not like it, Algore I am!

I've counted till my fingers bleed
And still can't fulfill my counting need.
I'll count the tiles on the floor
And even count the ones next door!
And I will not say I am done
Until the counting says I've WON!
I will not let this vote count stand!
I do not like it, Algore I am!

What's that?
What's that you say?
You think the current count should....STAY?????
You do not like my counting scheme?
It makes you tense?
Gives you bad dreams?
Foolish folks, you're wrong, you'll see!
Your only care should be for ME!
I will not let this vote count stand!
I do not like it, Algore I am!

SLUDGE 11-20-2000

     Mensheviks became a party of weak-kneed whuzzes, when they carved out their Moral Heart and chopped off Reagan's Right in "Secret Cutting" compromise. But did the Pink Elephant hire Lorena Bobbitt to shave it's testicles too?
     America is at a turning point, and if the Menshevik eunuchs want their "turn at the trough," they'd best WAKE UP FAST!
     Has America's Presidential Election turned into a double-punching, second-dealing selection, by a bunch of Bolshevik CARD-SHARKS? The Mensheviks played Rip Van Winkle for 8 long years, while the Klingons raped and plundered. Are they now going to sit on their hands and try to "hold their noses," while the Bolsheviks STEAL votes from under them? The Bolsheviks are a party of red-line, hardcore, Power Freak fanatics, who lie through their teeth as they sit on your face, and tell you: 'it's to keep you ears warm." They've sold America's soul and pimped out the White house, all to their creed of "The end justifies the deed." They've robbed graveyards, traded Food stamps and Green cards for votes, now we see them trailer-trashing Katherine Harris over their crooked card tables in Florida, while Bolshevik Judges set the rules!
     Robert A Cook exposes how Sore-Loserman are marking cards and bottom-dealing in Florida.  Sludge staff statisticians added the stolen "overseas votes" thrown overboard, rounded down the extrapolated theft nationwide, and the REAL SCORE gives GWB the Popular Vote hands down!

      Had you just voted Buchanan, we would not be in this mess.
      I think it is written and displayed pretty plainly by now.  Bush has won by 930 votes.  Initial reports coming in show the "hand-job" counts are not giving any significant results.  Stats are showing that we, given all things are being done honestly, will not see any significant change and Bush will again be declared the winner by the "hand-job" counts no matter how many chads are shaken off the cards.
      As the American people, we need to take a good hard look at ourselves and ask why the two major events, willie's perjury and Gores attempted rip off of this election were allowed.  There is nothing here that even lends credit to the old leftist answer, "Because it feels good, it must be right."
      Communism does not work.  We are a Republic.  The judiciary is becoming partial. Kahn 11-20-00

From your emails

SLUDGE 11-19-2000

     World War Three is brewing in the Middle East, while America's entrenched in the Dr. Seuss Butter Battles of a Second Civil War. MiniTruth, which fired the first shot in the brouhaha with the clusterf**k of Florida, is giddy at rocket-ratings and chimes the line of the Green Machine by wagging an accusatory finger at 100 million "shirkers," to the chorus of," Every vote counts!" But proles are blinded by the Butter Ballot Battles, and how many will recall after the stall, the hen-peck, hair-split variances in the Socialist programs promised by their Billion Dollar boy? And how many will remember come December that their blue-balls are due to the BLACK-BALLS by the Green Machine of ALL MAJOR ISSUES AND CANDIDATES ADVOCATING CHANGE?
     Proles will get only disgust and NO CHANGE from the Billion Dollar Election, because only NO CHANGE was discussed. So the counting and court-rulings go on, while proles fight over which Twisted Sister spreads his bread butter-side up.

WASHINGTON, DC--Denouncing the American electoral
process as "immoral and corrupt," President Clinton announced Tuesday that he will not step down on Jan. 20, 2001, declaring himself "President For Life."
      Proclaiming Nov. 14 a new national holiday as "Day One
of Americlintonian Year Zero," Clinton issued a directive of total martial
law over "all territories formerly known as these United States, from now on to be called the Holy United Imperial Americlintonian Demopublic (HUIAD)." He added that all election results are "hereby invalidated under Demopublican provisional law."

Special Report

Nation Plunges Into Chaos »

NBC News Reverses Earlier Report Of Gore's Death »

Serbia Deploys Peacekeeping Forces To U.S.»

Bush Executes 253 New Mexico Democrats »

Communication With Florida Cut Off »

Clinton Declares Self President For Life »

      "The American people have spoken," Clinton said. "By
failing to generate a 51 percent majority for either candidate, they have
shown their inability to muster the drive to collective action. The time has come for a new America, a strong Americlintonian Empire, capable of providing the indecisive electorate with direction through one man's sheer force of will."
      Dressed in full military regalia and flanked by members
of his elite Demopublican Guard, Clinton told reporters, "Let all peoples of the land know this: The era of bipartisan inaction and paralysis has ended. The Age of the Great Cleansing Fire begins today."
      A significant portion of the U.S. Armed Forces has sworn
loyalty to the Imperial Demopublic Council of Generals, the new military wing of the Clinton regime. But despite such support, many political observers question the constitutionality of Clinton's actions, which include the burning of the Constitution, the dissolution of Congress, and the establishment of "re-education camps" in suburban D.C.
      At a sparsely attended press conference, U.S. Attorney
General Janet Reno raised the prospect of a Justice Department investigation of "possible illegal activities" on the part of Clinton. Most observers, however, believe that such a probe is unlikely: Less than an hour after Reno spoke, her battered and broken body was publicly fed to Clinton's dogs.
      "Let them bring their pitiful reprisals to the impotent courts. Their lawyers and lawsuits shall face the wrath of a people united by
the almighty fist," said Clinton, whose divinity as HUIAD's first Emperor-God was ratified late Tuesday night by the Americlintonic High Priest Council. "Let them recount their puny, paper ballots. They shall wither, as will the bankers, lawyers, and lobbyists all, before the Holy Cause of Americlintonia's glorious, righteous might."
      Defiant in the face of objections from the Bush and Gore
camps, Clinton has consolidated his power over the last several days,
ordering armed takeovers of major federal buildings and the systematic collection and display of his enemies' heads on iron pikes.
      In a test of the new regime's power outside the nation's
capital, Senator-Elect Hillary Clinton, rechristened "Bride of The Lord
Clinton On Earth," summarily ordered HUIAD troops to fire on Manhattan crowds, leaving more than 2,500 dead on Wall Street and quickly dispersing protesters loyal to defeated Republican challenger Rick Lazio.
      Resistance movements are already forming. The new Legion
Of Californians has sworn to defeat HUIAD in the west, and anti-Clinton groups have been reported across the U.S., including Naderist factions in Washington State and Maine.
      Clinton has publicly dismissed such insurrections as "pathetic," confident that nothing will stem his authority over "the former U.S."
      "The rebels are but mewling kittens who shall taste blood instead of milk," said Clinton, threatening to deploy HUAID-controlled nuclear weapons against members of resistance movements. "The holy power of the atom shall, if it must, cleanse this nation of all infidels."

© Copyright 2000 Onion, Inc., All rights reserved.

SLUDGE 11-17-2000

     Will GWB be a "Skull above any other," or will we watch Egor "get too sexy for his shirt"? Absentee Ballots are the "yellow envelope" of the O.J. trial, the final question in the Billion Dollar Quiz, but TEN DAYS on the high seas have cast a rather rank...fishy odor. Do we find a Sludge fudge-smudge on the Tracing Boards of the Grand Architect of the Universe?
     Last week, Amnesty International's research director Claudio Cordone, condemned Israel for "a pattern of gross human rights violations that may well amount to war crimes." Now clinton palm's off more money to the Middle East Smackdown, and Israel slips a Steel Noose around Palestine, while America chews it's chads.
     But today is the Deadline, according to Jerusalem attorney David Baskind, who informed Florida voters living in Israel:"The voting process, theoretically, is still going on until Nov.17th."
     While Blye is busy inspecting VC troops in Ho Chi Minh City(formerly Saigon), Chinese dissident Wei jingsheng, shocked an audience at the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington DC, by admitting Red China's aim was, "to make American politicians work for Chinese Communism." According to Sludge's Brenda Box, the crowd let out a gasp when Wei explained,"In other words, the arena of war is not outside of the United States. The arena of war IS the United States, especially Washington."

     As the [courts?] decide the fate of this election I sit back and watch the finishing touches put on the cake of control.  Frosted is each layer with deceit and noise, not allowing us to see the secret of the filling.  Believe me, it will be found that the proof was not in fact in the pudding but on the kitchen floor discarded in some old foil wrapper.
      What is it we really want to see in this country.  It's obvious that the life is out of her.  We may grumble when we are grossly wronged, but we sure as hell better not stand up, nor will we, given our conditioned fear.  And just perhaps that fear is justified given what happens to those who "step out of line."
        Pessimistic? Yes.  Correct?   Hope I'm wrong.  Kahn 11-17-00

From your emails


 To all citizens of the US

      In the light of your failure to elect a President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today.  Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchial duties over all states, commonwealths and other territories. Except Utah, which she does not fancy. Your new prime minister (The rt. hon. Tony Blair, MP for the  97.85% of you who have until now been unaware that there is a world outside your borders) will appoint a minister for America without the need for further elections.  Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire will be circulated next year to determine whether any of you noticed. To aid in the transition to a British Crown Dependency, the following  rules are introduced with immediate effect:

1. You should look up "revocation" in the Oxford English Dictionary.  Then look up "aluminium". Check the pronunciation guide. You will be amazed at just how wrongly you have been pronouncing it. Generally, you should raise  your vocabulary to acceptable levels. Look up "vocabulary".  Using the same twenty seven words interspersed with filler noises such as "like" and "you know" is an unacceptable and inefficient form of
communication. Look up "interspersed".

2. There is no such thing as "US English". We will let Microsoft know on your behalf.

3. You should learn to distinguish the English and Australian accents.  It really isn't that hard.

 4. Hollywood will be required occasionally to cast English actors as the good guys.

 5. You should relearn your original national anthem, "God Save The Queen", but only after fully carrying out task 1. We would not want you to get confused and give up half way through.

 6. You should stop playing American "football". There is only one kind of football. What you refer to as American "football" is not a very good game. The 2.15% of you who are aware that there is a world outside your borders may have noticed that no one else plays "American" football. You will no longer be allowed to play it, and should instead play proper football.  Initially, it would be best if you played with the girls. It is a difficult game.  Those of you brave enough will, in time, be allowed to play rugby (which is similar to American "football", but does not involve stopping for a rest every twenty seconds or wearing full kevlar body armour like nancies). We are hoping to get together at least a US rugby sevens side by 2005.

 7. You should declare war on Quebec and France, using nuclear weapons if they give you any merde. The 98.85% of you who were not aware that there is a world outside your borders should count yourselves lucky. The Russians have never been the bad guys. "Merde" is French for "shit".

8. July 4th is no longer a public holiday. November 8th will be a new  national holiday, but only in England. It will be called "Indecisive Day".

 9. All American cars are hereby banned. They are crap and it is for your own good. When we show you German cars, you will understand what we mean.

 10. Please tell us who killed JFK. It's been driving us crazy.

 Thank you for your cooperation.

SLUDGE 11-16-2000

     America's Presidency is "hanging by a chad," and the tally hassle in Tallahassee has become a mini-series for "X Files." Have the Mensheviks so compromised, that there's nothing left to sell? Are we seeing a "final squeeze" by the Bolsheviks and a repeat of the Russian Revolution?
     Internationalism is the Higher Power that the Klingons have tapped while they've consolidated our "checks and balances," and merged the branches of government into Organs of power and control. Every department of government became a "cell," isolated from accountability, with ultimate control based upon "Party loyalty." Every government program became a bribe for block-votes, every Bill passed was a marker to be cashed. The White House press-corps became propaganda whores, the sewer-sucking Census a political campaign, while the INS became a Recruitment Center with voting booths on open borders.
     Has America been too "prudent"? And have the steps of compromise finally led to rock-bottom?

     Lately as you talk with other people around the country you find that people are really in a pissed off mood.  This election fix really has them mad.  But what I think is really making them mad is this.  They do not know how to fight back anymore without being stirred by the communist press.  If it's an OJ trial or Rodney King, they're in the streets beating and stealing, all in protest of course.  If the KKK or Neo-boys are marching, there at the edge of the parade ready to pounce.
      We have been so conditioned to respond as to what the media has determined as to what the appropriate pre-conceived reaction is to be, we no longer know how to respond to such things as  individual freedoms being robbed, such as your vote.  This sort of election crap should have people approaching a state of revolution, given that this thing is not being decided by the vote, but by the courts and claimed intentions.  That is it's either a judge or a "bump" that is going to elect the next President and we no longer have the balls to do anything about it.  I'm thinking our balls were sold to China for some sort of warhead catalyst.  Kahn 11-16-00

From your emails

The Fall Of A Republic

     When the thirteen colonies were still a part of England, Professor Alexander Tyler wrote about the fall of the Athenian republic over two thousand years previous to that time:

     A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship.
     The average age of the world's great civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence:  from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency from complacency to apathy, from apathy to
dependency, from dependency back to bondage.

Alexander Tyler

SLUDGE 11-15-2000

     Third parties have been crushed down as Sour Grape "spoilers" in the whine presses of the Green Machine, and the Witch takes a broom-flight from the Poison Apple to stump for "absentee" voters in Israel before meeting up with Pinocchio in Commie Land. Legal Leaches crawl all over the rotting oranges in Florida, and banana state politics has polarized America into a second Civil War. Divided not by North-South, but by the left-brain, right-brain dialectic of the Twisted Sisters.
     TV ratings are up for MiniTruth who caused the problems in the first place, but "those who can't be blamed" thereby benefit, and Big Brother is the only sure winner in Election 2000. Whether the Bolsheviks stage a successful coup d' etat, or the Mensheviks get their turn at the Trough, the same pattern of the past 30 years will continue because NO MAJOR ISSUES have been addressed by either candidate. Proles voted for cosmetic facial differences and an ideological illusion, based upon their perception of which Boot is KICKIMUS MAXIMUS BUTTIMUS.

 " Never has such a fuss been made, and so much spent, for so little change." - Sludge 2000

     Since the people in Florida are allowing a deadline to come and possibly allowing results that come in past that deadline to be counted and certified, then it goes to figure that we should apply the same logic to the tax return filing deadline and allow late returns with no consequences such as penalties, applying the same logic as above.  This should be applied nationally since the above Florida scenario has great national consequences as well and it appears on a national level we are more than willing to accept it without massive uprisings.
Therefore, in summary, since we on a national level accept the change in definition of deadlines in Florida, given no consequences thereof, then we should accept a change in both state and national tax deadline definitions having no consequences such as late fees.

Motion to adjourn?  Kahn 11-15-00

From your emails

It would appear that the State Funded University System in Montana believes we should learn actually just how to perform same sex.  Matter of fact, the President of the University of Montana has sponsored the above.  Just how does one study to be lesbian or gay?

     By 5pm Florida time this evening we should finally see the finishing touches put on the late fix.  Since the machine is eating at itself occasionally it only makes sense that someone could have dropped the ball to incorporate the "fix" into the election early on as in the past.  It's art when "the Party" can churn up the dead prole and get them pissed for the machine should be able to detect and clarify their un-informed, illiterate vote so that it goes to the correct criminal and not the bad one instead.  And don't forget those 45 degree camera shots to display just how "crooked" the Florida Ballots were.  Just imagine trying to follow that arrow to the hole and then be expected to actually punch just that one hole and not all of them.
     To prolong this latest process will only further desensitize amerika when the machine finally quits screwing around with elections altogether and just takes it's position on the throne.  I think it is wonderful timing to put the documentary of the Beatles on ABC for now we can finally say the revolution is complete.  By the way, stay the hell out of the forests!  Kahn 11-14-00

From your emails
     As you are probably aware, if the voting results in Florida stand as they are now, George W. Bush will be our next President. This will have catastrophic results in our vital, no, indispensable entertainment industry.

      Barbra Streisand, Martin Sheen,  Susan Sarandon, Rob Reiner, Whoopie Goldberg and Alec Baldwin, among many others, have sworn to leave the country if George W. Bush is elected President.  And this is where YOU can help.

     We need volunteers to help pack and load their moving vans. We also need volunteers to collect money for the airfare for these irreplaceable national treasures so they can relocate before they change their minds.

      For the cost of a small SUV you can sponsor one of these celebrities and their unfortunate relocation.  You will know that your efforts are helping when you receive postcards, letters and pictures from your chosen "refugee" as they learn to become a useful citizen in the third world country of their choosing.

      You will help, won't you?  It costs so little, but it means so much!

Call 1-800-DEPORT-A-LIB.  Operators are standing by.
(All major credit cards accepted.)

Kile Kahn's

Caught by the Cops
(Special Edition)

Dateline: 2-03-2010
      Al Gore continues to sit out his 45 year sentence in the Federal Pen for his participation in the crime of the century by an elected public official.  Then, 12-01-00, Vice President Gore had been convicted of election "fixing" when he ordered his campaign staff to participate in a third hand recount of votes in Florida, which was found to be the instrument in turning a 1700 + vote lead, which now former President Bush held at the time, into a 3000 vote lead for his victory.  Subsequent investigation recovered ballots in landfills surrounding the participating counties as well as some which were not completely destroyed at Gore's campaign headquarters.  As you may remember, this was the straw that broke the people's back for sweeping legislation knocked out the Fed's controlling power in the states.  States were left with budget surplus's which they in turn put into investment savings accounts for rainy days and refunded significant amounts back to the voters.  Also changes were seen in the local court level with sentences for criminals being carried out to their fullest.  This in turn brought down crime numbers substantially allowing localities to cut back in police services, putting that man power back into the local economies which boomed at a record pace causing vast shortages in the work forces.  It also should be noted that the work week has been reduced to three days to help keep the economy at a healthy level, controlling too much surplus which in turn goes to waste.  The ave. American Family now sees an annual income of $75,000.00 of which about 50% goes into savings.  The size of the ave. American Family is about 6.5, including both male and female spouses.
     In 2004 the people capped off the well of evil with their election of Pat Buchanan as President, who was now in charge strictly of National Defense and Welfare of this country as a whole.  All debt was called in globally by the United States with only a few skirmishes breaking out in protest.  However, these skirmishes were quickly quelled with the decisive might of the US Military which now boasts as unequaled to that any where in the world.  However, the US now has a respect by it's allies and other countries abroad like never seen before, especially since the US is a major exporter with very few imports of any goods outside of it's borders.  The US participates in feeding the world since it's farmers now are a very productive part of the economy with the de-regulation of that industry.  The US farmers boast a surplus of crops every year whether the weather is bad or good.  This allows them to export the surplus to starving nations.  However, it should be noted that there are fewer such nations since the majority of the world is now adopting current US policies.
     With all the wealth, Congress has allowed prayer in public places, though not forced upon anyone who does not want to participate.  However, with the sweeping reform this country has seen in the past decade, very few decline to pray to our Lord.
      Sludge still enjoys his appointment as Secretary of State by the Buchanan Administration, though he takes time out for the Sludge Open held bi-annually with a very large turnout!

SLUDGE 11-13-2000

     Most proles watching re-tolls at the polls, won't even notice which flag Blye flies high, because they'll be biting their nails, as the LoveBoat sets sails into Red Waters. Still waiting for their picks in the Billion Dollar Fix, they'll miss his pat-on-the-back Victory Lap around Red World. The Klingon Craft has wormed into the Rotten Apple, which begs the question:
     is Captain Blye serving as America's Commander-in-Chief, or CAMPAIGNING for the Presidency of the U.N.?
     Other nonNews, is the Arab state POW-WOW of 54 Muslim countries meeting in Qatar to "launch a Jihad to liberate Palestine," while 189 federations of the United Jewish Community gather in a War Council at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. Will they still be counting votes as Masons tote the Temple Mount cornerstone to the Rock?
     hillary hasn't even been sworn in, and she's screaming for the elimination of the Electoral College, which would make big-state New York a fortress. The Party uses the rules... when they benefit, and agitate for change to consolidate power. Note how Egor has suddenly become a strict constructionist for the re-count, but during the Election he screamed, " When my opponent, Governor Bush, says he will appoint a strict constructionist to the Supreme Court, I often think of the strictly constructionist meaning that was applied when the Constitution was written and how some people were considered three-fifths of a human being." Three-fifths of a real vote beats none at all, when the intent of your vote is determined in the stomping-grounds of Jackboot Janet.
     "He who casts the vote counts for NOTHING, he who counts the vote counts for EVERTHING." - Joseph Stalin

From your emails:
     President Clinton reportedly plans to visit China and Vietnam before the end of his term, and according to high-ranking Navy officers, the commander in chief will alter long-standing naval regulations to allow  the American flag to fly below that of Vietnam when he sails into  the communist nation's territorial waters on a U.S. Navy ship. Highly placed Navy sources who spoke on condition of anonymity believe this action on the president's part would further devastate already tenuous Navy morale.
     As part of his swan song,  Clinton reportedly intends to visit  two ports aboard Naval vessels. Trip one takes him to the People's  Republic of China, which has a regulation that no war ship of any country may enter its territorial waters flying a flag higher than that of the People's Republic of China. According to one Navy source, China and the U.S.  have  effected a compromise whereby both flags-the U.S. and the PRC-will be flown from U.S. naval vessels at the same height. But visceral outrage is resulting
from a proposed change to Navy regulations that would result in the American  flag being displayed subordinate to the flag of Vietnam. Navy regulations and tradition prescribe that no country's flag will be displayed in a superior position to the U.S.
flag. However, Vietnam's rules reportedly demand that the Vietnamese flag shall always fly in a superior position to any other country's flag.
     High-ranking naval officers, speaking on condition that their  names not be published, say the reason for all the alarm, anger and career-threatening rhetoric is that Clinton allegedly has either ordered, or is about to order, the secretary of the Navy to amend regulations to permit the Vietnamese flag to be displayed over the U.S. flag. "I'd like to blow the @#&*% thing up!"  said one frustrated officer.
     The United States Navy Regulations began with the enactment by the Continental Congress of the "Rules for the Regulation of the Navy of the United Colonies" on Nov. 28,  1775. So a long and proud history bolsters the long-held Navy tradition that no country's flag will fly higher than that of the United States.
      Commenting on the report, Col. David Hackworth, America's most decorated living war veteran, said, "What's new?
Clinton has done everything else to dishonor the flag, why not make it number two?" He added, "Congress ought to pull this traitor's travel plug ... now."
     Calls to the Navy Staff operations and Special Events office were referred to the Public Affairs Office, which then referred WND to the news desk. When WND outlined the scenario, the spokesman-whose first comment was, "Wow" - later called back to say, "We haven't been able to find anything on it yet, but we're
trying to run the story to ground."
      Adm. Thomas B. Fargo, commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, reportedly has visited the People's Republic of China recently also, although the reason for the trip is not known.

NOTE: Some of you may wonder what the fuss is about, but please remember that the Navy prides itself on honor and tradition. The Naval Officers are not being  "childish and petty" when they
speak out against this. Morale is at an all-time low, and military commands do not need to once again be berated for their job.
     How does this "slap in the face" decision fall under the power(s) of the Commander in Chief? It reminds  me of when Hillary ordered that uniforms not be worn by the White House in-house Marines. This order still stands, if you visit the White House  today, 8 yrs. later. What used to be a sought-after, privileged job, is now seen as a tour of punishment by these young Marines who stand around in civilian clothes. They not only lost their uniform but  their self-esteem to be seen in the uniform they are asked to defend. How much more can the people that are asked to defend our freedom take?
     The crews on the Navy ships leave their families and loved ones behind more than 6 months at a time. Everything possible should be done to praise and encourage them for their dedication! Clinton will enjoy his boat ride for a few hours and never look back to see the eyes of the men and women who serve our country. Just as the Clinton Administration will never look back at the damage that has been done to our Military and to this Nation.

     Please forward this information to your E-Mail list.. It is being blocked by all major news media.
(Would this surprise anyone????)

Our Brilliant Leaders - Cattle Guards

      For those who have never traveled to the great West, cattle
guards are horizontal steel rails placed at fence openings
near highways to prevent cattle from crossing. For some
reason the bovines will not step on the guards, probably
because they fear getting their feet caught between the
rails. I need to make that clear in order for everyone to
appreciate the following TRUE story.

     President Clinton received a report that there were more
than 100,000 cattle guards in Colorado. Because Colorado
ranchers protested his proposed changes in grazing policies,
he ordered Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt to fire half of
the guards immediately.
     Before Babbitt could respond, and  straighten the President
out, Pat Schroeder. Colorado's congresswoman  intervened
with a request that before any were fired they first, be given
six months of retraining.

Remember when clinton was asked what it would take to keep him in power, and he replied, "a war"?
"Go to hell," doesn't sound like peace talk to me, and now we have the Temple Mount Masons planning to lay a four and a 1/2 ton cornerstone for the Third Temple on the Dome of the Rock, during "Chanukah"(Dec. 22-29)--- and BEFORE the January Inauguration!
     Check it out Sludge fans, the plot sickens as it thickens, the spot swarms, as the pot warms....well, you get the picture.
     Does this - like " kinder, gentler" to you?


     I've decided the fix is now in for they were unable to win the election with a landslide victory.  We now see a close election as an opportunity to change the results.  A close election allows us to get out hands on the ballots again in order to "tweak" the numbers or whine because we are too illiterate of a nation to fill in holes properly.  It in no way surprises me that we are willing to compromise the whole process and change the results in accordance with those who are the slickest.
     After all, we patted a criminal on the back not just once, but twice, telling him it is okay to lie while giving sworn testimony about screwing some low-life intern since all that was, was adultery and that's okay in our nation too.  It has to be okay because so many of our "heroes are doing it."
     We made mockery of the whole legal process when "The Juice" went on the stand.  Though it never seemed to bring back the dead.
      I guess I too knew that there was probably no way in hell that Pat Buchanan had a chance given the sell out of our country as a whole.  Why should we put a man back in the Presidency that will hold himself and us accountable for our actions.  It would have been that same accountability that Ronald Reagan possessed during the Iran Contra Affair when he came forward and admitted to the cover-up.  How dare he make an example of himself.  It makes us look bad as a nation, unwilling to compromise our integrity, say for a sale of some military secrets to China.  After all, we are now a "Global Economy" aren't we?  Or was that "New World Order?"
     Now you wonder why I use the term "we"?  I'll tell you why.  Because I am just as responsible as you are for this mess we are in.  Sure, I voted for Buchanan.  But I didn't convince enough people to do so as well.  I didn't get out and pound the street, more than likely, in a subconscious fear of being persecuted on the spot.  I just may be part of the first 6 million to parish in this country when the jack-boots show up and take me for my "thought crimes." And as like you, I will be saying it was for the good of the country, as the gas fills my chamber. Kile Kahn 11-13-00

SLUDGE 11-09-2000

     UnDead stalk the halls of the Senate, and the biggest fix since the 1919 World Series goes into extra innings. Phyllis Schafly warned us, " The fix was in," when the Fat Cats dumped all that money on the Start-line at the primaries. From the mugging of Pat Buchanan to the flue virus smeared on Gary Bauer's doorknobs, the strange and unexplained have taken place: Donald Trump's pretend run, the squeeze of Allan Keyes, the block of McCain, the black-out of Buchanan, and a frame on the "debates." Now will we see Stonewall Janet referee in her spawning ground in Dade county, Florida? The fruits smell pretty ripe in Florida, where court rulings could give Justice power to determine our elections, while a few thousand sunbathers decide our next president.

     I'm heading east to golf before my 9 iron is declared an assault weapon and banned along with my putter which they may say is offensive and no longer allowed on any "public" golf course where it may hurt feelings.  Besides, gotta check on SLUDGE to make sure he weathers this one.  Last heard he was running in the streets screaming in a temporary state of insanity after the lack of election returns. GO PAT GO!!!  Kahn 11-09-00

SLUDGE 11-07-2000

     Neck and neck, arm-in-arm in lock-step, the pincers of the cash-driven Green Machine sweep the alleys to "get out the vote." Jack-boots drop-kick refrigerator- homes, rousting, bribing and strong-arming proles to the polls with Eyes Wide Shut. Election Day is filled with dirty tricks, sweet treats and monster lies, because there's "no harm-no foul" in tomorrow's news. Frenzied facial-tick lies and glazed power-crazed eyes, spur their troops to whip the "undecided" to the booths.
     Everybody's been bought, so nobody suggests that it wouldn't be CLOSE, and there wouldn't be UNDECIDED if the Mensheviks hadn't twirled on their thumbs, while the Bolsheviks raped and pillaged for8 years!
     How can criminals who should be in jail, be running for public office...AGAIN? And why hasn't the GOP focused on the sell out of national security and the murder of morality?
     Allan Keyes in his Constitution Week Speech for "America's Unity Call,"(Sept. 22, 2000 - Orem, Utah) said, "You can summarize the moral crisis of this country in two words - bILL cLINTON. He has dragged the Moral Heart of this country through the stinking muck..."

      It's either Bush for a slow death or Gore for a quick death.
Kahn 11-07-00

SLUDGE 11-05-2000

     "We're running flat out in a race all the way to the end," says America's Presidential candidate PatBuchanan. Pat was Mel Gibson as "Braveheart" in ' 92, when he vowed," We'll fight until Hell freezes over... then fight on the ice" And like Braveheart, even as he lay strapped on the rack with his guts being plucked by the Grand Inquisitors of the GREEN MACHINE, he screamed out a final agonizing cry of " FREEDOM!"
     Pat's back in 2000 as "The Patriot," and in spite of being held down, held up and black-balled, he stands tall above the smoke of the Twisted Sister's petty cat-fight. The ONE MAN for president, who the Globalists fear; the ONE MAN for president, who neither candidate will debate; the ONE MAN for president, who standing tall on the Bunker Hill of National Sovereignty, proudly waves the tattered Red, White and Blue of a battered Republic under siege.
     A vote against the "other guy," is a bottom-line endorsement FOR The Party AND it's agenda. The White Knight and the Black Prince are both Sons of the Royal Class, and as Judgment Day approaches, each prole will be asked: Did you vote for HATE of the other party, or for LOVE of God and Country?

SLUDGE 11-03-2000

     Sin is sold by Hollywood, because immorality causes social breakdown and a shakedown for more laws. God hold's Nations ultimately responsible for their leaders because Tyrants only bloom in the gloom of dark Sin Bins. Since we've "normalized" relations with the Devil, sin is "in," and the New Evil is Deviation from the Party line.
     Fear is another best seller. Fear of sharks, fear of rats, fear of aliens and children's toys. Fear of hurricanes, typhoons and twisters make us "thank God for FEMA," while fear of our fellow man keeps us divided up under House Arrest.The Party exploits fears of motherhood, death and old age, by rocking us to sleep in the Good Hands of All State, where we bless the bliss of ignorance because we fear of our own minds. Naughty minds can cause Bad Thought, and woe to the prole who lets slip from the lip, any indication of Party Deviation.
     Gary Trudeaus  Duke of "Doonesbury" is pulled from the news stands. According to Kathy Kerr of Universal Press Syndicate, Duke "stepped way over the lines of truth and fairness," when the comic character remarked, "My lifestyle? What about Dubyas? He's got a history of alcohol abuse and cocaine." Author J.H. Hatfield had his biography, "Fortunate son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President," pulled from the bookshelves for allegations of a 1972 cocaine arrest, and Dukes demise occurs on the same day Minitruth hunts the "suspect" in the "Bush leak" of a 1976 DUI, and CNN calls comments on his record in Texas, "the harshest television attack yet on Bush."

SLUDGE 11-01-2000

        Popularity Index is a direct function of TV exposure, and the White House is on the Auction Block as King George and Prince Albert sprint to the finish. King George plays the "Savior on the White Horse" while Egor's been cast as the villain on the black steed...a draw for the Anti-votes. Nader face-flash is a burr under Egor's saddle and Good Press down the stretch should favor George by several lengths.
    And then we'll get the usual End Zone Dance, as the courted proles who voted for the "illusion of change," once again turn to bumpkins as the "odious odor of oppression" settles in. The lights will go dim and the hoopla will stop, as smiles drop and the Undead shuffle back to the fields. Nobody will notice, as janitors sweep meaningless promises into re-cycling bins for the next "election."
     Meanwhile, it will be "business as usual" at Motel 1600, where Sovereignty's sold at the door, and Freedom does a striptease for BureauRats stuffed with cash and drunk on power. Only then, will the prole ask, "what the hell did I vote FOR?"

     There's something else on the line for me....that's my right to bitch when it is all over.....GO PAT GO!!!
       Because I will always know he was right and I will be able to look into my mirror with pride for these are the things they can never take from me.  Take a stand... Kahn 11-01-00

SLUDGE 10-31-2000

     Seven million kids Home Alone, and the number of working-moms with babies has doubled to 60% since the Great "Liberation" of the 70's. Low paying jobs, Gay Scouts, Queer Marriage and a Mc-Culture with no values or morality
     Are you REALLY better off today then you were 8 years ago? Prices are up, wages are down. Consumer debt has climbed, while personal savings have dropped like a rock and the Stock Market's a House of Cards waiting for a breeze.
     Drive-by Bombings and World-Wide Hate, euthanasia, eugenics and Mental Hygiene. More laws, less freedom. A boom for paranoia and a bust for civic trust. A monopolized media, overflowing prisons and a bloated Big Brother, who watches our borders overrun while he sells out our National Sovereignty.
     Lais-sez fair means a FREE Marketplace, without government regulation or control, and only in a Planned Economy would Government try to take credit for economic success.

SLUDGE 10-30-2000

     Inalienable - [in - (not) + alienable], that cannot be taken away or transferred: as, Inalienable Rights.
     Did the Founding Father's intend the Constitution to be a "living" contract; a Flex Plan with variable conditions, subject to change without notice? And is God's Word open to debate and subject to New interpretation by each generation of Beavis & Buttheads? There are NO RULES because the pages of the Rule Books are blowing in the winds of the whims of The Party Line. The Documents that testify to the existence of Western Civilization, now writhe and slither on the shifting landscape of a crumbling culture, while the "dirty old white male" shakes on the quakes of a "Living" Planet, which grows darker by the hour as the Ten Horns begin to sprout on the Head of the Beast.
     BBC - The British Royal Coat of Arms is being replaced by the EU logo on British passports. "It is widely felt that there is no longer any need for NATIONAL EMBLEMS, which are confusing to many people," said a commission official in the Justice Department. Foreign Secretary Francis Maude and conservatives appeal to Tony Blair, "The Prime Minister has got to stop this from happening. There is no need for this relentless European Superstate, which the people of Britain want nothing to do with."

SLUDGE 10-28-2000

     Carnivore's at the door, Echelon's in the bedroom and the Eyes in the Sky never blink. "Carnivore can be programmed to watch all the Internet activities of a particular person, says Kevin Poulson, editorial director at Security Focus, "The system can even reconstruct Web pages viewed by a suspect." Information is power and we're ALL suspect, so every bite Carnivore "takes out of crime", is a byte from the Right to personal privacy.
     Left-Right politics, gender-bender rhetoric and race-bait hate, are clap-trap for the masses. We're all crotchless Kens and Barbies, soylent green to the Green Machine, and the only "left or right" of concern to the Banksters are their debit-credit ledgers, where you're either an asset to use or a liability to lose.
     How does TV KNOW so early, who's going to win on Election night? Because MiniTruth not only determines who's in the running, who's in the "debates," and makes their Face, but tallies the votes. Election results are fed into a central mainframe computer and supplied to MiniTruth networks by a private corporation known as Voter News Service, located in New York City. According to Lee C. Shapiro of VNS, the "counting firm" is run by a "board of managers" composed of one representative from each of the six major networks: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox and AP. The Party can better "manage" the prole's vote...and his money, by scrapping the paper trail.

      The only political correct thing is one's relationship with GOD.  That's right, you know, the guy who put us all here.  The real President.  We do not vote him in for he's in charge all the time.  His rules rule.
       The other day at his work a gentleman was put in an uncomfortable situation.  You see, his employer was giving the annual push for the United Way campaign.  This gentleman told his employer the United Way went against his religious beliefs.  The employer responded by saying, "You have to listen to it(presentation) anyway."  The gentleman does not believe in homosexuality as correct.  The gentleman does not support bashing all homo's, he just not believe in their choice.  Yet, the employer, who was a local government agency, continued against his employee's will and held the gentleman captive to this presentation.  Now, does anyone see just another example of the continual indoctrination of the people into the incorrect beliefs of our decaying society?
      Unfortunately I do not write often and only then it is usually when I have had enough.   Due to my belief and value system, society as of late, has really been sending me into convulsions.  I can very comfortably look at the screwed up mainstream and tell them, "you are wrong."  Yet I do not judge them.  For part of my belief is they have to make the choice themselves.  I can not lay it on them.  Yet I must say it is still very distressing when you watch the masses get flushed in the toilet full of our society's wrongs.
      One of my associates recently informed me of her vote for President.  I did not let on to her what I believed or who I supported.  To my surprise she picked Buchanan.  I asked her why him.  She said simply he was the one candidate whose values reflected closely to hers.  I never let her on to who I supported for I believe one has to figure this out for themselves.  Yes I know, our page has his name all over it.  But if you were to speak to me personally, I probably wouldn't bring it up.
      Take care and I hope you all would choose GOD over Mother Earth this year.  Kile Kahn 10-28-00

> > By Lt. Col. Merrill L. Bartlett
> >
> > The two-hour drive from his quarters in the military housing
> > complex in East Los Angeles to the amphibious base out in the
> > desert at 29 Palms allowed Eric Smith-Jones ample opportunity to
> > reflect on his budding military career.
> >
> > After matriculation from the Joint Services Defense Academy
> > located near Little Rock, Arkansas, with a B.S. degree in social
> > engineering, he had been commissioned in the Marine Corps.  By
> > that time, in 2010, the armed service academies had already been
> > combined -- that took place during the second term of President
> > Al Gore.  West Point became a shelter for homeless veterans;
> > Annapolis was turned into a treatment center for victims of
> > sexual harassment within the defense forces; and the former Air
> > Force Academy at Colorado Springs became the site of all of the
> > war colleges (now called "defense colleges") combined at the
> > site.
> >
> > Then, in the first administration of President Hilary Rodham
> > Clinton, it was determined that the term "Marine" or "Marine
> > Corps" was simply too macho, sexist and violent; the spirited
> > organization became the U. S. Amphibious Corps.
> >
> > Also then, traditional ranks fell to the floor of the cutting
> > room.  A civilian bureaucrat in the Pentagon concluded them too
> > elitist, and that they tended to traumatize lower-ranking members
> > of the defense establishment.  As a consequence, Amphibians held
> > the rank germane to their position and not a traditional rank.
> >
> > This led to salutes being replaced by the suggestion that juniors
> > merely wave at seniors and offer a cheery, "Have a good day."
> >
> > Shortly after Smith-Jones' commissioning, the entire First
> > Division, U.S. Amphibious Corps, had been relocated to 29 Palms.
> > For years, hungry environmentalists and real estate developers
> > had cast their eyes on Camp Pendleton because of its pristine
> > location along miles of Southern California's beautiful beaches.
> > This ad hoc group finally won the day, when it convinced the
> > federal government to declare the base a sanctuary for an
> > endangered species, Canus latrans (coyote).
> >
> > Company commander Smith Jones was met at the company Command Post
> > by an anxious-looking executive officer.
> >
> > "Big Trouble at the Enlisted-Persons Social Center (formerly, the
> > "Enlisted Men's Club" and then later called the "Enlisted
> > Persons' Club") last night, sir.  Four of our gay Amphibians were
> > dancing together at the club, and a gang of straight Amphibians
> > jumped them on the way back to the dormitory.  The injured gay
> > Amphibians are in the hospital.  Battalion and regiment are aware
> > of the incident, and the word is that the Battalion head is
> > furious."
> >
> > "So, tell me some good news for a change."
> >
> > "I don't have any, company commander.  I've had to cancel our
> > company training exercise planned for today, because we simply
> > didn't have enough troops."
> >
> > "What? Out of a company of more than 200 Amphibians?"
> >
> > "First, division levied a quota of one platoon to work at the
> > homeless shelter in town; I gave that assignment to first
> > platoon."
> >
> > "Then, the division EAO (ethnic-awareness officer) notified the
> > duty officer last night that the second platoon's EAT
> > (ethic-awareness test) scores had fallen below the division's
> > benchmark. So, an emergency contact team is on its way over, and
> > the second platoon will spend its day in the battalion classroom
> > undergoing remedial EAT instruction."
> >
> > "The same fate befell the third platoon, because its SAT (sexual
> > awareness test) scores had plummeted sharply.  Another emergency
> > contact team is on its way out, and I reserved the regimental
> > classroom for SAT instruction, which should use up the entire
> > day.  The third platoon will participate in a reading and
> > discussion of the book, 'Heather Has Two Mommies' Then, they will
> > see the movie, "The Gunny Sergeant has a Boyfriend."
> >
> > "So, what happened to the weapons platoon and headquarters
> > section?"
> >
> > "Sir, between the two of them, I can't muster a squad. As you may
> > recall, we were required to stop discharging men and women who
> > were HIV-positive and merely to segregate them.  We put all of
> > them in the machine gun section, but today is a compulsory
> > instruction on safe sex for all HIV-positive amphibians.  I had
> > no choice but to cancel the machine gun-firing exercise.  The
> > headquarters section is also down to almost zero effectives as
> > well, sir.  The Okinawan-spouses, Somali-spouses,
> > Panamanian-spouses, Haitian-spouses, Albanian-spouses, and
> > Kosovar-spouses community clubs are meeting at the main
> > auditorium with their amphibian-spouses, and attendance is
> > mandatory. The remainder of the section is meeting with their
> > attorneys with regard to a host of legal problems and
> > class-action suits."
> >
> > "What about the rest of the week?"
> >
> > "Sir, the physical fitness test for tomorrow has been canceled
> > because the attorney for the women-amphibians has obtained a
> > ruling from a federal judge that the test is discriminatory in
> > that it requires the women to achieve the same scores as the men.
> > And, after the other rulings, I thought it best to just cancel
> > the personnel inspection scheduled for Friday."
> >
> > "Why no traditional weapon and personnel inspection?  Aren't we a
> > company of amphibians?"
> >
> > "Well, sir, if we had such a formation at all, you would be
> > dismayed to see more than a dozen of the troops in strange
> > uniforms.  The American Civil Liberties Union won its suit
> > challenging our traditional dress and grooming standards. So, we
> > have amphibians walking barefoot, because they charged that
> > because their ancestors did, and thus they should be allowed to
> > demonstrate their ethnicity.  Then, a group of our women
> > challenged the traditional requirement that lipstick and nail
> > polish match the color of the red cap cord on the barracks cap.
> > So, a federal judge has ruled that in order to comply, any color
> > of cap cord may suffice just as long as it matches the color of
> > the lipstick or nail polish.  Chartreuse or purple cap cords
> > appear really strange on the uniform.  Another of the women has
> > challenged the requirement to wear a skirt, because it is a
> > sexist costume, so all women will wear slacks until further
> > notice.  You also have Amphibians wearing ethnic-distinguishing
> > headgear and jewelry.  And, there is more, but that's all I can
> > remember for the moment.  The point is that any attempt to hold a
> > traditional weapons and personnel inspection will come off as a
> > bad joke.  Besides, you won't want to hear about the lifting of
> > the ban against earrings and nose rings."
> >
> > "Oh, sir, don't forget that you have office hours scheduled for
> > this evening after chow.  A group of gay amphibians are
> > requesting that, since they are married, they be granted a
> > housing allowance and permission to live off base.  When our
> > single heterosexual amphibians heard of this request, some of
> > them demanded the right to draw a quarters allowance and to move
> > off-base as well.  A civilian lawyer is representing them, and he
> > is prepared to charge discrimination if you deny the request."
> >
> > "Then, if all of these problems aren't enough to shoulder, I have
> > a personal situation that is vexing.  Yesterday was the
> > anniversary of my marriage agreement with Samantha.  My lifemate
> > and I decided to have dinner at the All-Ranks club at Mainside.
> > I guess that I forgot where we were, because ordered a split of
> > champagne.  A RAAM (roving alcohol abuse monitor) took
> > my name.  So, division is cutting orders to send me to month-long
> > alcohol detoxification treatment, followed by an alcohol abuse
> > course."
> >
> > "Thank you, Jane, for staying on top of the situation.  I'm sorry
> > to learn that you were apprehended by a RAAM.  The situation
> > reminds of my father's tales of the 1990's, when commanding
> > officers counted the number of drinks or beers an officer
> > consumed at unit social functions."
> >
> > Company Commander Smith-Jones shook his head and wondered, not
> > for the first time, why he had opted to remain in uniform after
> > receiving his regular commission following a successful trial
> > period of five years as an officer.  This wasn't what his
> > grandfather and father had spoken about.  Where was the esprit de
> > corps, that comradeship, that feeling of belonging?  His
> > grandfather had served as a Marine Corps officer in Vietnam after
> > graduating from the Military Academy; his father took a
> > commission in the smaller of the naval services after
> > matriculating from the Naval Academy.  Nothing either of them
> > described resembled what Company Commander Smith-Jones
> > experienced on a daily basis.
> >
> > "Sir, Battalion telephoned.  The CO wants you at 1300 sharp.  I'm
> > guessing it is about the ruckus outside the Enlisted Person's
> > Social Club last night."
> > Later, at 1300:
> >
> > "Company Commander Smith-Jones reporting as ordered, Battalion
> > Commander."
> >
> > "The incident outside the EPS Club is just another problem in a
> > long list, suggesting that you aren't in tune with the program.
> > I've noted with some concern your declining EAT and SAT scores."
> >
> > "But, Battalion Commander, what about our record setting rifle,
> > physical fitness profiles, and crew served weapons scores?  And,
> > the reenlistment rates for my company are the highest in the
> > regiment."
> >
> > "Those factors are inconsequential, Company Commander.  Your
> > continuing unresponsiveness to the problems of gender and
> > ethnicity continue to cause me grave concern.  I have no choice
> > but to relieve you of your command.  Division will cut orders
> > sending you to the six month SACA (sexual and cultural-awareness)
> > refresher course.  I'm confident that you will shape up as a
> > result of temporary duty at SACA, ex-Company Commander
> > Smith-Jones.  If you don't, then your career in the U. S.
> > Amphibious Corps is over."
> >
> > "I'm sorry that I've disappointed you, ma'am."
> >
> > "Now that's just what I mean.  You know that you are never to use
> > that sexist appellation when addressing me."
> >
> > from Officer Review September 2000

SLUDGE 10-27-2000

     Sin parades in the streets and Wickedness is proselytized, while Righteousness is persecuted and prosecuted.
      Spokane, Washington - Abortion protesters were isolated and herded into cattle pens by SS troops at Al Gore's rally at Gonzaga University. Prince Albert's suckface smooch has worn off, and Egor has fallen back on the paganism of Earth Worship. "Global Warming" is due to the flames flickering from the furnaces of Hell as the Devil stokes the stoves for the Final Solution.
     Christianity cowers while Sodomites swagger, Dr. Laura grovels, and King George apologizes for "offending" abomination. Church and State have NOT separated, they've been compromised and homogenized. The Bible and Constitution are now "Living Documents," malleable to the malicious malignancy of the Party Mold. The mantra of Hu-manism is making the "Living Earth" a "Living Hell," as Animal Lib. gives Beasts dominion and makes a Lobby out of Sin..
     Polls show the proles voting for the "lesser of Two Evils," but don't expect to delouse the House with a water pistol.

