Past Reports 1998-1999

A Visitor From the Past
I had a dream the other night I didn't understand.
A figure walking through the mist with flintlock in his hand.
His clothes were torn and dirty as he stood there by my bed.
He took off his three-cornered hat and and speaking low to me he said.

We fought a revolution to secure our Liberty,
We wrote the constitution as a shield from tyranny.
For future generations this legacy we gave
In this the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The freedoms we secured for you we hoped you'd always keep
But tyrants labored endlessly while your parents were asleep
Your freedoms gone, your courage lost, you're no more than a slave.
In this the land of the free and the home of the brave.

You buy permits to travel and permits to own a gun,
Permits to start a business or to build a place for one.
On land that you believe you own you pay a yearly rent
Although you have no voice in saying how the money's spent.

Your Children must attend a school that doesn't educate
And your Christian values can't be taught according to the State
You read about the current news in a regulated press
And you pay a tax you do not owe to please the I.R.S.

Your money is no longer made of silver nor of gold.
You trade your wealth for paper so your life can be controlled.
You pay for crimes that make our Nation turn from God in shame
You've taken Satan's number, and traded in your name.

You've given government control to those who do you harm
So they can burn down churches and seize the family farm
And keep our country deep in debt, put men of God in jail,
Harass your fellow countrymen while corrupted courts prevail.

Your public servants don't uphold the solemn oaths they've sworn
And your daughters visit doctors so their children won't be born
Your leaders send artillery and guns to foreign shores
And send your sons to slaughter fighting other peoples wars.

Can you regain the freedom for which we fought and died
Or don't you have the courage or the faith to stand with pride,
And are there no more values for which you'll fight to save
Or do you wish your children to live in fear and be a slave

Oh sons of the Republic, arise and take a stand.
Defend the Constitution the supreme law of the land.
Preserve our great Republic and each God given right
and pray to God to keep the torch of freedom burning bright.

As I awoke he vanished in the mist from which he came,
His words were true, we are not free, we have ourselves to blame
For even now as tyrants trample each God given right
We only watch and tremble too afraid to stand and fight.

If he stood by your bedside in a dream while you were asleep
And wondered what remains of the freedoms he fought to keep
What would be your answer if he called out from the grave,
"Is this still the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

SLUDGE 12-31-99

     Guided Missiles and unguided men, Prime minister and ex-KGB Intel-Op, Vladimir Putin now heads the New Nationalist Crusade in Russia, and the 166 Sky-jacked Hostages are to be released. The Panama canal is now the China Canal, as the U.S. pulls down it's flag and slinks out of town.
     Osama Bin Goldstien is EVERYWHERE!  His dark swarthy Photo-Face is etched on our brains as a shadowy sinister symbol, lurking, smirking and plotting to crash our Y2K Party. Proles will swill they're Victory Gin as they stagger to zig the squish of Big Bros. Jackboots and zag the bombs of Goldstien's Agents. Stored propane could be construed as "bomb-making material", and a "Doomsday attitude" might fit the Prol-file for Project Megiddo, so stress and fear must be controlled. Overt dissatisfaction or rebellion could hide "covert terrorism", and that gleam in the eye, twitch on the face, or "aggressive" body language might make one suspect to the Thought Police. "Latent Terrorism" is every bit as insidious as "Closet Homophobia", "Implied Racism", or "Subtle Sexism", and can be detected in it's early stages with Retina Scans and Computer Profiles.
      Tired of hearing, "By the way, you forgot your receipt"? Well, help's on the way, as the Smart Card from Mondex will be implanted in your forehead and right hand. The Multiple Automated Readout Card, or MARC, will be powered by a lithium battery which will leave you tingling as it tabulates your credits and ECU's.
     Revelation 16:2 ....and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.

Can you imagine working at the following company? It has a little over 500 employees with the following statistics:

* 29 have been accused of spousal abuse
* 7 have been arrested for fraud
* 19 have been accused of writing bad checks
* 117 have bankrupted at least two businesses
* 3 have been arrested for assault
* 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
* 14 have been arrested on drug related charges
* 8 have been arrested for shoplifting
* 21 are current defendants in lawsuits
* In 1998 alone, 84 were stopped for drunk driving

Can you guess which organization this is? Give up? Scroll down for the answer...

It's the 535 members of your United States Congress. The same group  that perpetually cranks out hundreds upon hundreds of new laws designed  to keep the rest of us in line.