     Like I said yesterday.  Without so much as a damn shot fired.  And sooner or later they'll get your victory gin which has allowed you to stay stoned to it all. Kahn 10-27-00

SLUDGE 10-26-2000

     Jerusalem is the planned Capital for the World Empire, and the S.N.A.F.U. in the Middle East is being agitated to implement the "back up" plan for a "back-door" approach by the U.N. What failed at the Table will be hailed, when streams of Blood cause screams for Divine Intervention.
     Still not a peep from the Ministry of Truth regarding very serious charges made by James Traficant(D-Ohio) against Stonewall Janet Reno in August. In a one-time interview on Fox's "Hannity & Colmes," Traficant said, "Janet Reno had a relationship with a call girl who was associated with organized crime figures. And they have videotapes of this woman. Now hear me. Also you had five police officers stop Janet Reno for substance abuse, namely DUI - under the influence - willing to testify, never testified. I will be submitting FOIA requests. Because I believe Janet Reno in her failure to appoint an independent council, specifically on the threatening issue, the national security issue, China - she did so because of her blackmailability."
     Government Crime is the fastest growing crime in America, and UnConstitutional bills flood the Floor because Big Brother is immunized from all accountability. The Big Fix has nixed any discussion of the "War on the Bill of Rights", and the Bush/Gore Ticket have endorsed the Jihad on Justice.

     Is it that nobody knows or is it that nobody cares.  I believe it is the latter no matter how you look at it.  Gore = Liar.  Many a time he has linked himself to legislation or such things as, "The Inventor of the Internet."  He has been repeatedly caught in his lies and yet no one pushes the issue to the point it should be. But this is what we should expect from a leftist government.
     What has happened in our country is what McCarthy feared all along.  The Leftists are taking control.  They have dummied down everyone so much that no one even notices.  It is amazing we still have our guns.  That should change within a few years, especially if the dummys elect Gore and his monsters.
      An example of the effects from the above is the following:
      Not once but often have I been talking to friends who express their fear of speaking in conservative terms for they may be labeled as a radical.  We have come so far to the left that anyone left on the right is now in fear of their thoughts being discovered by the leftists.
      Or an example in de-sensitization could be seen the other night on MTV when they filmed human crap on a toilet rim and watched as it got smeared around the seat.  Our collective intellect is truly that of children for we cannot think beyond the body functions.  "Mr. President, I just went poopy in my pants." "Oh I see you did too!"  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.
     South America, much of Europe, and any other country ever violently overran by communism should be in awe since the US was over ran without so much as a drop of blood shed.  I believe I can safely speak in current tense for all one has to do is look around and watch the wave.  But perhaps it is only a matter of time when tolerance of things such as this report runs out and you see Sludge and myself leading a march to the gas chambers.  Or to the place where... "Winston was washed clean..."
Kahn 10-26-00

SLUDGE 10-23-2000

     Apostle Paul warns against allying with false religions: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?" ( 2nd Cor, 6:14)
     Scarlet the Harlot is a sinful bitch, and her deception by "SORCERIES"(Rev. 18:23) involve the use of Black Magic, Witchcraft, and Drugs. Only through Mass Delusion can a Republic "normalize" relations with Communist Dictatorships, and only by Wolves in Sheep's Clothing casting spells from the pulpit, can Churches endorse candidates who support Trading with our Enemies.
     Sham Election "debates" by the Deadbeat Duo have side-stepped Real Issues, and the Game Plan now is to "avoid mistakes" and "run out the clock." Are America's Elections any less-rigged then those of the "Tin Horn" dictatorships we overthrow?
     Pat Buchanan's latest spot features teachers prying the praying hands of a prole apart as the narrator states, "They've taken God and the Bible out of our schools....they've pulled the Ten Commandments off the classroom walls....Now they're after the Boy Scouts, calling them a Hate Group because they won't let homosexual men be Scout's time to take our country back from those who are tearing it down." Amen.

 From the Denver Rocky Mountain News
 September 3, 2000

 Al Gore's Gulf War Vote
 By former US Senator Alan Simpson

Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore's new campaign ad is running in your state and says he is "fighting for us." But the true story of his Gulf
War vote says he is usually fighting for Al. Here is the inside story of
 what happened.

The Gulf War vote was pretty serious business. I can't think of anyone who didn't have a lump in his or her throat as they weighed the situation - 500,000 American troops already deployed; Iraq's Saddam Hussein promising the "mother of all battles"; most "experts" predicting
heavy American losses.

The choice was not easy. Senators with combat experience on both sides of  the aisle were on both sides of the issue. Some Democrats openly supported the measure; some Republicans openly opposed it. And vice versa.

The seriousness of the situation called for open, honest debate. No
dealmaking. No politics. Just an honest discussion, followed by an honest vote of conscience by each senator.
As Republican whip, I worked with the Republican leader Bob Dole and the Democratic leaders, George Mitchell and Sam Nunn, to schedule the debate. As Republicans, Sen. Dole and I were responsible for scheduling time to speak for senators who supported the war. As Democrats, Sens. Mitchell and Nunn were responsible for scheduling time to speak for those who opposed the war.

The night before this monumental debate, I sat in the Republican cloakroom with Sen. Dole discussing the debate schedule for the next day. Then a senator walked in and asked to speak to us. It surprised Bob and me because he was a Democrat coming to ask for a favor.

 He was Tennessee Sen. Al Gore Jr. Sen. Gore got right to the point: "How much time will you give me if I support the president?" In layman's terms, Gore was asking how much debate time we would be willing to give him to speak on the floor if he voted with us.

"How much time will the Democrats give you?" Sen. Dole asked. "Seven
minutes," came the droning response. "I'll give you 15 minutes," Dole said. "And I'll give you five of mine, so you can have 20 minutes," I offered. Gore seemed pleased, but made no final commitment, promising only to think it over.

Gore played hard to get. He had received his time. But now he wanted prime time. And Dole and I knew it.

After Gore left, Dole asked Republican Senate Secretary Howard Greene to call Gore's office and promised that he would try to schedule Gore's 20 minutes during prime time, thus ensuring plenty of coverage in the news cycle. Later that night, Gore called Greene and asked if Dole had him in a primetime speaking slot. When Green said nothing had been finalized yet, Gore erupted: "Damn it, Howard! If I don't get 20 minutes tomorrow, I'm going to vote the other way."

The following day, Gore arrived on the Senate floor, still waiting to see
which side - Republicans or Democrats - would offer him the most and the best speaking time. Sen. Dole immediately asked the Senate to increase the amount of speaking time for both sides. I believe only then, after Gore realized we were asking for more time to make room for him on our side,that he finally decided to support the resolution authorizing the use of force to drive Hussein out of Kuwait.

It brings me no joy to recount the events leading up to the Gulf War vote.
It isn't something I wanted to do. But it is something I have to do.

I was there. I have to set the record straight because the Gore campaign is now running an ad proclaiming that Al Gore "broke with his own party to support the Gulf War." In reality, it's much closer to the truth to say he
broke for the cameras to support the Gulf War.

And I have to set the record straight because the Gulf War vote was far too important an issue to fall victim to politics and repulsive revising. It was a moment of challenge. Sadly, Al Gore was not up to it. In January of 1991, Al Gore put politics over principle.

Alan Simpson is a former Republican senator from Wyoming.

Name This Country!

709,000 Regular (active duty) service personnel.
293,000 reserve troops.
8 standing Army divisions.
20 Air Force and Navy air wings with 2,000 combat aircraft.
232 Strategic bombers.
13 Strategic ballistic missile submarines with 3,114 nuclear warheads
on 232 missiles.
500 ICBMs with 1,950 warheads.
4 aircraft carriers.
All the support bases, shipyards and logistical assets needed to sustain such a force.
Is this country Russia? . . . No
Red China? . . . No
Great Britain? . . . Wrong Again
USA? . . . Hardly
Give up??
Well, don't feel too bad if you are unable to identify this global
superpower because this country no longer exists. It has vanished.  These are the American military forces that have disappeared since the 1992 election of Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

Sleep well, America. It's time to vote!

SLUDGE 10-22-2000

     God is sand-blasted off the Face of all Government buildings and Unseen hands round the "rough edges" of Global 2000. Nationalist Leaders are toppled, and Communist Regimes are warmed up with doe and merged into the Whole Ball of Wax of Dommunism. Jackals in Journalism and Wolves at the Pulpit, prey on the decay of Western Civilization.
     Pat Buchanan is CRITICIZED for leaving the Republican Party, in spite of the fact, that they've purged the Moral Right to go with the Global Flow, but Jimmy Carter is PRAISED for leaving the Southern Baptists because they HAVEN'T caved to immorality. Carter, who's claim to fame was giving the Panama Canal to Red China, said he and his wife, Rosalynn, will associate with Baptist groups "who share such beliefs as separation of church and state, and equality of women." Luke-warm "Christians" like Carter, who rode the back of evangelicalism in 1976, now bend the Bible to fit the Script of the NWO's agenda. Southern Baptist's president Rev. James Merritt, defended the denominations position: " With all due respect to the president, he is a theological moderate. We are not a theological moderate convention."

SLUDGE 10-20-2000

     According to cabalistic interpretation, the three underlined "L's" written in the blood of Czar Nicholas ll and the Royal family reads: "Here the King was sacrificed to bring about the destruction of his Kingdom." The underlines underscored that the Regicide was carried out "In obedience to superior command." Paul Vl began using the Twisted Cross(snake-like Crucifix) in 1963, and P-2 Masonic scandals broke out around the Vatican Bank while Roman Catholicism began compromising core beliefs to fit the New Age agenda. March of 2000, found Pope John Paul ll flashing the same Bent Crucifix on his Middle East tour, and pictures of the Pope in his "Sermon on the Mount" in Galilee, reveal him sitting beneath the blasphemous Inverted Cross. After Mass the Pope met with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who claimed the Pope's visit was of "immense historic importance."
     Matthew 7-15- warns us:"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening WOLVES."
     Did John Paul seal a deal to crush the Dome of the Rock to secure a Seat of Power for the Black Pope's Throne? Will the Roman Pontiff be the False Prophet of Revelations, and is the murder of Catholic Priests who won't play ball with The Order, the beginnings of a Christian Inquisition? The NWO claims to embrace all--- but is hostile towards Christianity, the "Exorcist" is back and the Roman Coliseum's being rebuilt, so guess who doesn't fit the Armageddon Script?

SLUDGE 10-19-2000

     Voters have become "fans" in a Presidential Playoff, and is anyone surprised that Deadbeat Debate is a deadheat at the plate, as we move to the "Subway Series" in New York? The Commission on Presidential Debates is co-chaired by Menshevik Frank Fahrenkopf and Bolshevik Paul Kirk, the "fair pair" who decide the line-ups and determine who plays. And when Greenie Ralph Nader tried to crash the Twisted Sister's Party in Boston, it was CPD's John Bezeris who blocked him at the door with, "It's already been decided that whether or not you have a ticket, you are NOT WELCOME in the debate."
     MiniTruth will do the "Play by Pay" and keep the box scores, while hillary and Rick stick caps on their heads and do a root for Mets or Yankees. Canned questions and applause, fans will rave and do the "wave," as telegraphed pitches are poked down the Party Line by the Billion Dollar Boys. No homerun-hitters here, only walks, balks, bunts and forced errors by Gush-lights. And regardless who wins, TWO-THIRDS of America will lose, because they'll go home without seeing Patrick J. Buchanan allowed to step up to the plate.

SLUDGE 10-18-2000-------- 

Sludge dedicates this day to the 34 dead and 171 wounded, in the attack upon the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. President Lyndon B. Johnson quickly covered up the American casualties, and the "incident" was filed as an "accident" and.......forgotten.

SLUDGE 10-17-2000

     George Washington warned against "passionate attachments" and "inveterate antipathies" to particular foreign countries, and Thomas Jefferson, in his first Inaugural cautioned, "peace, commerce, and honest friendship with ALL nations, entangling alliances with none."
      Remember the Liberty? It's doubtful, because the June 8th, 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in broad daylight with flags flying, was hushed up by the Oracles of the Oval Office. No National Cry, no photos of grieving families and no screams of revenge, for the 34 dead and 171 wounded during the 75 minute attack in the Six Day War. Were the Americans on the USS Liberty any "less victimized by a senseless act," then those on the USS Cole?
     Captain William L. Mcgonagle, USN(Ret) wrote an Open Letter to President clinton, Oct. 24th, 1998:" Please Do Not release Johnathan Pollard to the government of Israel until and unless the government of Israel acknowledges, in writing and publicly, that the government of Israel's armed forces(air and naval) deliberately attacked the USSLiberty(AGTR-S)(a technical Research ship) in June 8, 1967."
     America's Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, on Friday stated, " The United States is losing credibility in the Middle East because it fails to criticize Israel for its part in the collapse of the peace talks and the ensuing violence. We've got to be an honest broker, and that means we have to condemn people on both sides."

A link to the USS Liberty Memorial Page is as follows:

USS Liberty

SLUDGE 10-16-2000

     Sludge Middle East corespondent, Seymour Butts reports the balk at the Talks caused the walk on the Rock, but Yasser takes the blame for the hole in the Cole, while Masons lay the cornerstone for the Solomon's Temple. Wings of an Eagle flew the Russian Mob to Israel by the Law of Return, and the War Hawks are hovering over the Dome of the Rock
     hillary clinton is booed off the stage at a "Solidarity" rally for Israel outside the Israeli consulate in Manhattan. "There was a spontaneous uprising of anger and boos from the crowd," Jewish Action Alliance spokeswoman Beth Gilinsky told WOR radio's Bob Grant. " And we sustained [the boos] for quite a while to the point where she finally just walked off the stage." hillary began her pitch with, " We are here today to say to the world that we stand firmly behind Israel,..." before being blown off stage by Jewish jeers. The Klingon's act has worn thin since her Lame Duck hubby made Table Stakes out of Jerusalem in his bid for the Nobel Peace prize, and lack of trust makes a bust for both sides.
     MiniTruth keeps the Deadbeats in a Deadheat to herd the sheep to the booths for the Billion Dollar Boys. The Commission on Presidential Debates has locked out Third Party candidates Pat Buchanan, Harry Browne and Ralph Nader, and only C-SPAN gives coverage, as the Media ignores the Silent Screams of thousands of protesters outside the DEADBEATS DEBATES.

SLUDGE 10-12-2000

     America's ONLY presidential candidate PatBuchanan, gets jabbed in the back for calling the Kettle black. Pat's portrayal of an old prole choking on the bones of a dying language in his newly-released "English Only" ad, has been proclaimed "insensitive" by the Common Cens-ors of Cable World. In-sensitive and Oh-ffensive are Party Favorites used to bury Truth when our Doublethink-deodorant fails to cut the stink." If we're going to have a society that stays together, we've got to have a common language," said Pat at a non-covered news conference in Phoenix, Arizona."Unrestricted immigration is overwhelming the Melting Pot.It's particularly acute in Arizona, where Douglas has basically become the Open Wound in a bleeding border."
     Buchanan is being buried along side the 9000 year-old Kennewick Man, who like some "offensive" excavated excrement your cat dug up in the litter-box, is covered-up because he doesn't Fit the Script of the New Millennium and is deemed "insensitive" for dying on land claimed "sacred" thousands of years later. The culture crushers of the NWO don't give a whoot who bumped who from their land, or a rat's ass for the prole's "superstitious beliefs." They're One Vision/One Purpose is the Manifest Destiny of Dommunism.
     Where's da Beef in da Debates? Proles squint for a nickel's difference and score for smirks and sighs, because they can't get a butter-knife between the Sominex Siamese Twins of the Twisted Sisters. Ralph Nader summed it up when he said, " A vote for Bush is a vote for Gore, and a vote for Gore is a vote for Bush."

SLUDGE 10-11-2000

     Brick by brick and law by law, the Tower of Babble is being resurrected on the Quicksand's of corruption and collectivism. The infrastructure of Global Bank, Global Court and GloboCops was hooked up to the "Net" and "Web" during Y2K. The phrase "None of your business," has been replaced with "what of ya got to hide?" and PRIVACY is now an archaic concept from OldWorld, which is being phased-out of the cranial cavities of NewWorld proles. Internet banking gives FDIC, IRS and the rest of Big Brother's Klan, access to "personal records," and Unconstitutional bills are being rammed and crammed faster then a "finger-printed" bullet.
     "Survival" and "Big Brother" gets us used to being watched, and Candid Cameras, Check-point Charlies and Rubber-stamp Warrants are the new norm in the Brave New World of 2000. The Dike of "Democracy" has sprung so many leaks there aren't enough thumbs to plug the holes, and the Bill of Rights is being ripped, stripped and shredded from our consciousness. The Methamphetamine  Anti-Proliferation Act was a Rider on the back of the Thirty Year War on Drugs, designed to give Big Bro a free "sneak and peak" at your computer, and now the Fugitive Apprehension Act(S-2516) has passed the Senate. This slippery rider empowers the Attorney General to issue "administrative subpoenas" for info and records without warrant.
     But afterall,... WHAT DO YA GOT TO HIDE?

SLUDGE 10-09-2000

     Day of Atonement in Jerusalem. U.N. secretary-general Kofi Annan's bang of the "peace gong" at the NWO rally in New York sounded the opening round of the Middle East "peace talks" and The Press leaked hillary's 1974 remark to Paul Fray, who ran bill's congressional campaign, "You f**king Jew bastard." Coincidence?
     Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all that burden themselves with it shall be cut to pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered against it. ----Zechariah 12:2-3
     Father John O'Connor asks, " Is clinton an Antichrist?
     Piers Compton writes in " The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand in the Vatican:" There is a feeling abroad that our civilization is in deadly peril. It is a recent awareness, wholly distinct from the old evangelical fears that the world, in keeping with some Biblical prophecy, is coming to an end...For civilization declines when reason is turned upside down, when the mean and debased, the ugly and corrupt, are made to appear the norms of social and cultural expressions...when EVIL, UNDER A VARIETY OF MASKS TAKES THE PLACE OF GOOD."

     As she walked away from me after she told me how Columbus was a slave trader of  "indians" and she would no way in hell celebrate a holiday honoring such a man, I just waved as she drove away in her mercedes wearing a mink and gator purse returning to her cabin on the former land of the Blackfoot which had been funded with the money her family made from the liquor stores on various reservations.  Kahn 10-08-00

SLUDGE 10-07-2000

     Day of Rage in Jerusalem, and the body count over The Mount rises as Israeli riot-police storm the Rock and Palestinians invade Joseph's Tomb. How canclinton's Godless Government referee a holy War?
     Strasburg(Sept. 6)- Palestinian parliament spokesman Ahmed Qureia, told the European Parliament, " Unless we can reach an agreement on Jerusalem, I have to declare that both parts of Jerusalem east and west should be a unified International Jerusalem, not just the capital of Israel or Palestine, but a Capital of the World."
     Morons in the Ministry of Truth hail Protest in Belgrade as," Power to da proles." But aren't these the SAME dupes who black-ball Peaceful Protest in the U.S., flailed Dan Quayle over "potato" and who can't get through their thick heads, the differences between Democracy and Republic or semi and automatic? And why is the SAME clinton cheering Protest in Belgrade when, according to Laura Crabtree Callahan he threatened ABORTION PROTEST with "the full weight of government" and ended his threat with, " What's more, there will be a jail cell with your name on it."

     You're sound asleep when you hear a thump outside your bedroom door. Half awake, and nearly paralyzed with fear, you hear muffled whispers.  At least two people have broken into your house and are moving your way.
      With your heart pumping, you reach down beside your bed and pick up your shotgun. You rack a shell into the chamber, then inch toward the door and open it. In the darkness, you make out two shadows.
     One holds something that looks like a crowbar. When the intruder brandishes it as if to strike, you raise the shotgun and fire. The blast knocks both thugs to the floor. One writhes and screams while the second man crawls to the front door and lurches outside.
      As you pick up the telephone to call police, you know you're in trouble. In your country, most guns were outlawed years before, and the few that are privately owned are so stringently regulated as to make them useless. Yours was never registered.
       Police arrive and inform you that the second burglar has died. They arrest you for First Degree Murder and Illegal Possession of a Firearm. When you talk to your attorney, he tells you not to worry: authorities will probably plea the case down to manslaughter.
       "What kind of sentence will I get?" you ask.
       "Only ten-to-twelve years," he replies, as if that's nothing. "Behave
 yourself, and you'll be out in seven." The next day, the shooting is the
 lead story in the local newspaper.
      Somehow, you're portrayed as an eccentric vigilante while the two men you shot are represented as choir boys. Their friends and relatives can't find an unkind word to say about them. Buried deep down in the article, authorities acknowledge that both "victims" have been arrested numerous times.  But the next day's headline says it all: "Lovable Rogue Son Didn't Deserve to Die." The thieves hhave been transformed from career criminals into Robin Hood-type pranksters. As the days wear on, the story takes wings.
      The national media picks it up, then the international media. The surviving burglar has become a folk hero.
      Your attorney says the thief is preparing to sue you, and he'll probably win.  The media publishes reports that your home has been burglarized several times in the past and that you've been critical of local police for
their lack of effort in apprehending the suspects. After the last break-in,
 you told your neighbor that you would be prepared next time. The
District Attorney uses this to allege that you were lying in wait for the burglars.
      A few months later, you go to trial. The charges haven't been reduced, as your lawyer had so confidently predicted. When you take the stand, your anger at the injustice of it all works against you. Prosecutors paint a picture of you as a mean, vengeful man. It doesn't take long for the jury to convict you of all charges.
     The judge sentences you to life in prison.
     This case really happened.
      On August 22, 1999, Tony Martin of Emneth, Norfolk, England, killed one burglar and wounded a second. In April, 2000, he was convicted and is now serving a life term.
      How did it become a crime to defend one's own life in the once great
 British Empire?
      It started with the Pistols Act of 1903. This seemingly reasonable law
 forbade selling pistols to minors or felons and established that handgun
 sales were to be made only to those who had a license. The Firearms Act of 1920 expanded licensing to include not only handguns but all firearms except shotguns. Later laws passed in 1953 and 1967 outlawed the carrying of any weapon by private citizens and mandated the registration of all shotguns.
      Momentum for total handgun confiscation began in earnest after the
Hungerford mass shooting in 1987. Michael Ryan, a mentally disturbed man with a Kalashnikov rifle, walked down the streets shooting everyone he saw. When the smoke cleared, 17 people were dead.
      The British public, already de-sensitized by eighty years of "gun control", demanded even tougher restrictions. (The seizure of all privately owned handguns was the objective even though Ryan used a rifle.)
      Nine years later, at Dunblane, Scotland, Thomas Hamilton used a
 semi-automatic weapon to murder 16 children and a teacher at a public
      For many years, the media had portrayed all gun owners as mentally
 unstable, or worse, criminals. Now the press had a real kook with which to beat up law-abiding gun owners. Day after day, week after week, the media gave up all pretense of objectivity and demanded a total ban on all
 handguns. The Dunblane Inquiry, a few months later, sealed the fate of the few sidearm still owned by private citizens.
      During the years in which the British government incrementally took away most gun rights, the notion that a citizen had the right to armed
 self-defense came to be seen as vigilantism.
      Authorities refused to grant gun licenses to people who were threatened, claiming that self-defense was no longer considered a reason to own a gun.  Citizens who shot burglars or robbers or rapists were charged while the real criminals were released.
      Indeed, after the Martin shooting, a police spokesman was quoted as saying, "We cannot have people take the law into their own hands."  All of Martin's neighbors had been robbed numerous times, and several elderly people were severely injured in beatings by young thugs who had no fear of the consequences. Martin himself, a collector of antiques, had seen most of his collection trashed or stolen by burglars.
      When the Dunblane Inquiry ended, citizens who owned handguns were given three months to turn them over to local authorities. Being good British subjects, most people obeyed the law. The few who didn't were visited by police and threatened with ten-year prison sentences if they didn't comply.  Police later bragged that they'd taken nearly 200,000 handguns from private citizens.
     How did the authorities know who had handguns? The guns had been registered and licensed. Kinda like cars.Sound familiar?


" does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless
minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.."

--Samuel Adams

SLUDGE 10-06-2000

     "If it's secret and it's elite, it can't be good," warns Luke McNamara's black room-mate before Luke is "tapped," and he gets his skull crushed in The Tomb. "A Skull Above any Other," chant Old Skulls to reborn recruits, who crawl from their coffins as they're told, "Our Rules supersede those of the Outside World." Is the video release(Oct.3) of Rob Cohen's "The Skulls" timed to be the CS gas, waiting for a lantern-kicker by Halloween?
     MiniTruth and both Twisted Sisters quickly endorsed Good Protest in Belgrade. No "protest" areas, "free speech" zones, or "Planet of the Ape" beatings here. Cameras which blacked-out Protest from Seattle to the Prague AGAINST Globalism, now give "live" encouraging-coverage to the Party at the Parliament. Bolsheviks and Mensheviks who IGNORED mass protests outside THEIR Conventions, join to Cheerlead with Tony Blair and bill clinton, both of whom were convicted in Belgrade on Sept. 18th for War Crimes.

SLUDGE 10-05-2000

     Why the Sleep-aid "Debate" when TV claims to give viewers what they want? Two-Thirds of America wants to see a REAL debate, where they trash the pre-cooked questions and made-for-TV responses. Fast-food, delivered by the Twisted Sisters of Royalty, who've spent weeks parroting lines in front of a mirror, only to bring us fat-free Big Whoppers with low-cal lie fries. Two-Thirds of America wants to hear Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan and Harry Browne, because Two-Thirds of America is concerned about our loss of Individual Liberty and National Sovereignty. And that same Two-Thirds wants to hear debate of the Federalization of the United States and the Globalization of the World, which is why they're being Bush-whacked, Gored and IGNORED by ONE-THIRD of the Herd.
     And WHO compose this Ruling Third Reich in America which decides what we get? It's the Mongol Moguls of Corporate Colonialism who sit in the Towers of High Finance and control both Twisted Sisters, they're MiniTruth Lapdogs, and the fanatical followers of the One World Cult of " One Purpose, One Vision."

SLUDGE 10-04-2000
    U.N. secretary-general Kofi Annan who was banging the "Peace Gong" a few weeks ago, now describes the Middle East situation as "All-Out War." Meanwhile, the "Peace Maker" bill clinton describes his philosophy on National Security and "mulligans," to Golf Digest's contributing editor Thomas Friedman, "If somebody makes a terrible shot I say,' Well, take that one, and then I give everybody else one." What a concept, Democracy on the Links and Scoreboard Socialism. If someone screws up he is no longer penalized, we simply blank out his screw-up and REWARD all who witness it. What a country!
     Favorite Sons of the Royal Parties play out their charade in Exclusionary "Debates," while MiniTruth feeds the "Top Seeds" in the biggest fix since the 1919 World Series. Is it coincidence that the "presidential race" has taken on the SAME Final-Four format as the primaries? A four-way split-ticket insures that a tweak of either "Wild Card" keeps the game close for the Billion Dollar Boys.
     What do you have to hide Comrade? Our Nine Just Men rule on Checkpoint Charley Roadblocks in the U.S. There's no debate or discussion of America's loss of Civil Liberties and National Sovereignty.

SLUDGE 10-03-2000

     Out of sight out of mind, as a 10 year-old prole shoots a sling-shot in the air and is riddled into bloody mush before the pebble hits the ground. "If it leads it bleeds", but how much blood does it take to make the Evening News? David and Goliath was a good story but the Battle for Jerusalem is a 99-1 slaughter, as armored Gunships fly above sling-shot range and rain Death from Above.
     bill clinton sent James Carville to Israel last year to help elect Ehud Barak on a pledge to withdraw Israeli forces, and clinton stuck his "Legacy" under the same negotiating table that he staked the Fate of Jerusalem on. Mad Albright scurries off to Paris to try to patch up bill's f**k-up, by meeting with Yasser Arafat who's promise of a "Palestinian State" came and went on September 12th. The plot thickens, as the pot's stirred by the Oct. 16th "Million Family March," and the up-coming meeting between Gore's VP Joe Lieberman and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who recently remarked on a radio address: " He(Lieberman) could serve as a bridge in the most critical area that needs divine help, and that is the area of the Palestinian-Israeli problem. So we welcome any kind of dialogue that would lead to justice and peace."

Kile Kahn's

Caught by the Cops

Bill Gates

A Fatal Error has Occurred.

Exactly why Microsoft mogul Bill Gates was arrested has never been made clear. The records manager at the Albuquerque Police Department said that after a thorough search no arrest record was found in connection with this mug shot. Microsoft spokeswoman Kimberly Kuresman said that Gates recalls being taken in for running a red light and driving without a license. "It is well-known that when Bill was young he didn't have a very good driving record," she said. Indeed, the Albuquerque police have two additional records that back up Kuresman's statement. The first, dated Sept. 29, 1975, has Gates speeding as well as driving without a license. In the other report Gates was hit by another driver who failed to obey a stop sign.

SLUDGE 10-02-2000

     Four days of fighting over the Dome of the Rock Mosque has left 28 dead, over 700 wounded and the score is rising as you read. The U.N. has been hovering, awaiting Divine Intervention, since Table Talks broke down and Ariel Sharon took his Walk on the Rock. The "Butcher of Lebanon" got the green light for his March to the Sea from Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger, and his appearance on the Mound drew more boos then John Rocker on a New York subway.
     Trivial Pursuit "debate," as Beltway Boys feed canned questions to the Billion Dollar Boys as MiniTruth re-hashes re-plays of raised-eyebrows and gottcha-gab gobble-dee-goop.

SLUDGE 09-30-2000

     Mass Media determines what's "news"--- and delegates priority. The Rubber Stamp approval of Permanent Trade Relations with Communist China was a blip, massive protest of the World Bank/IMF in the Czech Republic was spiked world-wide, and now we see a Virtual Blackout in the Press of The Biggest Story since the Crucifixion of Christ! As usual, The Sludge Report is the ONLY political commentary in the Western World reporting on the significance of this earth-shaking ground-breaking move to the Temple Mount by the UN. One would expect more of a squawk of the squat of Big Brother's butt on the Holy Seat of Power, but ONLY The Sludge Report, privately funded and staffed by critical thinkers stupid enough to Scoop the Truth, gives the news "that hurts the head."
     Three days of rioting in Jerusalem has finally forced BBC News to release a watered-down leak of the story unfolding at the Dome of the Rock, but Middle East sources claim over 200 wounded and four Palestinians dead. Rocks rained on 22,000 Israelis at the Wailing Wall, while rubber/lead shot pierced the Palestinian protesters. Riot, rebellion and blood has overflowed to the West Bank town of Hebron and Gaza, and Yasser Arafat and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak are scheduled to meet today in Cairo.

SLUDGE 09-28-2000

     Quiet Riot in Prague. Full-court Press coverage of Protest in the Sixties is "Global Goal-tending" in the New Millennium. The Red Dragon has a choke-hold in the Panama Canal and OPEC squeezes Uncle Sam's nuts while the World Bank lifts his wallet. The push for Bush is built on the Flock's block of the Horror of Gore, and the Crude Bubble could spell double-trouble for the Billion Dollar Boys. Both are Sons of Oil Barons and a gusher at the pumps would wipe the oily smiles off both Kissers. And what purpose does it serve to quibble over dribble like ONE mole, when the White House is sitting on Mole Hill, with leaks in the roof and "Johns" in the Lincoln Bedroom? And why are both Boys mute as Federalized Power is sucked up the snout of the World Beast?
     "Allahu Akbar"---"God is Greatest," screamed the crowd, dodging rubber bullets at the Al-Aqse mosque. Thirty-two wounded as Ariel Sharon and Likud hard-liners stake their claim at the Holy place.
     " In Jerusalem, the United Nations(a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents:this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah...."
                           David Ben-Gurion, Look Magazine, January 16, 1962

SLUDGE 09-27-2000

     Planet of the Ape Protests in Prague and once again we see MiniTruth limit coverage of Protest, while focusing on AgiProp "anarchist" Agents. Wolf Pack journalists lapped up every drop of blood at Kent State and the ISSUES of protest were Billboarded in the sky. Proles who were encouraged to protest the "Establishment" and its "Pigs" of the Sixties, get only growls from the monopolized Millennium Media. Take a peek from the trenches during the "Battle in Seattle":
     Was the release of hillary's "slurs" timed to put the spurs into bill's back at the Middle East Talks? All we've seen is the spliced interview by James Rubin's wife Christian Ammanpour of Yasser Arafat on CNN. Suzanne Goldenberg reporting from Jerusalem(Monday Sept. 25)- " The acting foreign minister, Schlomo Ben Ami, leaves for Cairo today, where he is to sound out Egypt's president, Hosni Mubarek, on a proposal to transfer sovereignty of the Temple Mount, or Haram al-Sharif-88 hectares of hallowed ground on the most fiercely contested hilltop in the Middle East-to the supervision of the five permanent members of the UN security council."
     Will the clash at the Dome of the Rock kick-off Kristallnacht(night of the broken glass) and provide the Final Solution to the NWO's Christian "problem"?

SLUDGE 09-26-2000

       " I think both parties have sold out the national interest of the United States of America," said America's presidential candidate,
Pat Buchanan. " They're giving away the store to Communist China at the same time the Chinese are persecuting Christians and drowning babies and shipping weapons and missiles all over Asia."
      Jerusalem- A once-unthinkable proposal to turn over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City to United Nations authority is being resurrected in an attempt to breath new life into peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians, officials from several nations said Friday. A suggestion to transfer sovereignty over the site to the United Nations first emerged at Camp David, but faded as the talks collapsed. Under the revived proposal, sovereignty would be placed in the hands of the 15 nation U.N. Security Council or its five permanent member states.
      Washington (AP) --- The State Department has suspended clearance of U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin S. Indyk, pending an investigation into alleged security violations, a State Department official said Saturday.
      Commenting on charges against ex-CIA director John Deutch, Sen. Charles E. Grassley(R-Iowa) confirmed:" This is now a PATTERN, evidently, Mr. Deutch is a congenital downloader of classified information."
      REAL NEWS is playing on the back pages. MiniTruth diverts viewers to the Playoff-format Elections by doing Daily play-by-play polls and "throwing flags" to "keep it close." Media is the Referee who can "jump-start a drive" or "stem the tide" of any candidate; kisses or hisses depends on who's stuffing the loot in your boot at that time.

SLUDGE 09-23-2000

     From Seattle and Miami to Washington DC, protesting peasants were beaten back by King's knights and armor-all legions. It's Planet of the Apes at Soccer matches, Rock concerts and both Twisted Sister Conventions, as snorts of horses and snaps of straps from riding crops of Globo Cops, lay the leather to ragged, unwashed herds resisting globalization. Disarmed masses at the World Economic Forum in Melbourne, Australia waving signs stating " Corporate Greed, Not Global Justice," were trampled under the steel hooves of baton-wielding Dommunist Cavalry.
     Logos have replaced the flags of Nation States, as multinational corporations and international finance intertwine directories and interlock stock at the top. Chain-links of Golden Arches have replaced national borders and the sing-song slogans of the Sweat Shops are sung as National Anthems.
     Civil Disobedience of the Sixties rewrote the Constitution, but the Free Speech of "Civil Rights" is now the PC of 2000, which gags the prole as the Bill of Rights is stripped. Rights taken, are gone FOREVER, and a gun in the hand is worth more then a cop on the phone.

SLUDGE 09-22-2000

     No comment on Kathleen Willey's civil suit. White House heat on the Sludge Report during Willey's ' 98 court case has prompted Legal staff to discourage discussion pending litigation.
     " First they came for the Goldstienists and I wasn't a Goldstienist so I didn't care..." Aryan Nations were bankrupted for the actions of TWO security guards, but Jerry Springer didn't miss Spring Break. Springer watched the ratings climb, as he held his guards on a leash, while guests busted heads to chants of "Jerrree, Jerrree!" Springer was NOT held liable and was back on the job spraying foam on naked boobs. Protest is RICOed and "unpopular" organizations are crushed in Civil Actions, but the ACLU only choose to defend the agenda of THE PARTY. Porn and perversion are promoted as "free speech," but protest is "hate" and banned as "offensive."
     "Who determines what's "offensive" to whom? Is the Confederate Flag REALLY more "offensive" then a bare ass on National Television? Why is Jesus in a urine bottle or dung on Mother Mary "protected free-speech," while John Rocker's opinions of New York are "over the line?" Who are these self-appointed Supreme Judges of Morality who determine "socially redeeming values" for America?

     Interesting how upper management and lower entry level positions get the raises.  Minimum wage raises for the stooges and the elite pat themselves on the back for some else's job well done.  In the middle sits skilled labor who get their 1% raise, if that, and told the company is going broke.  Just another example of The Man keepin the working man down. Kahn 09-22-00

SLUDGE 09-21-2000

     A Billion Bucks buy's the White House and the Billion Dollar Boys get good reviews and Blow Job Interviews while the Black-Listed candidates are ignored, banned from debate or stretched on the rack in Inquisition Interviews. Day after day, muckrakers and rumormongers hammer away at nit-pick differences in Domestic social programs. GoreBush get Face Flash 24/7, while Real Politik is taboo.
     Scareface hides out in the White House, while criminal charges, sex scandals and racial slurs slide off the backs of the Klingons, as they skate on the edge of the law. The destruction of the Middle Class has given rise to a Billionaire Brahman caste in America. Untouchables, who can hire Top Guns to cover their trails and tails as they "push the envelope" of the law. Proles get road-side Justice and a court-appointed lawyer, who plea-bargains a flex-plan penalty which can vary from a slap on the wrist, to a Life-Time for the SAME crime.
     Not a whimper from Organized Religion as Permanent "Normal" Trade with Red China is passed in a landslide(83-15), despite the fact that China's been in crackdown mode for several of years. Persecution will intensify as Coolie labor and a 40-1 trade deficit puff up the Dragon.

SLUDGE 09-20-2000

     "All I want for Christmas is the White House daddy!" Which Favorite Son will become the Billion Dollar Boy? The Chosen One must first endure the treacherous climb up the twin tits of the Twisted Sisters which sprout from Mother Earth near the divide of Silicon Valley. But it's not ALL about money and the long, winding road to the White House is not for the meek. Cash, connects and the tether of Royal Blood will get you up the trail, but to reach the icy peaks takes a need of greed, a lust of power and the ruthless determination to claw your way up the frozen chosen embedded at the top. A peck on Oprah's cheek won't put Junior on the peak, but it could be worth the swooning smooch by Egor.
     Oprah grilled Bush with tuff stuff like his favorite fast-food and joke, but had to cut to a spot when an uppity prole dared interrupt, somewhere between Junior's peanut butter sandwich and tacos. The Queen of Talk shouted, "You can't ask THAT question!" and commanded the peasant be thrown from her Throne. Sludge's Brenda Box, says the insolent prole yelled something concerning the "sanctioning of bombing somebody".... before being shown the door. Trivial Pursuit continued after the break and we'll never know what was said, but according to Box and we have no reason to doubt, Junior prefers white bread.

SLUDGE 09-19-2000

     Hate laws and RICO are the Article 58's of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago." Common Law punished criminal ACTIONS, not the politics of the perpetrator or gender/race of the victim. Conspiracy is a broad-based, catch-all Net, which snares family, associates and friends and both laws put the defendant in Federal court. The Trend is to move "crime" to the Fed level and finally to the World Court, where prosecutors have replaced the U.S. Constitution with "Human Rights." Black leaders and Gaystapo goons are putting RaceCrime and GayCrime into Big Brother's Court and Federalizing Police.
     Mensheviks purged the Reaganites to wed the Bolsheviks in a Shotgun Marriage by Globalists. The Twisted Sisters spout "Democracy," but deny Debate to candidates not endorsed by the NWO. Polls indicate 65% of Americans believe Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader should be in the Debates, but "Big Brother knows best," and both are black-listed. Media claims it "gives the people what they want," but MiniTruth and the Twisted Sisters are both cogs in the Green Machine of Globalonialism Colonialism.

SLUDGE 09-16-2000

     America's Presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan's been blocked-out, roughed up and held down by Goons of the Green Machine. Tied up in court, blacked-out by miniTruth and banned from the debates, the Brigades fanned out from Long Beach, but were bogged down in the hedgerows of Interrogation Interviews from a hostile Press. Cash fuels today's Campaigns, and General Pats been running on fumes. Every state's become a stonewall Stalingrad  and the rag-tag Roughriders have had to fight for every square inch. Has the Scorched-earth policy of the Globalists destroyed the Grassroots of the Heartland? And has the Moral Majority become a silent minority?
    And where are the Churches? The Silence of the Lambs is deafening. Preachers developed lockjaw after the Great Crackdowns of the Eighties and The Church became mute when Republicans cut off Reagan's Right and left it to bleed on their cutting-room floor. Swaggert and Bakker were made examples of, and used to "Jimmy" the door for Separation of Church and State, while abortion protesters were rounded up in waves and RICOed.
     Morality has been segregated from Government because Big Brother holds the Axe of the Tax, and The Church chose to leach rather then preach. Religion's compromised it's scriptures to fit the pictures of the New World borders.

SLUDGE 09-15-2000

     Election Time is Happy Hour for drones in the Hive. They play "Queen For a Day," while the Pigs dance jigs, and flatter like they matter. The prole savors every minute as he sips his Victory gin, laughing with comrades at the sound-byte slip-ups, the instant re-play gestures and the outrageous deceit of the Son's of the Elite. The Billion Dollar Boys primp, posture and poise, as they poke fingers and compete for biggest Whopper. But the prole knows he wouldn't feel so gay, if he paid his TAXES on Election Day. So he eyes the clock as he casts his vote, lingering at the Booth of his ONLY decision, because he knows he's a bumpkin once the clock strikes midnight. Road-kill as he weaves his way home, knowing in his stupor.... that he'll wake up a Drone.

SLUDGE 09-13-2000

     Queens, N.Y.- Sludge's Brenda Box reports clinton got caught during his Stalk of the William's sisters and a Boo Interview with CBS's Pam Shriver at the U.S. Tennis Open. Venessa got an invite to the White House, but Box says she'll balk the stalk until bill bars the cigars.
     Sodomite Scouts and Barbie Doll Bureau Rats. You'd think twice before asking Ted Kennedy to park your car or Barney Frank to baby-sit, but here they sit------ MAKING LAW on The Hill. Homosexuality was classified as "mental illness" by the American Psychiatric Association prior to the Cultural Revolutions of the 70's, but madness in the OldWorld is a Lobby in 2000, and the GayStapo's backing "Hate Laws" which make sanity the crime. Inmates in the "Mad Mad Mad World" of the 70's are Guards in Global 2000.

SLUDGE 09-12-2000

     Doves are Hawks, War is Peace and the Lion lays with the lamb. Marion Barry is back, Bob Knight is out and Wen Ho Lee goes free. Farmer's Market goes flat but food prices rise, Housing is up and Logging is down, while our forests are burnt to the ground. Oil rigs are froze as prices bubble up at the pumps and BureauRats with oil-slick do's promise us the moon. Promise Keepers guarantee more mother's milk from the tits of Big Brother as they hint at cutting taxes, while slurping up the "surplus."
     Prince Albert's KISScaused the tingle which gave him the jingle, according to CNN-Times polls. Jerry Springer Politics now puts the pressure on King George to do a Chippendale Strip for the Women Vote.

     The fix has been in for sometime now and a generation will come to pass not knowing the true meaning of the first "collectives".  Those "collectives" were simply neighbor watching out for neighbor but appreciating the fences between them never-the-less.  Now that the individual(I'll use Sludge's term here) prole is out to benefit himself and only himself, we can bank on losing our deposits.  If you do not cut throats then yours will.  All I want is to be able to golf with my buddies.  Nothing more nothing less.  You can all continue to hate me for my simplistic existence in this life. Kahn 09-12-00

SLUDGE 09-11-2000

     Joe Lockhart is the last of the Rat Pack to jump ship, so WHY is the Loveboat still afloat after more hits then the Bismarck? Surely, the Cox Report SHOULD have done more damage then Watergate, but it turned out to be just another dud Scud skipping harmlessly off the Teflon-deck of "The Craft." Richard Nixon didn't even SMOKE cigars, yet Wolf Pack journals stalked him like a Hate Group and still piss on his gravestone. The charges failed to resonate or detonate BECAUSE THE TORPEDOES HAD NO HATE! Nixon and the "White House Germans" were hated by the Press, but the Klingon Syndicate has been treated with kid-gloves. The same Press who had no problem declaring O.J. Simpson guilty within hours of THAT crime, have perched, "Fair & Balanced," for eight long years on the Krimes of the Klingons. Has criminal conduct become a political point of view?
     And how many of the Rat Pack became friendly, Fair & Balanced "moles" once they reached the shores?
     More importantly, why is Egore getting the Tennessee Waltz, when WE ALL KNOW he was Dr. Frankenstein's assistant?

SLUDGE 09-10-2000

     All the news that Fits.....The Party Line. Fair & Balanced.....sliced, slanted and framed on the Great Divide of the dialectic of Duality. Even NBC's David Brinkley conceded Party partisanship; "objectivity is impossible in human nature." The claim of "objectivity" is a Date Drug dropped in the drinks of the mass's glasses to loll the prole into Lullaby lies. OldWorld newspaper-printers wore their bias on their sleeves, proudly proclaiming themselves---- Whigs, Federalists, Republicans or Democrats, but today's gutless, nutless, Neutered Neutrals claim "objectivity." How can one claim objectivity, if "Free Speech" is defined and confined within polarized parameters? From Jimmy the Greek to John Rocker to Dr. Laura, CrimeSpeak is on the rise and what's OK to say today, could be a crime tomorrow.

SLUDGE 09-09-2000

     willie clinton, Homeboy bully, but World wimp? As the World Order expands, America must contract. The Klingons have raped, pillaged and burned America. They've whittled away our Wildernesses, blacked-out our Heritage, licensed our Liberties and pimped out the White House. They've shrunk the Country to fit the Global Jigsaw and reduced the U.S. Presidency to Bag-boy for the Banksters and Errand-boy to Corporate Colonialists.
     Robert Mugabe, who turned Rhodesia into Zimbabwe by wiping out "white kulaks," wound down the Dommunist's Summit in typical hypocritical fashion by stating," Our conscience remains clear, we will not go back. We shall continue our work for economic and social justice for all our people without fear of failure."
     Coeur d' Alene, Idaho- Sludge reporter Willie Weber, claims Morris Dees sounded a bit like Ron Goldman, as he boasted as he toasted his 6.3 million dollar civil-suit victory over Aryan Nations," We intend to take every single asset of Aryan Nations, now and forever. We even intend to take the name of Aryan Nations and close that sad chapter in the history of Idaho."

SLUDGE 09-08-2000

     Wolfpack Journalists tore their fangs into Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, after he blew the BoobTube's bias and exposed the Left Slant of the print-Press in his Nove.13th, 1969 "Des Moines" speech in Iowa. In a De-ja-ve of the Lynching of "Lindy", Agnew was hunted and hounded for shucking the Hucksters. According to TV "critic" Jack Gould( New York Times, Jan.11, 1970), "The Funny People were implicitly given the Green Light by the networks to take out after the Vice President." The Grand Interviewers of the late-night Desk & Sofa Shows, hacksaw Public Enemies under the guise of humor so Joe SixPack thinks he's hip as he nods to Jay Leno.
     Errand Boys audition for the Twisted Sisters Act, while Dictator Directors of Dommunism meet in New York and decide Global Taxation and a Standing World Army!  Bore and Gush tap-dance to the differences of pie-in-the-sky social programs which the proles won't remember by December. Same ol' tune of "Promise Them the Moon," with the same Final Take of "Let Them Eat Cake."

SLUDGE 09-07-2000

     Why has The Press flip-flopped on Freedom? At the time of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Richard L. Strout, writing in the Christian Science Monitor, said: "The news media in this city may be indicted for inciting to violence. The mildest parade of young people brings a TV camera crew like a hook-and-ladder truck to a three-alarm fire." During the Cultural Revolutions of the ' 60's, MiniTruth's cameras covered every Protest and caught every four-letter bitch, spit from the lips of every revolutionary and demagogue sporting the long-hair & beard Badge of the Bolsheviks. Drug injected, VD infected, proles were filmed running Wild in the Streets shouting Jacobin slogans of "Equality" and "Brotherhood," while denouncing American leaders and The Establishment. "Happiness was a Warm Gun" for Weathermen, SDS and Black Panthers, but law-abiding, gun-owning, Patriotic Americans are tagged as "Terrorists" in 2000.
     Even more interesting, is the flip-flop of the Democratic Party since the '60's.  Demo Doves of the 60's turned to blood-thirsty Hawks when THEY climbed into the Cockpit. Al Gore and the Gang of Four who protested Vietnam, gleefully cheered the NWO bombings of Kosovo and Iraq. Protest against America was good, protest against the NWO is bad. Ali was a hero, Michael New a traitor. Free Speech was good....before the Revolution.

     What kills me is these little protesting pricks are trying to re-capture the 60's.  However, how can you recapture the 60's when your daddy has to fund your Land Rovers and Honda's, while buying you a house to live in while he funds your college education.  I don't get it, especially when you little sh_ts protest say the chemical industry when your daddies may be on the board of the very same company which helps the funding for your schooling.
      Secondly, how can you little hemp invested pukes represent yourselves as peaceful when in the same breath you pick up your bb's and wrist rockets and further your missions of pain to the police.
      Obviously the education you are receiving does not allow you all to see the hypocrisy which all of you little "earth firsters" wallow in.
Kahn 09-07-00

SLUDGE 09-06-2000

     Peace & Security are the sweet syrup used to wash down the Kool Aid of the Cult of World Government. Proles quibble over the dribble of the Twisted Sisters while Dictators divvy-up the planet at the Millennium Summit. MiniTruth amps the name-calling and focuses on the personality conflicts between the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, who BOTH endorse the Colonialism of Globalonialism. The Liberty Bell is silent as Kofi Annan dongs the gong on the U.N. "Peace Bell" while the Monopolized Media comments on cosmetic cracks in a Popularity Contest for "Errand Boy to the Global Grocery Clerks."
     "We will reclaim every ounce of American sovereignty," thundered Reform Party presidential nominee, PatrickJ.Buchanan, during his Aug. 12th acceptance speech. "We will start putting America First," shouted Pat, " We will lead this nation out of the WTO, out of the IMF and I will personally tell Kofi Annan:' Your UN lease has run out, you will be moving out of the United States and if you are not gone by the year's end, I will send you 10,000 Marines to help you pack your bags!' "

SLUDGE 09-05-2000

     Catching "bad guys" and saving lives is the pretext touted by the Party for Instant Trace of Cell-phones. Cameras at intersections ProleFile droopy driver/road rage, Carnivore preys on the Web, while the All-seeing Eye of Echelon watches sheeple like a shepherd. Strip-searched and PC cleaned, our phone's tapped, Big Brother's in the bedroom--- and always the question: "But what do you have to hide...comrade?" Tele-tubby couch slouches with Memorex memories, watch the piracy of privacy on Reality TV while Scitex Response systems turn pictures into "pixels" and photos into Phake News.
     Spokane, Wash.(AP)- The Society of Professional Journalists asked FBI Director Louis Freeh to investigate agents who posed as journalists at the Aryan Nation's trial in nearby Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. The agents were issued media credentials and wore photographer's vests, glasses and hats, as they monitored the activities of the crowd and snapped photos of supporters. Public Outrage is gagged by the Guillotine-of-Goldsteinism(guilt-by association), so the Feds are Free to stretch Press privilege and Morris Dees gets rich confiscating the property of unpopular groups. Both RICO and Hate laws which are now nipping the asses of masses if they try to protest, grew Teeth during "The Order" trials of the Crackdown Eighties.

Kile Kahn's

Caught by the Cops

Marv Albert

Hey Sports Fans!
Virginia police charged Albert with forcible sodomy (a felony) and misdemeanor assault in May 1997 after a longtime lover accused the sportscaster of rape and biting her. At his trial jurors heard details about Albert's sex life, which included wearing women's underwear and consorting with male transvestites. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery charges in September, and the rest of the charges were dropped. A year later, a judge cleared Albert's record of the assault conviction for his good behavior.

SLUDGE 08-29-2000

     Two days into his October ' 99 book tour, author J.H. Hatfield was ambushed by SMEARSH snipers and cut down in his prime, in a one-day fusillade of fire from MiniTruth. Hatfield was in New York primping for the promo of " Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President," when The Messenger was tried and fried in a one-day Witch Trial. His interviews were canned and his book was banned by St. Martin's Press. On October 21st, as Hatfield's books stoked the fire of his Funeral Pyre, he exclaims through the flames,
" Not only have I been attacked repeatedly in the news media and harassed to the point that I was forced to send my wife, and less-then-a-month-old baby girl into hiding, the publisher took the unprecedented step of not only suspending publication of bookstores(there are 90,000 copies in print), but recalling it from bookstores."
     Buzzards still pick Dick Nixon's bleached bones with impunity, but rather then attack the author, the Media panders to their slanders by referring to them as, "charges." The Finger's not pointed at the scavenger pissing on a President's grave to make-a-buck, but on his dead victim.
     Or, as in the case of Pat Buchanan's "Republic, Not an Empire," the Instant Revisionist Scribes simply tore whole pages out-of-context and twisted words to attack the book itself. Your Fate is determined by your relationship to the Party Line at that Time.

SLUDGE 08-28-2000

     Media mergers are called "marriages" by MiniTruth, so Media Monopolies are warm fuzzy-Ferby conjugal "Conglomerates."  If "Info-mation" is power, monopolization puts a Power Suit on the Inner Party and makes a cement strait-jacket of Political Incorrectness. BadThink is banned and Bad Remarks are "charges," judged by Journalist Juries on Court TV. The "charges" ARE the crime and the accused is sentenced to be lashed on the Public Scaffold by the forked-tongues of Liberalism and Crypto-Conservatism.
    * Note to readers- Sludge will no longer capitalize the name of bill clinton.
     America burns, while willie clinton plays his sax and the Twisted Sisters fight over the ashes of our Republic. Der Funny Fuehrer dodges the smoke and hides his disgrace from the race, while Algore blows hot-air and smooches. Meanwhile, the Mensheviks keep pumping money into "Fortunate Son," but the Bush Blow-up's face keeps deflating through the leaking smirk-quirk and only Terror of Gore blinds the masses to the dirty D word. And don't we all KNOW that Junior was picked BECAUSE of his look? Dumb IS the opposite of Slick, yet,..... the clintons carried the SAME stink of Daddy Bush's New World Odor. Waco was just a segue-way between Regimes. Two peas from the SAME pod, two birds of the SAME feather, both belching smoke from the Beltways up the SAME old prole hole.

SLUDGE 08-21-2000

     Justice has become "JustDis." Washington, DC attorney John G. Kester stated in the Wall Street Journal(Dec.' 86), " One law clerk observed that many government agencies, whenever they win an unpublished case, routinely ask to have it published and the court usually complies, but if they lose, down the Memory Hole it goes. In other words, if a citizen happens to win a case against a government agency, a government employee or an elected official, the decision is likely to be "unpublished. An unpublished decision may be a win for the citizen in a specific case, but cannot be cited as precedent in later court proceeding---even if applicable." The Sssystem is building a civil and criminal Protective Shield of Immunity around it's Power Base, as it's tentacles grab our genitals and smash down our doors.
     JustDis is Troika Courts, RoboCops and Judge Judy Justice. "Probable Cause" at the drop of a Dime,"Detain" is Restrain, and there's no such thing as "Illegal Search & Seizure." MiniTruth promotes "Bad Boys" on one channel and we watch "Cops" beat they're heads on another. Show Trials are highlighted and prole's are whipped into a frenzy, as they scream for the stripping of the Bill of Re-Rights...and then wander what happened to Freedom.
     Tricksters make the laws at the Top and put the blame on the Cop. The Twisted Sisters spout "Unity" as they pound sledges into wedges, drive frictions into fissures and use the fractures to justify their Pyramid of Power. The proles are duped into voting Tricksters who make the laws, back in, yet get pissed at Police when they're enforced. Big Brother is gleeful to agitate the hate because FedPolice are the name of his game. Perhaps it IS Justice after all.

SLUDGE 08-19-2000

     Alas, the Cons are gone, the Big Tops move on, and while Carney Shills count they're cash, "bumps" and "bounces," the Gypsies move they're game back to the Campaign Trail. Lying with a smile is hard work, but there's no rest for the wicked. So little time, so many crowds to "do" and proles to screw. And the pigs who pranced and danced they're jigs the night before, now snore in the back of the Bandwagon, as Scribes write up new scripts for the next gig.
     Meanwhile, Gullible Gulliver wakes up, choking on dust as he shakes his dazed head to recall what was said, only to find his pockets turned out and his wallet missing. What did they say? More importantly, what was NOT addressed? No mention of a World Government sapping our sovereignty. Not a peep about Big Brother shredding our Bill of Rights or stripping our dignity. Nothing of the Invasion on our Southern Front, or Trading with our Enemies while we play Globo Cop to a World Sweatshop, overseen by the Green Machine combine of Corporate Colonialism. And how about the Drive-by Bombings in far off lands, while National Security leaks like a sieve and why are we told to "hold our noses" at the stink in the White House when the Gang of Four includes Al Gore?

SLUDGE 08-17-2000

     Morality and Sovereignty are NOT ON THE BALLOT of either "major" party. Moral decay and slipping Sovereignty failed to make the Ticket of either Twisted Sister. Is Morality illusion, Sovereignty delusion, and  Individual Freedom simply the drug-induced Vision of a gaggle of " Dirty Old White" chauvinists?
     Where is the Reagan Right of the Seventies? Has the Moral Majority become a mute minority? And what purpose is National Security, if not, to protect National Sovereignty?
     Truth does not twist with the Fickle Winds of political change. Truth is a constant, we are the variables. America has Alzheimer's, NOT Ronald Reagan. Ron's Right was chopped off and left to bleed on the cutting-room floor of the Republican Platform. He is simply engaging in self-induced selective memory, while suffering the trauma of watching National Amnesia blank his Plank.
     Kisses, High-Fives and Cattle Prod smiles at the Demo Con. Family Values and "All in the Family" are the themes for the "Dream Team's" Sting, so they've cut the Bunnies and zipped up the Talking Penis. Hollywood Harlots found time from the taxing grind of pushing porn and fortification, to primp, pimp and posture at the Coven Con.

     To all you little tree-hugging pukes out there.  Nature will thin here wears with or without us.  It would have been nice to have that timber before it all went up in smoke and as it well in the future if the forests are not allowed to be managed properly.  Man is here, man has to work with nature, not ignore it.  So grainers beware for tomorrow's generation may not be left with any. Kahn 08-17-00

SLUDGE 08-15-2000

     Moral Rot and a Decade of Decadence is beginning to show on the Face of America. Smashbox smiles, coiffure "do's" and pancake make-up, can't conceal the moral wrinkles etched on the sold-out souls of the Twisted Sisters. MiniTruth nit-picks the cosmetic differences, while ignoring the sameness and sleaze of the symbiotic Siamese. Every nuance is news, every remark a rubber ball---bounced off the wall, discussed, debated, dissected, and punctuated, by the Pundits of Persuasion. The World Order scheme has replaced the American Dream with the GreenMachine which runs both Major Parties. Fueled by Soft Money and greased by Big Oil, the Green Machine steamrolls nation-state sovereignty, as it plows the furrows for a Global Plantation.
     As the lime-light focus's on the Democrat's Con this week, we find Son of Gore struggling to get traction, as he slips on the slime of the Bolshevik faction. Algore will attempt to "elbow for the Center" as he soft-shoes the Left base-line, while trying to duck the muck and miss the piss at the Foul-line. Gore is more then an "environmentalist," he is a Dommunist of Dominion, a cohort conspirator of "Megatrend Man" New Ager John Naisbett. He headed the infamous Earth Summit at Rio and espouses it's Paganistic platform for World Domination by Dommunist Dominion.

SLUDGE 08-14-2000

     Who are the real Uniters, Dividers and Reformers???
     If the cows at N.O.W. were REALLY concerned about the "exploitation of women", why did they leave Clinton's Ho Train stranded on the tracks for eight years? And if "police brutality" is the real issue for Black AgiProp leaders, why were they suddenly silent over the Integrated stomping of a black man with five slugs in his gut? "He shot a cop!" screamed the Right Heads, "Hate!" screamed the Left, but when the smoke had cleared, so had the gun charges against Thomas Jones and both Squawking Heads shut their face on the case. The Party preaches integration while it teaches agitation.
     If "Uniting" is THE DREAM, why is Slice & Dice the Theme, and why is America MORE divided then before "Civil Rights?" NewSpeak defines "Brotherly Love" as Love of Big Brother and the Twisted Sisters have built they're Dictatorship by Dividing and Conquering in the name of UnHate.
     Who has MADE an issue of our differences 24-7..... day after day, for the past 40 years if not MiniTruth, the Twisted Sisters and the barnacle "special" interest groups, who cling to their bows? The Party's power has been built on a Base of Hate.
     Who MADE an issue of Joe Lieberman's "Jewishness," but the Three Stooges? Didn't Democratic National Committee Chairman Ed Rendell, cast the Hate Bait with his remark about "having a Jew on the ticket," the day BEFORE Gore picked Lieberman? And who else, but the Three Stooges ricochet Rendell's remark until they got a bite from NAACP's Lee Alcorn?
     So was anyone surprised when MiniTruth tried to make a race/gender ISSUE out of PatBuchanan's VP choice? Pat's Pick was quick to silence AgiProp's agitators by responding:" There is only one RACE that we are interested in---that is the White House and that is the one we intend to win!"

SLUDGE 08-11-2000

D-Day at Long Beach. General Pat has withered heavy Sniper fire from Jessie Ventura and Donald Trump. He has survived the high tides of the Reform Storm and the attempted coup by John Hagelin and crew. The Eagle has Landed and the Brigades are poised for a breakout at the Debates.
     But where's the Air Support? John Anderson and Ross Perot both got pretty fair media coverage and nobody questioned whether THEY should be in the Debates. Mega-mergers in the Media have made "objectivity" obsolete, and the "Left-Right" Squawking Heads of MiniTruth are Siamese Twins to the Twisted Sisters. Hillary's Senatorial run has received 20 times the coverage of Pat's Campaign, and now the Reform Party gets 30-second sound-bytes making mention of "Dissension at the Convention?" "News" was sloughed to the slues during the Menshevik con, and MiniTruth has spent more time filming work-crews---- setting up for the Bolshevik's Cash Bash, then they have on the Reform Party Convention.
     "Give them Bread and Circus's", is the motto of The Party, and "Let them eat cake," is the theme for the Green Machine, which sponsors both con's credit-card presidents and cash-register congresses. Come one, come all, to the Twisted Sister's Ball! Reality is RealTV, so there's loads of sin and plenty of spin under Big Brother's Big Tops.

SLUDGE 08-09-2000

     Why did MiniTruth harangue for months on the comments of a baseball player, while Hillary's Hate Remarks went up in smoke when the Middle East Peace Pipes went cold? Remember how the Media screamed for John Rocker's head on a pole because," he should not represent Baseball?" Was a baseball player's opinion of New York, REALLY more important then the hidden Hate of a Senator? And how is it, that James Traficant's Charge of Treason against Stonewall Janet, becomes a Dud that doesn't detonate the following day? Not a peep from MiniTruth, which went right back to babbling about "bounces" and "bumps" between the Twisted Sister's candidates.
     MiniTruth is a Bastard Child of High Finance and Corporate Colonialism, just like the Siamese Twin Major Parties. Every plane you fly, every Bud you buy, subsidizes the MiniTruth Monolith and maintains the Mountains of Soft Money which make up the "Green Wall of Silence" shrouding American Politics. Mass Media and the Two Party Twins, are the Three Stooges of THE INNER PARTY, seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no evil, as they chatter they're patter while ignoring Real Issues.
     Please tell us, Oh Great All Knowing Sludge, what are those Real Issues? They are what the proles think about, as they weave they're way to work while humming to the tunes of the Dream Weavers. They are what everybody knows, but nobody addresses: The loss of Individual Liberty and American Sovereignty.

     Precedent has already been established by the feds.  Fail to follow the rule and then hold your self up in a bunker, you will burn.  It is now common knowledge.  So, to take you family and hold up would be signing yours and their death warrant.
     Let's look at it this way.  Try to tease a grizzly bear, you die.  So we all know not to do such.  So if take our kids to the woods and do such, you are responsible for the outcome.
     Therefor it brings me to this point.  Stand up against the current authority, which we all know to be volatile, you are knowingly putting yourself and/or you family in harms way.  So by the rule of God alone, you are accessory to the crime the authority may commit against you family and you.
      There are still other ways to address the problems you may have with authority.  I think we demonstrate just one of those ways everyday when we write out columns here.
      Secondly, the power is in "their" hands now.  Not ours.  It is very futile to think one can arm themselves and stand up against a M1 tank and win.  Work from within....just as "they" have to tear down the country.  As you can see that method is very effective as "they" have proven.
Kahn 08-09-00

SLUDGE 08-08-2000

     One dares call it Treason! It took a Democrat to poke a hole in the "Wall of Silence" which the Republicans have built around the Krimes of the Klingons. Ohio congressman James Traficant, appearing on Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes," has announced he has five affidavits from individuals who charge that Stonewall Janet Reno was repeatedly arrested for drunk driving in Florida during the 1980's, had sex with a lesbian call girl and was propped up as Top Cop by the Mob. "She's too compromised," said Traficant, "I also want to know---is Ms. Reno subject to blackmail over this information, and does Clinton have this information?" The Left-Right Talking Heads which sprout from the necks of the Two-Party Twins, quickly closed ranks to cover the Sins:
      Hannity: "Hey, Congressman, well hold on one second. Let me ask a couple....."
      Colmes: "Do you want Janet Reno to sue you?"
      Traficant: "Go ahead, Ms Reno, sue me. Let's get this into a trial, let's get it all out in the open. I'm accusing the Attorney General of TREASON!"
     Has Blackmail built the Stonewall? And don't we really suspect that Democratic National Committee Chairman Ed Randell's remarks of the day before, really "ooped" Gore, for the Slam Dunk of Joe Lieberman? And don't we really know that since MiniTruth has made an issue of Joe's "jewishness," Gore's flank is now bullet-proof and the Worm gets a squirm in the Rotten Apple?

SLUDGE 08-06-2000

     Proles have the Right to know the Krimes of the Klingons! The American People have suffered eight years of Deceit, Lies, and corruption. Da People are the plaintiffs, Da People have been damaged and Da People have the Right to know the extent of the damage. Now, just as we thought the beans might be spilt by the Bushes, Daddy Herbert Walker proves he's a wimp with this snivel drivel, "I made a mistake... I went to far... that's it. I'm not going to say anything anymore." What has he said? And what has Junior or all the King's Men said? Why aren't they ripping Jack's Ass and sinking Son of Gore in the swamps of corruption? Why the Code of Silence by the Mensheviks?
     Because the Two Party System operates on the same MAD logic as the Cold War did. "Not going negative" is a blind to conceal the design of Mutually Assured Destruction. Both seem content to sit on their Mountains of Soft Money blowing kisses, then risk exposing their own Dirt, by slinging Mud. Or has "John Q. Public" simply been whipped so hard, beaten down so low, that his spirit is broken and he no longer cares who's in the Saddle?

Kile Kahn's

Caught by the Cops

Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Hermann, was arrested on charges of exposure in 1991. The star of Pee Wee's Playhouse was fined $1,000.

Just who in the hell did he piss off anyway.  Compared to our current President's sexual healing process, Reuben is nothing more than a napkin toting saint.  The media destroyed this man and his career.  How many non-celebrities got arrested for the same and not had their story pasted all around the country.  The animal eats on itself as well......Pee Wee for President!!!

SLUDGE 08-05-2000

     Tammy and Jim Bakker did NOT have gold fixtures in they're bathroom, nor an air-conditioned doghouse. The fixtures were gold PAINTED plastic and the doghouse was in the garage, yet every Talking Head in America parroted the Lies off the Wire. From the "Meth Lab" at Waco, to the "Yellow Envelope" in the O.J. Trial, the Scribes stir a magic mixture of fantasy and Real TV.
     Did the U.S. really lose the Philippine's Clark and Subic Bay, because Imelda Marcos had "3000 pairs of shoes?" And haven't the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the Panama Canal give-away, really paved the way for a Sino-Soviet pus-pocket in America's "Backyard"----- in direct violation of the Monroe Doctrine? Are the Beach Heads in Central America part of a long-range Grand Strategy, a Staging Base for the Southern Front?
      Nicaragua's Marxist Interior Minister Tomas Borge certainly believed so, and was quoted in the Washington Times(Mar. 27,1985):
     " We have Nicaragua, soon we will have El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico. One day, tomorrow or five years or 15 years from now, we're going to take 5 to 10 million Mexicans and they're going to have one thing on their minds---cross the border, go into Dallas, go into El Paso, go into Houston, go into New Mexico, go into San Diego, and each one embedded in his mind the idea of killing 10 Americans."
      Not too Kind or Gentle right? Worse yet, since Al Gore, King George and the Fox in Mexico are for "Open Borders," has the Trojan Horse left the door to the Hen's house open?

SLUDGE 08-04-2000

     Republicans aren't just playing the Race Card, they've stacked the whole deck in a double-deal appeal to Gender/Racial Voting Blocks. Patriotism and Ideals have been discarded for party politics, and eight years of treason, lies, cover-ups, corruption and crime, are being shuffled to the bottom, while the Real Issues are palmed and hidden under ten-gallon hats. What about Open Borders and Illegal Immigration? What about the Sino-Soviet build up in Central America? What about the Cox Report, bugs in the White House, and the breakdown of National Security. And how about the Moral Decay which is rotting away the very foundations of our Republic? Has Need of the Greed served to quench the stench? And are the Cheap Thrills of riding in the Saddle of Corporate Colonialism, really worth the spills of selling out your Nation's Sovereignty? Rock on Buck-Os..... Judgment Day approaches.

Recipe for Cooking out the Republic

Start with a group that is lax and more than happy with their abundant rations of tv, alcoholic beverages, and whatever else material makes them happy.

Begin by methodically tearing down the Constitution by adding such things as, "Out of Date" or "The Forefathers were speaking of their times."

Extract anyone that suggests there are enemies amongst us, ie Joseph McCarthy.

Liberally add in alot of liberals.

Simmer the first amendment till it only applies to bias.

Add in a handful of small groups that support cutting industry yet willing to protest the resulting poverty.....for flavor.

Sprinkle in those factions of the media that have been adjusted to allow bias.

Bring the whole thing to a very hot boil.

Be sure to either spoon out or hold down any faction that boils to the top which would expose the recipe, such as a Buchanan.

This can be done by utilizing the bias of the press as discussed earlier.

Serve in exactly equal proportions, except a bigger one to the cooks of course. A good beverage here to wash it down would be a big glass of anti-Christ!

If say one group wants more, take a way from another group that may be starting to prosper.  We can't allow for any individuality as well.


Kahn 08-04-00

SLUDGE 08-02-2000

"Free Speech Zones" and "Designated Protest Areas?" The rules have changed 180 degrees since the Leftist Revolutions of the sixties, when armed Black Panthers stormed the steps at Sacramento, SDS squatters commandeered colleges, and marauding mobs ran Wild in the Streets looting and hooting "off the pig," while 131 American cities blazed and burned. The Leftist Tidal Wave washed the Right from the political spectrum, as Martin Luther King's Nightmare replaced the American Dream and socialism went mainstream. The Republicans are a carbon copy of the Democrats.  New Look Mensheviks have done a moon-walk waffle from the eroding edges of the Right, to the "safe ground" of the Party line. Buchanan has bolted and Allan Keyes is Dead Man Walking, yet the Party showcases Reagan rhetoric while jostling with the Bolsheviks over the Marxist middle.
     God and Prayer are banned, and the Ten Commandments are being etched from our consciousness. James Traficant(D-Ohio) is under fire for expressing his opinion of the "Nine Just Men's" ban school prayer:
           " The Supreme Court says pornography is OK, and it is OK to burn the flag, that communists can work in our defense plants, that it is OK to teach Witchcraft in our schools and that it is OK for our students to write papers about the devil.
               But the Supreme Court says it is illegal to write papers about Jesus, it is illegal to pray in schools, and now the Supreme Court says it is even illegal to pray before a football game. Beam me up.
               I thought the Founders intended to create a Supreme Court, not the Supreme Being. Think about that statement. I yield back a Supreme Court that is so politically correct they are downright STUPID, so STUPID they could throw themselves at the ground and miss."
     Don't expect to see Traficant speak at the Democratic Convention.

SLUDGE 07-31-2000

     Gambling Czar Donald Trump and pro wrestler Ken Ventura threw the first blocks on America's presidential candidate Pat Buchanan. MiniTruth has thrown a bag over his head and splinter alliances in the Reform party, lead by John Hagelin, are attempting to Shanghai him from the 12.5 million and the debates. Polls show 64% of America wants Pat in the debates, but Corporate Colonialists have spent more then 100 million dollars to stage the Republicrat Galas. Wall-to-wall coverage, showers of confetti, rock music and 150,000 balloons filled with Hot Air have replaced reason. Hype and emotionalism cloud the minds, while both "Wings of the same bird of prey" flap to blur and obscure the issues.
     Why are they stonewalling Pat Buchanan? Because America First would cause the balloons to burst, revealing the fusion of illusion by exposing the Two-Party System as a Tool of interventionism and Internationalism. Pat would rain on their parade by cracking their false facade front and thin veneer mask of plastic patriotism, which conceal the Real Deal of Global Tyranny. The Party will pull out ALL STOPS to keep Pat Buchanan from the debates, because it would be a total Meltdown of Gobaloney.

SLUDGE 07-28-2000

     Is this a "run" for the Presidency, or a Sack Race for the Party Line? Dweedle Dumb has picked his Groveling Mate and both will have bloody knees by the time the King of the Hill of soft money is declared. Lenora Fulani has a new face since she split with Pat Buchanan, and Alliance splinters are planning Dissension at the Convention to head off America's President at Long Beach. John Hagelin's New Alliance, Ralph Nader's Greenies and Harry Browne's Libertarian Party are all providing rear guard against Pat, while MiniTruth pumps up and promos the Elephonkey Parties.
     More then 3% of all Americans are now slaves to the Organs of the Gulag system. The record high 6.3 million in the Correctional Population is more then Joseph Stalin in his prime. The Beast is taking shape, as Cyber Newscasters replace humans and Carnivore lurks on the Web for Bad Speak.
     Schott was banned from baseball, Jimmy the Greek was kicked off the air, and the Media's still throwing rocks at Rocker, so what's Hillary's penalty? Is "Jew Bastard" or "Jew Mother f**ker", less hateful then "Hymie Town," or "Amen Corner?" How can Hillary be running for the Senate instead of doing penance, when Career-ending remarks cause others Eternal Damnation?

SLUDGE 07-25-2000

     F. Lee Bailey is being harassed for defending O J Simpson. Bailey's being charged under a draconian drug law, which allows the state to confiscate all of the defendant's property, so he cannot legally pay his lawyer. You need the services of a lawyer if you are charged, but now the State takes your dough, so you can't hire one.
     Why DOES the Media hate OJ Simpson? Has any defendant in the history of American Justice suffered so much after being acquitted by a jury? A year in jail, loss of livelihood and property, and smeared and hated by EVERY stooge at MiniTruth until he dies. Is this Amerikan Justice?
     "American Tragedy: the Uncensored story of the Simpson Defense" by Lawrence Schiller and James Willwerth, recaps the startling Cross of the Detective who found ALL the "evidence", by Simpson attorney Gerry Uelmen:
   "Detective Fuhrman, was the testimony that you gave at the preliminary hearing in this case completely truthful?
Answer-" I wish to assert my Fifth Amendment privilege."
    "Have you ever falsified a police report?"
Answer-" I wish to assert my Fifth Amendment privilege."
    "Detective Fuhrman, did you plant or manufacture any evidence in this case?"
Answer-" I assert my Fifth Amendment privilege."
                              Detective Fuhrman was fined $200 and given probation for perjury.

SLUDGE 07-24-2000

     Tweetle-dum-dum's cheap theatrical Name Game for VP to "get to the crowd in the game," is a pitiful reflection of the sad state of American politics.
     Even more pitiful and sad, was AgiProp's Al Sharpton having to hide his hands under the table on the Tim Russert show because Ed Koch insisted on holding them. Sharpton was forced to endure the harassment to cement a deal cut with the Power Broker over establishing Federal "guidelines" for police. This of course, means a Fed Police Force.  And is there any doubt that, as soon as the police are Fed-ized, we will see the same MiniTruth cameramen who have zoomed in on police action, scurry like whipped curs, as they did at Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Freemen Stand off?
     Why did Ronald Reagan ride the trusty steed of Liberty to victory in the seventies, and now in 2000 with far less freedom, it is no longer an issue? Worse yet, as we watch the fickle flame of Freedom flicker, even Cro-Magnon craniums, scrubbed spotless of all critical thought in Think Tank tubs, must in the dark recesses of the empty caverns, ponder their fate..... when the wick burns out and the Real Deal begins.

SLUDGE 07-23-2000

     Technology is always held hostage to the Will of politics, and all the proles really have to show for their trillions of dollars spent on the Space Race and Buck Rodger's mirage are Bic lighters and channel-changers, which " they'll pry from our cold dead fingers." Big Brother's big boot on the face of the tobacco industries, now makes "flicking your Bic" a major expense, while "Channel Surfing" is a kinder, gentler euphemism for consciousness control and selective memory. The merger between Communism and our Free Republic, turned the "high grounds of the heavens" into a Stellar Stage, from which The Party of Dommunism launches it's Death Ray propaganda on the skulls of the masses. Proles were milked like cows, to pay for the satellites which assure the monopolization of Free Speech for MiniTruth to pump the deadly porn and propaganda solution into the mainstream 24 hours non-stop, day-after-day.
     Vanishing Freedoms are not lost, but rather consolidated into the pockets of Stone Cold rulers who NEVER GIVE THEM BACK. MiniTruth whips up the CRISIS, and Big Brother legitimizes the MANAGEMENT for cradle-to-grave, wall-to-wall, "security" in the Belly of the Beast. So take heart fellow proles, our freedoms haven't simply "vanished," they're being preserved, collectivized and melted down by the Alchemists of Altruism, into stylish Slave Chains for the chic proletariat.

SLUDGE 07-21-2000

     During the Y2K scare, FBI Director Louis Freeh placed police departments on full alert and urged them to "closely monitor" militia, cults and "hate" groups. Bible-believing Patriots were targeted by AgiProp's Project Megiddo, and the sycophants of Mainstream propaganda never apologized or expressed an ounce of regret for their "rush to judgment" of the bogus report. In fact, reporting DisInfo from AgiProp, is simply considered to be part of the job.
     Sludge offices are humming with activity and all staff have been placed on Red Alert, as credible sources continue to send urgent warnings of the Sept. 5th, United Nation's Millennium Assembly at U.N. Headquarters in New York. Sludge readers are encouraged to write their "representatives" and chain-mail fellow proles, to stop the World Dictatorship being imposed upon the United States of America. The Sands of Time are running out for a sovereign America. Patriots must get on their horse and make the ride to stem the tide, or get used to Big Brother's Boot in your face....forever.

From one our sources:
     Over the past several months this writer has, on a number of
occasions, alerted our readers to the coming United Nations
Millennium Assembly scheduled to begin on 5 September 2000
at UN Headquarters in New York.  That assembly is now only
about seven weeks away.  The primary purpose of that assembly is
to consider the 12 additional principles set fourth in Charter 99 for
inclusion in the United Nations Charter.  Very briefly, those 12
additional principles are considered to be the final 12 bricks in the
foundation upon which to launch a One World Government under
the United Nations.  For more information on this particular world
shaping event, please visit the following:

A95: An URGENT Resolution to President Clinton.

A87: United Nations Poised to Impose One World Government.

A90: United Nations to Confiscate "ALL" Private Property

A73: Legislation to End U.S. Membership in United Nations.

A couple of months ago this writer was privileged to have the
opportunity to work with several other good Christians and loyal
Americans, in drafting a RESOLUTION on "UN Global
Governance vs. American Sovereignty" for presentation to the
annual Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando Florida last month.
This proposed resolution was modified and subsequently adopted
as RESOLUTION # 7, by the Southern Baptist Convention as their
official position on this matter, on behalf of some 40,000 + local
SBC Churches.  The adopted Resolution # 7 can be accessed on
the SBC. web site at:  S.B.C. Resolution # 7:

Following the adoption of this particular resolution by the SBC, this
writer slightly modified our original proposed resolution and
forwarded  it to several other major religious denominations for
their consideration.

As a result of the general public becoming aware of SBC
Resolution # 7, TCAN has received a considerable number of
request to provide a version adapted for use by "individuals" who
wish to convey their personal position on this matter to President
Clinton, the US Senators and Representatives.

We have indeed responded to those request and have posted a
printer friendly RESOLUTION on the TCAN web site that can be
easily printed, authenticated and FAXed to President Clinton and
the various US Senators and Representative.  That resolution can
be accessed at;

A Resolution on UN Global Governance vs. American Sovereignty


We freedom loving Americans only have seven (7) weeks or less in
which to make our opinions on this matter know to our elected
leaders in Washington.  Time is critical so we MUST QUICKLY
rally hundreds-of-thousands of loyal Americans and literally
FLOOD the President and our US Senators and Representatives
with tons of FAXes and we must do it within the next few days.

Due to the SHORT lead time AND the CRITICALITY of the
situation, we URGE all concerned Americans to respond
IMMEDIATELY to this alert.

TCAN respectfully request that this alert be forward to the
maximum extent possible, as quickly as possible.


SLUDGE 07-19-2000

     Anti-Semitism is the Hemlock for Public Figures, and we have former National Enquirer reporter Jerry Oppenheimer, dropping a "J-Bomb" on Hillary while hubby is refereeing the Middle East Talks. Coincidence..... or Quid Pro Quo influence? If Reagan was Teflon surely the Klingons have been Titanium, and now we're to believe that a Blast-from-the-Past which has been cryogenically froze in the Black Hole for 26 years, has just magically unthawed and broke-off from the Landscape, to reveal some Great Political Anomaly? Are we to believe, that after 7 and a 1/2 years of suffering under Klingon Rule, 7 and 1/2 years of watching the Constitution shredded and the Nation sold for Gold, a simple "Simon says" slur sinks the Love Boat? Name-Calling is now more serious then National Security. SlurCrime has replaced Treason as a Capital Offense, and how is it possible that "can't recall" Pinocchio now claims Total Recall? Madness reigns, as all Common Sense has been squeezed from the Masses by the ViceGrips of PC.

     The Rainblow family gathering in Montana is now done. So are the tax payers, stick a fork in em!  The peace/love/understanding bunch was responsible for several of the area's crimes including sexual assault on a child.  The damage to the are is estimated at a couple hundred thousand dollars.  I had the misfortune of speaking to one of these "family" members.  Most of the conversation was overshadowed by his stench.  You see a bathtub is something for growing his hashish.
     Anyhow, the little pinhead decided it was time to engage me and accuse me of supporting the same war machine that kills countless babies overseas.  I did not bring up the fact of his free abortion beliefs have killed countless millions right here.  I responded to the little wretch by asking him what his gig was.  He responded by telling me that he was not only a Quaker but a member of the Iroquois tribe.  Hmmm, he was white as the snow.  I pointed out that the Quakers were one of the groups responsible for the loss of land to the native americans.  He quickly jumped off that train and fully aligned himself with the indians.  I then pointed out how I did not understand his offensive nature against the native american.  Course he was puzzled.  I pointed out how our "war machine" has it's roots of justice, many of them, from the native americans.  We used to take a finger or two for shoplifting.
     After all was said, Mr. peace/love/understanding responded to me by flipping me off and doing a high kick apparently meant  to intimidate me.  I responded by telling him that his actions only reaffirmed to me how much an offensive little creature he actually is.
     Peace   Love   Understanding.........three words yet to be actually practiced by anyone, SLUDGE and myself excluded.  Kahn 07-19-00

SLUDGE 07-17-2000

     Political Correctness has become more then a guideline for Behavior and Speech. The Tightrope of PC has replaced the Pearly Gates, as the Yardstick of all Moral Values. PC is the definitive Definer, the de facto Deity, the Supreme Judge of "Right" and "Wrong," and Absolute Arbitrator of all "Good" and Evil." PC has become a World Religion, a Way of Life, and a focus of Worship. PC is the mitigating factor of action and critical criteria of character.
     Is selling cigarettes really worse then burning children or selling Bad Blood? And where's Big Brother's Liability for selling tainted blood from American prisons, which resulted in thousands of deaths?
     And is there any doubt, that a Lilly White Swarm, would have caused a Black Storm in Philadelphia? Are we judging the Actions, the Factions,..... or simply the Racial Agitation?
     Has Name-Calling become a Greater Sin then treason, murder, or rape? Countless charges, have caused countless lies and eight years of sneers from the Klingons. Is it possible that the accusation of a Politically Incorrect remark from 25 years ago, might be more damaging then all the Independent Investigators and Courtrooms in the land? That begs the question: Does PC take priority over the Will of the People?

    Perhaps it is a question of race.  Our country has went through a phase of hiring one, especially in the public sector, based solely on race.  I sat many times taking civil service tests for employment knowing no matter how high I scored, the minorities in the room had preference.  This is an employment practice based mainly on race and not one's abilities.
     Case in point.  We now have incidences of minorities beating on minorities. ie: PA. And yes, it is now not a question of race, but a question of ability here.  Perhaps if the flaws in these individuals characters would have been allowed in their perspective employment processes they would not have been employed.  The original racial profiling started at the application stage, not at the traffic stop.
      Perhaps if we can now get the system from judging others for their color, we could finally get to the point of having the best person for the job, no matter what his race.  Kahn 07-17-00

SLUDGE 07-15-2000

     Mind Manipulation is used to confuse by the Muse of the News, who pull the wool over the Sheeple's eyes with lies, and blind them to the light of their plight, as they're marched to their fate by the Lords of the State. The Party is in FULL ATTACK mode---- on EVERY FRONT--- and the dazed, crazed proles think it's raining when they're being pissed on. Prayer is banned while Homosexuality is proselytized, Free Speech is gagged while Porn is pushed, Land Grabs, Gun Grabs, and the Bill of Rights is being twisted into Federal Laws. External enemies are beefing up and trading nukes, while PC replaces Discipline in the U.S. Military, and Open Borders allow an avalanche of Illegal Invasions from Canada and Mexico.
     Philadelphia, Penn.- JACKBOOT JUSTICE stomps Due Process and the crack in the Liberty Bell just got a bit wider, as Integrated Police make PC Brutality A-OK. How many MiniTruth Mannequins mentioned the wounded Police Officer(shot on thumb), but ignored the FIVE slugs in suspect Thomas Jones? No gun has been recovered.
     Plaintiff attorney Stanley Rossenblat sounded like Fred Goldman as he screamed, "it's not the money" following the preposterous 145 BILLION dollar punitive penalty leveled in a Miami, Florida court against Tobacco companies. Proles will soon be paying five bucks a pack while they pay two bucks a gallon at the pump, and next on the list is GUN MANUFACTURERS. Meanwhile, Big Brother is found NOT RESPONSIBLE for the Prole Roast at Waco.

And now for yet another edition of:

Kile Kahn's

Caught by the Cops!

Looking back to December 20, 1971 finds our "old friend", Larry King in a bit of a jam.  King had borrowed $5000.00 from Louis Wolfson(millionare).  The $5000.00 had originally been intended to go to New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, to help finance an unofficial investigation into the Kennedy assassination.  King, who was acting as a go-between between Wolfson and Kennedy, claimed he could not locate Garrison so he asked Wolfson if he could keep the money as a loan.  King never did repay the money and Wolfson went forward with a complaint.  A trial in Miami for the matter never finished for the judge, Dan Satin, suffered a heart attack on the stand while reading the King brief.  Later on March 10, 1972 Satin dismissed the case citing the statute of limitations had passed.  The grand larceny charge was dismissed.  Way to skate Larry!

SLUDGE 07-13-2000

     Black AgiProp leaders are more concerned with banning the Stars & Bars of the Civil War, then with mass slaughter, disease, famine, and slavery in Africa today. Minority coalitions are whores to the Socialist Agenda, and N.O.W. who lost all credibility as a "women's rights" organization, has been exposed as Party Apologist and a Bitch for the N.W.O. All power is being centralized to the Fed, and transferred to a socialist World Government which is hostile to America's interests, conflicts with our Constitution, ignores Individual Liberty, and does not recognize Nation State Sovereignty or Culture. Corporate Colonialists and International Usurers are dissolving all borders and prodding proles into a Global Gulag Sweatshop, by exploiting the very racial/gender differences which THEY promote.
     Chuck Hagel(R-Nebraska) is getting Trial Balloon consideration as Son of Bush running-mate after being briefed by the Bilderbergers.

Intuition.  I believe we all have it and it would influence us if we let it.  Given worldly concerns I believe we all know things are going in the crapper.  We have good sense of people around us.  We know in our hearts who is good and who is bad, sometimes without even a word spoken by them.
Now do not get me wrong.  I don’t think we are telepsychics capable as the rest to exploit blacks on late night television.  I think we do know right from wrong and do have gut feelings when things are wrong, but refuse to act on it for fear of being singled out.  Perhaps if more of us did so, we would finally realize we are not alone.  Kahn 07-13-00

      We learn early on at the college level that one of the characteristics of a group is group think.  That is when the group as a whole over powers the feelings or beliefs of it's individual members.  The group says, "we believe in A and will implement A."  Some of the individuals may know that "A" will cause catastrophic results, but go along with it anyway, not wanting to appear deviant from the group no matter what the reasons may be.  This concept is well known and a good group works to avoid it.  That is a "good group."
      This brings me to a thought I recently had after watching a bit of IN SEARCH OF with Leonard Nemoy.  A popular seventies series.  Nemoy was exploring the "second shooter theory" or "grassy knoll."  The footage I have seen of the Kennedy assassination, to me, shows clearly there was a second shooter, if not more.  What I find alarming is the media's immediate dismissal of such, going against all experts.  Now, you become  the butt of jokes for merely mentioning the "grassy knoll."  You have got to be a kook if you disagree with what the media reports to be true.
      The media.  What is it, why is it.  To just say it is the 1st amendment would be incorrect.  It hides behind the no. 1. I do not understand why the masses do not question it.  What kind of machine can have that much influence by whatever it reports.  Does anyone even wonder why the majority of media report the same story from the same angle.  Or better yet, the locals just reporting what the big machines report.  No one questions the validity of the stories.  Does anyone question why the corrections, if reported, are on the back pages in small print.
      Accuracy.  My own personal experience at the micro or local level shows me that the single reporter can be in error.  I was involved in an investigative standpoint when I watched a local reporter report a suicide to be a murder suicide all on the assumption of neighbors who were no where to be found during the event.  I know, I had questioned the same neighbors upon my arrival at the scene.  The young reporter was so concerned about getting the story on the air that she went with what she had.  At one point she even threatened me that she would do this unless I gave her the facts, which were not yet discovered or set into stone.
      Conspiracy.  I leave this point open for you to decide.  I personally believe it is so, but there are so many interests involved that finding the source at this time would be impossible.  This would be the why as to the reason we see the exact same story everywhere in the various agencies reporting.  I know many people who can predict the story before it is reported.  For instance, in the office, I said Waco would be burnt to the ground and the members blamed.  The office grew quiet when it happened.  One person asked how I knew this.  I simply said look at case history.  Anyone a bit different is wiped out all in the name of "they were kooks."
      Whether we like it or not, we are swayed and influenced by the media the way that is intended.  We are laughed at if we question it or assume it any other way than intended.  Usually we earn the title racist if this happens.  What truth has to do with racism in this case is beyond me but they twist it that way.
      We have effectively become nothing more than pawns of the game.  The sheep farmers sheep, used to sway the overall powers back and forth with nothing in it intended for us.  We are the zombies who walk the earth looking for someone to tell us what to do next.
       Me, I'll take my whisky with coke please.  It numbs the pain of it all.  It gives those in power an explaination as to why I say what I say.
Kahn 07-10-00


Today marked the end of play at the Sludge Open II.  Sludge, once again, walked away with the tophy, an 8 x 10 of Janet Reno wearing nothing more than a glass of scotch.  The heat today had Sludge himself hitting at or below par, well in front of the boys.  Balboa tied Sludge on Friday, only to see his hopes of grabbing it all today, slip quickly past his driver. More on play later.....




We will be posting new again on or about July 10th, 2000.  Please feel free to read the Past Sludge Posts.  This is in order so that our staff can take a well deserved holiday break.

SLUDGE 07-03-2000

     Hypocrisy Democracy makes Independence Day a sham Crackdown and Gas Gouge for the Party. Americans used to fire their guns in defiance on July 4th, to celebrate Individual Freedom and National Sovereignty. Now, Plastic Patriots, furtive of lighting a firecracker and fearful of owning a gun, swill Victory Gin and pretend it's 1776 for a day. Pretend Patriotism, pretend Sovereignty, and pretend sobriety as they weave the Swat Blocks on their way home. Mass madness is the norm, Freedom is Slavery, and Lobotomy Liberty waves Old Glory while surrendering to the New Order.
     "Michael New: Mercenary or American Soldier" begins with "Dad, I think I'm going to be court-martialed. I haven't done anything, it's for something I'm not going to do. They've told me that I have to wear the United Nations uniform on our coming deployment into Macedonia, and I told them I have a problem with that order. If they can force me to wear that blue helmet in Europe, then what's to keep them from forcing me to wear it someday in Texas or some other state?"
     Indeed, American Rights are being shaved so that we might be enslaved, because our Republic doesn't fit the Dommunist Puzzle.

SLUDGE 06-30-2000

     AgiProp's "Two Minutes of Hate" against the current Party villain John Rocker, will once again, allow the Party to posture it's platform of " Safe Speech." Hate signs reading "Rocker is Da Devil," and "Ku Klux Kloser," will incite Goldsteinism and allow MiniTruth to update and "re-educate" the prole to the latest Party-"line in the sand" of  Free Speech....and Thought.
     De-centralization is the key to Cultural Conformity and Political correctness. Thomas Jefferson warned that if the federal government should become the center of all power, it would become "as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated." His views on the Centralization of Power are quite clear:
          "The way to have good and safe government is not to trust it all to the One, but divide it among the many....What has destroyed Liberty and Rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and concentrating of all cares and powers into One Body...."

SLUDGE 06-28-2000

     Proles feel the bite of the Oil Squeeze, and rectal rhetoric provides no relief. Iraqi oil is banned, Domestic production has been shut down, and the Bolshevik-Menshevik Alliance will continue squabbling and blaming each other for not cutting taxes. The "bourgeois" middle class is being dragged to it's death by the weight of Equality, while the Super Rich of the Inner Party rise to the skies in a free ride, on the backs of CLASS APARTHEID.
     Sin Taxes have been imposed on Guns, Tobacco, and now "Fatty Foods." Hate Filters are prophylactics on computers, Hate Laws are condoms on the mind, and the American motorist must now drive the fine line between "droopy driver" and "road rage" as he avoids the pitfalls of " driver distractions." Step-by-step, Big Brother determines all decision-making, and assumes all moral judgments for the prole. Critical Thought has become Heretical Hate, and Individuality has been lost to class-conscious Conformity.

     A reader had the following article to pass along.  I believe it about states it all and shows what our society is lacking today.  Kahn 06-28-00

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the
Declaration of Independence?

Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured
before they died.

Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned.  Two lost their sons
serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured.

Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the
Revolutionary War.

They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their
sacred honor.

What kind of men were they?

Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists.  Eleven were merchants, nine were
farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated.  But
they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the
penalty would be death if they were captured.

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships
swept from the seas by the British Navy.  He sold his home and
properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.

Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to     move his family almost constantly.  He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding.  His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.

Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer,
Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.

At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson Jr, noted that the British
General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters.  He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire.  The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.

Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed
his wife, and she died within a few months.

John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying.  Their 13
children fled for their lives.  His fields and his gristmill were laid to
waste.  For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning
home to find his wife dead and his children vanished.  A few
weeks later he died from exhaustion and a broken heart.

Norris and Livingston suffered similar fates.  Such were the stories and
sacrifices of the American Revolution.  These were not wild-eyed,
rabble-rousing ruffians.  They were soft-spoken men of means and
education.  They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall,
straight, and unwavering, they pledged:  "For the support of this
declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence,
we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred

They gave you and me a free and independent America. The history books never told you a lot about what happened in the Revolutionary War.  We didn't fight just the British.

We were British subjects at that time and we fought our own government!
Some of us take these liberties so much for granted, but we shouldn't.  So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently
thank these patriots.  It's not much to ask for the price they paid.
Remember: freedom is never free!

SLUDGE 06-27-2000

     Dr. Carroll Quigley gives a chilling account of the Testimony of Norman Dodd, research director for a congressional committee attempting to investigate tax-exempt foundations:
          " The first was my response to an invitation during November 1953, from President Roman Gaither of the Ford Foundation to meet in his office in New York. Upon arriving there, I was greeted with the following:
                 ' Mr. Dodd, we invited you to come because we thought that perhaps, off the record, you would be kind enough to tell us why the Congress is interested in the operations of foundations such as ourselves.'
          " Before I could think of how best to reply, he volunteered this:
            ' Mr. Dodd, we operate here under directives...which emanate from the White House...the substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant-making power to alter life in the United States so that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.'
          " Needless to say, I nearly fell off the chair. I said, ' Mr. Gaither,...I do not think you are entitled to withhold this information from the American people to whom you beholden for your tax exemption. So why do you not tell the American people what you have just told me?' His answer was:
            ' Mr. Dodd, we would not think of doing that.'

* Freemen Digest(June 1984), p. 37

SLUDGE 06-26-2000

     Perestroika was a Make Over for the shakedown of the West, and the slouch toward a socialistic USSR of Amerika. Breszhnev and smiling Mikhail Gorbachev, were PR Facelift's designed to soften the hard-line shoe-pounding Khrushchev Stalinism, and pave the way for Corporate Colonialist's Trilateral Bi-polar merger of the "Free World" and Communism into a Global Monetary Dictatorship of the prole. Dr. Antony C. Sutton, World renowned historian and author writes:
     " One of the most pervasive --but downright erroneous--themes in modern textbook history is that of a competition between Capitalist and Marxist systems. In fact, given objective examination of all facts, nothing could be further from the truth. The two political power groups cooperate with each other, nurture each other and in general are jointly responsible for much of the pain and suffering of the average man on the street in this world."
     Power Propaganda since the Fall of the Wall bridged Sister Cities, and cemented the demented deals between Western "Capitalists," and the Nomenklatura. Socialism and Capitalism have worked hand-in-hand since Vladimir Lenin and Arm-and Hammer. Capitalists support Socialism because the slave labor pool of the proles maximizes profits and minimizes competition.

SLUDGE 06-25-2000

     International Treaties are the twines that have bound Gullible Gulliver to the gurney of World Government. Senator William Jenner warned: "The United Nations is preparing a series of treaties which operate as domestic legislation, affecting our citizens in matters on which our Constitution does not permit even the federal government to legislate. They would abolish our Bill of Rights and replace it with a body of state-granted privileges and duties modeled exactly upon the Soviet constitution."
     In 1953, Senator John Bricker introduced to the Senate, a constitutional amendment providing that no provision in the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, could be canceled or overridden by International treaty. The Bricker Amendment failed by ONE VOTE. One brick shy of preserving the sovereignty of America and protecting our freedoms from the Globalists.
     During the Great Purge of the eighties, when all domestic resistance was being crushed under Big Brother's Big Foot, the Plutocrats of the Party celebrated a major victory by ramming through the Genocide Treaty in 1986. This Treasonist  Treaty had been pushed for three decades, and has about as much to do with "Genocide," as the Federal Reserve Act has to do with Government. The Genocide Convention defines "genocide" as an Oral or WRITTEN STATEMENT which may be construed to cause "mental harm" to an individual or to a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. Sounds...nice, right? That's because it's couched in the same Touchy Feely NewSpeak as the Hate Laws which followed it, and just as vaguely written.
     Senator Sam Ervin called the Genocide Treaty "intellectually dishonest and deceptive," and since nearly any verbal or written statement could allegedly cause "mental harm" to someone, this Mouse Trap sets the cheese for a trial at the World Court.

SLUDGE 06-23-2000

     Lying has reached Art form in America. Cruel/Cry for Minority Rights in the U.S. turns to "Majority Rule" in South Africa. When the Party is in Revolutionary mode, the Hue & Cry is " One Injustice is too many." Once the Coup is a Done Deal, Change Agents ignore the plight of the proles, and Victims of the New Law become Collateral Damage in a Moral Crusade.
     News is where the Cameras of MiniTruth are, and the Hypocrisies from one "Story" to the next are lost in the Black Holes of Mass Alzheimer's and DoubleThink.
     The Socialist Agenda is pushed by Focusing on the Microscopic Injustices of Old World Law to rewrite the Rule Book. " One Victim is too many," is the line taunted. New Laws create New Victims, but "out of sight, is out of mind," and the Street Sweepers wash them down the sewers of our subconscious, never to be seen on the Evening News. The poor panicked shnook fumbling with his Trigger Lock in the middle of the night, as the rapist/murderer/thief breaches the walls of his "Castle," is a Collateral casualty, a necessary expenditure in the War on Guns, just as the innocent victim of a wrong address No-Knock, is a sacrifice to the War on Drugs. And what of the victims of 40 million abortions? Has there been ONE innocent life taken, ONE mistake made, by Roe vs Wade? And how many Americans are now at peril, as potential victims of Long March technology sold to Red China?
     MiniTruth declared O.J. Simpson guilty before he went to trial. No eye witnesses, no murder weapon, and his acquittal by a jury was dismissed. All blood "evidence" amounted to less then the 1.5 ml of EDTA tainted blood missing from the vial, yet Whoraldo Rivera sobs over convicted murderer Gary Graham's execution, while excluding any doubt of Simpson's guilt. The same Leftists who chimed with the Rightists, and never considered the POSSIBILITY of O.J.'s innocence, now weep for convicted Death Row inmates.

SLUDGE 06-20-2000

     Cultural Correctness has turned Pleasantville into a Gulag of Zombies. Pod cloned Drones of the New Order, denied the Light of God's photosynthesis, they suck their substance from the Sump Dumps of Hell. Spaced-out spores from the Evil Seeds of the Forbidden Fruit, floating on a breeze of sleaze, and drifting with the PC winds. Cultural Correctness, is the dominant dogma of all political, religious, or historical discussion. All is framed within the Grid of Correctness, All worship the God of Correctness, and Heretics who stray from the Tether of the Matrix are hunted down, Branded with the Scarlet Letter, Tarred and Feathered, and strapped to the Public Scaffold of Eternal Ridicule.
     It takes a Village of idiots to worship a Vaudeville Vision based on the False God of Numerical Equality. A Medusa Mirage, which has laughed at the Hundreds of Millions of bleaching bones seeking salvation in the Sands of Time. The Utopia of Cultural Correctness is the Mecca of the Matrix, the proselytizing pilgrimage of the proles, the shearing of the Sheeple.

SLUDGE 06-16-2000

     "Loose lips sink ships," and Loose Hips have caused the bow to lisp on the Great Ship Lollipop. A Credit Card President, a Coin-operated Congress and Stonewall Justice, emit a stifling stench from the Evil Seat of Power. No one dares utter the terrible "T" word, but is the Loss at Los Alamos, part of Fu Man Chu's dues? And would Benedict Arnold simply be a Free Trade Globalist in Amerika 2000? The putrid smell of Tyranny is polluting the planet, and fear hangs like Mustard Gas on the minds of the masses, but PETA gets Press for Rat Abuse, while MiniTruth ignores the gores of the proles.

Who killed Tony Moser Willie?

SLUDGE 06-13-2000

     Were Smokescreen fires set on the Southern Front, to conceal the steal of Nuclear Secrets at Los Alamos? The fires have lifted, and so were the hard-drives.... and the case against Wen Ho Lee. So why talk of building new Missile Defense, when it's all going out the back door?
     Reporting corruption has become a High Risk occupation, and our latest Victim of the Week, is Arkansas journalist Tony Moser, who was bumped off in a "traffic accident." An uncharged, unnamed motorist flattened Moser as he crossed the street----two days after posting a peek under Little Rock.
     Rotting teeth and Moral Decay are the State of the Union. MiniPlenty bill-boards Dow and NASDAQ as indicators of a "booming economy," but a crumbling infrastructure, a dissolving industrial base and the liquidation of the American Farmer, is hidden by the guile's of the Smashbox smiles and the Tinsel Town tales.

SLUDGE 06-12-2000

     MiniTruth is the Opiate of the prole, and surveys claim that 98.2% of Americans have a Yen for the Den. Political Correctness has shrunk the Sidelines of allowable Opinion, so Left-Right***Fair and Balanced***Crossfire, becomes a One-stream scream of Junkie Justice and Foul play, when Debate is Out-of-Bounds. The Party chalks the Foul-lines, so News interviews turn from slow-pitch bitch-ball, to a down-and-dirty dialectic double-team, when discussion "crosses the line."
     Who made The News, Judge, Jury and Ultimate Ump? Newscasters determine guilt or innocence, decide what's admissible, and declare what's "over the line" for the public. Jury verdicts are over-turned by TV Courts, and the elimination of Double Jeopardy, has turned Trial into a series of Play-Offs.
     Brussels, Belgium--Cameraman sniper executes gunman in Assassination Interview. Two shots through the head by a Camera Gun, ended the 30 hour hostage stand-off in Luxemberg.
               Opiate---an unlocked door to the prison of identity. It leads into the Jail Yard.
                                                                                                       -----Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

SLUDGE 06-11-2000

     MiniTruth dug up Sam Shepherd("The Fugitive") and Jessie James with little reaction, John Rocker's been sent to the minors for his Career-ending remarks, and the Ramsey's have quieted The Mob by passing the polygraph, so who to hate? Right on Que., O.J. is being resurrected to fill the 2 minute Hate gap to assuage pent up frustrations, and fill the Info-tainment Void. This transference of public anger takes the heat off the Party, and helps re-establish MiniTruth's sagging credibility. Mass Medusa monopolized Media is an Organ of Big Brother, and the Finger of Accusation squishes the proles with the Burden of Proof. Lie detector tests and jury verdicts, are praised as Truth or scoffed and ridiculed, at the whim of the Party.
      Gladiator Fights have been given the legal Seal of Approval, with the Rubber Stamped verdict by Gulag community jurists in Fresno, California. Celebrity Death Matches are the cutting edge attraction in America's prisons, and "Running Man" will be Prime Time in Future World.

     A couple of days ago I hit the course wearing a bathrobe.  A bet waged between a long time friend and myself.  Very un-golf etiquette.  I expected to have the course officials ask me to remove it or better yet, be kicked off the course.  Neither occurred.  In fact, those who played through kept their eyes off of me.  Seems if it is too far beyond the norm, no one will even acknowledge it.  What a sick little society where even individuality is rubbed out.  I do not mean mine in this instance.  I mean the power of people to be individuals and speak their mind.  Not one person asked me the reason for the robe, nor did they express any negativity regarding it.  What the hell will it take to get "the people" to recognize the fact that they still have a voice. Apparently they do not want to see it for what it is.   Perhaps it is too late.
Kahn 06-11-00

SLUDGE 06-09-2000

     Peace means Total Victory to the Party. The Victory salute of WW2 became the Peace sign of the Revolution because "peace" in Party parlance, means the absolute destruction of ALL opposition. DoubleThink and NewSpeak bridge the vast gap between Party Morality based on The Cause, and prole Pleasantville values.  The Party's "Good" is whatever furthers The Cause, while "Bad" is whatever opposes it, so the mass's Straight and Square, make them Fair Game for the sharp hook wrapped in Sucker meat, and set for the depth, to troll for prole at the bottom.
     Tiananmen protests are squashed---- Web Master Huang Qi is arrested for mentioning it on the Internet, and is charged with "subversion." Communist Red China is in Crackdown mode---17 Falun Gong followers are dead in custody, and Society of Disciples are prosecuted for "using an Evil Cult."
     Is Anti-Sludgitism on the rise in the Media? Sludge readers report that Clinton comic crony Jay Leno is Sludge-bashing in his monologues. Has the S.R. once again drawn the ire of the White House, for daring to report on coincidental timing and route of the Funny Fuehrer's Tour, and the Bilderberger's meeting at the Chateau du Lac? This only goes to prove, if your not pissing off the Party, your not reporting.

SLUDGE 06-04-2000

     America is being slit from crotch to sternum and fed to the Carrion's of Corporate Colonialism. Gullible Gulliver is being tied by the twines of Internationalism and staked to the Shrines of the New World Order. A sacrifice on the Altar of Mammon, a victim of "Secret Cutting," and Global gutting. And why have the Mensheviks twirled on their thumbs for seven and 1/2 years, while the Bolsheviks have raped, pillaged, burned, and trashed-for-cash our Sovereignty and Freedoms? Not a flap from the "Other Wing of the same Bird of Prey," that has sat silent, seeing no evil, hearing no evil, and speaking no evil,  but was quick to swoop from it's perch on the Fence, to take another bite out of Uncle Sam's bare ass by pushing Permanent Trade with Red China.
     And what of the proles? Where is the "O.J." outrage, as guns are taken, rights are stripped, and land is pulled beneath their feet as mortgage to the U.N. Biosphere? The Rip Van Winkles are face down and sound asleep in the Poppy Fields of the Matrix, and 230 more days of the Klingons should bleach the bones JUST white.

SLUDGE 06-03-2000

     White House SS keep the Ho Trains from following the Fuehrer like they stalked Bob Packwood, and if Linda Tripp had worn wire attire to Mike Tyson's room, would it have been she they indict, and could he get a fight? And if MiniTruth had presumed guilt of the Klingons, like they've done O.J. and the Ramseys, would Americans be holding their noses while praying for King George and the Mensheviks to save them in November? Why did the snarling Wolf Pack, so quick to pronounce guilt and utter slurs, turn to cowering curs when investigating the White House?
     Might makes Right in the MiniTruth Matrix, and absolute consensus is proof of Truth to the proles. Rumor Rag's influence exceeds their circulation, as queued up proles with "inquiring minds" read the Headlines in the Breadlines, and tabloids are quoted as "source." Show Trials for Show Time, and soon to be Mini-series, "O.J." was staged to abolish Double Jeopardy, and the "Ramseys" is a gambit to shift the Burden of Proof to the proles.

Sure, an "Eagle" today and a "Birdy" tomorrow.  Anything not scene in person could be fiction.  Just a thought......Kahn 06-03-00

SLUDGE 06-02-2000

     NY. Post- " We've done a lot of information sharing already with the's unethical not to share," quipped Slick Willie, as he warmed up for his meeting with KGB's Putin. Does this explain the Security breaches? " It's unethical not to share?" How about 71/2 years of "ongoing investigations ad finitum," and hiding behind the Blind of "National Security?" Now we know why America's Team is digging trenches in the shadows of the Goal Posts of Liberty. Our Q.B. has not only been giving away our plays, but our Playbook!  Yes fans, we keep giving ground every down, because our Q.B. considers it "unethical" to conceal our plays from the opposing team, and since the European Tour ran simo with the Bilderberger Conclave...
 we know the Banksters in the Booth are calling the shots for both sides.
     American's are apathetic about slipping into Totalitarianism, because it isn't on TV, so it doesn't exist in their cable consciousness. Strait Jackets are just a fad, like rings in nose, shaved heads, and Uniforms in the Boot Camp schools. MiniTruth blacks out the realities of Totalitarianism to keep from spooking the Herd. The Party plays for keeps. There are no Time Outs, they don't just cut to a commercial once the other team scores. No Nation has survived the Sleeper Hold of Totalitarianism, and they don't let you up when the Ref slaps the mat.

   I'd like fries with my Bilderberger!

SLUDGE 06-01-2000

     According to Gary Bauer, less then 40 "representatives" bothered to read the China Report before casting their vote for Coolie Colonialism. Recall that Bauer bowed out, and bowed to McNasty who ended up bowing to Bush, when dirty trick operative Don Savage, licked his door knobs to infect him with the flue. And a Sludge Salute goes to Alan Keyes who staggers on, in a one-man Bataan March for moral decency. The Last Man Standing against the morally bankrupt, Cash Cow of the Elephonkey Party.
     Washington Post's Bill Gerz reports on the deployment of SSN-22 anti-ship cruise missiles from Vladivostok, and Sludge's Brenda Box, reports Russian Akulas attack submarines hiding beneath Russian freighters, as they map the Washington coast on the Western Front. American's are beaten with the American flag in the streets of DC, and the Coast Guard is engaged by a boatload of machete wielding thugs on the high seas. "National Security" has been a canard for the Trojan Horse to open the Gates for the NWO. It's Open House at the White House, a Grab Bag stocking-stuffer. All the laptops and files you can stick under your coat, and stick a bug, as you go out the door.
     The Southern Front is even worse, where Willie Weber paints a grim picture of hoards swarming the border under a smokescreen of Infernos. Are bellies so bloated by Payola of Treason, that ears are deaf to the Voice of Reason?

SLUDGE 05-31-2000

     Captain Blye and the LOVE BOAT limp into Lisbon Harbor, leaving a wake of bobbing bodies and a trail of polluted water. Mutineers who baled out early still keep silent out of fear, knowing Evil keeps the boat afloat and the Beast is only wounded. And why hasn't Skull and Bones lit the wicks and opened fire, as it floundered on the reefs? Because both ships sail the same course, and both are chartered by the NWO. Standing near the 16th Century Tower of Belem, Blye proclaims, "We have stormy waters still to navigate, but we should do it with a good hope, and we should do it together." This means rubber stamping more Executive Orders, confiscating more land, ramming more treasonous legislature, and grabbing between Fundraisers.
     Sludge readers know that Blye's hop-scotch U.S.-E.U. Summit is really cover for the Bilderberger's June 1st-4th meeting, at the Chateau Du La Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. Unfortunately, the big news is that the annual Sludge Moon-Shot and T-shirt awards have been cancelled due to legal liabilities.

     I was really lookin forward for this years race for a shirt at the Beast-a-Bergers conference.  I guess I as you will have to settle with me standing in their hall wearing nothing more than a New World Order smile!  Kahn 05-31-00

SLUDGE 05-30-2000

     Bilderberger Bill is off to Europe for his Marching Orders from The Brotherhood, and U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen admits the "likelihood of an attack on American soil, using either a chemical or biological or, indeed, a nuclear weapon, is quite, not only possible, but probable."(NBC's Meet the Press)
     New American(vol. 16 No.11)-reports 14 Americans attacked by a Castro Diplomatic Goonsquad, April 14th, in Washington DC. "They were punching, kicking, shouting, knocking people to the ground---it was unbelievable," says Mauricio Carone, "We were just peacefully demonstrating outside the Cuban Interests Section, on public property, on U.S. soil, when about 15 of Castro's agents rushed out and started viciously attacking us." According to the Wall Street Journal( April 26th ) the American Flag was ripped from a woman's hands, and used as a club to beat her with.
     Enough is enough, for Rep. James A. Traficant(D) who has introduced HR 4105 in hopes of establishing "Fair Justice." Traficant expressed strong suspicion at the timely demise of FLIR video expert Carl Ghigliotta, "We have developed a Stone Cold Police State in America, believe me, from Waco, Ruby Ridge, to Miami, Florida. Every American knows it, but no one is doing anything about it. There must be a full investigation into the death of Carlos Ghigliotti."

SLUDGE 05-29-2000

     America has been sold for Gold to the Global Gods of Dommunism. Since the Fall of the Wall, which side really looks more like the other? The Bear lies in hibernation as the Dragon's pumped up, but how much have either really CHANGED? More importantly, why did the Fall of the Wall cause Uncle Sam to suddenly drop his pants and expose his shrunken Military to his New Order buddies? Did it unleash a new strain of venereal disease, which slowly eats away, day by day, the internal organs, leaving heartless, soulless, Zombies waving flags on Memorial Day?
     Moral Corruption spreads, National Security is compromised, our Military is weakened and Individual Liberties are drained. The Eighties was the Crackdown Decade by the Party, and the Nineties was a mop up. Tax Protesters, Survivalists, Cults, Extremists and Party Diviationists were purged Internally, while coup-de-tats sliced off the Heads of foreign leaders who wouldn't play ball with the NWO. Nicaragua was betrayed and Somoza was dumped, Noriega was kidnapped and Drug Traffic doubled, and the Philippians fell because the Marcos's had "too many shoes." The plagues upon America have been no accident, but a systematic step-by-step sellout by Elephonkey mutants.

SLUDGE 05-28-2000

     Respect for the people is rapidly diminishing. Party Harlots are becoming more brazen, the Lies are more outrageous, and they all wear Smirk Masks.  Bolsheviks and Mensheviks split 50 Million while they seal a deal which pisses on the graves, of all who fought for Individual Freedom and National Sovereignty. Amerika 2000 is not what they fought for, it's what they fought against. Tyranny is the Enemy, whether Internal or External, and a silent scream can be heard this Memorial Day from all who paid the Ultimate Price to keep the Torch of Liberty burning. It's an anguished cry from the gloom of the tomb, as the Republic is dashed against the rocks of International Finance, and the whores of the cloned Elephonkey split their traitorous loot on the backs of American workers.

      The modern day trash hippy will not even look at the flag for all of the deep seated guilt they carry just to breath.  Man how I see their hypocrisy as they stand in the street with their "Will Work for Food" signs with the intention to manipulate the motorist or passer-by into just giving them the cash instead.  After all it is that same food they protest when the try to turn another piece of land into "wilderness" which had been used for farm land to feed the masses.  Or harass on site that timber worker who provides for the motorists and passerby's in their communities by his toils, providing local economies some of the necessary building blocks.  It is the same timber worker's sweat that does the harvesting and renewing the resource so he can continue from generation to generation producing the necessary product for the cardboard for the damn sign!
      This is just one of the many destructive things in our great country that is effective in splitting us apart and causing the most harm.  When it is all said and done and I am finally ran out of my own house due to a protest against my ownership of wood and agricultural products, perhaps you all too will see me with my own sign,  Had Work, Had Food, But The One's You Gave Your Money To Took It All Away!  Kahn 05-28-00

SLUDGE 05-26-2000

     Smart Bombs, Smart Cards, Smart Guns and dumb people. The China Deal whooshed right by before the proles could blink an eye. The Party used Blitzkrieg tactics and a surgeon's touch on the numb Novocaine brains and they never even felt it. Sprayed with Chem Trail dust and bombarded with lies, the masses are slumping into a silent stupor of confusion. Cattle being led to the slaughterhouse, spooked by the scent of the Beast, but staggering blindly on to their inevitable fate. The Public pulse grows weaker as they double-time to the DoubleThink, to avoid the "extremism's" of Common Sense and reason.
     Feminazis's boycott Dr. Laura, the NAACP boycotts the Confederate Flag, and PUSH extorts to coerce correctness, so why the flip-flop with the China Trade? How is building up a Military Dictatorship, which is pointing missiles and making threats, going to free the Chinese or make us safer? Aiding and abetting the enemy is now a form of Patriotism, and Treason is in the "interest of National Security." Madness reigns, considering that those leading the China charge and waving the National Security flag, left the Security doors wide open back home.

And now....

The labels ''lobby'' and ''special interest group'' are rarely used by
journalists to describe lobbies or special interest groups like the American Association of Retired Persons, the American Civil Liberties Union, the
NAACP, or Handgun Control Inc. But when they refer to the National Rifle Association, ''lobby'' is frequently the first word that springs to mind.

That is one of many anomalies documented by Brian Patrick, a University of Michigan scholar who spent a year comparing the coverage of the NRA in several prestigious newspapers - The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Christian Science Monitor - with the coverage of the four other groups. He dissected some 1,500 published articles, columns, editorials, and letters, and his findings are striking.

The NRA, Patrick shows, is less likely than the others to be identified by
its proper name but much more likely to be tagged with some variant of
''lobby'' or ''special interest.'' The ACLU will typically be labeled a
''civil liberties group,'' ''abortion rights group,'' or ''leading liberal
champion.'' Handgun Control Inc. is usually identified as a ''citizens'
lobby,'' ''nonprofit organization,'' or ''public interest group.'' The NAACP
is referred to as a ''national civil rights group,'' ''venerable civil rights
organization,'' or ''the nation's oldest and largest civil rights

But when the NRA is in the news, the tone and terminology are often very

''Semi-automatic caucus.'' ''Lobbying juggernaut.'' ''Powerful gun lobby.''
''Gun organization.'' ''Radical gun lobby.'' ''The classic Washington
superlobby.'' ''Arrogant lobby.'' ''The gun lobby consisting of everything
from neo-Nazis to nature-loving hunters.'' ''Most feared lobby.'' ''The
Beltway's loudest lobby.'' ''A rich and paranoid organization.''

The use of negative or positive labels was only one of 16 different
categories Patrick devised for measuring bias in newspaper coverage of the NRA. Many of his yardsticks are shrewd; all are revealing.

Example: More than 27 percent of stories about the liberal interest groups - the NAACP, AARP, ACLU, and Handgun Control - were accompanied by photographs of the groups' officials or events. Only 6 percent of the NRA stories were similarly dressed up.

Example: When NRA officials were quoted, they were identified by their proper titles less than 20 percent of the time. For Handgun Control, by contrast, the proportion was 64 percent; for the NAACP, 73 percent. Thus Sarah Brady is the ''Handgun Control president,'' while Wayne LaPierre becomes merely an ''NRA lobbyist'' (he is the group's executive vice president).

Example: When information comes from the AARP, the papers use verbs like ''reported,'' ''indicated,'' ''concludes,'' ''documents.'' When the NAACP is quoted, the stories note that it ''spoke out,'' ''vowed,'' ''declared,'' ''announced.'' But when the NRA speaks, the papers often choose verbs that imply doubt: ''claims,'' ''asserts,'' ''likes to portray,'' ''contended,'' ''alleging.''

Patrick sifts his data with the statistical rigor one would expect of a
Michigan PhD. But his bottom line is unambiguous: ''These data support a conclusion of systematic marginalization of the NRA.''

And, he might have added, of guns and gun owners in general.

On no other issue is there a wider gulf between mainstream America and the media. There are more than 225 million civilian firearms in the United
States. Some 45 percent of US households own at least one gun. To tens of millions of Americans, guns mean safety and peace of mind; they know
intuitively what statistics prove: gun ownership reduces crime.

Yet in the nation's eminent newsrooms, it is axiomatic that guns are nasty,
that more guns mean more crime, and that those who defend the Second
Amendment are ''gun nuts.'' No wonder the NRA gets such bad press. And no wonder so many gun owners have abandoned newspapers as their chief source of information.

And then there's TV.

A detailed new study by the Media Research Center finds that in the 24 months ending June 1999, the morning and evening news shows on the major networks aired an astonishing 653 stories dealing with gun policy. Of those, 393 clearly went beyond straight reporting into advocacy - and nearly 91 percent pressed an anti-gun point of view.

For instance, ABC's ''Good Morning America'' aired 93 segments on gun policy; 92 had a progun control slant. CNN's nightly show, ''The World Today,'' broadcast 98 soundbites urging more gun restrictions, but only 40 opposing them.

The MRC study (read it at assembles a remarkable array of gun-bashing rhetoric from TV talking heads. Juan Williams on Fox: ''I don't understand why we're piddling around. We should talk about getting rid of guns in this country.'' Geraldo Rivera on CNBC: ''How much longer are we gonna be wrapping in the flag of patriotism to justify 250 million guns out there?'' Roger Rosenblatt on PBS: ''If you took away the guns, and I mean really take away the guns, not what Congress is doing now, you would see that violent society diminish considerably.''

This bigotry against guns is irrational. It convinces millions of Americans
that the media cannot be trusted. Someday the networks may figure out that in a land where almost one household in two owns a gun, demonizing gun owners makes no sense. But by then, who will be tuned in?

Jeff Jacoby is a Globe columnist.

This story ran on page A15 of the Boston Globe on 1/17/2000.

© Copyright 2000 Globe Newspaper Company

SLUDGE 05-24-2000

     Remember when "made in U.S.A." was a guarantee of quality? Free Enterprise( not to be confused with "capitalism"), without government interference, will always produce the best product at the lowest possible price. A Planned Economy discriminates against the creative minority and punishes individual incentive. The scum rise to the top, while the cream sours at the bottom, and souls are sold for gold and power. So why the frantic push for permanent trade status with Communist Red China?
     None Dare Call It Treason, but what other reason, if not greed and power? Corporate Colonialists will profit from the Coolie labor, while China's Rulers will eliminate a 25% unemployment problem, and the International Usurers are assured of their 21% Vig. Sludge readers know that bi-partisan support means International pressure, and The Plan is to beef up the War Lords of the Dragon to bully America into the NWO.
     Nobody saw the phantom punch that floored Giuliani. Is it the Funny Fuehrer using his White House Gestapo to secure the Bunker in New York? The Witch wasted no time working the body of Raz Daz Rick Lazio, while taking a pot shot at Pat Buchanan for opposing the China deal, "I do not believe that it's in New York's interest to support or be allied with Pat Buchanan, who has been a divisive force, a voice for anti-Semitism, and I strongly reject that and my opponent has not."

A letter....

Dear Anti-Gun People,

I am opening a dialogue with you to better comprehend your position through reviewing your responses to a few questions.  After you've read my questions and the provided links, I'll answer any questions you may have regarding my strong belief in the right to keep and bear arms, and I hope you will truthfully answer the questions I pose to you below:

1) Do you believe the government is always honest with the people?

2) A woman who is unarmed is easy prey for an armed rapist. But there are many places in America where a woman cannot legally carry a gun to protect herself from attack. Do you think it is better for a woman to be raped than to fend off a rapist in self-defense with a gun? If so, why? If not, then do you advise women to resist armed rapists with their bare hands?

3) Britain has effectively disarmed its citizens. Their own Olympic shooters had to ship guns out of the country or turn them in to be destroyed. But if more gun control decreases crime, why is Britain experiencing an epidemic of gun-related violence?

4) Washington, D.C. has a per capita murder rate of 69 per 100,000 with the strictest gun control laws in the country. Indianapolis, with much more gun freedom, only has 9 murders per 100,000 residents. If disarming people makes cities safer, how can this be?

5) There are tens of thousands of cases of people getting no response from the 911 system--including scores of cases where people were still wounded or killed after having dialed 911. If a criminal is already inside your house, garage, or car, is dialing 911 really the most effective way of immediately dealing with the situation?

6) Police also have no legal requirement to protect you when you call for
help. People attacked by criminals and injured after calling police for help
cannot sue in court and win. This places the responsibility of personal
protection in the hands of each individual. Does it make sense that the
individual be denied the same access to tools for self-protection that police enjoy? (See and also

7) Every national gun licensing and registration in history has led to
confiscation. Gun registration in America has already led to confiscation in New York and California.
If you support gun registration in America, would you please explain how having their guns registered helped the citizens in China, Nazi Germany, Cambodia, the Soviet Union, or Uganda? Do you think gun registration was beneficial to the Jews in Germany, the Cambodians under Pol Pot, or the Chinese under Mao Tse Tung? (See

8) Why are the media and the government working in unison to disarm America when the most in-depth scientific studies on the subject of private gun ownership shows that more guns in the hands of citizens REDUCES violent crime?
What agenda for the US do they have planned that requires disarming the citizens of our country?

9) Criminals get guns, knives, and bludgeons any time they wish, and they
disobey whatever laws they wish--including laws against robbery, rape, and murder. Why would you want to make law-abiding citizens easier prey by taking away their guns?

10) We rarely see both sides of the gun debate issue on national television. Why is that? It has already been proven by the most in-depth scientific study on the subject of guns and crime that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens means less crime.

11) The ACLU and most Americans think a door-to-door search for drugs is a gross violation of civil rights. Many gun banners would like to see door-to-door confiscation of guns. Are you willing to have Your Home searched for guns (or anything else) any time the government wishes to do so?

12) Every year Americans citizens legally kill 3-5 times as many criminals as are killed by all the law enforcement officials combined. Up to 2 1/2 million times a year, citizens use guns to legally thwart crime--usually when they are the intended victims. If citizens are disarmed, these intended victims will be defenseless against armed criminals. Are you saying that millions of Americans each year should have no right to stop criminals who are victimizing them? Would you prefer to give many more criminals the ability to succeed each year?

13) Today, many men and women have reason to believe that the Federal government is intent on disarming the American people as a means to
significantly greater control--the way citizens in disarmed China, Germany, the Soviet Union and Cuba are controlled. If these people are right, does this concern you?

14) There are 360-450 citizens in America for every law enforcement officer. (600,000/750,000 to 270,000,000) Do you believe each law enforcement officer can protect 360-450 people from violent criminals?

15) When they express anger, law-abiding gun owners are presented as
"extremists" in today's media. American public servants surrounded by armed bodyguards and/or living in neighborhoods with private security are telling law-abiding citizens we cannot carry or even own (some cities/states) a gun--not even to protect ourselves and our families. Do you see the hypocrisy? Can you understand why tolerance pushed beyond a limit of fairness leads to justifiable anger? Can you understand why being told we cannot enjoy the same safety our leaders enjoy invokes outrage? Is a politician's life more important than your life? If so, why?

16) Mainstream media, which uses the publicly-owned electromagnetic spectrum to broadcast, has clearly proven to be biased against guns; it is not presenting both sides of the issue.
On the other hand, has a media program that presents the pro-gun side of the story. If you believe in "equality" regarding public property, should COA be given free media time to present their case? And just why IS the media so biased in the first place? (And why might the government be anti-gun?)

17) In many areas of the nation, a woman who is being stalked by her
ex-husband must wait 10 days to purchase a gun--even if her life has been threatened. Why should law-abiding people in fear of their lives wait 10 days to get a gun when criminals have no waiting periods?

18) Criminals often kill people who've already turned over their money and put up no resistance. If a woman does not resist and the criminal intends to rape her, she will be raped. Do you think the government has a right to require women to submit to rape? If so, why?

19) Are we supposed to simply Submit when confronted with an armed rapist or murderer and leave our ourselves at their mercy? If so, why? Can you see how our society would revert to utter lawlessness if everyone agreed to simply submit to armed criminals?

20) Many anti-gun people use child gun-related accidents and/or deaths as a reason for banning guns. Seeing that more children drown every year than are killed by guns, do you support banning swimming pools?

21) Current federal law now limits the capacity of a gun's magazine to 10
rounds. Police often empty their guns without ever stopping a criminal. If
you were out alone at a roadside rest area and were approached by 3 hardened criminals with obvious intent to do you harm, would you want to be limited to only 10 rounds?

22) Cars are commonly used to commit crimes. Far more people die in cars every year than by guns--and no Constitutional Amendment guarantees our rights to own cars. Because more people die every year in cars than by guns, do you support a ban on cars?  There are also an alarming number of crimes committed under the influence of alcohol. Would you support a ban on alcohol considering it didn't work the last time they tried it?

23) Mayors of several cities in America are suing gun manufacturers under the guise of recovering costs of gun-related injuries which took place in their cities. Because more people are hurt or killed in cars than by guns, do you support these mayors in suing car manufacturers?

24) Numerous cities in America criminalize carrying guns for self-defense. These same cities make exceptions for people carrying money and jewels. Do you agree that money and jewels are more important to protect than people's lives?

25) The National Guard is paid by the Federal government, occupies property leased to the Federal government, uses weapons owned by the Federal government, and punishes trespassers under Federal law. Do you truly believe the National Guard is a State agency?

26) The National Guard is also what is commonly called the modern-day militia in anti-gun propaganda as a way of trying to deal with the Second Amendment. If the Constitution was referring to the National Guard with the term "militia," how can we account for the fact that the Second Amendment was ratified in 1787--while the National Guard was created by an act of Congress in 1903?

27) The FBI and ATF (agencies of the Federal government) gunned down 81 innocent women and children and burned most of the evidence down to the ground in Waco and have withheld evidence which would (and still may) convict them of wrongdoing. They murdered Randy Weaver's wife. The police and other state agencies shot to death Donald Scott in a bogus drug raid in California. Why would you trust these government agencies with fully automatic weapons but not trust a law-abiding individual with a simple self-defense handgun?

28) The law-abiding gun owners of today are presented as "gun nuts,
extremists, militia fanatics, and killers" in the communications media. Is it
possible they are depicted this way to sway public opinion toward disliking guns? If so, why would the media and the anti-gun politicians do that? How is this different from the way the news organs of Nazi Germany, China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, and Cuba propagandized against the segments of their societies that opposed complete state control?

29) Many documented statements by anti-gun groups claim that the Second Amendment refers to the power of the States to keep and bear arms. In other sections of the Constitution, we find the following: "the right of the PEOPLE to peaceably assemble," the "right of the PEOPLE to be secure in their homes," "enumeration here of certain rights shall not be construed to disparage others retained by the PEOPLE," and "the powers not delegated herein are reserved to the states respectively, and to the PEOPLE." Do you honestly believe "the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms" refers to the States but excludes Individuals?

30) Handguns are the cheapest, lightest, most portable, easiest-to-use, and most effective means of self-defense. This is why they are used by police officers. Denying people the right to use this tool leaves them defenseless against criminals on the street. Why do you advocate that law-abiding people not be allowed to protect themselves with the best means of self-defense available?

31) The Federal government and the United Nations (See
have been working in unison for years to systematically disarm American
citizens. Is it even remotely possible that the government has something
planned that so many Americans would be against that it is critical that they disarm us? If so, do you see that supporting their disarmament plans could be working against the American citizens committed to preserving freedom?

I do appreciate your thoughts on these matters and look forward to your
reply. I am committed to answering every question you send me by giving each one careful attention and a thorough, intelligent reply as soon as possible. If you pose a question I cannot intelligently address, I will seek out an answer until I can.


Angel Shamaya

SLUDGE 05-22-2000

     Pawns in the Game author William Guy Carr, claims that ex-Confederate General Albert Pike was tutored by Illuminati Grand Wizard Guiseppi Mazzini, who set up shop in a 13 room mansion in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he laid out the blue-prints for a World Government build on the rabble of three revolutions and the rubble of three World Wars. Pike's plan, posted in "Morals and Dogma," scheduled the overthrow of the Tzars in Russia to establish a Capitol for Communism and a Home base for Zionism. World War Two was to be fomented on the differences between Fascism and Communism, and the end result would be the expansion of Communism in Eastern Europe and the establishment of the State of Israel in the Palestine. According to Pike, the Final Act was to begin with a clash between the Moslem world and Political Zionists, and end with the High Priests of the Luciferian  Creed who direct the Synagogue of Satan, perched on the Pyramid of World Dommunism.
     On August 15, 1871, Pike told Mazzini in a letter( British Museum Library, London, Eng.):
"We shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."
      Does this sound like "kinder and gentler?"

I received this email and found it sort of awakening. Thought it might be
informative. Kahn 05-22-00

"In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953,
about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

"In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

"Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

"China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million
political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

"Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

"Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000
Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

"Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million 'educated' people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated."

Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, ask them "Who do YOU want to round up and exterminate?"

With guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects.

"Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence. (Vince Lombardi)

Something to think about...
Don't let the liberal media control your mind with their propaganda blitz.
They want to blame crime on gun ownership to justify eventual gun
confiscation, but their soft on crime law enforcement and pro-violence and immoral entertainment industry is the real cause.

Most of the politicians in both parties are controlled by the liberal
establishment. In effect, we have a one party system.They deserve academy awards.

The Bible says, "A strong man armed protects his home."

SLUDGE 05-20-2000

     Ignorance is bliss. The Cattle are content to chew their cud in the Valley of the Dolls, oblivious to what lies beyond; never straying from the Bi-Polar bounds. Fearing the "Extreme," they day-dream in the Mainstream, sucking from the Sewer of manure as they huddle with the Herd. Blinded by Illusion, the masses graze on the grasses of Loco weed logic.
     Washington Post- Bill Gertz reports Russia's deployment of 24 SSN-22 anti-ship cruise missiles to Red China. Internationalists feed the Bear and Puff the Magic Dragon, while poisoning the American Eagle. A Balance of Power and Eternal conflict insure control of the prole, and the death of Nation States.

     It used to be the old guys on their porches were hardly swayed with "government help" or techno advances.  Very skeptical bunch they were.  And we, well we hated them for their unwillingness to get into the twentieth century with the rest of "us".  Dad, grandpa and the boys did not move from their "stand".  And we hated it so we went out, burned the bras, draft cards, and in some cases threw the bible straight into the fire.  The constitution, hell, that was met for us.  All except the 2nd amendments, 1st amendment when it applies to the right view, and any other amendment or law that may not give us the right to kill babies, have same sex, or promote individual freedoms(unless they apply to us).  And hell, we created laws to stop the way D,g and the boys think.  How dare they dare to think different!  Ya hell we showed them old farts.  By the way, all that work has made me parched.  Please pass me my vodka ration for the week.  Comrade Kahn 05-20-00

SLUDGE 05-19-2000

     China Trade is Corporate Colonialists drooling over a 1.2 billion Coolie Sweatshop. Trade relations are a Carrot and Stick weapon being used to fuse the Order and "balance the power," while eroding National Sovereignty. The Party gives Power to the Beast, while punishing Politically Incorrect dissidents, organizations, etc., and grounding the round edges off renegade "rogue Nations" who don't quite fit the mold the New World Order. The Red Dragon is being inflated because it is the model for the Brave New World of the Corporate Colonialists. Gulag slave labor is Future World, and the Party is pulling out all stops to ram the deal down America's throat. Endorsements by closet Party lackeys on both sides of the aisle are being used to con the public. Past Presidents are propped up, arms are being twisted and pockets are being stuffed. Even Money Czar Alan Greenspan, who is pumping usury rates to "cool down" the "wealth effect" of a "overheated economy," is stumping.
     China Trade is being pushed in the same manner as the Panama Canal Treaty was pushed, and by the same people. Bolsheviks and Mensheviks are nodding to the cause, because both are errand boys to the Multinational Shopkeepers and the International Bankers who pull their strings.

SLUDGE 05-17-2000

     High Priestess Hillary, has gotten Good Press by MiniTruth from Day-One of her campaign. Daily photo-ops of "the First Lady" smiling, shaking hands, and nodding as she bugs her eyes(Dan Rather style) to project SINcerity, have been etched into our skulls. Embargoed testimonies of her Poison Ivy kiss-of-death to Vince Foster have been buried deep with all the rest of the crud in the bowels of the Rose Garden, and now that she's "secured the perimeter" in New York, hubby cruises the Klingon Craft through a worm-hole to bore to the core of the Rotten Apple. A new Base from which to launch the Craft back to the White House, after the Hidenberg Economy explodes in the Menshevik's faces. Will Bill get a sex change and move back as a Drag Queen First Lady, while Hillary plays the Butch?
     Great Britain has always been a couple of flushes further down the socialist sewer pipes then America, and John Bull's prisons are overflowing just like Uncle Sams. Illegal firearms( 3 million) have doubled since the 1996 "Dunlane Massacre" was used to confiscate guns, and crime is on the rise. Day Prisons, Sin Bins and Electronic Tags are being used to process the proles, and Double Jeopardy is being abolished. Columbine is the Gun Grabbers Reichstag Fire in the U.S, and what is "Wrongful Death," if not a second trial for the same offense? Miranda's being scrapped because under Dommunism, proles are not arrested because they are guilty. Rather, they are guilty because they are arrested.

SLUDGE 05-16-2000

     Big Brother Arson, or Smoky the Bear smokescreen subterfuge on the Southern Front? "Environmentalism" is Party control of the Wild, but "wildlife concern" turns to "Let it Burn," and Los Alamos is the first of many Tinderboxes set to ignite this summer.
     Allan Greenspan's jack of Interest Rates inflates the helium hot-air Hindenburg  Economy. Production creates Wealth, and the Party controls the natural resources, penalizes Free Enterprise, and monopolizes the means of production.
     Author John Lott's book, "More Guns, Less Crime," exposes the hypocrisy of Gun Control. And why do these same "Moms" rabidly marching for Gun Confiscation, look so suspiciously similar to the "Moms" rabidly marching FOR Mass Abortion? And weren't these same "Moms" dancing to Nancy Sinatra's "Boots are made for Walking," when "children concern," turned to "Let it Burn," at Waco?
     Why does the "Right" keep giving ground, compromising? Because "THERE IS NO "RIGHT," THERE IS NO "LEFT," THERE IS ONLY THE POWER OF THE PARTY!" The Mensheviks are the Bolsheviks in the mirror. Which is why they have twirled on their thumbs for seven and half years, why the Cox Report has never been addressed, and why Son of Bush is mumbling about Social Security feel-good, while the Bolsheviks do a Gun Grab.

     I wish to apologize for the late posts.  Our offices were under attack lately given the phony fire alarms and bomb scares.  Our local fire marshall ordered us out for the last  couple of days.
     Interesting how it all occurred during the "Million Mutha March."  Since I am male and not deserving by their standards....take my wife please.  Kahn 05-16-00

SLUDGE 05-15-2000

     Photon-charges bounce like ping-pong balls off the Klingon shield. " Set a course for New York and warp-speed ahead," yells Captain Blye, firing up a Havana-sized joint and kicking back, as he stares at the Federation wreckage. In the flick of an eye, the Klingon craft leaves a debris of drifting dead Jedi, as it streaks toward the core of the Rotten Apple. It's payback time, as Paula Jones takes Flynt-like shrapnel and Don Imus takes a Smearsh hit for his Astro-turf remark. Waco video-analyst Carlos Ghigliotti's convenient death has stymied the Waco hearings, and Donna Hanover's timely tirade has Rudy on the ropes. If Reagan was Teflon, the Klingon's are Titanium. Or is it We the People, who have become weaker?
     American's have lost their Rights because the Party has been more dedicated to taking them away then the people have to keeping them! There it is, the harsh truth folks. The Architects of the New World Order, have worked harder for their Dictatorship then Da people for their Republic. The dumb prole just doesn't get it, the Klingon's are Titanium because they're power source is from the peak of the Pyramid, and their Agenda is world Dommunism.
     FBI computers shut down on Que for the Mother's Day March for gun confiscation. How many Millions of American lives will be lost due to missing laptops and E-mail? National Security has been breached, the White House is crawling with Spies, Moles and Bugs.... and nobody gives a sh*t.

SLUDGE 05-11-2000

     Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts; are we witnessing earth-pains, or the birth-pains of the Anti-Christ? The Four Horsemen are running the Kentucky Derby over Africa, and the screams of concern for apartheid, have turned to apathy for war, pestilence and famine. Why is it that the closer we get to that Utopian mirage of the New World Order, the darker the planet appears?
     Cutting Edge Ministries has an explanation for this phenomenon. They claim that Washington DC(see map below) was designed by architect Pierre Charles L'Enfante as a Satanic Seat of Power built upon occult symbols. Is this why our "representatives" become reptilian half-way through their terms? Has our Capitol become a conclave for White House Walk-Ins, Witches and Warlocks? And do these symbols generate a Luciferic power? The Inner Party believes they do. Which explains why the Cross is banned, while the Goat Horns are flashed on MTV, and the "Victory" sign of 1945 became the "Peace" sign of the Cultural Revolution.

SLUDGE 05-10-2000

     "Unambiguously Pro-Life," were the words which caused the thundering ovation which forced the 'abomination sitting where he ought not to be', to stand at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The cameras caught the furtive look of the Funny Fuehrer, as he reluctantly rose--- Bela Legosi ducking the Holy Water, shielding his eyes from the Cross. Funeral-crashing "pro-choicers" were exposed as hypocritical Camera Whores, by the passionate acknowledgement to the 40 million deaths of the Abortion Holocaust.
      "Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil..." The Party is pulling out all stops to push a 8-1 trade-imbalance, to a Military dictatorship, which is THREATENING the United States because of 8 straight years of double-digit military spending, and a couple of decades of Trojan Horse Treason. The Red Dragon is rising on a 12.7% military budget, so we're going to feed it more to "free the people"? Hello out there in La La Land. If Hitler had been a fund-raiser for Roosevelt, would we have boycotted the Third Reich in 1933, or would we be "normalizing" relationships with Nazis in Central America? And why talk of lifting embargoes on communist Cuba, and no mention of the bombs and embargo on Iraq?
      One Vision, One Purpose, One World with no national boundaries and allegiance only to the Anti-Christ, is the goal of Global 2000.
       "No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian  Initiation."

     And with that said, let's have a little lesson on the layout of Washington D.C.  Home of the devil kids.
     The pentagram and Mason's compass are highlighted.

For more information we strongly recommend you check out:
Cutting Edge Ministries

SLUDGE 05-08-2000

     "Good of the children" and National Security, have been used as a ruse for most un-Constitutional legislation, yet neither exists. The same MiniTruth which celebrates 50 years of Anti-heterosexual marriage and family propaganda, now suggests "Gay Marriage," and the same Big Brother baby-sitter dumbs-down and drugs children in razor wire ringed Indoctrination Boot Camps.  Adultery, promiscuity,"open marriage" and Women's Lib, drove wedges between Ozzie and Harriet and My Three Sons, and the Beaver's being strip-searched by panting pedophiles, and swishy Scout Leaders.
      Insight magazine reports a one-day, non-story of Israeli spying and the FBI ignores it, while Mad Albright who was caught with bugs in her broom, feigns outrage. "...If you are not professional about security, you are a failure," spat the Mad Hatter. Meanwhile, the Cox Report mildews and molds in the holds of a bi-partisan black-out.
      Terror in Sierra Leone and white-washed genocide in Zimbabwe. The same U.N. bombing "Rogue Nations" surrenders on the Dark Continent, and the same Dominatrix smashing mouths at the Sunday Night Smackdown in Miami, rolls out the Red Carpet and uses the Velvet glove in Vieqes. What gives? And where is the heir-apparent King George? He's reading witty quips from scripts, after his record-breaking 21 million dollar fund-raiser: "Read my lips Laura, no new tuxes."

SLUDGE 05-07-2000

     Everybody working, is hailed as a "strong economy" by the Ministry of Plenty. MiniPlenty fails to mention women in the workforce and "double dippers" in it's stats, and "purchasing power" became an obsolete indicator after the "Great Socialist Revolution."  Here are the comparative figures of purchasing power, in time worked, from the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics in 1961:

               *in USA*         *in USSR*
bar of soap           3 min.                  32 min.
LB of sugar          3 min.                 1 hr. 4 min.
man's shirt             56 min.               15 hr.
women's dress       4 hours. 36 min.  73 hr. 30 min.
LB of potatoes       2 min.                 7 min.
men's shoes            7 hrs.                  61 hr.
LB of rye bread      6 min.                 9 min.

     Housing, transportation and Karl Marx's Graduated Income Tax, have reduced the Middle-Class to indentured serfdom to the Feudal Lords of Globalism.
     If it quacks like a duck, acts like a duck, and looks like a duck, you blow it out of he water. Dommunism is looking more like communism the closer it gets, and the Whopper-of-the-Week is that trade with Red China will "create a middle-class, and bring freedom." What is Pinocchio and his Ho Train smoking in the White House, and why is the Trojan Horse giving power to the Rising Red Dragon?

The part of this crap that makes you mad is the central idea....
                                 Kile Kahn 05-07-00

SLUDGE 05-06-2000

     Order out of Chaos, is the motto of the Party. AgiProp vibrates the foundation by chiseling the mortar of moral restraint. Copy cat killings and Columbine cults; fame is a frame in Hollywood Heaven. Silver screen lives survive in the movie film archives, and souls are spliced-out on cutting-room floors. TV is reality, and the camera is King, to all who worship the Image of the Beast. Cable tentacles suck the skulls into the black hole of the Matrix, and Memorex memories are replaced by CD filler and 10 second sound-bytes. Is this the great wet dream of the Illuminated Internationalists and Interventionists?
     And is this why we find, scratched into the vinyl band of the Led Zeppelin III album, the words "DO WHAT THOU WILT?" Lead guitarist Jimmy Page, was recruited by Aleister Crowley's disciple Kenneth Anger. Crowley claimed to be the 666 Beast("Confessions of Aleister Crowley") from Revelations, and founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Not surprisingly, the Led Zeppelin IV album bears the occult symbol of the hermit, holding a lantern with a hexagram inside.
     Agents of Influence picked up the notes from the Pied Pipers, and danced to their Revolutionary drumbeats. Crowley converts, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, pumped out "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Street Fighting Man," and Charles Manson blames the Beetles for Helter Skelter. Protest was popular and rebellion was hip, but all the proles got was the sting of the whip.

SLUDGE 05-03-2000

     Compassionate Cruelty---"Gladiator", MTV Death Matches, XFL and pay-per-view Executions. Lying is the norm, Power is King, and Stonewall Janet is the whip-wielding Dominiquetris in a sadomasochistic tragi-comedy. Marxist scream for Family Values as they feed Christians to the lions, while promoting pornography, sodomy and mass execution of birth. The rust of corruption has the Eagle in a tail-spin to the abyss, and Pinocchio plays his sax while Rome begins to burn.
     Dallas Morning News-The lead lawyer in the Branch Davidians' wrongful death lawsuit asked a federal judge Monday to impound all information relating to the 1993 siege of the sect's compound from a Washington-area office where an infrared expert was found dead last week.*** Carlos Ghigliotti's timely demise came after being hired by the House Government Reform Committee, and commenting to the Washington Post that flashes from the video came from government gunfire. Another coincidence, or more slime-crime in the snail-trail of the Klingon legacy?
     Is Elian being drugged and mind-washed at Aspen's Wye river detention camp, and why the hush over the beating of NBC cameraman Tony Zumbado, and his sound-man in Miami?
     Proles rejoice! Big Brother has confiscated your pay since Y2K, so enjoy Tax Freedom Day.

SLUDGE 05-02-2000

     Air America is in a moral nose-dive. The Funny Fuehrer quipped his script and cracked his jokes to lackey laughter as cameras scanned and panned for canned applause, at the White House correspondence barf-bag, brown-nose dinner Saturday. White House productions released Pinocchio's "Final Days of a Lame Duck" video; all laughed on Que. in a Stalinist hue, and nobody's certain who's laughing at who.
     Warships to Vieques island, and MORE agitation on the Southern Front.
     American presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan speaks out on the "Trouble in the Neighborhood" at the San Diego World Affairs Council--April 28, 2000:
           "Why do I believe U.S.-Mexico relations are headed downhill? Because, despite the propaganda about NAFTA, despite some 4000 maquiladora plants employing over a million workers, real wages in these plants have fallen below where they were when NAFTA passed. Indeed, real wages in Mexico are now below where they were in 1980."
     Sounds a lot like America, right Sludge fans? And Pat goes on to confirm Willie Weber's recent reports on the Southern Border incursions:
            "Politicians may gush over our warm relations, but there is no peace on the frontier. Nightly, ranches are turned into bivouac areas for armies of aliens that cut fences and leave poisoned cattle and trails of human debris behind in their endless drive north."

 To keep and bear arms -- Walter Williams

WHENEVER THERE'S A TRAGEDY involving gun use, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, the gun-control lobby and the news media seize it as another opportunity to exploit the emotions of uninformed American people for political gain.

Unfortunately, most Americans don't have the foggiest notion of why the
Framers of the Constitution, through the Second Amendment, guaranteed our right to keep and bear arms. Our leftist establishment would like us to
believe the Second Amendment was written to protect our duck- and
deer-hunting rights. Don't take my word --- read what was actually said
during the constitutional debates.

Thomas Jefferson said: "No man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

Tench Coxe, assistant secretary of the treasury (1789), said, "The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in G-d it will ever remain, in the hands of the people."

Noah Webster said, "The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops."

In Federalist Paper No. 46, James Madison said the Constitution "preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached ... forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition. ..."

Numerous sentiments like these were expressed during the constitutional
debates. Here's my question to you: Which one of those statements sounds like the Framers had deer- and duck-hunting in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment? The Framers gave us the Second Amendment so we could have at least a last-ditch fighting chance against government encroachment on our liberties.

Who are the people who desperately want to disarm law-abiding Americans?

The answer doesn't require rocket science to figure that one out. The
strongest advocates of gun control are the very people who seek greater and greater control over our lives. They're the people who want to take away our rights to property, freedom of speech and religion, and other liberties. They're cowards and want to feel safe doing so. They figure if we're first disarmed they can trample over our liberties with impunity.

If these people had guts and a modicum of respect for the Constitution,
they'd seek repeal of the Second Amendment. Instead, they pursue an agenda to repeal it by stealth. The latest attempts are the suits against arms manufacturers for crimes committed with guns.

Last week, gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson caved in to this pressure by signing a voluntary gun-control agreement with the Clinton-Gore
administration. That "voluntary" agreement seeks to force arms manufacturers to do what today's laws do not require and create an "oversight commission" to ensure compliance..

Arms manufacturers Glock Inc. and Browning refused to sign the agreement. In response, New York's Attorney General Eliot Spitzer told them, "If you do not sign, your bankruptcy lawyers will be knocking at your door." That kind of official threat is an indication of just how bold and emboldened America's tyrants have become in the wake of our acquiescence -- threatening destruction of people who refuse to go along with "voluntary" agreements.

We Americans have set dangerous precedents. We can rest assured that those pushing for gun control have no intention of stopping short of total gun confiscation. At some point, we who cherish liberty must summon the courage of our forefathers and tell America's tyrants, "Give me liberty, or give me death!" The longer we wait, the greater the ultimate bloodshed.

Huntin Buddies

SLUDGE 04-30-2000

     Captain Blye freed 16 FALN and gave Puerto Rico 40 million for naval target practice on Vieques island, now warships are on their way to engage protesters. Tens of thousands of Elian protesters march, and Federal agents picnic in celebration 15 miles from Miami. "We have reason to celebrate, we did something that everyone said could not be done," explained INS District Director Bob Wallis. No doubt, the operation was smooth, but why the picnic so close to the protest? And what witches brew-ha-ha is REALLY being stirred in the seething cauldron of Sino-Soviet Central America?
     Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balant(R-Fla) stated that Elian" being placed under a systematic program of brainwashing, and it is being done on U.S. soil, under the protection of U.S. officials. What do a dozen Cuban State security agents have to do with the bonding process between father and son? It is monstrous and Orwellian."
     Communism Denial is the gap which the Klingons have exploited, to once again, cut-out and isolate opposition to their New World Order merger. And where are the "Compassionate Conservatives, the "Uniters, not Dividers?" Camera-shy after Super Tuesday, they stump for money to buy leadership. Blood-thirsty Bolsheviks and mush-mouthed Mensheviks play poll-politics, and no one dares take a stand which might jeopardize a Voting Block. Opinions are formed by analyzing each "issue" on the tissue of the pollsters tweak on the Voting Blocks.

SLUDGE 04-28-2000

     Why has the National Park "Service" banned snowmobiles? "The time has come for the National Park Service to pull in its welcome mat for recreational snowmobiling," said Assistant Interior Secretary Donald Berry. The excuse being touted by the toadies, is that snowmobiles and off-road vehicles are," noisy, antiquated machines"---"polluters" of Da People's air. The truth, as usual, is far more brutal: Big Brother is turning wilderness into a " Wild;" an uninhabitable No-Man's Zone.
     Americans were 90% rural in the 1800's, but a man with land can make a stand, and Farmers are independent, therefor they had to be eliminated. City Lights enticed the country boys and zapped them like bugs, while their land became a food-feed for the Loan Sharks of Usury, and the Kulaks were squeezed into Corporate compost by the Magic of compound interest.
     Fascism is the private ownership of the sources of production, under the control of centralized government. Big Brother now owns more then 40% of America, and the Klingons are pushing the George Miller-Don Young bipartisan Conservation and Reinvestment Act(CARA), to acquire more. "Wetlands" were spawned from the 1972 Clean Water Act, and Federalized another 200 million acres of private property. The Park "service" has become a SWAT squat on Federal land.
     No escape from the pavement Plantations, as the Cattle become chattel corralled in the cities. The Wild is a forbidden perimeter surrounding the Concentration Camps, and proles who stray, become prey for Wild Beasts.

     Usually I do not comment or relate my scribbling to SLUDGE'S own.  However, this time I must make an exception after reading this mornings report.  You see it hit home with me.  A little background:
      I first crossed paths with SLUDGE back in California during the Watt's Riots.  As far back as then SLUDGE told me how eventually you would see nothing but cities and riots would be sponsored by the government.  Of course I told SLUDGE lay off of the herbs and keep your pipe clean.
      Now as we can see without SLUDGE pointing it out, our public lands are further restricted everyday whether it is due to owls, water, or sleds.  Somewhere there must be a governmental guide of excuses to take control of the public land.  Unfortunately the groups that are trying to fight this are too small, too broke, and can not stand up to the media's censorship.  As goes for any other group or person(s) who try to stand up for the Constitution.
     I can speak for myself freely...."This makes me sick!"  I have family heritage to the land, but no money or power to guarantee it stays within my family.  Therefor, during my lifetime, I will see the government at some point push me from that land and into the city where it can keep a "better eye on me."  Thus "providing me with services for my welfare."  ie: it's better for me this way.
     There is nothing "radically right" about what I have said.  This will be so.  If you are unable to see the daily trend and the significance thereof, then move into the cities now and the adjustment will go unnoticed by you.  Continue your apathy and you will be rewarded by a larger view screen, color, which will be able to monitor you more effectively.  I hope it was worth it for you.  Me, most likely will be breaking rocks in a work camp somewhere.  But, will always maintain that sh__eating grin.  Goodnight Winston where ever you are...........Kahn 04-28-00

SLUDGE 04-27-2000

     Columbine Snuff videos are being promo-ed and peddled on the "controversy of their release," and are one more salvo of suppression in the brain-barrage being laid down by Gun Grabbers before the Million Mom March. Gun-Banning songs have been fused by the Muse to target the teenage Wolfenstein demographic, and the "juicy" stuff is pay-per-view. Is it possible that the Columbine Killers knew they would be Cult film stars, because they knew the Party would use the tapes for Gun-Control propaganda? A pact with the Devil for 45 minutes of fame?
     O.J. was the first of the great MiniTruth one-story dramas, careers have been built, and fortunes made on "OJ" and the "Ramsey's." All pronounced him guilty, but none dare comment on how the recent L.A. police scandal reflects on the verdict.
     Elian sleeps under the Spell of the Evil Queen in the Klingon Castle. A zombie, to be resurrected at the bidding of his masters.
     God is banned from the schools, and Boy Scouts are becoming Gay Scouts. Locusts are descending on Australia, mosquitos on New York, Killer Bees from the Southern Front, and The Four Horsemen are chomping at the bit.

SLUDGE 04-26-2000

     Ishtar is the pagan root of Easter. Was Stonewall Janet rolling Easter eggs on the White House lawn or planting the Seed of the Serpent in the Rose Garden? Seattle, Washington DC, and now Miami....TV-terror tune-ups for totalitarianism, Swat-Watch conditioning for Couch Potatoes, and prole-control training for the Party.
     Proles thought they dodged a bullet after the Y2K hysteria; peeking out their windows as they fearfully munched their K-rations by candle-light, waiting for the power to go off. A captive audience under self-imposed Martial Law, so intent on watching THE PARTY celebrate Global 2000, that they failed to hear the Jackboots on the pavement.
     An astute Sludge reader asks, " What was discussed at the IMF-World Bank meetings"----besides Jubilee for Third World debt? MiniTruth is one-story Mini-Drama: "The Kennedy Plane Crash," " The Push for Bush," and "Elian" after Super Tuesday. Gold Rules, but Guns enforce the rules, and The Watch Dogs of the Media are being whipped into line by the steroid stream-lined Government. Inner Party Media Moguls are deaf to the whimpering of the curs who dare stray from the Party's agenda. Photographers and reporters are being beaten, branded, and bullied by Big Brother, and ALL fear the Almighty Audit. The "Washington Press Corp" are lackys with cue-cards, who give lip Service to Big Brother, and the real news is the Crackdown by the NWO.

SLUDGE 04-24-2000

     How can a Free Republic "normalize" relations with a Communist dictatorship? Similarity is necessary for assimilation, and how does a Constitutional Republic based on Individual Freedom, merge with an Evil Empire based on force? "Mr. Gorbachev, take down this wall," was Jericho's Trumpet which caused the Fall of the Wall, but Ronald Reagan ***couldn't remember *** why he blew it after Iceland. Democracies are half-way houses to Socialism, and World Dommunism is a hybrid of Democracy and Communism.
     Did Elian sprout hair in the Huggy photos with Daddy? Willie Weber is knee-deep at Ground Zero in Miami with BBC's David Willis, who claims the photos are fake and Elian grew hair and a missing tooth within hours of his kidnap. Are we to believe that a boy, who's mother gave her life to escape a Devil's Island Dictatorship, is suddenly overjoyed to see the father that he left? "I saw a little band-aid, said Diaz-Balant, " I think the drugging has already begun."
     Indeed. "Parental Custody" is a Red Herring, because Castro OWNS the children!  So why would a boy who risked his life for freedom, suddenly be so "happy" to be drug back to the Dungeons of Dr. Moro? Make your plea---toll-free at 1-888-449-3511.

     I have been still shaking off the effects from the "OPEN".  Seems I caught a bit of a bug.  Not to be confused with the bug up this country's _ss!  Bulletin Boards that were once free speech sounding boards are now segregated into the different parts or states of our country.  Take for instance the BBS board of MSNBC.  Once it was just at MSNBC.  Now to voice your opinion, you have over 50 boards categorized by state.  I wonder if this is to keep a better tab of some of us more opinionated posters?
     As far as the Elian Saga goes, I think that all parties involved have most effectively screwed up that little boy's life.  Politics and children have never mixed.  Just look at the abortion issue.  It really never is for the child's best interest.
     I'm hitting the greens here shortly.  Going to see just how I play on my home turf. Kahn 04-24-00

SLUDGE 04-23-2000

     Elian is snatched by the winged-gargoyles of the wicked Witch from the North, and flown to her Lair in the Evil Castle in Washington DC. Bleeding-heart socialists have turned into Compassionate Fascists and Warner-Brothers Nazis. Totalitarianism is now cool, and Americans are being conditioned to except Police State actions and Mass Arrest. Nobody dares ask WHY America has a Communist Dictatorship 80 miles off our shores in direct violation of the Monroe doctrine!? And since when, has anybody cared about the rights of the " hubby?"
     Cult Awareness Network can kidnap children from "brain-washing cults," but a boy who's mother dies fleeing a Madman Dictator is going to be drugged up and sent back to Devil's Island. And how could the mother know as she choked her last breath, that the same RED TERROR which she swam the sea to flee, was descending on the "Land of the Free?"
     Big Brother is now the Organ Grinder, and Elian is a monkey on his tether. Missing e-mails, Illegal Fundraisers, Disbarment, and Sue Smith's book, "Truth at any cost: Ken Starr and the unmaking of Bill Clinton;" all can be sloughed off simply by jerking Elian's chain.

SLUDGE 04-22-2000

     Mass mediocrity is hardly a Goal for the prole, and Equality is no virtue for the Creative and Adventuresome.  Proles were told to "take Dominion of the Earth", not kiss it with their faces. A Planet of Apes can't create a light bulb, and imploded, constipated creativity only explodes on the socialist SSsystem that suppresses it.
     Inspiration and Invention blossom in the free-soil of a Free Marketplace, but rot when burrowed in the furrows of the Beetle Bureaucrats.
     Children are suspended for drawing politically incorrect pictures of a Confederate flag or a gun, and proles find "No Knocks" and "Make my Days" don't mix in Denver. Insanity reigns, and Miami is a fuse to the Powder Keg in Central America!
      Sludge reporter Willie Weber is on his way to "Little Havana," to investigate the early morning kidnap of Elian Gonzalas by IMF officials. Reno's raiders smashed in the front door and snatched Elian from a closet where he had been hiding. Express your feelings by calling Stonewall Janet at 202-514-2001.

SLUDGE 04-21-2000

     Klingons skate on the hate of the mice in the ice, because their strings are hooked to the Unseen Hand of Illuminated Internationalists. The Funny Fuerhrer has a fascist fetish because his allegiance is to a Higher Power; he's doing the biding of The Beast, not the people. Columbine is becoming America's "Port Arthur," a Gun-Grab based on fears, tears and cruel/cry hysteria. Hate Laws, "Wetland" land-grabs, and WAVE programs to turn children into snitches, the Party is pushing on all fronts, and the masses don't have time to plug all the holes in the dike.
     Corporate Prisons, two-million Gulag slaves, and the Party is scrapping Miranda. Power is being centralized on a Global scale, and nation states, cultures and beliefs are being melted down and rolled into one plasma mass of Soylent Green Franken food.
          "Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order, tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government."

             Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger conference, Evians, France, 1991

SLUDGE 04-20-2000

     Elian's epoch epic is the test-pattern on your TV, non-news filler, an information black-out. A Troika-panel Appeals Court has focused all eyes on Elian, while Pakistan's homosexual serial-killer Javed Iqbal sexually molested, brutally murdered and dumped hundreds of "Elians" in acid vats. "Gayness" was not mentioned as a motive, because homosexuality furthers the Decline of Western Civilization. Politically Correct murder, rape and Flower Power Genocide are being carried out under the darkness of the no-news non-coverage.
     Know them by their fruits, and the seeds of Dommunism are death, destruction and desolation. The Red Sword, newspaper of the Soviet secret police: "Blood? Let blood flow like water! Let blood stain forever the black pirate's flag flown by the bourgeoisie, and let our flag be blood-red forever! For only through the death of the old world can we liberate ourselves forever from the return of those jackals!" Does this sound like "We are the World" hand-holding? "Peace" to the Party means Goose-stepping Jackboots stomping unarmed prole faces into mush.
     Is Elian a Red Herring cover-story being staged by Castro and the Klingons, while comrade Putin carries out Quiet Genocide in Chechnya and Mugabe mugs Zimbabwean white land-owners? Mass graves are the only monuments to Collectivism, and the grinning Death Head skull is cloaked in a hood of Darkness, because if we saw it's true face, we would resist it's agenda.

SLUDGE 04-18-2000

     Pin newspaper clippings on your walls for a month, and you will quickly see how MiniTruth dictates our short spasms of consciousness. Illusion fuels the future and reality is a "Real TV" blur, as the Party drives us-in-the-bus, on the one-way road to Hell. Proles are passive passengers, sitting strapped-in and staring at a pattern of patter in a Hollywood movie lot. Utopia is the Promised Land of the NWO, but the Magi move the scenery and the closer we get, the more Fantasy Island resembles the Island of Dr. Moro.
     Why is a 6 year-old boy a bigger "story" then Treason and Global Conquest by Alien Invaders? Proles are watching the "Elian Saga" flight movie, while the plane's in flames and Air America spirals in a nose-dive to oblivion. Seattle, Miami and DC, are Riot Control training for beefing up Big Brother.
     Rights become Permits, and Permits become Licenses; the Licenses become Privileges, and what began as the Right to bear arms, ends in a Privilege from the State. The Party undermines OldLaw by eroding the edges, enfilades from the wings, and closing the "loopholes." NewLaw based on Party control, begin as cute Baby Bills hatched from some contrived public-hysteria or Docu-drama, which is pushed in baby-steps and finally given "teeth." If you need a "permit" to Protest, you're probably too late.

One of our loyal readers sends us the following:

This was written by a teen in Bagdad, Arizona. This is incredible!!!!


Now I sit me down in school.
Where praying is against the rule.

For this great nation under God.
Finds mention of Him very odd.

If Scripture now the class recites.
It violates the Bill of Rights.

And anytime my head I bow.
Becomes a Federal matter now.

Our hair can be purple, orange or green.
That's no offense; it's a freedom scene.

The law is specific, the law is precise.
Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.

For praying in a public hall.
Might offend someone with no faith at all.

In silence alone we must meditate.
God's name is prohibited by the state.

We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks.
And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks.

They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.
To quote the Good Book makes me liable.

We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen.
And the 'unwed daddy', our Senior King.

It's "inappropriate" to teach right from wrong.
We're taught that such "judgments" do not belong.

We can get our condoms  and birth controls.
Study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles.

But the Ten Commandments are not allowed.
No word of God must reach this crowd.

It's scary here I must confess.
When chaos reigns the school's a mess.

So, Lord, this silent plea I make:
Should I be shot; My soul please take!


This poem was posted on the Bagdad Public Bulletin
board on 1/28/00.
It is worthy of passing on.......God Bless whoever wrote

SLUDGE 04-17-2000

     Word-Controlled Humans are Pavlovian  dogs who salivate to the tune of their Master's stimuli. In his book, "The Heartbeat of the Dragon: The Occult Roots of Rock & Roll," Mark Spaulding writes: "Through the late 1800's ...many British based, occult organizations were formed. The Theosophical Society, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, The Order of the Silver Star, Freemasonry, and Rosicrucianism  were but a few of the many esoteric societies that found their homes in England...The early 1960's witnessed England suddenly filled with people who caught up in the occult; and British rock and roll was about to follow suit." Sounds like the Marxist Minstrels from Liverpool right? Is this why Blackie Lawless drank blood from a human skull in an early W.A.S.P. stage show?
     Nesa Webster's " Secret Societies"(175) describes how the famous Swabian doctor Frederic Antoine Mesmer(1733-1815) originated the science of mesmerism:
        "Mesmer himself---stirring the fluid in his magic bucket, around which his disciples wept, slept, fell into trances or convulsions, raved or prophesied...Freemasonry, eager to discover the secret of the magic bucket, hastened to enroll him in their Order, and Mesmer was received into the Primitive Rite of Free and Accepted Masons in 1785." Does the fact that Mesmer's "magic bucket" was a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT explain the Red Fog drifting over America, or the Iron Ring around Central America?  More importantly, have the Pied Pipers found the Magic Flute to float the note which queues the proles to the Global Gulag?
        Music is a spiritual thing of it's own. You can hypnotize people with music, and when you get them at their weakest point you can preach into their subconscious whatever you want to say.

                                                   Rock star- Jimmy Hendrix


       The sun came out in the afternoon, and first-round play in the snow-delayed Sludge Open found the player's in a dead heat. Sludge drained a 15 foot birdie putt on the second hole, but double bogied the last three holes for a 44 finish.
    Joe Balboa, squinting through puffed up eyes, sloshed and slashed his way through the reeds and weeds to a two-stroke lead over Kile Kahn ...until THE PUTT!
     Kahn playing the final 5 holes with a six-iron in one hand and a bottle of Ezra101 in the other, gave a yell as he curled in a 30 footer on the final hole to tie Balboa at 64. Sludge's 20-stroke handicap to the field left the player's gridlocked going into Sunday's final round, where they'll be joined by rookie "MIP" and the veteran "Bad Ronald".
     Sludge missed opportunities to take an early lead, when he missed a 20 foot birdie on the tough par 4 fourth hole, and lipped out a 7 footer on five, after nailing the Ezra highlight's "shot of the day," a 190 yard 2 iron lazer.

   Second and final day of play was reported as follows:

      Power drives and a consistent short game carried Smoking Joe Balboa to a 9 stroke victory in the 2nd annual Sludge Invitational at Shadow Hills Sunday. Balboa credited steady tee shots and his "ugly stick" chipper for a 53 which was good enough to give him the Sludge Title and the coveted Green Jacket. " I knew if I didn't drink to much, and kept in the hunt, I'd take home the trophy," slurred Balboa as he stumbled off the final green.
       Defending champ Sludge, started with a birdie, but got bit by "The Bitch" when his 4-iron failed to clear the water on the dreaded par 4 fourth. He finished in a tie with "Bad Ronald" for 2nd place, and his only comment was an obscene gesture on the way to his car.
       Kile Kahn developed a 6-iron fixation, and neither he, nor rookie "MIP" were ever in serious contention.

     I can safely say, "I never did see the actual jacket."  For Balboa to walk away with it at all was a great in-justice!.  He couldn't even see the ball markers at the holes.  Box and Weber were "no-shows" as expected.  Both remain on assignment.  Kahn 04-17-00

SLUDGE 04-12-2000

     Dommunism's Tower of Babel is based on Centralization, so Decentralization is the solvent. Multi-culturalism is no-culture; a mythical mirage in a derelict desert, built on the sinister sands of NWO sycophants and sympathizers. The Party divides, crushes and melts down all nations, religions and races, and rolls the proles in the mold of their God of Oneness. The finished product is numbered and stamped with a Bar Code of ownership on the Assembly Line of the Brave New World.
     British author David Irving has lost his claim of defamation to Smersh agent Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books. Unlimited Funds made Irving the de facto defendant quite early in the Inquisition trial, and he has been bankrupted and branded as a Heretical Historian by the World Court of public opinion. Justice Grey denounced Irving for "portraying Hitler in an unwarrantedly favorable light," and pronounced him a "Holocaust Denier, Anti-Semite, Racist, who associates with Right-wing Extremists who promote Neo-nazism."  Witch Burning is a flip-flop of Witch Hunting, and the recent vindication of Senator Joseph McCarthy makes the DoubleThink, double tricky.
      Parental discipline was criminalized, so that the Party's power could be monopolized. Cue-cards cause jeers and cheers from the audience, as TV Talk Show Hosts sentence "Wild Teens" to Big Brother's Boot Camps. Proles are too dumbed-down to notice that the same people who cried about Parent Abuse, are now torturing and abusing the unruly brats. The out-of-control kids learn to love/fear Big Brother, but hate their parents for turning them in...."Under the spreading Chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me-"

SLUDGE 04-11-2000

      America's Presidential candidate PatrickJ.Buchanan, was viciously smeared by Smearsh agents for daring to mention Communism's role in World History. The Party's "Official history" deletes Communism as a cause of world events, minimizes it's influence, and masks it's Agenda. Pat quotes from George Washington's 1796 Farewell Address, in his latest book, "A Republic, Not an Empire":" Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence(I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government."
     Ottawa(CP)-Finance Minister Paul Martin, director of Canada Development Corp. when it controlled Connaught Lab., used the ruse of the "can't recall" stall, to skate on the Tainted Blood trail from Arkansas prisons.
     Sludge reader Phyllis, comments on the fact that the Elian Saga has erased the Missing E-mails from the news.
      Fox is scooping the rest of the TV news, and Bill O'Reilly's Star is Rising because he dares ask the tough questions while retaining his political hermaphroditism. O'Reilly nailed University of Arizona professor Dr. Ed Williams, and exposed him as a Party apologist in his "Chaos at the Border" interview. Williams only retort to the recent Offensives waged on the Southern Front was to mutter a lame "bombastic"
      Pinocchio will drop his Funny Fuehrer role to do a "Grieve" for Gun Control at Annapolis and Columbine.

SLUDGE 04-10-2000

     El Republica del Norte, "the Republic of the North," is the name given by Charles Truxillo  professor of Chicano studies at the University of New Mexico, to the newly emerging country on America's Southern Front. Truxilla predicts that from the coast of "Aztlan" California, to Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, a Hispanic Nation will rise and break off from the U.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt told us that, " politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned this way," so the All Seeing Eye is on the Ripe Plum, and the Invisible Hand is waiting to catch it.
     Is America now the "Rogue State" of the New World Order? The Battle in Seattle, the Passion Play in Miami, and this week-end is the Jubilee in DC, where CANCELLATION of Third World debt will mix with AFL-CIO demands, and a mixed bag of protest against the IMF-World Bank. The Gods of Usurea hold a 5 trillion dollar Marker on American families, and a Life-Time Indentureship.
     Pinocchio is now doing Charlie Chaplan as the Comic Dictator, the funny Fuehrer. "You'd better get something on that eye," says Captain Blye, as he chortles and quips in a Read my Lips, " It's the Cover Up that get's you....stupid!"

SLUDGE 04-08-2000

     Elian Agitation and a Sino-Soviet build-up in Central America has turned America's "Back-yard" into a Jingo Junk-yard of Anti-Americanism. INS head Doris Meissner is all compassion for the Elian Passion Play, but ignores shots fired on the Southern Front and a U.S. marine taken P.O.W.  Willie Weber reports: an enemy recon unit, loaded with 16 armed Bounty Hunters, broke through at Santa Teresa, N.M.(west of El Paso) on March 12th, and fired on U.S. Border Patrol agents in a run and gun Humvee-Horse Wild Wild West engagement. The Camera Curs are too busy following Elian to pay attention to invasion, and ONLY Sludge's Brenda Box is reporting on the SPIES sneaking down from the Canadian Northern Front into America's Heartland!
     Stonewall Janet Reno sporting a Hitler-Do and a Liar's quiver, now claims we "all must obey the Law." Why is Stonewall Janet, who has spent 7 years stonewalling and obstructing justice, now so concerned with enforcing "the law" in the Elian case? Is the Elian Saga simply a Political AgiProp Show between the Klingons and their Comrade Castro, or one last quench of a Blood Lust?
     Why is it that the whole New World Order agenda is Anti-Christ, yet Christians have no Anti-Defamation League? Organized Religion is a Voting Block controlled by Wolves in Sheep's clothing, who back Bush and the Skull & Bones rather then Keyes and the Cross. There is no Christian Anti-Defamation League because a Christian Boycott would cripple the NWO agenda. Dr. Laura wouldn't be getting death threats from the Gay-stapo, Mother Mary wouldn't be getting dunged, and Jesus wouldn't be in a Urine Jar. And Alan Dershowitz wouldn't be getting his book, "Belief, the Bible, and the Law," hyped on all the Talk Shows. Alan looking more Devilish every day, asked the audience on CNN's Talk Back Live, " Why would a 'good God' punish someone who does not believe in him?" There are 30,000 political prisoners rotting in German prisons who would like to ask Alan, " Why would a 'good GOVERNMENT punish someone who does not believe "Official Truth?"

     It's not paranoia if someone is really watching you.
     My concern is that even on the local level the human dynamics that influence how people govern or manage is all based on the same antics we see on the playground as children.  The way at which sides are chosen for a game of dodge ball,  choices based on personalities rather than talent. Okay for the playground but very inefficient in real life.  After the first game is played, subsequent "friends" raise theirselves to that position by a shared brownie from their lunch to a pack of baseball cards to their targeted kid leader in order to guarantee that future spot on the team.
      Unfortunately when you apply the above principles to real life, especially to those in public servant positions, the public loses.  That is the public does not get the best person for the job, thus the result can be harm to the public.  But remember, within the organization, it is viewed as a total success, since the people that worship those at the top keep those at top supplied with the cards and brownies.  What the public complains about is seen merely as perception in error and written off.   And as with the playground, don't you dare ever criticize them or say the Emperor does not have any clothes on for you will find your own cards and brownies shoved straight up your _ss!
Kahn 04-08-00

SLUDGE 04-05-2000

     Executive Order 13073 was passed in February of 1998, and created the Presidents Council on the Year 2000 Conversion. Did Y2K hysteria mask the wiring of the Beast under the guise of "preparation?"  Bunkered down proles were too terrified about WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN, to notice WHAT WAS BEING DONE. The 50 billion dollar Information Coordination Center gave the Beast a brain, and world-wide hook-ups installed the central nervous system.
     Universal Pictures has released "The Skulls," an updated version of Glenn Ford's "Brotherhood of the Bell," based on the Skull and Bones at Yale U.  Joshua Jackson stars as Luke McNamara, who gets "tapped" by the club, and stuck to a  Spider's Web of deceit and treachery. The Bush's have enough booty in their War Chests to keep The Skulls in the closet, so expect a snub by the "critics."
     According to author Stephen Knight(who died mysteriously at 33), Jack the Ripper contorted his victim's bodies into Masonic symbols. A semi-spoof of the sleuth Sherlock Holmes, backs the Masonic Connection in the embargoed 60's flick "Sherlock Holmes meets Jack the Ripper."

SLUDGE 04-04-2000

     MiniTruth is a Monopoly of the mind, and the "Fed" is a Monopoly of the money, so why is the Government picking on Bill Gates?  "Anti-Trust" is no longer Teddy Roosevelt's Trust Busting, but distrust of the Private Sector by the Party. VIACOM is more a Monopoly then Microsoft, and Eugene Myers Washington Post(Oct. 23,1989) admitted that the Federal Reserve System is privately owned by International Bankers, so the frivolous suit has more to do with "playing ball" with the NWO, then "protecting the public."  The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft's offer includes "allowing computer makers to modify the blueprints to all current and future versions of Windows software to embed competitors' technologies."
     Lais sez faire -" Let the people do as they please," is the basis for the Free Enterprise system, and a market without government interference will stabilize itself. The Party's signature is the centralization of power, and Big Brother is the ONLY bully on the block.
     Nature's God does not compromise, and it's Laws are not open to debate or interpretation. Justice is a harsh karmic certainty, with no appeals: the strong survive, the weak parish, and survival is the ONLY Line. Moral concepts like "Good" and "Evil" become relative concepts to Predator and Victim. Bon Appetite is "good" for the Hunter, but "bad" for the Prey, and it is the nature of the Party to feed on the proles. The masses serve as sustenance to the blood-sucking parasites of the Inner Sanctum Strata, and HOST to the Party.

SLUDGE 04-03-2000

      "This is a moment for making tomorrows, this is not a moment for indulging ourselves," says Bilderberger Bill Clinton, referring to the 2 trillion dollar "surplus," which the Pigs are drooling over. Sounds a bit like Jimmy Carter's "Bite the Bullet"right? And it sounds pretty hollow coming from a guy who spent over 70 million dollars on his China-Africa visit, and another 50 mill. on his last trip, sipping a brew and leaning on his 5 iron, as he waits for his back-up limo to get him to the first tee. Pinocchio made the remark at the home of Las Vegas Sun publisher Brian Greenspun, while doing "the people's work," at a Demo fundraising.
      Havana(Reuters)-The absurdity of Castro's brother Raul, waving the Cuban flag and shouting "Long live a free Cuba," is mind-boggling. Thousands of proles outfitted in slave-labor T-shirts, were gathered at the "Free Elian" rally, which is a simo-cast of the AgiProp-Op in Miami.
      Meanwhile, Red China is quietly carrying out covert and overt subversion in Central America. Chinese business agents, weapon dealers, and military advisors are moving into Guatemala; and with Panama and the Bahamas, the Dragon can interdict the Drug Trade.
       Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey is backing Colombia's Presidential strongman Andres Pastrana, in a "War on Drugs" designed to create the same Military Dictatorship in Colombia as in the U.S. The Klingon's are arming and funding Colombia's National Police(CNP) in their "guerrilla war."

SLUDGE 04-01-2000

     "This is the Dark Side of Globalization," remarked AMERICA'S Presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan, as he commented on the current Oil Squeeze. Referring to the, "Global price-rigging Conspiracy by oil-exporting nations," he stated, "The more we rely on foreign nations for the vital necessities of our National life, the greater America's vulnerability to the greed and animosity of regimes that, for whatever reason, resent or despise the United States."
       Bush-Gore, Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-dum are deaf, blind, mum and dumb, to the plight of the proles at the pumps. The Party Puppets both dance on the strings of International Finance, and Family Fortunes are a "conflict of interest" to the concerns of Americans. Rising oil prices SHOULD be a hot campaign issue, but GWB is rubbing his hands with glee at his record-setting 15 million dollar fundraiser, while Gore immediately terminates all interviews in which his $20,000 per year allowance from Occidental is mentioned.
       Buchanan suggests the U.S. should stabilize oil prices in part by lifting sanctions on Iraq and Iran. "None of these Gulf regimes is worth another war," said Pat at Boston U. He also proposed opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, and a six months suspension of the 18-cents-per-gallon gas tax.
       So why are the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks BOTH mute about the gouging of the proles?  Time, July 20th,1992 quoted Strobe Talbot, Pinocchio's Deputy Secretary of State, as bragging,"We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent."

The way things were.......

"I was talking to my Dad about current events the other night.    I asked him what he thought about the shootings at schools, our immoral President,  the computer age and just things in general."

 He replied:

..."Gee, let me think a minute...................

I was born before television, penicillin, polio shots, frozen foods, Xerox, contact lenses, Frisbees and the Pill.  There weren't things like radar, credit cards, laser beams or ball-point pens.   Man had not invented pantyhose, dishwashers, clothes dryers, electric blankets, air conditioners and he hadn't  walked on the moon.
Your Mom and I got married first-then lived together.   Every family had a father and a mother,  and every kid over 14 had a rifle that his dad taught him how to use and respect.

Until I was 25, I called every man older than me 'sir'; and after I turned 25, I still called policemen and every man with a title, 'sir.'
"In our time, closets were for clothes, not for 'coming out of.'   Sunday's were set aside for going to church as a family, helping those in need, and just visiting with your neighbors.  We were before gay-rights, computer dating, dual careers, day-care centers, and group therapy. "Our lives were governed by the Ten Commandments, good judgment and common sense.  We were taught to know the difference between  right and wrong, and to stand up and take  responsibility for your actions.

Serving your country was a privilege, living here was a bigger privilege.

 "We thought fast food was what you ate during Lent.   Having a meaningful relationship meant getting along with your cousins.   Draft dodgers were people who closed their front doors when the
 evening breeze started.  And time sharing meant time the family spent together in the evenings and weekends-not condominiums.

"We never heard of FM radio, tape decks, CD's, electric typewriters, artificial hearts, word processors, yogurt or guys wearing ear rings.

We listened to the 'big bands', Jack Benny and the President's speeches on the radio.  I don't ever remember any kid blowing his brains out listening to Tommy Dorsey.

"If you saw anything with 'Made in Japan' on it, it was junk.

The term 'making out' referred to how you did on your school exam.   Pizza's, McDonald's and  instant coffee were unheard of.
We had 5 and 10 cent stores where you could actually buy things for 5 and 10 cents.  Ice cream cones, phone calls, rides on a street
car, and a Pepsi were all a nickel.  And if you didn't want to 'splurge,' you could spend your nickel on enough stamps to mail a
letter and two postcards.

You could buy a new Chevy Coupe for $600, but who could afford one?   Too bad, because gas was 11 cents a gallon.   "In my day 'grass' was  mowed, 'coke' was a cold drink, 'pot' was something your mother cooked in, and 'rock music'  was your grandmother's lullaby.

'Aids' were helpers in the Principal's office, a 'chip' meant a piece of wood, 'hardware' was found in a hardware store and software wasn't even a word."

"We were not before the difference between the sexes was discovered, but we were surely before the sex change, 'Billy' has two mommy's, and pornography in a family home and at newsstands.

 And we were the last generation that was so dumb as to think you needed a husband to have a baby.

No wonder people today call us old and confused, and there is such a generation gap.

.....and I'm only 53!!!"

....did you dig that, Son?"

Author Unknown

SLUDGE 03-31-2000

     "Elian" has moved from a Soap Opera to a full blown Mini-series Saga, and the boy is now a fuse to the Communist Coalition Powder Keg in Central America, and a Poke'man token to the Hispanic Vote. Immigration Rule's state, 'that if you tag the shore---- your home free', so if it had been Elian's FATHER who had drowned, the "Gender Factor" would have dictated that he be sent back to the MOTHER and we wouldn't know his name.
      Willie Weber reporting from the South-Florida Sector of the SOUTHERN FRONT, says Jeb Bush has aligned with the Human Chains of Cuban-Americans in Miami protesting Elians return to Cuba. Rumors of Mother Mary appearing in Elian's bedroom, and whispers of Castro Kidnap Commandos have inflamed the crowds and inflated the Circus Maximus.
      Pinocchio's henchmen are busy Muzzling the Net, while he uses "Cyber Freedom" to justify his endorsement of Red China into the WTO. The Klingon Trojan Horse has funded Chinese Imperialism, and turned our "Back Yard" in Central America into a Staging Ground for the SOUTHERN FRONT.
      White House council Beth Nolan, looked like a Stonewall Janet Junior Miss, as she parsed, ducked and dodged all questions concerning the subpoenaed missing E-mails. The Klingon's purged all Attorney Generals and turned all Government Departments into isolated "Cells," headed by their flunkies who would "compartmentalize" all accountability and insulate the White House. Those "in the know" are all lawyers, so "Client-Privilege can be invoked, and the standard stutterings of "I don't knows" and "I don't recalls," are stalls to "Circle the Wagons" against investigation and exposure.

SLUDGE 03-30-2000

     Proles are drawn to the Lime-Light like bugs on a hot summer night, and the saps get zapped for their 10 seconds of fleeting fame.The flickering Medusa Head of TV has created a Camera Cult of Worshipers willing to strip naked, degrade themselves, denounce they're families, and kill, to be in the Spotlight. TV is the Godhead of all Consciousness, Fountain of all adulation, vilification and imitation, and it is PROGRAMMING crime and immorality. Why no blame? Because we've been conditioned by TV not to blame TV that's why. The Party brainwashes Kiddies and Teens right under the parent prole's noses, because they're either both working or watching a different channel. MiniTruth targets Home Aloners with Evil cartoons, soft Porn, and Party propaganda, while Rental movies splice together "preview highlights" to implant they're commands.                                                           "Basketball Diaries" was a sneak peek of Littleton, and "Natural Born Killers" twisted murder into a Date. "Colors" and "Boy's in the Hood," made movie Stars out of Gang Bangers, and "60 Seconds" is an instruction film for car theft. "Set it Off" made Bank Robbery fun, and "Light it Up" begins with an authoritarian voice stating, "You never know what you stand for-----until you step into the LIGHT!"  The deep resonate "TELEPHON"  voice-over is synchronized with visual imagery of crowds cheering as an American flag is being draped out of a school window by Cop Killing Kids.

Asheville Tribune Reader commentary by John J. McNight of Weaverville,NC

In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control From 1929 to 1953,
approximately 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were
rounded up and exterminated.

In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million
Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

In 1938, Germany established gun control. From 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were
unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

In 1935, China established gun control. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million
political dissidents were unable to defend themselves and were rounded
up and exterminated.

In 1964, Guatemala established gun control. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

In 1970, Uganda established gun control. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000
Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

In 1956, Cambodia established gun control. From 1975 to 1977, one
million "educated" people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded
up and exterminated.

That places total victims who lost their lives because of gun control
at approximately 56 million in the last century. Since we should learn
from the mistakes of history, the next time someone talks in favor of gun
control, find out which group of citizens they wish to have

SLUDGE 03-27-2000

     Middle East "Peace Talks" have been going on since the Balfour Declaration. The U.S. replaced the British as "mediators" when Fabian Socialist rot and the carnage of two World Wars caused the Island Empire's colonies to implode. Syria is a "Holocaust Denier" and the "Deal" fell through in February, when Mohamed Kheir Wadi, editor for Tishreen newspaper stated, "Why does Israel insist on bringing up this alleged Holocaust policy? I believe Israel and the Zionist organizations have two aims. The first is to receive more money from Germany and other Western establishments on the pretext of compensation for the Holocaust. The second aim is to invest the myth of the Holocaust and accuse anyone opposed to her Jewish lies about the Holocaust in the face of credible voices questioning it, including that of the controversial British historian David Irving."
     Lawyers for Stonewall Janet Reno in the Waco wrongful death lawsuit deposition, now argue that, " National Interest requires that she be protected from any undue burden on her ability to perform her governmental duties." This whopper is doublePlus double Think considering that Stonewall Janet was taking bows for the Waco Massacre, at the same time she was IGNORING TREASON.
     Jerry Springer looked like a poster boy for Nazi propaganda, as the MC for MTV's "Spring Break" Orgy. The climax came when "contestants" dropped their G-strings in a flash of full-frontal nudity.
     The Klingons are Maestros at playing the public, and they play a tune far above the ken of the proles. Pinocchio's clemency to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists, and his 40 million dollar payola to cease U.S. naval practice on Vieques Island, bought the Puerto Rican vote for Hitlary! in New York, and the Cops-Op AgiProp by SMEARSH agents Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson is designed to cop the Black vote.

SLUDGE 03-26-2000

     MiniTruth is NOT a "Free Press." It is a Monopoly of Consciousness by the Elite. It is the Final Arbitrator of all dispute, the Supreme Judge, and the only Opinion. It is the Total Totalitarianism  of our minds, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial of all discussion. MiniTruth is the Great Oz.
     There are no Rights and Lefts, only Absolute Power. "Conservative" and "Liberal" are meaningless, jingoistic jargon; flickering stroboscopic Hegelian Illusions. Jeffersonian "Liberalism" was Individual Liberty, and just what are "conservatives" conserving? BOTH are Big Government, and BOTH push the same platform of One World Dommunism.
      Sludge reporter Willie Weber, reporting from the Southern sector of the U.S., says shots exchanged on the "Southern Front," are the opening salvos of an offensive being staged from the Sino-Soviet beach heads in Central America. Bildergberger Bill screams for Americans to give up their guns, while taking "soft money" from Bejing arms dealers like Wang Jun(Polytechologies) at White House coffee chit-chats. Pinocchio took the cash and lobbied, in May of 1996, for the lease of Long Beach Naval Station to Poly Group of The People's Liberation Army, and U.S. Customs seized a COSCO ship with 2000 assault rifles aimed for the streets of Oakland.

SLUDGE 03-24-2000

             And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, "A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and see thou hurt not the OIL and the wine(Victory Gin)

      Moscow's "terrorist bombings" were used to legitimatize Russia's invasion of Chechnya, but is it really all about Caspian oil? Russia is stocking plutonium, tankers are hauling black market Black Gold from Iraq, and Red China has moved into Baku. The Bear and the Dragon are both stocking strategic reserves, while feeding and breeding on the beach heads of Central America. NASDAQ and Dow are flashy neon signs, but the hard bellies of armies move on oil and depend upon steel. Iran is the third largest oil producer, but International Multinationals are drooling over the 208 square mile Azadegan  fields known as "the Freed," which Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar-Zangheneh, claims will yield 400,000 barrels per day.
      George Bush Junior was an advisor to Daddy during Iraq I, AND an executive and the second largest shareholder in Harken Energy corp. Harken acquired the drilling rights to offshore oil and gas reserves in Bahrain, and Kuwait hired over 20 PR firms, led by Hill and Knowlton, to agitate hate for Saddam Hussein and his "Elite" Republican Guards. H&K tugged at heart-strings with it's phony "Incubator Baby" story, which was actually a re-make of the "Belgium Babies without Hands" AgiProp put out by British Intelligence to sucker us into World War 1. The Make-up artists funded "Citizens For A Free Kuwait" which outfitted proles with "Free Kuwait" slogans on T-shirts, and helped plaster prints of American Flags in every newspaper and school in America. MiniTruth dove-tailed the heaviest bombing with the Fourth of July, and Kiddy proles were whipped up in Two Minute Hate Rallies all across America. "Bomb Bomb Iraq" was sung to the tune of "Ba Ba Barella," and killing became a festival, wrapped in the plastic patriotism of the WWF.

SLUDGE 03-22-2000

     Home accidents cause twice as many deaths as guns each year, and proles are three times more likely to die from the ingestion of food, then by firearms. Which means you have a better chance of dying by falling down the stairs while choking on an apple, then you do blowing your head off. So WHY the hysteria for gun confiscation? And WHY are the Gun Grabbers so RABID!? "I fear thou protest too much", and WHY are the SAME people who didn't bat an eye about burning 24 children to death or shooting a mother in the face, popping out of our TV sets and screaming for the prole's guns? Gun Control is prole control. Private Gun Ownership is the Executive branch of the Will of the People, and Gun Confiscation is the Knock-out blow to the Republic. Rocky is on the ropes, and disarmed proles may as well pull down their pants and use the rest of the Constitution to wipe with, because Toilet Tissue is all it is without an armed populous.
     Charles Schumer(D-NY) leads Anti-gun Lobby, while his buddy, New York banker Donald Zikha, buys up the gun industry. Schumer files the frivolous Civil-suits, and Zikha agrees to sell guns only to the Party, if the suits are dropped. This "Confiscation by Acquisition" scam has been used to shut down both Colt and Smith & Wesson to prole ownership.
     Gun stories---- like Hate, rate First Page priority, fits the Party script of The Evil Gun. Guns get no credit when they save a life or bring a dangerous fugitive to Justice, but they ALWAYS take the blame. The Evil Gun has become the Scape Goat for our Moral Collapse, but it has been the LAST WISH in the minds of millions of VICTIMS!

Guns what are they good for? - Orange County Register

    It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced
to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed, a program costing the government more than $500 million dollars. And now the results are in:
      *Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent; Australia-wide,
assaults are up 8.6 percent; Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent(yes, 44 percent).
      *In the state of Victoria, homicides with firearms are up 300 percent. Figures over the previous 25 years show a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms (changed drastically in the past 12 months).
      *There has been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly.

     Australian politicians are on the spot and at a loss to explain how
no improvement in "safety" has been observed after such monumental
effort and expense was successfully expended in "ridding society of guns." Bet you won't see this data on the evening news or hear your governor or
members of  the state Assembly disseminating this information. It's time to
state it plainly: Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and
property and,yes, gun-control laws only affect the law-abiding citizens.

     Take note, Californians and other Americans, before it's too late!

SLUDGE 03-21-2000

     Compromise is the First Step to defeat, and "Compromising Conservatism" has led to " Compassionate Fascism."  The Party's symbol is the Fabian Tortoise, and inch by inch, Three Steps forward---Two Steps back, it creeps and crawls on the rocks of it's socialist agenda. "The End justifies the Means," is the Theme of the Utopian Dreams, and Kol Nidre justifies the lies at sunrise on the Day of Atonement.
      John Rocker gets cheered after being absolved by Ted Turner, while Hitlary's Brown Shirts beat back the Bronx boos, and hubby gets hung and burnt in Effigy in India as he did in Greece. Why is it that Mad Not-so-Bright gets pelted with eggs and crowds scream "Death to Bill Clinton" only OUTSIDE the U.S.?  Are Americans living in such fear of being Audited, "Fosterized" or beaten by the Klingon Goon Squads, that they dare not protest? And if Tom Metzner is responsible for the actions of a "Skinhead," why aren't the Klingons responsible for the "Teamsters for Clinton" Philadelphia thugs?
      Major Thomas Collins, of the U.S. Information Service has now confirmed what Sludge readers have known for the past year: CNN Headquarters in Atlanta was the source of the PsyOp lies in Kosovo. CNN personnel worked with members of the Fort Bragg based, Airmobile  Fourth psychological Operations Group, in a "Training with Industry" program which bombarded the American Public with lies. Day after day we heard James Rubin and Jamie Shea, spinning they're tall tales of the latest Serb atrocities: 100,000 dead, 10,000 rounded up in a soccer stadium, footage of trainloads of RefuJews being railroaded, all designed to create an emotional link with Hollywood Nazis. The fake photo of Fikret Alic, a Moslim, staring through a barbed wire fence, was exposed as a hoax by German Journalists who went to Trnopolje and discovered the photo had been taken from INSIDE the fence of a refugee center.

SLUDGE 03-18-2000

     St. Patrick's Day was a double-good Crackdown and prolefeed for the Party, and MiniTruth claims the Holiday Roundup has once again corralled thousands of bleary-eyed Victory Gin carousers.
      Monsanto produces a sterol Terminator seed that dies, and "planned obsolescence" pops your light-bulb filaments every month. Monopolization is Economic Tyranny, and Wage Slaves are chained to the Anthill, Indentured for life to the Usurious National Debt. Everything is trucked, so the Oil Crunch is doubleplusgood timing for the Travel Season, and a double-whammy for the Ministry of Plenty which can sluff-off all that Inflation it's been hiding.
      Larry Klayman Chairman for Judicial Watch, doesn't buy the Party's "Filegate" dismissal of the Klingons. "Where there's smoke, there's fire," is a favorite phrase of MiniTruth, and the missing White House E-mails leave a smoldering trail. Klayman claims, "Mr.(Robert)Ray's leak of the reports to the press, and his lack of investigation is outrageous, how can he come out with findings without considering the facts?"
      Omissions create the Big Lie, and MiniTruth quietly dropped the sexual molestation MOTIVE in the Pakistani Serial Killer story. "Hate" rates a big Headline, while homosexuality is rarely mentioned.

And now for Kile Kahn's:

Caught by the Cops!

It seems Hanoi Jane had an obnoxious run-in with the U.S. Customs agents at Hopkins International Airport on November 3, 1970.  Pre-Buffalo Jane refused officials to look into her belongings, as with everyone else, and started kicking (assaulting in criminal terms), a police officer.  After pushing a customs official to get into a rest room, a subsequent search revealed Henry's daughter had several vials of prescription drugs and health foods.

A municipal court judge dropped all charges against MS Fonda even allowing the officers involved no recourse for any injuries they may have received as a result of Fonda's attack.

SLUDGE 03-17-2000

     Plots within plots, revolutions within revolutions, the earth is slowly molded by Hidden Hands, on the Lathe of the Faith of One World Dommunism. Resistance and resolve dissolves as the Globe revolves on the axis of the New World Order. The Catholic Church, gutted by P2 Masonry and subversion-conversion, now repents for it's "sins," while the 53 nation Islamic Block is simply bludgeoned into submission. Whether by Infiltration or annihilation, ALL are being forced to conform to the Order, and grovel to the God of Mammon.... after all, who can make war with the Beast? And what gives Walter Cronkite the right, to tell Americans they "will have to yield up some of their sovereignty to finance this expanded World Government?" A guy who reads the news on TV is dictating foreign policy, concerning a government that has NOT BEEN DEFINED?  Whatever happened to TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, and if we'd wanted a World Government, why keep Patton out of Moscow when only WE had The Bomb?
     George Bush Senior triggered Desert Storm by hiring the PR firm of Hill and Knowlton, who used the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to fabricate the "Incubator Babies" story, which generated the necessary Cruel/Cry emotionalism to justify the Bombing. Iraqi Oilfields were set on fire, and 500,000 Iraqi children have died to jack the price of oil, and put the squeeze on the proles at the pump. The Party claims the Iraqis are being bombed for not "overthrowing Saddam Hussein." Maybe they're lucky, because we're still staring at the smug mugs of the Klingons.

SLUDGE 03-16-2000

     America is at perpetual War with itself because war justifies Wartime propaganda and Martial Law.  MiniTruth controls the Memory Banks, so proles have forgotten that, before they were fused, the "War on Guns" began with the "Saturday Night Special"(cheap revolvers), and the "War on Drugs" started as a "Just say No" to drug ABUSE.... not USE.  The Liberty Tree blooms in the light of Truth and moral values, while Tyranny thrives in Lies, and mushrooms in the musty Miasma of moral decay.
     Uncle Sam has one foot in the Balkan Bear trap, and Red China has a grip on his gonads in Central America. The Mongol Hoards are at the gates, and BOTH Mensheviks and Bolsheviks are ignoring open borders, and goose stepping for more Gun Laws.
     Monroe, Ohio(AP)-Sludge reporter Brenda Box, says a "raucous roar" ripped through the crowd at the Solid Rock church, when the only "American" Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, said if elected, " That New World Order comes crashing down." Meanwhile in New York, Brigadiers demanded, "Open the gates, Free the debates," in a protest of the Block on Buchanan by the DNC-RNC coalition.
     Is Pat Buchanan a final-play Hail Mary by the proles?  Perhaps, but it's the fourth quarter and were all out of time outs. So you can either fall on the ball, kneel to the Party, and run for your Crying Towels, or let it rip for the Gip.

SLUDGE 03-15-2000

     AlGore plays the Gorgon in this Greek Tragicomedy, with George W Bush starring as Perseus, slaying the Three-headed Snake Sisters of the Klingon Dragon. "Gore-gone!" is the battle cry of the Mensheviks as they storm the Bolshevik Capitol. Hillary! has changed her last name to an exclamation mark, while Pinocchio has become Pachino, as "Scareface," the Lame-Duck Bill-on-Hill with the Big Nose. "Gore-gone!" shouts Perseus, ducking his head and shielding his eyes from the glazed gaze of Captain Blye. Fame is Shame so we'll freeze-frame, as he draws the Dragon Slayer sword to smite the Medusa Head. The trick is to stretch this rather thin plot out over the next eight months, and the only trouble, is if they notice he's a Double, or he looks in the mirror, and turns to stone.
     Eyes in the skies, Echelon eavesdropping, HateFilters on our minds, BodySearches at the airports and the dreaded Digital Angel bugs imbedded in the skin, the sedated proles lie comatose like the giant Gulliver, pinned down by the twines of the New World Order. Minds floating blissfully in the formaldehyde of the Matrix.
     Sludge says it's time for gullible Gulliver to wake up....or you never will. Freedom is the participation of power, and it's time to shake off the shackles.

SLUDGE 03-13-2000

      Sludge is the bum in the slum, the bottom of the barrel. It is the inevitable, collective misery oozing daily from the cracks in the dirty sidewalks of a Socialist SSsystem. It is the Ghettos and Gulags of Big Brother's belly; the obscene filth by the side of the road, that you avoid on your way to work and blank-out in your worst nightmares. It is the poison pus of poverty being squeezed from the ass of the "Middle Class", the vile bile from a sick society in an ever-growing Sea of Misery. It is the cry of 40,000,000 aborted souls, fried and sliced in the wombs, who were not allowed to incarnate, sacrificed on the Altar to the blood-lust Gods of the Inner Party Lizards. It is the silent screams from the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of faceless proles from the past, now serving as fossil fuel for the future. Sludge is the proles, and the proles are the Sludge.
      Corporate Crime is on the rise, but the cameras are on the streets. The rich get richer while the proles go to jail.
      O'Reily of "Fair and Balanced" Fox, huffs and puffs for months about putting GWB's "feet to the Factor Fire," and ends up doing a creme puff fluff the NIGHT BEFORE SUPER TUESDAY!
       Pat Buchanan gets grilled in Inquisition Interviews by prosector prosecutors. Tim Russet, of NBC's "Meet the Press," fired gottcha-quiz questions with queued trip-tapes based on "Guilt-by-Association" smear. Every question an accusation, and every accusation paired with a MiniTruth sound-byte, sliced out of context to counter the expected rebuttal. Why isn't Hillary smeared for "associating" with Al Sharpton, and why is Martin Luther King the ONLY American honored on his birthday, when we have those incriminating photos of him at the Highlander School?

SLUDGE 03-12-2000

      Proles keep getting ground-down. Morale is half the battle, and the Cattle can't organize because the Harlot on the Hill has the Moral High ground. The Party and it's operatives are free to openly organize and "Network," because THE CAUSE is painted as a Moral Good, while the proles are tainted with the Evil of Goldsteinism. The Party Divides & Conquers, shakes, bakes & agitates, then smears by Association and tops it off with "Conspiracy," to keep the proles in their holes, and destroy all who oppose. THE CAUSE is All, and defines moral Good and Evil. Criminal actions and intent are no longer judged by their effect upon society, but upon their relationship to THE CAUSE, and the penalty(if any) is dependent upon the defendant's Party affiliation.  The SAME action can be condemned or praised, and MiniTruth can mitigate or agitate, ignore or gore, blow it up, or make it a bore.
      Politicians who further THE CAUSE can do no wrong, and those who oppose, can do no right. THE CAUSE is the final arbitrator of all, it is the Tower of Babal upon which the New World Order rests. It is the Illusion and Delusion of the Great Utopian Pyramid. A pie-in-the-sky for the All Seeing Eye.
      " The coming of the Lawless One by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wanders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

SLUDGE 03-11-2000

     "Who controls the Past controls the Future: who controls the Present controls the Past." British author David Irving continues the fight for his literary life, in his London Trial against Deborah Lipstadt, a World-Wide Smear, and Official Truth. The Scribes of MiniTruth have mutated the Past to fit the Party-line of the Present, and the Old World is projected as a Great Moral black and white Crusade.  A Titanic Eternal Struggle between Good(us) and Evil(them), a never ending, never winning War against Emmanuel Goldstein and his followers. Oh yes, Goldstein is quite dead,....or is he?  His death remains uncertain, and a shroud of doubt, a cloud of speculation, was cast on the Past to justify the Babylon(confusion) of the Present. Didn't Oceania fight shoulder-to-shoulder with Uncle Joe and EurAsia to win the Great Struggle against Goldstein and his followers? Yet Goldsteinism lives on, the Evil never quite dies; like a Speilberg Mini-series with endless sequels, Jack is back and he's everywhere, spreading his insidious poison and incarnating in new followers. We can never kill Goldstein because he simply assumes a new body. A raceless, faceless shape-changer, who can move from one human cavity to another depending on the Party-line at the time. Goldstein and Goldsteinism is like the DT's, a black blanket of creepy crawlers, infesting and infiltrating, and the harder we stomp with our Jackboots, the better we do the Goose-step.

Sludge Election Update

      That loud sucking sound coming from the feet of Son of Gore, is the doo doo of the Klingon muck. The ground began turning soggy the day AFTER  Bill Bradley dropped out, and since Franklin D. Roosevelt told us that " in politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned this way," we can can assume it was.
       Now that the Party Moles, Trump an Ventura have been dug up and exposed as schills of the Party, hecklers to head off Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan, we see MiniTruth has fashioned a new "reformer" -----McNasty, lurking in the shadows and waiting in the wings. McNasty siphoned off Bradley votes to set Gore up as the Fall Guy.

SLUDGE 03-09-2000

     Son of Gore and Son of Bush are the Party's ticket, and "Now the Real Battle Begins," and MiniTruth has once again spiked Pat Buchanan's speech.
                  "...will try, with insincerity that should be transparent, to tap into the campaign finance reform and general political reform position touted by the Reform Party and Senators McCain and Bradley."
                  "...are creatures of the Beltway establishment that has absolutely no interest in the real American middle..."
                  "...are backers of a foreign policy that has placed young Americans on police duty in the Balkans.."
                  "...are backers of out of an out of control immigration policy..."
                  " the continued immoral regime of sanctions which kill the innocent: hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children are dead because they, or their parents, have not managed to overthrow Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein."
                  "...give de-facto support to OPEC----and the rise in oil prices, by giving aid and protection and credits to regimes from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to Mexico that jack up the prices Americans have to pay at the gas pump."
       " The idea that Al Gore, who has larded his own campaigns with foreign dollars gathered illegally, or George Bush who has reached so often into the wallets of country club Republicans they may have holes in their golf pants, is a credible carrier of any sort of reform message is manifestly ridiculous."
                          Go    Pat   Go !

SLUDGE 03-07-2000

     Inner Party Nepotism has created a New Royalty built upon International Organized Crime. Brook's-Brothers Blue-bloods, who's only claim to fame is Daddy's rolodex and wallet. FDR's family made they're fortunes in the Slave and "China Trade," JFK's with booze, Algore meets Bush and the Party can't lose.
     Voter News Service(VNS) is a subsidiary of MiniTruth, and can tilt the results or tip a close game, by staging a "Power Surge" for a Favorite Son.
      One-World rhetoric preaches Unity and a Global Handshake, but the reality is agitation and discord. Multi-culturalism is an oxymoron, and America is neither assimilating, nor integrating, but disintegrating. "Divide and Conquer," is the name of the game, and the Party slices and dices every difference, while using the grievance to isolate and agitate. Every "Issue" is framed and constructed for social destruction: the Confederate Flag, Bob Jones and Diallo, are all AgiProp Ops designed to split the proles, and even the Irish can't march without it becoming a Gay-Day display.
      All political power is backed by the Power of the Gun, and Big Brother's Order for the Day, is to disarm the proles.
      The Ministry of Plenty reports good news on all fronts again.  Record-low Unemployment stands as a testimony to Big Brother's "Liberation" of those "bare-foot and pregnant" house-wives, as well as to the Party's "stream-lined" government cut-backs. MiniPlenty failed to mention that the cut-backs were all suffered by the proles, while the Outer-Party sucked the savings up their snouts with large RAISES!  Production is the indicator of a Good Economy, not Wage-Slaves. MiniPlenty reports added jobs but ignores the losses, and a close reading of the stats finds most are "Service industry" or more government. The Homeless are street-sweeped or funneled into the growing Gulags of the chain-gang labor pools, and counted as "employed,' and the Prison Industry is now listed on Wall Street.

SLUDGE 03-06-2000

      Super Tuesday will narrow our "choice" to Son of Bush and Son of Gore. The script calls for Son of Bush to head for the safe dry ground of Bushland(Texas and Florida), while Son of Gore begins to sink into the quagmire quick-sand swamps of the Klingon Cabal's corruption. The Japanese sci-fi flick from the Mesozoic Era, will then morph to Medieval England, where the "Anointed One," King George, will majestically pull Merlin's magical sword from the Stone to slay the Evil Dragon. The Bolsheviks are scheduled to take a fall with Gore, in the same manner as the Mensheviks did with Droll Dole, which is why the Mensheviks have sat on their hands while Pinocchio has trashed the Republic and scrapped the Constitution. The Revelations of Waco and China gate are due to be released on Que, and " Klingon fatigue" will turn the Election into a National Quest, a purge of a Thorn of Scorn.
       Pat Buchanan and the Reform Party will be painted by Smearsh as the "spoilers---splitting the vote." Proles will be so gleeful to be rid of the Klingons, that they will never question WHY the Bolsheviks have joined the Mensheviks in both the smear of Buchanan, and the block of the Reform Party by the Commission on Presidential Debates!

Does this get your goat?

SLUDGE 03-05-2000

     Proles are caught up in the Hegelian Dialectics and Divisive Dichotomies of a Left-Right, Liberal-Conservative, Dem-Rep, Spell of Illusion cast by the Muse of the News in the Ministry of Truth. Politics is Power, and it always comes down to some poor schnook kneeling in his own puddle of urine as he takes a bullet in the back of the head. There is ONLY the Party..... and the Proles. The Bolsheviks and Mensheviks are " Wings of the same Bird of Prey," and the American Eagle of Freedom has become a Buzzard, picking at the bones of proles who " fall through the cracks." And the "cracks" have become crevices, bottomless Pits of dissolution and misery---with no Safety Net, as the "Middle Class" gets ground down by the Graduated Income Tax of Karl Marx.
     Everybody's a victim, everybody's oppressed, because Big Brother's power comes from everybody's bitches. AgiProp stokes the flames of discontent, and nobody but the Sludgeman, seems to notice that there is now MORE segregation, MORE name-calling, MORE hate, and LESS INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, then before the "Thou shalt be Equal" Crusades began.  Which is why you have the Four Horsemen of Apocalyptic Apathy chanting slogans like " Uniter not Divider," while they attempt to smear their opponents as "racists," "bigots," "homophobes," ad infinitum, with ad hominem attacks. MiniTruth has smeared Pat Buchanan, cut out Allan Keyes, and funneled the Elections.
      God, the Republic and Individual Liberty, are no longer on the ballot.

SLUDGE 03-04-2000

     Pinocchio's face is on TV within minutes of any shooting, and the absurdity of a crack dealer trading drugs for stolen guns WITH TRIGGER-LOCKS, is as ridiculous as the feigned concern of a Sociopath Narcissus for the victims. The Klingons are pathological liars who have built their careers on " feigned concern," and why the obsession for disarming Americans, by the same people who have armed Red China?  Proles are in the same "Defensive Donut" as Caesar's Legions at Chelsea, with the Trojan Horse of the Klingons in the hole, and the Bear and the Dragon in our backyard. Where is the Monroe Doctrine?
     The Panama Canal Treaty was null and void, " If at the time of the transfer there was a threat to U.S. National Security." How many times has Stonewall Janet Reno invoked " National Security," to spike Investigations of treason, murder and bribery? Why don't we hear National Security mentioned, now that the same Huchinson Whampoa controlling the canals of Panama, have just completed the world's largest port in Freeport Bahamas, 60 miles off the Florida coast!
     The Klingon Trojan Horse continues to feed the Dragon at a 8-1 trade imbalance, while the Dragon threatens the U.S. with nuclear war. (Washington Times)-" China threatens U.S. with missile strikes." Now a recently declassified Chinese military document(Aug. 99) published by the People's Liberation Army's Central military Command, confirms the threat of nuclear war.
      Joe McCarthy was right. America looks more like the Bear and Dragon every day, and Joint Space ventures, Sister Cities, tours of our defensive facilities, decades of Aid, and outright TREASON, are the reason we're being forced into NWO Dommunism.

SLUDGE 03-02-2000

     Food goes up, gas goes up, cigarettes cost more, yet the Party claims there's no inflation. Tennis-shoes are simply reclassified as "running shoes" on the Inflation Index, and are now the price of a used car, while a new car is the price of a home, yet the Party claims....NO INFLATION. The Alchemists at the Ministry of Truth haven't just 'cooked the books,' they've burnt and scorched all credibility. The Gap between rock Reality and Mass Perception has become a Gulf, and the Matrix is a massive Illusion which blinds the proles from Truth. "Zero Un-employment" is NOT indicative of a strong economy, but of a Slave State, an Anthill, where children are raised in the cold test tubes of the Queen's Tombs.
     If the Kosovo Bombing wasn't a "Propaganda War," why did we target Serb TV stations, where are the 100,000 dead bodies, and what happened to all those "degraded forces"? Lies, Lies, and more Lies!  The Albanian RefuJews, like the Kurds in Iraq, have simply vanished from our consciousness, and nobody cares. Why isn't the Kosovo Bombing a campaign issue?  McNasty is not attacked for supporting the senseless bombing, because he might ask why we're still waging Daddy Bush's "Desert Storm," and this might remind us that we still have an Oil Embargo on Iraq while Pinocchio talks about releasing Strategic Reserves. McNasty and "Keating-Five" is not an Issue, and neither are the Bush's and the $500 Billion buck "S&L Scam."  And why are both calling themselves "Reformers," when neither has criticized the Klingon Dynasty? Not a whimper from these wimps about the Pimps in the White House, and not a word drips from their lips about the Treason which put them there. Communist Red China has grabbed control of the Panama Canal and is now threatening the U.S. over Taiwan, while these Four Stooges are MOONING each other on the playground!
     Dan Burton continues to pick through the Wongs, Wangs, broken English and selective memory, to tree Charlie Trie up the Money Tree, and trace the tracks of Treason by the Klingon Trojan Horse.
    (N.Y. Times)- Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer has named Bernard Schwertz, CEO at Loral corporation, as one of the largest contributors to the Klingon Cabal. Bauer said the State Department granted a waiver for Payola, which nullified a pending indictment against Loral for illegal transfer of satellite technology to Red China.
     Moscow(Reuters)- Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan met his Russian counterpart, Igor Ivanov and acting president Vladimir Putin to solidify the Sino-Soviet Alliance. Eurasia has OKed East-Asia's invasion of Taiwan, and East-Aisia has endorsed Eurasia's checkmate of Chechnya.
     Former defense secretary Casper Weinberger told a hushed Capitol Hill crowd," It may not be wise for America to go to war with China, but it might be necessary." (You won't hear THAT on your evening news!)  Citing a 11,000 page white paper released by Beijing as Klingon flunky, Strobe Talbott, and his negotiating team slunk out of China. Thanks to the Klingons, Beijing now has 24 long-range missiles that can hit the U.S. with warheads equivalent to 5 million tons of TNT, and Weinberger added," It might be a good time to have a Missile Defense Shield."
     When Pat Buchanan was asked what he would say to Klinton, he replied, "I would read him his rights!"  The last speech Allan Keyes made on C-Span, the crowd roared when he screamed out, "Jail Clinton."  Sludge now DEMANDS that these Four Stooges quit playing with themselves, and address CHINA GATE and the growing Sino-Soviet presence in the American Hemisphere!

SLUDGE 02-29-2000

    Choose and Lose, is the motto of the Party. Heads the Party wins, tails the proles lose. The Bolsheviks and Mensheviks are a two-headed coin, and a vote for either is a flip of the thumb for Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dumb. Algore is stuck in the muck of the Klingon Legacy, Bradley's down to shooting photo-op hoops, and McNasty and Son of Bush have become a Vaudeville act. It's tough to debate Issues when nobody really stands for anything, so when the name-calling and food-fights get old, so will the Four Horsemen's Act.
     Proles are conditioned by Big Brother's Indoctrination  Centers and miniTruth NOT TO THINK, but to memorize and except Party doctrine as Official Truth. PE has been virtually eliminated from the Government schools, and "detention"(sitting in a chair) has replaced the Paddle as punishment. The "hyper-active" kiddy proles are then force-fed psychotropic drugs, which facilitate the after-school KiddieProp of the Latch-key Beavis&Buttheads.
     Sludge welcomes aboard, former Chairman of the Joint chiefs of Staff, Thomas Moorer's U.S. Defense-American Victory organization, to the Freedom Task Force.  Admiral Moorer has initiated Honor In Politics, which asks political candidates the following:
(1) The extent of Chinese Communist penetration of U.S.political structure.
(2) Influence of Drug Lords at the level of a strategic threat in our hemisphere, and the failed " War on Drugs."
(3) The Panama Canal give-away in light of ChiCom Narco-Terrorism.

The following letter was a "must post",  the reader may be one of many of you who are getting sick of it all!

Dear Sludge

Hate and intolerance. Two words absolutely denounced wrong by the left wing. However, if it is a RELIGIOUS organization who believes the races should not mix, right or wrong, they believe it, you are allowed to HATE and NOT TOLERATE their views. And, you can do it loudly and openly. AND, you can tell others to do so and denounce them when they don't. I am no fan of Bob Jones' University. However, you PAY money to go there, you are not dragged in kicking and screaming. And, you know what you are getting into before you go, they do not shock and surprise you after the fact. I haven't heard Bob Jones' University shoving any of their "views" down our throats---ever! They are there, they believe what they do but they are not on t.v. yelling at us to believe as they do. Whatever happened to, " I don't agree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it". Why should Bush or anyone else go into their place and "denounce" them? This is going on WAY too long. I am so sick of hearing it on t.v. The left wing media can't stand it so they drag it around and around. You know Buddhists have some strange ways of thinking too, I'm sure Gore "denounced" them while he was there, didn't he? Al Sharpton has some weird ideas, Hillary must surely have pummeled him while they embraced. Clinton had drug dealers in the White House, surely he blasted them good! Hate and Intolerance have been ascribed to the right, but I see the left wearing it around their necks like a medallion you won't take off because you love it! If it were not for "hate and intolerance" James Carville would have nothing to say! He can call people "trailer trash" on t.v. and that's okey dokey! The way he went after Ken Star was, I observed, all in love and tolerance and fairness. This is one of our beloved President's very best friends and he can go on t.v. and spit and slobber while saying outrageous things about people and it's okay, because he is on the left. Therefore, whatever he or any of his "ilk" say cannot possible be construed as "hate or intolerance". If you see it that way it's only because you are looking at them through your "intolerant and hateful" eyeballs! They are the Left, THEY do not do that! They speak the truth and the RIGHT hates!! This whole thing is about to make me hurl!

Concerned Reader.


Lifestyle Nazis update - Walter Williams --

IMAGINE HAVING A RESERVATION, showing up at a restaurant and being barred  from entry. That's what can happen in some parts of Canada if you washed your hair with an herbal shampoo and sported a scented deodorant. Why? You threaten people's right to breathe clean air.

"Oh, Williams," you say, "that's Canada; that can never happen here." Yes it can, and worse if we continue being wimps.

I've always warned that a lifestyle Nazi's work is never done. People
applauded the Nazi attack on cigarette smokers and the tobacco industry. Now lifestyle Nazis are coming after fat Americans. The editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) wrote, "Obesity is epidemic."  According to JAMA, the cause is "The availability of more food ... the growth of the fast-food industry, the increased numbers and marketing of snack food ... along with a custom of socializing with food and drink." JAMA points to the war against tobacco as the best way to fight obesity. The tactic is to talk about the cost of obesity to our health care and then terrorize and intimidate.

The American Obesity Association calls obesity "a ticking time bomb" and demands "fat taxes" to fund anti-obesity education programs. Yale Professor Kelly Brownell says, "I recommend that we develop a more militant attitude about the toxic food environment, like we have about tobacco." U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher supports the association's obesity vision. Giving the keynote address at its recent conference, Satcher said, "Obesity is a major public-health problem and one that deserves much more attention than it receives." Department of Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman is leading the agency's "anti-fat" campaign, which includes a planned "nutritional intervention" program in Mississippi.

Lifestyle Nazis have troops in the non-profit world in their war against
America's fat people. Michael Jacobson, director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, calls for attack on the large servings at Chinese and Mexican restaurants, saying, "It's high time that the (restaurant) industry begins to bear some responsibility for its contribution to obesity, heart disease and cancer."

The soft drink beverage industry, according to Jacobson, is also responsible for obesity and heart disease, not to mention caffeine addiction. Emory University law professor Frank Vandall said, "I can't rule out that America's fast-food chains will be the next target."

Daniel Akst, writing for the New York Times, said, "It makes perfect sense for the victims of fast food ... to sue, and the sooner the better; they might even succeed at deterring substantial harm." Lest you think the
lifestyle Nazis only have fat Americans in their gun sights, Mothers Against
Drunk Driving tried to have beer banned at the new Verde Golf Club in
Arlington, Texas. Their true, but hidden, agenda is alcohol prohibition.
Robert Cohen, director of the Anti-Dairy Coalition, is pushing for milk
prohibition, saying, "Milk products, like tobacco, are an enormous threat to the health of both children and adults, yet we see the dairy industry
protected by constitutionally questionable laws while the tobacco industry is held accountable."

Lifestyle Nazis have the support of all manner of kooks, quacks and lunatics, plus millions of taxpayer dollars. Most of them are based in Washington and have easy access to congressmen and bureaucrats anxious to do their bidding.

You say, "Williams, what can we do about them?" As for me, I want to be left alone and here's what I say: If a lifestyle Nazi, politician or not, wants me to stop smoking or eat less, let him personally take the cigarette out of my mouth or the food off my plate. I guarantee you that when the dust settles only one of us will be standing.

SLUDGE 02-28-2000

     MiniTruth continues to pump the Primaries with wall to wall coverage, day after day, inflating and deflating the Rubber Dolls of the Party.  They are the Refs, they can prick or bump with a pump, and the idea is to keep it close, keep "the crowd in the game," keep us watching, and keep the Mannequins spending Face Flash cash.  Allan Keyes, who was the People's Choice in all of the debates, has been cut out Pravda-style by the recent hot-air blow up of McNasty, and the Four Stooges are now the Four Horsemen of Apocalyptic apathy. All Four Horsemen are rubber-stamped and Party approved, an endorsement of Interventionism, Internationalism, and Collectivism. The Bolsheviks ride the tide of racial agitation and Big Brotherism, while the Mensheviks both claim to be " Reformers," yet all four are cloned Clowns of the Party. Votes are bought, speeches scripted, cheers canned, and applause artificial because the Clones are superficial. Proles are not voting FOR, but AGAINST, and Anti-votes are confusing the Pollsters and adding an element of unpredictability.
     Leave these Fleas Keyes. Let the rabbits run they're rigged race. Join Pat and the REAL Reform Party when they tee off in August.

SLUDGE 02-27-2000

     A Monopolized Mass Media has maximized MiniTruth and increased it's powers of illusion, giving it Laser-like precision to surgically cut out it's NWO agenda.  The Magi cast a Spell from Hell, and the Demonic Demi-Gods of Government wrap the chains around the brains with ThoughtCrime legislation.  NewThink has trashed the Past, and American History is now shrouded in a dark veil of Evil, a murky mist of Homophobes, Xenophobes, Sexists, Racists, and Bigots. The Smear of Senator Joseph McCarthy obscured the REAL REASON for WW 2, paving the way for post-Archie Bunker America, and the Fall of the Wall.
     Forget the "Four Horsemen" of the Primaries(aren't they all an endorsement of the Klingons anyway?), the opening of the KGB Files and the invention of the Internet have created an Information Explosion of seismic proportion. The tremors are sending shock waves through the political plate, and the fissures are coughing up dead bodies from the past, who scream out for JUSTICE!  The release of the annotated transcript of the 1948 interrogation of Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller("Gestapo Chief" by Gregory Douglas) corroborates Accuracy in Academia's findings on Joe McCarthy, and should 'raise the brow' not only at the David Irving Trial, but at ALL WARTIME PROPAGANDA.  The Ministry of Truth has bent the Past to twist the Future, and the world is in a race between Truth.... and the Boot in the Face!

SLUDGE 02-26-2000

     Truth cuts the skull like a knife, ripping into the membranes of Illusion wrapped in Illusion, layers of lies woven by the Magi of the Matrix. The Medusa Head of Television blinds and binds the minds of proles in cocoons of comatose bliss, and the ugly reality of Amerika 2000 is that they will probably pry our REMOTES from our 'cold dead fingers.'  The Monopolized Mass Media is a Soap Opera designed to justify the Imposition of the New World Order, which is why MiniTruth is focusing on the Final Four Stooges, while ignoring the Sludge Report's official vindication of Senator Joe McCarthy by Accuracy in Academia.
      Is Sludge the ONLY social commentator left on Planet Earth who will address the ramifications, implications, and Geo-Political earth crust shifts of these revelations?  Are your minds so jaded and numbed by the constant flow of Disinformation and Puff Fluff Filler that they are incapable of neuron synaptic response without the validation of MiniTruth?  Is "Official Truth" so deeply implanted by Docu-dramas and Mini-series, and is "Public Opinion'" so rigidly framed by Headlines and Lead Stories that Original Thought is dead?
      Ask yourselves these questions:
1. WHY was McCarthy smeared?
2. WHO smeared McCarthy?
3. WHAT role did "McCarthy-ism" play in transforming the public's PERCEPTION of the Iron Curtain of Communism?

     As I sit here writing which may be the last entry to a year long beginning and now maybe ending, I have no answers for any of you who have been writing in.  I have no idea as to where Sludge is or what will become of this medium.
     I have observed this in my relatively short life:
Those things which we consider to be truth never seem to last very long in these times.
     It saddens me to think that yet another thing may pass into the darkness as nothing more than a flash in the pan.  Perhaps these really are the last days after all.

For now, goodbye.

Kile Kahn

A little something from our readers.  Kahn 02-11-00

     When minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new
session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting
the usual generalities, but this is what they heard:

     Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask Your
forgiveness and to seek Your direction and guidance.
We know Your Word says, "Woe to those who call evil
good" but that is exactly what we have done.  We have
lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our

     We confess that we have ridiculed the absolute truth
of Your Word and called it Pluralism;  we have
worshipped other gods and called it multiculturalism;

     We have endorsed perversion and called it alternative
lifestyle; we have exploited the poor and called it
the lottery;

     We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare;

     We have killed our unborn and called it choice;

     We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable;

     We have neglected to discipline our children and
called it building self-esteem;

     We have abused power and called it politics;

     We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called
it ambition;

     We have polluted the air with profanity and
pornography and called it freedom of expression;

     We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our
forefathers and called it enlightenment.

     Search us, oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse
us from every sin and set us free.  Guide and bless
these men and women who have been sent to direct us to
the center of Your will. To open ask it in the name of
Your Son, the living Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen

     The response was immediate.  A number of legislators
walked out during the prayer in protest.  In 6 short
weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is
pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only
47 of those calls responding negatively.  The church
is now receiving international requests for copies of
this prayer from India, Africa, and Korea.

Commentator Paul Harvey aired this prayer on "The Rest
of the Story" on the radio and received a larger
reponse to this program than any other he has ever

SLUDGE 02-10-2000

     C-SPAN- "With Joe McCarthy it was the losers who've written the history which condemns him," said Dan Flynn, director of Accuracy in Academia's national conference on smeared ex-Senator Joseph McCarthy. Smearsh has used his name as a stigmata to vilify anyone attempting to expose the World Communist Conspiracy. "McCarthyism" became synonymous with "witch-hunting," and "card carrying Commie" became a joke. The ugly truth is that both MiniTruth and the United States Government had already been infiltrated for many years before McCarthy's discovery. Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy, in a meeting with  Congressman Martin Dies, chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, told Dies: "We're doomed!" The United States is doomed! The Communists have control completely. They've got control of Roosevelt, and his wife as well." FBI recordings(Vanona Intercepts) of the Soviet embassy communications between 1944-48 now confirm, that McCarthy was the victim of a vicious Smearsh Op designed to 'smear the accuser.'...doesn't that sound familiar?
      Neal Gabler corroborates Accuracy in Academia's findings, in his biography of famed New York Times(all the news that fits) journalist, Walter Winchell.  Gabler's book, Winchell: Gossip, Power and the Culture of Celebrity, identifies the columnist as a Smearsh Operative, who served as a mouth-piece for FDR, and as conduit to J. Edgar Hoover's FBI.  According to Gabler, Winchell and Washington-based columnist Drew Pearson, were active in stumping for FDR's third term in 1936, coordinating the Smearsh campaign against secretary of Defense James Forrestal, and were key AgiProp players in pushing America into the Second World War.

SLUDGE 02-08-2000

     Michael New is back in court for refusing to wear the Dommunist uniform of the New World Order. New's attorney, Henry L. Hamilton argued to the five-member panel of civilian judges that troop deployment required congressional approval, and the Dommunist uniform is not authorized by either the Department of Defense nor the U.S. Army. "Superiors may not compel subordinates to obey illegal orders," Hamilton said. "The government must prove lawfulness...if it's not a legal order, there's no duty to obey it."
     America's Republic has been a beacon of light and inspiration for the entire world.  A refuge for proles, guided by God to a Promised Land where individualism and creativity could nurture, and where you could reap what you sowed and keep the fruits of your labor.  A free market of ideas, inventions and productivity, which in it's short history developed the highest standard-of-living in the world.  A sanctuary from the Toilets of Totalitarianism, a fertile island bordered by Oceans of oppression and Seas of misery, where proles could flee.
      So if MiniTruth wants to make a "story" out of the Elian Gonzalez saga, Sludge will give them a "story."  It is the "Titanic" struggle of a small boy and his mother, risking they're lives as they cling to an inner tube to escape from the Hell of a Devil's Island Dictator. It is about ALL of the proles who would rather die then live under the Rule of Dommunism. Now you sit there and you think about that real hard. And then you ask yourself this question: Why are Americans being suckered and sucked into a SSsystem which other's risk death to flee?

SLUDGE 02-06-2000

     " I took his tongue out of his mouth," she said, gesturing with her hand as if she was pulling she was pulling her own tongue from her mouth. "I bit it". "I even opened up his zipper", she said, making an unzipping gesture. "I told him ,' Let me see, let me see....if it has grown."  A page from the Clinton Chronicles?  Some juicy snippet from a brown-bag porno script?  No folks, this is rubbish is right off the AP, and it's getting big time play in both Miami and Cuba, as the saga soap series of Elian Gonzalez drags on into it's second month as "filler' news. Filler for non-news stories, like the fact that America has no geographic borders, and a seething Sino-Soviet cauldron of Communism is mushrooming in Central America. Chicom agents are pouring into the "Chinese Canal" and Grand Bahamas, and the "Four stooges" are debating tax reform and the Confederate Flag.  Waco, China Gate Treason, and the loss of American sovereignty to a One World Socialist Dictatorship is ignored.
       How is it that Allan Keyes could win ALL of the debates, and yet we are left with the Four Stooges?  Is it merely coincidental that both CNN's Jeff Greenfield and "Fair & Balanced" Fox's Tony Snow, both suggested an 'exclusive' Final Four because Keyes dominated the debates?
       MiniTruth's latest bump of McNasty is DESIGNED to put the squeeze on Keyes, who's message of Moral Decline is simply too powerful, too poignant, too TRUE!

SLUDGE 02-04-2000

     Skull & Bones might come tumbling out of the closet if Son of Bush can't shred before it's read, the reincarnated " Fortunate Son," by JH Hatfield.  Glen Ford and William Conrad starred in a 50's movie called " Brotherhood of the Bell," based upon the semi-secret society at Yale, and old Bonesman William Buckley rings the Bell for the Brotherhood at the Neo-conservative National Review.
     MiniTruth continues it's campaign to "get the crowd into the game."  They are both MC and Referee, who throw a flag, blow a whistle or eject a player altogether.  Keeping  the game close so proles don't," vote with their remote."  Focusing on personality nuances and Face Flash, rather then real issues.  McNasty's being pumped, Bauer dumped, and Allan Keyes is caught in the squeeze. Proles will have no choice for their voice, the Party owns every horse on the course.
     So now we play "Capture the Flag" in South Carolina, where the Final Four flunkies will feign concern for plight of the Confederate Flag. Paradoxically, a symbol of State's Rights is going to be an issue for NWO Party Puppets who support the surrender of National Sovereignty!
      Who can forget Pinocchio's sudden Face-change at Ron Brown's funeral, the tearful tale of Black church-burnings from his boyhood, or the premature Belly-laugh with Boris?  Re-live the lies; from Jennifer Flowers to the Mess on the Dress, as the Sludge Report compiles a comprehensive collection of "Pinocchio's Most Famous Lies."  Send us your favorite Whopper, and be the proud owner of a SR tee-shirt if it's published.

     When Bauer was announced today as having quit his republican run for nomination, I was surprised.  Not because he quit, but because I didn't even know he was still running.  Bauer was abandoned by the press just like Buchanan has been.  You see, you do need the press to keep your name in the print or you will be forgotten quickly by the conditioned masses.  After all, they had to water down the questions to get millionaires on ABC.  Just what are the two colors of an oreo anyway?
       A black officer gets shot, and it's a question of racism for the white officers that shot him.  Damn I wish I could have that status to use when I screw up.  No one even wants to address the fatal mistake that caused it all, thus preventing it from happening again.  Nope, we will choose to look at is solely as a question of race.
         I don't believe intelligent life will ever visit our planet.  God help them if they do.  Kahn 02-04-2000

SLUDGE 02-03-2000

Communism is NOT dead and the Cold War never ended. America is systematically being seduced, squeezed and assimilated into a One World Government ruled by Dommunist Plutocrats.  Interdependence, Interventionism, and Globaloney, are being rammed down American throats, and not a squeak from the "Final Four" Geeks.  MiniTruth "gets the crowd into the game" with replays of snappy sound-bytes, canned applause and staged theatrics.  Media Nerf Nerds pitch under-hand soft-balls, and critique the Geek on his punch-line delivery. THE ISSUES are not being discussed!
     Pat Buchanan's speech before the World Affairs Council was spiked in the "American" Press. "Who's side are you on?" he asked the MiniTruth reporters. The Media Blackout answered that question.
     Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, Jessie Helms, delivered a scathing tirade at the U.N. Security Council, and not a peep from the Press. Helms got no applause, and efforts were made to shout him down. "This is an International order the American people will not accept," said Helms, "International Law did not defeat Hitler, nor did International Law win the Cold War." Stone-cold seething silence followed his speech.

SLUDGE 02-01-2000

     Dommunism's Inner Party members of Corporate Colonialism, Big Banks and Think Tanks, chose Super Bowl week-end to meet at Davos Switzerland to plan Planetary Policy and Global Conquest. The International Monetary Fund discussed American's Financial future, and Media Moguls proclaimed, " the Wild West phase of the internet is over, and that the internet will have to except greater government control."
     Mass Media mergers and "hand-shake" alliances between NBC-WP, ABC-CBS-Fox, and NY Times-ABC News, have created a MiniTruth Monopoly with no competition. The "Scoop" went out with Superman and Louis Lane at the Daily Planet. Matt Drudge and the Internet poked a hole in the Matrix, which Big Brother and MiniTruth are trying to plug. Information Armageddon is approaching, with Free Speech to the Victor.
      Do Political Correctness and Hate laws Discriminate against proles who are NOT hooked to the cables of the Matrix?  Where else do we learn PC, but from the TV?  And how about the homeless and the poor, how are they to be taught Correct Thought? More importantly, How can "Matrix Denial" be a crime if the Matrix is ILLUSION!?

SLUDGE 1-31-2000

     ...."Land of the free, and Home of the brave." pre-game Star Spangled Banner certainly contrasted with the annual half-time NWO Religious Revival at this year's Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has become a Holy-Roller affair, and halt-time has become a plutocratic propaganda extravaganza. This year's show didn't quite match Michael Jackson's crotch-grabbing, "We are the World," in fact, the "Two Worlds, One Planet" theme was probably too subtle to penetrate the Victory Gin-soaked skulls of the FAN-atics.
     The "Elections" are Party selections, and the Dog & Pony Show grinds into the second quarter.  The Center is the middle of the Party-line, and candidates are in a Spread formation with wide-outs UNTIL the nominations. The "Chosen ones" then go into the old "Flying Wedge," and proles vote for the bum who comes out of the Scrum. Talk about a Big Hit!  Did you catch the bone-crunching clip that Bush right-guard Pataki laid on McNasty in New York?  The gloves are coming off.
      A Neo-conservative and a Dommunist do not make "Fair and Balanced," and Fox has gotten "fluffy" without Matt Drudge. Drudge was driving the news........ and Fox's ratings. MiniTruth pushes pornography, violence and perversion, under the guise of "Giving the people what they want," but ratings prove that proles are STARVING for REAL information.
      Talk about filler, the Media's become a One-Trick Pony with the month-long saga of Elaine Gonzales. Does anybody in La La land really believe that Dictator Fidel Castro OR Big Brother give a shit?  Castro is a Warden on a Penal Colony, and Big Bro is the same Big Bro who poked ventilation holes to fuel the fires that charred 24 children at the Waco Inferno.

SLUDGE 1-30-2000

     Galileo was condemned for heresy when he questioned the Flat Earth, the World Press reported the trial of "Creationism vs Evolution," and N.Y. Time's reporter, Walter Duranty was praised by Pravda, The Nation, and the New Yorker  for DENYING Stalin's Ukrainian Famine Holocaust. Stalin, the "man of steel" to Russians, and "Uncle Joe" to Americans, made it a crime NOT to DENY his intentional mass starvation of 8-10 million Ukrainians in the early 1930's. Maxim Litvinov, Joe's Chief spokesman, dismissed all reports of famine in the Ukraine as lies put out by "counter-revolutionary provocateurs." The Party always twists the Past to fit the Warp of the Present and the openings of the KGB files have caused some embare-assing Truths to float to the surface. The Kaytn Massacre of 13,000 Polish officers turned out to be the work of the KGB, and Senator Joe McCarthy, who's name became a stigmata for Smearsh, turned out to be right. Curiously, this very same stigmata of "McCarthyism," with it's "guilt by association" is being used smear all who oppose the Party or dare question "Official Truth." Conspiracy Laws and RICO are based on McCarthyism and "guilt by association."
      Why is the World Press covering, but not reporting the "Trial of the Century"?  British historian David Irving is in the 10th day of his libel suit with Smearsh author Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books. The London trial of "Holocaust Denial,"  began on January 11th and is expected to last several weeks. Irving is Plaintiff in Court, but Defendant in the Media, and "Official Truth" is on trial.

Once again, I have included more prole contributions.
Kahn 01-29-2000

Interesting Story

     Back in 1969 a group of Black Panthers decided that a black man named Alex Rackley needed to die. Rackley was a fellow Panther suspected of disloyalty.  Rackley was first tied to a chair. Safely immobilized his "friends" tortured him for hours by, among other things, pouring boiling water on him. When they got tired of torturing Rackley Black Panther member Warren Kimbro took Mr. Rackley's outside and put a bullet in his head.
     Rackley's body was found floating in a river about 25 miles north of
New Haven, Conn. Maybe at this point your curious as to what happened to these Black Panthers. Well, in 1977 that's only eight years later only one of the killers was still in jail. The shooter, Warren Kimbro, managed to get a scholarship to Harvard. He later became an assistant dean at Eastern Connecticut State College. Isn't that something? As a 60s radical you can pump a bullet into someone's head, and years later, in the same State, you can be an assistant college dean! Only in America!
     Ericka Huggins was the lady  who served the Panthers by boiling the water for Mr. Rackley's torture.  Some years later Ms. Huggins was elected to a California school board.
How in the world do you think that these killers got off so easy? Well, maybe it was in some part due to the efforts of two people who came to the defense of the Panthers. These two people actually went to far as to shut down Yale University with demonstrations in defense of the accused Black Panthers during their trial.  One of those people was none other than Bill Lan Lee. Mr. Lee Or Mr. Lan Lee as the case may be, isn't a college dean. He isn't a member of a California school board. He is the head of the U.S. Justice Departments Civil Rights Division. Lee is serving in that capacity illegally, by the way, but that's another story --- another part of the Clinton saga of ignoring the rule of law.
      O.K., so who was the other Panther defender? Is this other notable
Panther defender now a school board member? Is this other Panther
apologist now an assistant college dean?  Nope, neither.  The other Panther defender was, like Lee, a radical law student at Yale University at that time. She is now known as The Smartest Woman in the World.
She is none other than the unofficial Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from the State of New York ---- our lovely First Lady, the incredible Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Interesting Statistics

A recent article in the (Seattle) Washington Post-Intelligence concerning
accidental deaths caused by physicians, from research of Laura  Key USA, triggered a chain of thoughts that resulted in a person  cruising the
web (not me) for some statistics and doing a few calculations:

Number of physicians in the US = 700,000
Accidental deaths caused by physicians/year  =120,000.
Accidental deaths/physician = 0.171

Number of gun owners in US  = 80,000,000
Number of accidental gun deaths/year (all age groups) =  1500
Accidental deaths/gun owner =.0000188

Conclusion - Doctors are  approximately 9000 times more dangerous than gun owners.

Sludge State of the Union Address

     Fellow proles, the National Debt assures a lifetime Indenturship  for every man, women, and child to the International Shylocks. America no longer has borders because we have no sovereignty and our Military is under U.N. command. The good news is that the yearly million and a half aborted babies are being replaced by incoming "undocumented workers," the bad news is that many are foreign agents who hate our guts. It's bad news that the Panama Canal and Central America are now in the hands Sino-Soviet Communists, but since we produce nothing...... 'sow' what right?  It's good news we have a surplus, the bad news is there's no longer a Safety Net, so the Wheel's going faster and to fall will mean U all take care care till next year, ya hear?

SLUDGE 1-28-2000

    Big Brother's schools are Indoctrination Boot Camps, where the Party-line of "shit just happens" history is pounded, like a jack-hammer into young prole's minds. Critical thought is treated as mental illness, while rote memorization and robotic recital of Party Mantra is rewarded.  Wars, Revolutions, assassinations, and social movements are dismissed as "accidental," while the only correct "Conspiracy" taught is that of the Evil Heterosexual White Man.  Christopher Columbus and the Founding Fathers are condemned as homophobic, sexist, racist, bigoted, xenophobic  Zealots, and Manifest Destiny is denounced as Evil Oppression. The guilt doctrine of the "Evil Hetro White Man" conspiracy is reinforced by thousands of MiniTruth's "Hate" docu-dramas and mini-series, and  Alex Haley's "Roots," began with chants of "Kill da White man, Kill da White man." Hatred toward the Evil Hetro White Man and his Christian God, is ENCOURAGED and even PRAISED by the Party. Hollywood's stereo-type of Catholic priests and nuns is Child Molester and Hooker, and "Jesus Christ: Super Star"  in a urine bottle, and dung flung on Mother Mary is "art." Correct Hate is Good Hate, and Good Hate is Love of Big Brother!

SLUDGE 1-26-2000

     The "Big Lie" is that the Big Lie is a Big Lie, and if you're afraid to express a thought in Public, you will suppress it in your mind. This is the basis of Thought Control and Brain-washing. PC-whipped proles have been Terrorized into closing their minds, they are incapable of critical thought, and the Party-Line has become their Holy Gospel. Heretics who dare question the Party-Line or it's "Official Truth" are lynched on the Gallows of Public Scorn and Ridicule. Fear of the Grand Inquisitors has caused proles to censure their own minds, and Correct Thought gets a pat on the head, while Incorrect Thought a hot iron up the ass.
      If you're a PC-whipped Comrade who's content to Goose-step to the Party's tune, quit reading NOW, and go back to chewing your cud with the Herd.  But if you're sitting there with a warm towel wrapped around your skull waiting for the Thought Police to break down your door, read on and rejoice.  The Truth will set you free, so stick the Sludge forceps up your nose and dislodge the PC filter. Do it now!  The Matrix is the Maya, the Illusion of the lower worlds of consciousness, which blinds us to the Truth. The more dependent you are on the SSsystem, the more firm is your resolve to protect it and the tighter you'll squeeze your eyes and close your mind to the Ethereal Awareness. And what IS that Awareness, that Great Truth?
                  Freedom    has    become    Slavery.......and
       we are being bred into bondage as sustenance, for parasitic blood-sucking, soul-sappers, who view us as chattel and cattle to be harvested at they're leisure, so free your mind, and your ass will follow.

SLUDGE 1-25-2000

      Lying has become a state of mind, to the Cattle contentedly chewing their cud in the ignorant bliss of Fairy Land. Fairy Land is the NWO Utopia, where All are Equal, Nature is numbered, and God's creatures are branded with "Digital Angels."  A Loco weed dream world of  Raceless, faceless herds with no Country, no God, and no Freedom.  But Fairy Land can be Fun Land, and IF you do the doublethink.... why even the Pigs look good!  Election years are festive years in Fun Land, the Pigs get to dress-up and parade, while the proles get to pretend they're not slaves, by voting for the Pig  who tells them the biggest Whoppers.  "Tax cut" joke-lies always get votes and party hardy chuckles from old proles who know it's all "part of the Show." And who dat doesn't appreciate a good doublespeak, Pig-Latin "Iowa Twang" Mimic with reverse-spin, while sucking on a straw?
      Bolshevik Bill Bradley's having troubles because he reminds proles of the Old world, when whites played Pro Basketball. The rumor is that Son of Gore, who's doing a Chip n' Dale Striptease, may sign shot-blocker Robert Parish to stuff the Knick's pick.

    The following was received from our network of readers:
Kahn 01-24-2000

Where Did It All Begin??????

Let's see, I think it started when Madeline Murray O'Hare complained she didn't want any prayer in our schools, and we said OK.. Then someone said you better not read the Bible in school, the Bible that says thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, and love your neighbor as yourself. And we said, OK..
Dr. Benjamin Spock said we shouldn't spank our children when they misbehave because their little personalities would be warped and we might damage their self-esteem. And we said, an expert should know what he's talking about so we won't spank them anymore..
Then someone said teachers and principals better not discipline our children when they misbehave. And the school administrators said no faculty member in this school better touch a student when they misbehave because we don't want any bad publicity, and we surely don't want to be sued.  And we accepted their reasoning..
Then someone said, let's let our daughters have abortions if they
want,and they won't even have to tell their parents. And we said, that's a grand idea..
Then some wise school board member said, since boys will be boys and they're going to do it anyway, let's give our sons all the condoms they want, so they can have all the fun they desire, and we won't have to tell their parents they got them at school. And we said, that's another great idea..
Then some of our top elected officials said it doesn't matter what we do in private as long as we do our jobs. And agreeing with them, we said it doesn't matter to me what anyone, including the President,does in private as long as I have a job and the economy is good..
And then someone said let's print magazines with pictures of nude women and call it wholesome down-to-earth appreciation for the beauty of the female body. And we said we have no problem with that.. And someone else took that appreciation a step further and published pictures of nude children and then stepped further still by making them available on the internet. And we said they're entitled to their free speech..
And the entertainment industry said, let's make TV shows and movies that promote profanity, violence, and illicit sex. And let's record music that encourages rape, drugs, murder, suicide, and satanic themes.. And we said it's just entertainment, it has no adverse effect, and nobody takes it seriously anyway, so go right ahead..
Therefore, now we're asking ourselves why our children have no
conscience, why they don't know right from wrong, and why it doesn't bother them to kill strangers, their classmates, and themselves..
Probably, if we think about it long and hard enough, we can figure it out. I think it has a great deal to do with...


I grew up in rural America in the '50's and '60's. On any given day,
you could walk through the high school parking lot and observe that half
the vehicles parked there were trucks with windows rolled down and doors unlocked. Most of them carried, as standard equipment, an FFA sticker (Future Farmers of America for you city folks] and a gun rack with at least one gun, usually loaded. You could make the same observation at any of the four high school campuses in our county. Amazingly, I do not ever recall reading or hearing about mass shootings in any of those high schools. What has changed in America is not the accessibility of guns, but the character of man.

On the wall in my parents home is a plaque awarded to my father in
recognition of service for 27 years on the local school board. He told
me that for years, a standard requirement on every Teacher's contract was membership in a local church. I remember starting every school day with the pledge and a prayer. I remember when girls who got pregnant in high school were ashamed, when abortions were illegal, when the divorce rate was not 50% because couples stayed together for the kid's sake, when there were no X-rated movies, when milk cartons didn't have missing kids faces on them, and I didn't know anyone personally who used drugs. I remember when kids were taught respect for authority and accountability to God.  I hear people say that the good old days weren't always so good but please don't tell me you think these are better.

Last night I attended a high school football game that was covered by
local and national news. The news coverage was not about the football
teams, but about the defiance of a court order by one brave little
Texas town to preserve the right to pray before a football game. The more this country struggles to free itself from religion, the more we become entangled in the consequences.

If people are taught that they came from slime, the obvious questions
and consequences must follow; what is the purpose of my existence
[hopelessness], who made you the boss of me [lawlessness], why are your rules good and mine bad [relativism], what does it matter how I live if I came from slime and return to slime [immorality and inhumanity]?

I realize that in any given poll, the vast majority of Americans claim
to believe in God. I claim to believe that running is good for me but that
does not make me a runner. Putting on my running shoes and running
makes me a runner. The climbing abortion rate, murder rate, divorce rate,
alcoholism and drug abuse rate, child and spousal abuse rate contradict
that claim and prove that actions speak louder than words. It is an
observable truth that the best time you will ever make on any American
City freeway is on Sunday morning because there are no traffic jams
getting to church.

For those who believe that separation of church and state is not
enough, that the world would be better off with no church at all, ask yourself this question. How many hospitals, universities, orphanages, homeless and abuse shelters have been founded by the ACLU or American Atheist Society?  It is the inclusion of the word Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Christian, etc., in the name of so many of these institutions that proves by actions, not just words, who really cares for the suffering of mankind and desires to make the world better.

The question that people should be asking is not "Why does God allow
tragedies?" but "When will we realize that no nation, in the history of
the world, has ever separated itself from God and evolved to a better
society?" Of course, to answer, you would have to know history. Most
people, it would seem, prefer People magazine."

Joyce Minor
Asst. Director of Development and Alumni Relations
University of Alabama School of Law

SLUDGE 1-23-2000

      Arnold Rothstein couldn't have fixed the Elections any better, so it's no coincidence that all "Final Four" Front-runners ignore THE ISSUE of the New World Order, and do a squishy-wishy Moon-walk on it's agenda. This allows them to mush-mouth to fit the Demographics as they campaign in various states. And it's no coincidence that Roe vs Wade turned into a National Face-flash Photo-Op of Jesus smiling down on Son of Bush at the Teen Challenge of the Midlands rehab center in Colfax Iowa. The photo was taken at an angle which focuses Jesus's eyes and out-stretched hand in a blessing of King George.
      MiniTruth pumps out porn, and Big Brother cuts up the by-product. Mass Abortion is an Inner-Party Blood Sacrificial Ritual, which has stole the souls of 40 million proles in the past 27 years. The Hoola-hoop and the "The Twist" conditioned the proles to the pelvic gyrations of the Sexual Revolution, and Dead Babies are now paying the Pied Pipers of " Rock & Roll."
     So who will King George select as his flunky VP once the Coronation is "official?"  Well, surprise, surprise!  New York correspondent Joe Klein, "anonymous" author of " Primary Colors," gives us a hint with his newest release: " The Running Mate," starring(guess who?) McNasty as a Vietnam War hero!  Is this Scripted or what?

SLUDGE 1-22-2000

     Holocaust Denial is on trial in Britain, and author David Irving is accused of " deviating from Official Truth."  A World-Wide Inquisition is being waged against " inappropriate speech " and " heretical thought."  The Party are the Gods of Orthodoxy, therefor the Party-line is Holy, and " Official Truth " is now Sacred.
     (Toronto Star)-Witch-Burning in Canada, as veteran newscaster Avery Haines has been fired by CTV for "inappropriate" remarks aired when a studio technician queued the wrong take: " I kind of like the stuttering thing, it's like equal opportunity, right? We've got the stuttering newscaster. We've got the black, we've got the Asian, we've got the woman, I could be a lesbian, folk-dancing, black woman stutterer.... In a wheelchair....with gimpy rubber legs."
      Free speech is framed and determined by the Party Line, and Thought Criminals are Heretics who deviate from that line. But where does it stop, and just how "Correct" can we get?
      South Africa's Equality Courts give us a clue. Unfair discrimination is defined as, " any act or omission, either intended or unintended, which has the effect of causing an unjust disadvantage to a person or group of people." Unfair discrimination is defined on 25 grounds, including race, gender. marital status, age, disability, social or economic status, religion, language, culture, belief, conscience, HIV-Aids, or any other ground." Kaffir, Boer, and Coolie, are banned as Old World " Hate Words."

   " The Ban of the Past, lays the Plan of the Future."  Sludge 2000 AD

SLUDGE 1-21-2000

     Media Czar Ted Turner recommends a "Day of Atonement" for John Rocker, and Hanoi Jane makes a Klute 20 million on the Merger/Separation, and undergoes a Religious Conversion Make-over. Is Jane jealous of Hillary's Daily Face-flash and Press? Meanwhile, Pinocchio quietly goes about doing the business of screwing the proles, by confiscating their lands and guns for Big Brother, in the hope of someday seeing his penis on MT. Rushmore.
     McNasty gets Bush-wacked in New York. "Quit f-**-ing with me, and let me on the ballet," he screamed at GOP Chairman William Powers, " what are you trying to do to me?" Son of Bush hand-jerks and smirks while his PIONEERS do the smears. The Presidency is a short-term investment, and Pioneers "bundled" the $1000 contributions, while "crediting" the investors.
     Echelon keys on words, and Intel's ubiquitous Pentium lll processor contains a chip which follows every cyber-move you make, every breath you take. U.S. Attorney General Stonewall Janet Reno, who was unconcerned about America's "Crown Jewels" being stolen by Red China, is DoubleThink concerned about Internet security. LawNet is NewSpeak for Stonewall Janet's Web Feds, who will patrol for ThoughtCrime in cyberspace.

SLUDGE 1-20-2000

     Douglas, Arizona- Pat Buchanan walked through a "Mexican only" hole in the border fence Wednesday, only to be informed by a Cochise County, Arizona sheriff's deputy that, " Non-Mexicans are supposed to use authorized ports of entry."
      AHMAD AL-JABER Airbase, Kuwait- Son of Bush poses in front of an American flag backdrop and proclaims, " I'm delighted that I've been invited out here today to salute you, who in my view, are doing the LORD'S WORK."  The "Lord's Work", has been the systematic destruction of Iraq's Oil fields and infrastructure. General Norman Schwarzkopf called it, "bombing it back into the pre-industrial age," and Noam Chomsky called it, "biological warfare." The "Lord's Work" is evident throughout Iraq: pestilence, famine, a couple million homeless, and a couple million deaths from 90,000 tons of "God Bombs."  Pinocchio "Wagged the Dog" during his impeachment hearings, by launching Tomahawks and Patriot missiles on Baghad civilians during "Operation Monica, and in October 1998, Dennis Halliday, assistant secretary-general of the UN, resigned as head of "Oil for Food", stating, the program was "an all-out effort to starve to death as many Iraqis as possible."
      Let's get this straight. "The Great Satan" is using Weapons of Mass Destruction to commit Genocide on the Iraqi civilians, and Son of Bush, who claims his favorite "philosopher" was Jesus, calls it, " The Lord's Work." Didn't we here that from " Son of Sam "?

      "We're Kooks?" "Ya." " Whatever."
KAHN 01-20-2000

SLUDGE 1-19-2000

     As we enter the 3rd Hate Week of Atlanta Brave's pitcher John Rocker, the Party has now fueled the Fire's of "Correct Protest", and the flames are flickering on the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina. "Correct Protest" is Party sponsored protest, and unlike 'The Battle in Seattle', the Cause, not the cost is once again the issue. But what REALLY is that issue? Time Warner owns both the Atlanta Braves and Sports Illustrated, which means both Rocker and reporter Jeff Pearlman are pawns in an AgiProp Op. designed to align the Prole's toes to the PC Party Line. State's Rights, NOT SLAVERY, was THE issue of the Civil War, and Cultural Bigotry in the name of "diversity" is being imposed.
                      War is Peace
                Freedom is Slavery                                            and now..............Conformity is Diversity
     The Trashing of the Past is Cultural Genocide, and a PC perfect "in color" Pleasantville Utopia is being superimposed on our consciousness by Liberal Totalitarians. The Old World's "black and white" past, with it's "black and white" morals and values, was erased by Color TV.
      Why has Sludge-bashing become a sport on the internet? Is it because of the 178 billion dollar AOL-Time Warner merger, or is it due to crunch-time in the Primaries?  Regardless of the reason, more and more Smearsh specialists and Disinformation agents are now polluting the Surf of the Web. The Sludge Report is privately funded and staffed by volunteers, who's only reward is exposing Truth. So here ye all: Truth is not opinion nor open to debate......... and it's NOT FOR SALE!

     How easy it is for the left to simply write-off what is correct.  I have found out when you call them on their crap, they simply denounce you as a cook.  Such as, If the confederate flag stands for racism/slavery, than the Stars and Stripes stand for the same since they flew during the same time period and on ships that brought the slaves to our country.  Liberal reply:  "You're a Cook!"
      You can further infuriate them by asking them to respect your diversity because after all, it takes a village.  They hate it when you utilize their crap and point out their inconsistencies by their crap's standards.  They can not even follow their own flaky rules derived from turning over a rock and gathering all the slimy things under it.
       We are now going to post the immigration speech by Pat Buchanan...

Kile Kahn 01-19-2000

To Reunite a Nation
Patrick J. Buchanan

Let me begin with a story: In 1979, Deng Xiaoping arrived here on an official visit. China was emerging from the Cultural Revolution, and poised to embark on the capitalist road. When President Carter sat down with Mr. Deng, he told him he was concerned over the right of the Chinese people to emigrate. The Jackson-Vanik amendment, Mr. Carter said, prohibited granting most favored nation trade status to regimes that did not allow their people to emigrate.

"Well, Mr. President," Deng cheerfully replied, "Just how many Chinese do you want? Ten million. Twenty million. Thirty million?" Deng's answer stopped Carter cold. In a few words, the Chinese leader had driven home a point Mr. Carter seemed not to have grasped: Hundreds of millions of people would emigrate to America in a eyelash, far more than we could take in, far more than our existing population of 270 million, if we threw open our borders. And though the U.S. takes in more people than any other nation, it still restricts immigration to about one million a year, with three or four hundred thousand managing to enter every year illegally.

There is more to be gleaned from this encounter. Mr. Carter's response was a patriotic, or, if you will, a nationalistic response. Many might even label it xenophobic. The President did not ask whether bringing in 10 million Chinese would be good for them. He had suddenly grasped that the real issue was how many would be good for America? Mr. Carter could have asked another question: Which Chinese immigrants would be best for America? It would make a world of difference whether China sent over 10 million college graduates or 10 million illiterate peasants, would it not?

Since the Carter-Deng meeting, America has taken in 20 million immigrants, many from China and Asia, many more from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and a few from Europe. Social scientists now know a great deal about the impact of this immigration.

Like all of you, I am awed by the achievements of many recent immigrants. Their contributions to Silicon Valley are extraordinary. The over-representation of Asian-born kids in advanced high school math and science classes is awesome, and, to the extent that it is achieved by a superior work ethic, these kids are setting an example for all of us. The contributions that immigrants make in small businesses and hard work in tough jobs that don't pay well merits our admiration and deepest respect. And, many new immigrants show a visible love of this country and an appreciation of freedom that makes you proud to be an American.

Northern Virginia, where I live, has experienced a huge and sudden surge in immigration. It has become a better place, in some ways, but nearly unrecognizable in others, and no doubt worse in some realms, a complicated picture over all. But it is clear to anyone living in a state like California or Virginia that the great immigration wave, set in motion by the Immigration Act of 1965, has put an indelible mark upon America.

We are no longer a biracial society; we are now a multi-racial society. We no longer struggle simply to end the divisions and close the gaps between black and white Americans; we now grapple, often awkwardly, with an unprecedented ethnic diversity. We also see the troubling signs of a national turning away from the idea that we are one people, and the emergence of a radically different idea, that we are separate ethnic nations within a nation.

Al Gore caught the change in a revealing malapropism. Mr. Gore translated the national slogan, "E Pluribus Unum," which means "Out of many, one," into "Out of one, many." Behind it, an inadvertent truth: America is Balkanizing as never before.

Five years ago, a bipartisan presidential commission, chaired by Barbara Jordan, presented its plans for immigration reform. The commission called for tighter border controls, tougher penalties on businesses that hire illegal aliens, a new system for selecting legal immigrants, and a lowering of the annual number to half a million. President Clinton endorsed the recommendations. But after ethnic groups and corporate lobbies for foreign labor turned up the heat, he backed away.

The data that support the Jordan recommendations are more refined today. We have a National Academy of Sciences report on the economic consequences of immigration, a Rand study, and work by Harvard's George Borjas and other scholars. All agree that new immigration to the United States is heavily skewed to admitting the less skilled. Unlike other industrialized democracies, the U.S. allots the vast majority of its visas on the basis of whether new immigrants are related to recent immigrants, rather than whether they have the skills or education America needs. This is why it is so difficult for Western and Eastern Europeans to come here, while almost entire villages from El Salvador have come in.

Major consequences flow from having an immigration stream that ignores education or skills. Immigrants are now more likely than native-born Americans to lack a high school education. More than a quarter of our immigrant population receives some kind of welfare, compared to 15 percent of native-born. Before the 1965 bill, immigrants were less likely to receive welfare. In states with many immigrants, the fiscal impact is dramatic. The National Academy of Sciences contends that immigration has raised the annual taxes of each native household in California by $1,200 a year. But the real burden is felt by native-born workers, for whom mass immigration means stagnant or falling wages, especially for America's least skilled.

There are countervailing advantages. Businesses can hire new immigrants at lower pay; and consumers gain because reduced labor costs produce cheaper goods and services. But, generally speaking, the gains from high immigration go to those who use the services provided by new immigrants.

If you are likely to employ a gardener or housekeeper, you may be financially better off. If you work as a gardener or housekeeper, or at a factory job in which unskilled immigrants are rapidly joining the labor force, you lose. The last twenty years of immigration have thus brought about a redistribution of wealth in America, from less-skilled workers and toward employers. Mr. Borjas estimates that one half of the relative fall in the wages of high school graduates since the 1980s can be traced directly to mass immigration.

At some point, this kind of wealth redistribution, from the less well off to the affluent, becomes malignant. In the 1950s and '60s, Americans with low reading and math scores could aspire to and achieve the American Dream of a middle class lifestyle. That is less realistic today. Americans today who do poorly in high school are increasingly condemned to a low-wage existence; and mass immigration is a major reason why.

There is another drawback to mass immigration: a delay in the assimilation of immigrants that can deepen our racial and ethnic divisions. As in Al Gore's "Out of One, Many."

Concerns of this sort are even older than the Republic itself. In 1751, Ben Franklin asked: "Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them?" Franklin would never find out if his fears were justified. German immigration was halted by the Seven Years War; then slowed by the Great Lull in immigration that followed the American Revolution. A century and half later, during what is called the Great Wave, the same worries were in the air.

In 1915 Theodore Roosevelt told the Knights of Columbus: "There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism….The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities." Congress soon responded by enacting an immigration law that brought about a virtual forty-year pause to digest, assimilate, and Americanize the diverse immigrant wave that had rolled in between 1890 and 1920.

Today, once again, it is impossible not to notice the conflicts generated by a new "hyphenated Americanism." In Los Angeles, two years ago, there was an anguishing afternoon in the Coliseum where the U.S. soccer team was playing Mexico. The Mexican-American crowd showered the U.S. team with water bombs, beer bottles and trash. The Star Spangled Banner was hooted and jeered. A small contingent of fans of the American team had garbage hurled at them. The American players later said that they were better received in Mexico City than in their own country.

Last summer, El Cenizo, a small town in south Texas, adopted Spanish as its official language. All town documents are now to be written, and all town business conducted, in Spanish. Any official who cooperates with U.S. immigration authorities was warned he or she would be fired. To this day, Governor Bush is reluctant to speak out on this de facto secession of a tiny Texas town to Mexico.

Voting in referendums that play a growing part in the politics of California is now breaking down sharply on ethnic lines. Hispanic voters opposed Proposition 187 to cut off welfare to illegal aliens, and they rallied against it under Mexican flags. They voted heavily in favor of quotas and ethnic preferences in the 1996 California Civil Rights Initiative, and, again, to keep bilingual education in 1998. These votes suggest that in the California of the future, when Mexican-American voting power catches up with Mexican-American population, any bid to end racial quotas by referendum will fail. A majority of the state's most populous immigrant group now appears to favor set-asides and separate language programs, rather than to be assimilated into the American mainstream.

The list of troubling signs can be extended. One may see them in the Wen Ho Lee nuclear secrets case, as many Chinese-Americans immediately concluded the United States was prosecuting Mr. Lee for racist reasons.

Regrettably, a cultural Marxism called political correctness is taking root that makes it impossible to discuss immigration in any but the most glowing terms. In New York City billboards that made the simple point that immigration increases crowding and that polls show most Americans want immigration rates reduced were forced down under circumstances that came very close to government-sponsored censorship. The land of the free is becoming intolerant of some kinds of political dissent.

Sociologist William Frey has documented an out-migration of black and white Americans from California, some of them seeking better labor market conditions, others in search of a society like the one they grew up in. In California and other high immigration states, one also sees the rise of gated communities where the rich close themselves off from the society their own policies produce.

I don't want to overstate the negatives. But in too many cases the American Melting Pot has been reduced to a simmer. At present rates, mass immigration reinforces ethnic subcultures, reduces the incentives of newcomers to learn English; and extends the life of linguistic ghettos that might otherwise be melded into the great American mainstream. If we want to assimilate new immigrants-and we have no choice if we are remain one nation-we must slow down the pace of immigration.

Whatever its shortcomings, the United States has done far better at alleviating poverty than most countries. But an America that begins to think of itself as made up of disparate peoples will find social progress far more difficult. It is far easier to look the other way when the person who needs help does not speak the same language, or share a common culture or common history.

Americans who feel it natural and right that their taxes support the generation that fought World War II -- will they feel the same way about those from Fukien Province or Zanzibar? If America continues on its present course, it could rapidly become a country with no common language, no common culture, no common memory and no common identity. And that country will find itself very short of the social cohesion that makes compassion possible.

None of us are true universalists: we feel responsibility for others because we share with them common bonds -- common history and a common fate. When these are gone, this country will be a far harsher place.

That is why I am proposing immigration reform to make it possible to fully assimilate the 30 million immigrants who have arrived in the last thirty years. As President, I will ask Congress to reduce new entry visas to 300,000 a year, which is enough to admit immediate family members of new citizens, with plenty of room for many thousands with the special talents or skills our society needs. If after several years, it becomes plain that the United States needs more immigrants because of labor shortages, it should implement a point system similar to that of Canada and Australia, and allocate visas on a scale which takes into account education, knowledge of English, job skills, age, and relatives in the United States.

I will also make the control of illegal immigration a national priority. Recent reports of thousands of illegals streaming across the border into Arizona, and the sinister and cruel methods used to smuggle people by ship into the United States, demand that we regain control of our borders. For a country that cannot control its borders isn't fully sovereign; indeed, it is not even a country anymore.

Without these reforms, America will begin a rapid drift into uncharted waters. We shall become a country with a dying culture and deepening divisions along the lines of race, class, income and language. We shall lose for our children and for the children of the 30 million who have come here since 1970 the last best hope of earth. We will betray them all-by denying them the great and good country we were privileged to grow in. We just can't do that.

With immigration at the reduced rate I recommend, America will still be a nation of immigrants. We will still have the benefit of a large, steady stream of people from all over the world whose life dream is to be like us - Americans. But, with this reform, America will become again a country engaged in the mighty work of assimilation, of shaping new Americans, a proud land where newcomers give up their hyphens, the great American melting pot does its work again, and scores of thousands of immigrant families annually ascend from poverty into the bosom of Middle America to live the American dream.

SLUDGE 1-16-2000

     "All Hat and no Tax Cuts", chided McNasty. The short left uppercut in the seventh round of the Iowa Menshevik Debates left Son of Bush paralyzed. All the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't help Humpty Dumpty, as his eyes went glassy and his brain struggled for some witty response, some rapier repartee from his coach's repertoire. Alas, after several embarrassing seconds of Prime Time dead air and blank stare....... a retarded "cute", was his only retaliatory retort. Was the "Gottcha" game to blame, or is the champ's Glass Jaw a Mind Thaw?
      No penis is an island, and since Paula Jones described Pinocchio's as, " the diameter of a quarter, and crooked to the left" can we correlate some meaningful relationship between Penis Warp and Political Ideology? Or is all this brew-ha-ha over Pinocchio's genitalia simply another scam, a pretext perhaps, for him to prove his guilt or innocence to the American people on National TV?  We can only speculate on the disgusting spectacle:
                                  "I..I had a Dream", say's Pinocchio, "that all penis's are equal and government issued. A One World of standard 5-3/4" x43 ring gauge Habana Coronas, without  jealousy, envy, or discrimination.  As you all know,  I have been unfairly accused of by a Vast Conspiracy of terrible wrongs, and I would like to expose the TRUTH  right now by dropping my pants right here on National Television................."

SLUDGE 1-15-2000

     Time to take out the trash. The Sheeple's bleat on the Guest book asking, ' why we don't here about Waco, and why didn't the Media go after Pinocchio like they did John Rocker ' ? Indeed, why aren't we hearing about Waco?  Because the Media is rambling about the "Cuban Political Pawn Boy" and Hillary!  Hillary has her own show, a running Soap with daily episodes...and her ratings are through the roof.  Waco will break after the movie's released, and the fall-out will strike the Klingon Slayer Sword, so that Son of Bush can dramatically pull it from the stone, and slay the Evil Klingon Dragon. No more Impeachment Blue-balls, and we live happier ever after in the NWO under King George. Isn't that the Script?
      Another prole whines, " All these groups can arguably be called ' extreme,' but the problem is that the definition of ' extreme ' is always being broadened."  Right on, because the farther we drift into the Sea of Dommunism, the more the Whores make the shores of our Republic appear, "extreme". The "Radical Left" of the sixties is now Mainstream, and a "Terrorist" is anyone who believes in the Bill of Rights and owns a gun. The setting sun is reflecting upon the receding Rock of the Constitution. That Rock is our Buoy, a Reference Point in a Sea of Madness and Totalitarianism. The Party's ploy is to ram vague, ambiguous laws behind Emotional Hype Stories(usually in conjunction with "Docu-dramas")and "define" the terms later.

      We are currently researching a story coming out on the bulletin boards concerning Bighorn County Sheriff Dave Mattis .  It seems that while he was speaking at a press conference following the recent US District Court decision(case no. 2:96-cv-099-J) Bighorn County Sheriff Dave Mattis stated that all federal officials are forbidden to enter his county without his prior approval.'
        I have yet to find any media stories or other to confirm this.  Doesn't necessarily mean it's not true, but could mean the mainstream will not allow us the knowledge of this event.  If anyone has any substantiated proof of such, feel free to drop the link off on the guest book, email, or forum.
         I recently was able to catch the Rev. Jesse L. Peterson on one of the syndicated talk shows.  It seems Rev. Peterson, who by the way is black, does not approve of Jesse Jackson's tactics to maintain his wealth.  Peterson alleges the constant use of the race card in our country is bogus.  Peterson has directed his efforts to make the blacks responsible for their own actions and putting the black male back into the household.  Peterson has also assisted people of all races to deal with the anger derived from the systematic destruction of the family unit.  I highly recommend you visit his site and study him in depth to get the just of his messages.  You can catch it at:
KAHN 01-15-2000

SLUDGE 1-14-2000

     Son of Bush is sitting Tall in the Saddle with 70 million bucks, 33 Senatorial Endorsements, and the Pendragon Klingon Slayer Sword. The Presidential Thrown was his birthright, and Everybody's been bought,... branded on the bare buttocks with the "Dubya" iron. Critics are ignored, smeared or shredded, as all kneel and bow to King George. Which explains why "Fair & Balanced" Fox carried "live" Daddy Bush's Iowa Stump Speech for junior, while SPIKING  Pat Buchanan's. King George and his "buddy", Brown-nose McNasty shook hands on a Smearsh Ban..
      Washington(AP)- The Nine Just Men of the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that proles that flee, are no longer free. "Nervous, evasive behavior is a pertinent factor in determining reasonable suspicion" to justify a stop, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist wrote, "Headlong flight..wherever it the consummate act of evasion."
      Laguna Beach, Calif.-Police will now file "incident reports" for Incorrect Remarks. The policy follows a complaint of an "Anti-Gay" comment.
      Microsoft is being chopped up for being a "Monopoly", while AOL-Time/Warner merge in a 178 billion dollar deal.
      John Rocker remains strapped to the Public Scaffold, the object of scorn and ridicule. A Hate Target to be spit at, pissed on, and assaulted on sight. The Party has declared Big John " mentally-ill " for his Career Ending Remarks....and painted a Bulls-eye on his jersey.

SLUDGE 1-12-2000

     Franken food debates, served with De-caff-coffee, and a Low-tar cigar. According to the latest Zogby, Bush-light is at 55% and Near-beer McNasty's at 18, the rest are now Low cholesterol, Fat-free, and groveling for a VP gig.  Hoping to grab onto the back of King George's coat-tails, like he grabbed Daddy's. A Congo-line of Big Brother brown-nosing butt-Kissers.  Phyllis Schafly was right, "The Fix was in" from the beginning. The Bolsheviks and Mensheviks have merged, the Media has merged, Banks have merged, even our Executive, Judicial, and Congressional "branches" are now part of the same New World Order Trunk. Is this Diversity?
     Well, REAL News is a cruel gruel best served bloody raw, so here it is:
     The Klingons are Out on Bail. The Party has their souls in the bank and their necks on a leash. Bill and Hillary are Lame-ducks of a Soap opera, designed to implement the NWO agenda's, while at the same time serve as Lightning Rods of DISCONTENT and seething HATE. Why, oh great Sludge!? For what foul purpose doth the Party f--k with our heads so?  Because the Sword to destroy the Klingons is buried in stone, and the only one deemed worthy to pull the Sword is Son of Bush. All will unite behind the Great Savior with the slicky sick smirk, when he gives a jerk,... and Lightning strikes the Sword.

SLUDGE 1-10-2000

" Never have a people been told so much, yet known so little."  -  Sludge 2000

     Atlanta Braves pitcher, John Rocker, was a target of a Smearsh AgiProp Op. What was the circumstance, and under what cunning pretense, did Sports Illustrated's reporter Jeff Pearlman employ to "do" John Rocker as he drove his MINIVAN down Atlanta's Route 400?  What deceitful ruse did he use, to pretend to befriend?  Did he pose as a Brave's Fan, or a hitchhiking Klan? Here are some highlights, you decide:
      "Stupid bitch! Learn to f---ing drive!" he yells. Rocker honks his horn. Once. Twice. He swerves a lane to the left. There is a toll booth with a tariff of 50 cents. Rocker tosses in two quarters. The gate doesn't rise. From behind, a horn blasts. "F--- you!" Rocker yells, flashing his middle finger out the window. Finally, after Rocker has thrown in two dimes and a nickel, the gate rises. Rocker brings up a thick wad of phlegm. Puuuh! He spits at the machine. "Hate this damn toll."
       You get the picture, all inflammatory, and all designed to make us Hate John Rocker.  Did the AgiProp agent riding in John's van have a note-pad visible and a recorder in his shoe?  And more importantly, how much slicing and dicing did agent Pearlman do, once he scurried back to his lair with his "interview"?  How much was cut out of context and fed through the Wire, to be repeated as Gospel by a TeleScreen Liar?

SLUDGE 1-9-2000

     West Columbia, S.C.(AP)-  The Menshevik Showdown was a Ho'down, and the Presidential Primaries could come down to "boxers or briefs?". The Party Bitches ' got the crowd into the game,' with a 2 hour ' Happy hour' warm-up, and Sonny Bush took full advantage by waving the Confederate Flag and promising to "take back the Chinese Canal". What's next? Coke bottles stuck down the pants?  Or better yet, how about everybody just tally up their "War Chests", pull down their trousers, and get it over with? Son of Bush has the CIA connects, daddy's rolodex, and 65 million bucks to buy everybody off.  What did YOU get for Christmas?
     Meanwhile, the Ministry of Truth has spiked Pat Buchanan's speech and focused on it's Trump Card, thereby deleting THE ISSUE of the New World Order from the Elections.
     Deadbeat Dads find a Car-boot and a "Scarlet Letter" on their vehicles in Virginia, 9 year old's cuffed, 12 year old's given Life, and John Rocker is now the focus of National ' O.J.' type Hatred. AgiProp has whipped up a Lynch Mob and they're screaming for Big John's lobotomized head on a pole.  Saliva dripping, eye bulging, vein popping... HATE..... in the name of Anti-Hate!
      Alec Baldwin's screaming for the death of Henry Hyde and his family on National TV was OK, so was Betty Friedan's, "dirty old white men," and Al Sharpton who serves as Hillary's "advisor" in her phony Senate campaign, has made more inflammatory comments then John Rocker ever will. So why the hatred for the Rock?  Because Anti-Hate is PC Hate, and PC Hate is Good Hate, and Good Hate is really LOVE FOR BIG BROTHER!

SLUDGE 1-8-2000

     If Kosovo wasn't a Propaganda War, why did NATO bomb Serb TV,  where are the 100,000 dead bodies, and why was White House spokesman Rubin proclaiming "Good Bombing weather" to "degrade the enemy forces", while his wife was running the Bombed Train film at 3 X normal speed for CNN?  The SSsystem is made from everyone's bitches, and held together with all the lies.
     So just how many Volts will it take to "correct" John Rocker's thinking?  IrisScans, and electrodes clipped to his testicles will have Big John singing "We are the World", in falsetto. Ironically, when Big Brother created the "Homeless" problem, by dumping all the Nuts in the streets in the early seventies, the American Psychiatric Association classified Homosexuality as the "mental illness". Thought Crime is now Mental Illness, and the PC Police are squeezing the Mold.  PC Censors cut Hawaiian Tropic's sun-tan ad depicting a super-tanned white man being drug off by the KKK, and Nabisco's "Cheddar cheese Nips" have been pulled from the shelves.
                                    " If the Lying stops, the system will collapse."-Alexandr Solzenhenitsyn

     I just got off the phone and ended a conversation I had with a law enforcement official in Western Washington, Seattle area.  One of the topics we discussed was the recent riots reported in Seattle during the WTO conference.  According to my source, there were only very isolated incidents, not so wide spread as the media exaggerated.  In fact, the officer that is under investigation is actually from Tukwila and he most likely will be fired for kicking a male in the groin and firing a less than lethal bean bag round at the subject.  It appears that this officer mearly lost his cool in a heated verbal exchange with the male.  Therefor, it too was an isolated incident.
     The main vocal group in the streets was some socialistic group that seeks all their aid and money from the government.  That is, they believe the government has to pay for their free ride through life without them working.  I found this hype to be very similar in nature to the recent Y2k scam.  Once again, my source tells me that New Years on the coast was just as BORING as any where else.
     Perhaps the public doesn't buy into any what the media offers.  This would then cause the media to create the incident.  Or perhaps people are so damn apathetic that even the media can't rally them into mayhem.  Time will tell.

Kile Kahn

SLUDGE 1-7-2000

     Son of Bush is working on his Smirk and McNasty has sprouted a "Joker" like smile, but Face Flash is trash and the Menshevik bitches needed NBC's Tim Russert to deal off the bottom. "I trust your integrity, I trust your judgment," said GWB, as he looked mournfully into McNasty's new Forbes, "Maybe you want to give John a hug"?....John gives a hug. I tuned out this Cat fight schtik before it made me sick.... missing Allan Keyes dig the "Nine Inch Nails" into McNasty's gluteus.
      What was NOT on TV, or even "in the news", was Pat Buchanan telling the American people that they now have been placed under a World Dictatorship!  Here is that speech in it's entirety:

The Millennium Conflict: America First or World Government

Boston World Affairs Council January 6, 2000
(Text prepared for noon delivery)

Patrick J. Buchanan

Five years ago, historian Christopher Lasch published The Revolt of the Elites. It was a book about how our national elite was literally seceding from America. Pointing up the huge and growing gap in incomes between the elite and the middle class, Lasch argued that a more ominous gap existed in how each perceived America.

The old elite, Lasch wrote, had a sense of obligation to country and community. But the new ruling class, more merit based, brainy, and mobile, congregates on the coasts and puts patriotism far down the list in its hierarchy of values. Indeed, said Lasch, "it is a question of whether they think of themselves as Americans at all."

Lasch did not name names, but the new elite is not difficult to identify. A few years ago, Ralph Nader wrote to the executives of 100 giant U.S. corporations, suggesting how they might show their loyalty to "the country that bred them, built them, subsidized them and defended them." At the annual stockholders meeting, Ralph said, why not begin with a pledge of allegiance to the flag?

Only one company responded favorably. Half did not respond at all. Many sent back angry letters declaring that they were not American companies at all. Motorola denounced the request as "political and nationalistic." Other companies likened the idea of a pledge of allegiance to loyalty oaths of the McCarthy era. Why were the heads of these corporations outraged? Because for years they have been trying to sever their bonds to the country of their birth.

In 1997 the head of Boeing told one interviewer he would be delighted if, twenty years hence, no one thought of Boeing as an American company. My goal, said Phil Condit, is to "rid [Boeing] of its image as an American group."

Back in the 1970s, Carl Gerstacker of Dow envisioned a day when Dow would be free of America. "I have long dreamed," he said, "of buying an island owned by no nation and of establishing the World Headquarters of the Dow Company on the truly neutral ground of such an island, beholden to no nation or society." A spokesman for Union Carbide agreed: "It is not proper for an international corporation to put the welfare of any country in which it does business above that of any other." In any test of loyalties, for such as these, the company comes before the country.

Early in the 1970s, Zbigniew Brzezinski, later Jimmy Carter's national security adviser, wrote, "A global consciousness is for the first time beginning to manifest itself...we are witnessing the emergence of transnational elites...composed of international businessmen, scholars, professional men and public officials. The ties of these new elites cut across national boundaries, their perspectives are not confined by national traditions...and their interests are more functional than national." The one force that can derail the rise of this new elite, warned Zbig, is the "politically activated masses," whose "nativism could work against the cosmopolitan elites."

Brzezinski knew that the creation of any New World Order would have to proceed by stealth. As Richard Gardner, Carter's ambassador to Italy, wrote in 1974: "The 'house of world order' will have to be built from the bottom up. An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than an old fashioned frontal assault."

Advancing on little cat's feet, they have done their work. By 1992 Mr. Clinton could appoint as Deputy Secretary of State his roommate from Oxford days who openly welcomed the death of nations and the coming of world government. Wrote Strobe Talbott:

     All countries are basically social arrangements. Within the next hundred years, nationhood as we know it will be obsolete. All states will recognize a single global authority. A phrase briefly fashionable in the mid 20th century, citizen of the world, will have assumed real meaning at the end of the 21st.

Last year in Istanbul, Bill Clinton declared himself "a citizen of the world."

This, then, is the millennial struggle that succeeds the Cold War: It is the struggle of patriots of every nation against a world government where all nations yield up their sovereignty and fade away. It is the struggle of nationalism against globalism, and it will be fought out not only among nations, but within nations. And the old question Dean Rusk asked in the Vietnam era is relevant anew: Whose side are you on?

Last fall, accepting the highest award of the World Federalist Association, the Most Trusted Man in America declared his loyalty.

...[I]f we are to avoid the eventual catastrophic world conflict, we must strengthen the United Nations as a first step toward a world government... we Americans will have to yield up some of our sovereignty. That would be a bitter pill. It would take a lot of courage, a lot of faith in the new order.

Indeed it would, Mr. Cronkite.

Walter went on to urge U.S. ratification of the UN Law of the Sea Treaty rejected by Ronald Reagan, of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty rejected by the Senate, and of the Rome treaty for a permanent international war crimes tribunal. He urged America to surrender its veto power in the Security Council, and called for a standing UN army to enforce the peace of the world. We now no longer see as through a glass darkly, but face to face, the internationalists' vision of world government.

But the American ship of state has long been shifting course to that destination. In October 1991, President Bush told the UN that a New World Order was America's goal. In 1993, the Clinton White House, in a secret national security directive, declared its intent to put U.S. troops under UN command. When young Americans were killed in an accident over Iraq, Al Gore offered his condolences "to the families of those who died in the service of the United Nations."

In a lame-duck session of Congress in 1994, both parties voted to ensnare the United States in a World Trade Organization where America gets one vote out of 135, and gives up its right to negotiate reciprocal trade treaties that serve America's national interest.

Under the treaty on global warming Al Gore brought home from Kyoto, the United States must radically slash its use of fossil fuels like oil and coal, while no commensurate cut is demanded in the fossil fuel use of 132 "underdeveloped countries," including China.

The house of world order is indeed being built from the bottom up; but resistance is also beginning to build. In December globalists were astounded there was so much anger in Seattle at the WTO. But our trade-uber-alles elites do not understand America, or American history. It was the will of this people to be masters in their own house that steeled our first patriots to stand up to the troops of the British Empire, just outside this city in 1775. A spirit of liberty is bred in our bones. Let me tell you about an American who put trade in its proper perspective.

Thomas Nelson, a merchant, was Governor of Virginia and head of its militia at Yorktown. As his artillery was firing on the British, Nelson walked up to the gunners to demand to know why they were avoiding one sector of Yorktown where his own home was located. "Out of respect to you, sir," came the reply. Nelson had the cannons turned and ordered them to fire at his own house. It was shelled to pieces.

But when that spirit of patriotism dies within a nation's elite, the aspirants of global power smell opportunity. Two years ago, a Mr. Bacre Waly Ndiaye of the UN Human Rights Commission came to the U.S. His mission: Tour U.S. prisons to determine if they are up to UN standards. Mr. Ndiaye interviewed condemned killers on death rows to see if their human rights were being violated.

There is, of course, something comical in a UN official from a continent where the criminal justice system is still, shall we say, pre-Miranda, ripping the U.S. for its prison system. But the issue behind the Ndiaye tour is deadly serious. For he insists he has the right to investigate our prisons because his UN commission speaks for "the world"—an authority higher than the United States, and he claims the 1992 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, signed by President Bush, justifies UN inspections of U.S. prisons.

Last month, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson toured northern Mexico. Her concern: the U.S. Border Patrol. By heavily patrolling the accessible crossing points, said Ms. Robinson, our Border Patrol is "forcing" illegal aliens to take more perilous routes into the United States. It is, presumably, a violation of the human rights of people breaking into our country to "force" them to seek out less safe passages across our borders.

It is easy to see where Mary Robinson and her colleagues are heading. They seek a regime where UN bureaucrats from Third World despotisms demand that America open her borders and grant sanctuary to all who wish to settle here. Americans who wish to control their borders will be told that sovereignty is outdated, and that our great fertile plains and cities are, compared to Bombay and Lagos, under-populated.

From UN declarations of "world heritage sites" in the U.S, to putting U.S. troops under UN command, to creation of a UN war crimes tribunal with the power to seize and prosecute U.S. soldiers, we are on the road paved by Bill Clinton when he said that he hopes to leave America tied down in a web of global institutions.

Last month, we learned that the UN tribunal to prosecute war crimes in the Balkans has opened a file on U.S. Air Force pilots. The chickens of globalism are coming home to roost.

Another milestone was crossed last year when UN Secretary General Kofi Annan asserted that only the Security Council can authorize the international use of force; and a nation's sovereignty no longer protects it from intervention, if the UN determines that human rights are being violated. The Brezhnev Doctrine of Limited Sovereignty has been replaced by the Annan Doctrine.

Upon what meat has this our Caesar fed? The United Nations was not established as a world government, but a forum for settling disputes. Kofi Annan is not the conscience of mankind; he is a civil servant, an employee of the UN; and he should begin behaving as such.

But it was not Mr. Ndiaye, Mrs. Robinson or Mr. Annan who announced the death of the nation-state. That was Strobe Talbott, Richard Gardner, and those Republicans who have made the Global Economy a Golden Calf to fall down before and worship. And the political globalists have their own Fifth Column of fellow travelers inside the conservative elite.

Wall Street Journal editor Robert Bartley has been quoted as declaring "the nation-state is finished." He calls for an amendment to the Constitution to throw open America's borders to immigration from all over the world. Bartley's vision of America as Global Mall, is embraced by the global corporations that advertise in the Journal and seek access to an inexhaustible supply of low-wage foreign labor. As British author John Gray writes, America's neo-conservatives have become little more than "ranting evangelists of global capitalism."

Let it be said: Loyalty to the New World Order is disloyalty to the Republic. In nation after nation, the struggle between patriotism and globalism is underway. In England, the Tory Party draws a line in the sand at giving up Britain's pound. In France, farmers riot to preserve a way of life. In Canada, the fight to preserve the national culture is gaining recruits. In Germany, Gerhardt Schroeder makes a political comeback by embracing economic nationalism.

And Mr. Cronkite's talk of world government ushering in world peace notwithstanding, the end of sovereignty means endless war. Trampling on the sovereignty of Yugoslavia, President Clinton demanded that the Serbs surrender Kosovo and cede domination of their country to NATO. When Belgrade rejected his ultimatum, Mr. Clinton began 78 days of bombing, using as his casus belli allegations of Serbian genocide against Kosovar Albanians. We now know there was no genocide. We now know it was Clinton's bombing that spurred the killing. We now know Clinton's War did not create a "multi-ethnic democracy," but a vengeful little statelet where Serbs are burned out of their homes for sport.

If ever sovereignty becomes obsolete, we may expect America's involvement in endless wars until, one day, we pay the horrific price in some act of cataclysmic terror on our own soil. For interventionism is the spawning pool of international terror.

Admonishing Russia for her war on Chechnya, Madeline Albright declared, "Killing the innocent does not defeat terror. It feeds terror." Exactly, Ms. Albright. But that is as true of Serbia, as it is of Chechnya.

If we wish to see the future our globalists have in mind, we need only look at the superstate rising in Europe. The nations of the European Union have ceased to be sovereign. They have given up control of their currencies, their budgets, their borders, and are giving up control of their defense. Britain has been forced to comply with a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights requiring the British army to accept homosexuals. Earlier, the court demanded that Britain end corporal punishment in its schools. "What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own country?"

In 1939, in his work, The New World Order, H. G. Wells wrote: "Countless people...will hate the New World Order...and will die protesting against it...we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents..."

Well, Mr. Wells, we are your malcontents. But we're not going to die protesting your New World Order; we're going to live fighting it. And Seattle may just prove to be the Boston Tea Party of that New World Order. "I believe globalization is inevitable," Bill Clinton told Larry King at year's end. Well, I don't.

My vision of America is of a republic that has recaptured every trace of her lost sovereignty, independence, and liberty, a nation that is once again self-reliant in agriculture, industry, and technology, a country that can, if need be, stand alone in the world.

My vision is of a republic not an empire, a nation that does not go to war unless she is attacked, or her vital interests are imperiled, or her honor is impugned. And when she does goes to war, it is only after following a constitutional declaration by the Congress of the United States. We are not imperialists; we are not interventionists; we are not hegemonists; and we are not isolationists. We simply believe in America first, last, and always.

And we don't want to be citizens of the world, because we have been granted a higher honor-we are citizens of the United States. Asked on his deathbed to make a toast, John Adams, the great Bostonian, declared: "Independence, forever!" That is my vision for America; that is our cause; and it shall prevail.

This speach was copied directly from theBuchanan Website.

 SLUDGE 1-6-2000

     Four Party stooges mumbling about Tax Reform and Campaign Finance off a Teleprompter, is NOT my idea of a Presidential Debate!  MinTruth continues to babble to pump the rabble on their "Final Four" flunkies. Smearsh tactics have been constant since the Garden of Eden:
            1. IGNORE
            2. SMEAR
            3. LIQUIDATE
Resistance and Dissidents are IGNORED... until they become a threat, at that point a SMEARSH Op. begins, and if that fails the Rebel can expect a Terminator and Clean-up crew at the door.  Allan Keyes is currently somewhere between "ignore" and "smear", in spite of the fact that he has swamped all three "Debates", and DOUBLED his contributions in the last quarter. Pat Buchanan is still  SMEARSH's number one target, and it is the daily duty of every MinTruth Puppet to take at least one dump on Pat. The Coronation Donation of King George, Son of Bush, could not be made until the Pat Smear was complete. All the flap about Ventura and the Reform Party was part of the Purge of New World Order Resistance in the Menshevik Party, and the moment Pat left, the Reform Party faded with the Kurds and Albanians into the Ethereal Dust Bin.
      Well screw Smearsh and screw the Party! You can't keep a good man down, and THE SHERIFFS BACK IN TOWN!
Watch Pat's rap slap the NWO in New Hampshire.

SLUDGE 1-5-2000

       Sludge has been swamped with inquires asking the same question," I gots to know, How did you KNOW!?" "Please tell us Great Oracle, how did you know the world wouldn't end on January 1st?"  The Sludge Board of Directors have sworn a blood oath not to reveal their sources, and we have neither the personnel nor the inclination to answer all your questions, so this will have to do:
KISS(keep it simple stupid), quit listening to the Chicken Littles on the WEB who cry, "the sky is falling", quit listening to the False Prophets of the Airways, and READ YOUR TV GUIDE!  That's it fans, if you had read your TV Guide you would have known that the Party planned to Party and you were PROGRAMMED to be the viewers, so get over it and eat your K-rations.
       Vladimir Putin is looking for a quick knockout in Chechnya. The Ministry of Truth has ignored the 3 "Mystery Missiles", but confirmed that SU 24 and 25 Bombers have flown 71 missions in the last 24 hours. Putin's "Kosovo" is being justified as a Counter-Terrorism Op. against Public Enemy Number One, Osama Bin Goldstien.
      Warren "Bulworth" Beatty has dropped out, Liz Dole has endorsed Bush, and your paying Jenny Craig, while they pay Monica.
      Soft Skull Publications has picked up J.H. Hatfield's shredded book, "Fortunate Son, George W. Bush and the Making of an American President", and added a very hot intro. Smearsh plans on intercepting it's late January release.

Does Paul Harvey read SLUDGE?

SLUDGE 1-4-2000

     Nobody has an Eternal Guarantee on a piece of Planet Earth. You might THINK you have a Deed from God, but Nature is the Landlord and when you become weak your butt hits the streets....unless that is, you get a Favorable Ruling from the Referees of World Dommunism. The USSR bumped 52 Nations without a Penalty Flag being thrown because Dommunism is always the Home Team and the same crowd that boos White Europeans for bumping the Indians, cheers for Israel to bump the Palestinians. The World Refs are "on the take," which is why they draw a "Line in the sand'" for one Nation and Payoff another, drop Penalty Bombs on one, and hand out Big Bucks to others. Hollywood has painted the Arabs as Terrorists because the Muslim World is being pounded into the NWO.
     Al-Quids Day was celebrated in Iran with Supreme Ruler, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei telling a huge crowd in Teheran, "The presence of Israel is a very big threat to regional nations and the only solution to the Middle East problem is the annihilation and destruction of the Zionist state." He denounced Yasser Arafat as a "Traitor, and stupid too." Does that sound like "peace" in the Middle East? I think not. It's time for America to quit being a World Ref, and start being Americans, and we wouldn't have to worry about Terrorism.

SLUDGE 1-3-2000

     (AP)-Y2K Command Center, Wash-Undersecretary of state, Thomas Pickering claims the 3 Mystery Missiles shot at Chechnya were scuds under the 500 kilometer range, therefor "Unreportable".                                                                         Putin announced from Moscow, " Russia is not fighting a war against Chechnya, Russia is conducting a Counter-Terrorist operation against International Terrorists. At anytime in history the U.S. and Russia have ALWAYS been together, they have ALWAYS been allies, and I think that's NOT ACCIDENTAL." Indeed, nothing in politics happens by chance. Revolutions don't just happen, World Wars don't just happen, and it's no coincidence that Osama Bin Goldstien is now a Common Enemy.
      Mikhail Gorbachev was the Smiley Face for Perestroika. Two steps forward, one step back, is the dance of Dommunism, and Gorby was a PR fund-raiser for World Socialism. Putin means the Hard Line is back, Chechnya will be crushed, Satellites(including Cuba) will click heels to the new Party Theme.
      Yeltsin stepped down with Immunity, and so will Captain Blye, the Party ALWAYS rewards the stooges of Dommunism and ALWAYS punishes Opposition.
      Final Four has framed the Presidential Elections along Party Lines. Smearsh Ops and Purges in the Menshevic Party has left a Void, Son of Bush invokes Plastic Jesus.

     This morning I read the front page story, "Who is responsible for the Y2k hype?"  How ironic that the beast who has defecated on itself is now wondering who soiled it's tentacles.  I just shot myself in the head now who is responsible for my murder?
      It really blows my mind that the masses continue to just sit there and nod their heads.  Are they scared?  Are they paranoid?  Or are they just plain stupid.  I just do not think we have a chance.  We are so willing to accept what "they" tell us is so.  You do not dare question any of it or you will be outcast from society.
     By shear numbers WE should have the power, yet we choose to quietly sit and accept our vodka rations with a Novocain smile on board.  A vote is placed, the people's voice is spoken, and the election is then overturned all in the name of the Constitution.  Who's Constitution is it any ways?
    Perhaps if Linus would rephrase it to be said, "Doesn't anyone care about freedom or individual rights?"  "Is it all over Charlie Brown?!"
Kahn 01-03-2000

SLUDGE 1-2-2000

     LaaazOR lights, fireworks, and Hell Fire on the river Thames were the birth pains of the Anti-Christ, and Ratings shot to the Heavens as pinned -down Proles preyed while double-digit I.P. Stars played. Sludge investigative reporter, Brenda Box was among the Throngs in thongs at the Lincoln Memorial and she gives us the sordid details:  Ellen RATner greeted the Warlocks, Vampires, and Blye bootlickers as they tramped down the ramps. So why did CBS turn down the sound when Bitch Witch Hillary got booed and the crowd started screaming, "Monica, Monica, Monica"? Captain Blye dropped a "Fortunate Son" hint(a reference to JH Hatfield's shredded book on Son of Bush?) and mumbled the standard "We are the World" mantra, before ducking out as the fireworks went off. Pimp suits, Jack Boots, and Voo Doo Rap, as Plastic Surgery Ghouls danced and pranced for Dommunism.
     Sludge's "man in the street",  Willie Weber reported Power Sabotage in Bend Oregon, and "PUSH" type extortion by the Environmental Liberation Front at Boise Cascade in Monmouth, before passing out under a keg in Pioneer Park, downtown Portland Oregon. Willie's final scribblings were an incoherent reference to " a launch of three missiles..." so I hope he considers this a final " Notice of Dismissal", Happy New year and have a nice life Willie.

SLUDGE 1-1-2000(because Y2k was a scam!)

Proles, quivering as they crawl from they're bunkers, squinting into the first light of the New millennium's Brave New World....
  PC and Drug-free, a faceless, tasteless, Utopia of hermaphroditic brotherhood of IrisScans and Thought Police.
   Was that MTV on the Lincoln Memorial last night?  Poor Old Abe looked pretty pissed as he viewed the debauchery of the abomination on the steps of the Nation's Capitol. All the supporting "Stars" of the Klingon Cartel were rewarded with a Face-flash dinner, and I see Lizard Taylor came as the Scarlet Woman in drag. Yes fans, through the  Magic Plastic of Hollywood and pharmacology, Glitter, Glamour and Gore greet 1984.
  George Orwell

WASHINGTON POST STAFF WRITER Steven Pearlstein reveals some frightening things about our northern neighbor in his Dec. 12 article, "In Canada, Free Speech Has Its Restrictions." Andrea Wylie, a member of the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC), sums up the Canadian attitude about free speech with the observation, "We don't have the hang-up you Americans have with free speech."

That means politically incorrect speech is banned in Canada. The government's most powerful weapon against politically incorrect speech is its hate speech law. The law prohibits any statement that is "likely to expose a person or group of persons to hatred or contempt" because of "race, color, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation or age." If you think that's bad, hold on, it gets worse.

Pearlstein says, "Prosecutors are not required to show proof of malicious
intent or actual harm to win convictions in hate speech cases, and courts in some jurisdictions have ruled that it does not matter whether the statements are truthful." That means you can say, "The average woman cannot fight as well as the average man," and wind up facing fines or imprisonment.

In 1994, Douglas Collins wrote several columns for Vancouver's North Shore News, questioning whether as many as 6 million Jews died in Nazi
concentration camps. A commission tribunal ruled his columns showed his "hatred and contempt ... subtly and indirectly" by "reinforcing negative
stereotypes" about Jews. The tribunal fined both Collins and his newspaper $2,000. The newspaper was ordered to publish a summary of the tribunal's decision.

New Yorker Harold Mollin tried to market his new "weather insurance" to Canadians planning weddings or vacations. His 30-second TV spot featured a huckster dressed in Indian headdress leading senior citizens in a rain dance.  The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation refused to run it because they deemed the ad insulting to Native Americans and the elderly.

Canadian advertisers have strict politically correct guidelines. Thus, a
national restaurant chain was forced to pull a TV ad featuring a helpless dad trying to prepare a dinner for his kids. He gives up and takes the kids out for hamburgers and fries. A hearing office ruled that the commercial
"reinforced negative stereotypes" about men that "cannot be excused by an attempt to engage in humor."

Last November, there were violent protests in New Brunswick over Indian fishing rights. On orders from CBC network officials, reporters had to refer to the participants as "native fishers" and "non-native fishers," even though the Mik'maqs call each other Indians.

You say, "Williams, why are you telling us this? Those are Canada's
problems." No, they're not. There are speech codes at many American colleges and universities. Students can face up to expulsion for politically incorrect speech. Both professors and students can be required to take sensitivity lectures, a la the Chinese reeducation camps. Sex harassment regulations similarly restrict free speech in the work place and in the military. Simply telling an off-color joke in the presence of a female employee can bring charges of "creating a hostile workplace environment." In the military, simply looking at female soldier for longer than the prescribed amount of time can get you into trouble.

In the days of the House Un-American Activities Committee and McCarthyism, our socialists used to criticize conservatives for wanting to silence dissent and free speech. But who's stifling free speech now? It's America's socialist elites, mostly now, on university campuses.

The Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that government may limit free speech in the name of other worthwhile goals that include ending discrimination, ensuring social harmony or promoting sex equality. If we allow America's socialist elite to continue to incrementally eat away at our liberties, we'll find Canada's totalitarian laws here.

-        ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------