     It's 7:22pm 12-31-99 as I crank out one final one in the 1900's.  No, not the past century or before a new millennium.  That does not take place for another year.  With that I see we will continue to let the media form what we think in the year 2000.  By the way, Y2k never really happened.  I can say this with confidence right now after viewing and talking with our correspondents from around the world.
     I had one last brush with stupidity this year over the last two days attempting to deal with appliance stores and the faulty products they had sold me.  I used to be a proponent of a higher min. wage, but seeing the type of employee that works in the service industry, I am now for a reduction back to $2.25/hr.
     I suspect we will continue the direction we are heading in the 2000 era.  I still do not see anything resembling the Jetson's era.  About the only flying done in this country today is by LSD trip.
     Happy New Year.  We will definitely see you in the new one.
Kahn 12-31-99

SLUDGE 12-30-99

     Do you see the monkey in the picture yet, the PATTERN of His-story? Then why is Monica Lewinsky's getting $10,000 per lost pound, for doing TV ads for Jenny Craig? And why is the U.S. now using the same "Nuremberg Defense"("Just following orders") which they scoffed at in 1945? Government is Above the Law, and everybody else is "Just following orders", Goose-stepping to Big Brother's beat. How ironic that those who sat in Judgment at Nuremberg, are now on trial in the Netherlands, and everybody's "Just following orders". And isn't that what we heard at Ruby Ridge and Waco, "Just following orders"? Didn't we all swear allegiance "to the Republic", and didn't all these "civil servants" swear to uphold the Constitution, and isn't the Constitution the Supreme Law of the Land? And if the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, don't all of these Orders, and all of our laws have to conform or be Un-Constitutional, and therefor Illegal???
     Dommunism was injected into the bloodstream of America as cells of Bolshevism which mutated into the Dada-Bohemian-Hippie "movements", which coagulated at Haight-Ashbury in the sixties. This became the Epicenter for the Radical Left which was spawned in the labs of the CIA as a psyOps, code-named MK-Ultra. Tim Leary in New York, and Augustus Owsley Stanley III( Senator's son, known as "Owsley", stamped an Owl on each tab) on the West coast, fried the Prole's minds with lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, which explains the INSANITY of the 90's!

SLUDGE 12-29-99

     MinTruth has dove-tailed Y2K with Terrorism, and neither will vanish on Jan.1st, 2000.  AgiProp will step up it's Hate campaigns and Goldstienism will billboard more Hate Villains more "Enemies of the Peoples" ; as Goldstien assumes the computerized, composite, characteristics of Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Ladin, and O.J. Simpson.  GenCite(gender agitation) and RaCite(racial agitation) will keep the Proles divided, while Echelan and the All Seeing Eye seek out dissidents. And have no doubt, there will be plenty of dissidents!  The Party-Line will narrow, and Thought Crime will broaden, as Public Opinion is strangled. The Bar of PC will be raised, and more and more Proles will be stamped and branded for "unacceptable speech". Casualties will be especially high among the elderly, who have been tainted with Old World memories and cannot Goose-step quite high enough to touch the Bar. Not to worry Comrades! The Party plans on turning these old Social Security Liabilities into Soylent Green Assets, who instead of poisoning young minds, will fertilize the Future. One Mind, One Vision, One World.

This article was taken from a bulletin board at MSNBC.  It's all just another slick advertising scam!
Date:  Duh, NBC!! 3rd Millennium begins Jan 1, 2001!
Big Guy
Thu Dec 23 11:20:21
Being that the Common Era began in the year 1 (not 0),
the second century began in the year 101 C.E. and the
second millennium began in the 1001 C.E.

The New York Times Jan. 1 1901 issue carried the
headline, 'Dawn of a New Century,' just as the 21st
century and Third Millennium will begin on Jan. 1, 2001.
Hence, the title of Arthur Clarke's '2001: A Space

Perhaps the idiots at NBC and other media outlets can use
the next 12 months to bone up on history & math and
correct their gross disservice to both fields of study.

Or perhaps they will continue to be primarily a source of
dis-information and carry on the numbing & dumbing of the
American mind.

SLUDGE 12-28-99

     Proles cannot determine the century's " most influential person," because they have no clue who influences....all is random, accidental, "shit just happens," Wars just start, Inflation's a decease. Who owns what is obscured behind interlocking Boards of Directors, Dummy Corporations, Monster Mergers, and Tax-free Foundations fronting the Agenda of Dommunism for International Bankers, so Karl Marx would be the Public Figure taking the bow for hundreds of millions dead and a Godless Slave Planet.
     World Net Daily-Will Stewart of Express Newspapers reports that Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin and Boris Yeltsin have Russia on Red Alert as 100,000 troops continue their assault on the Chechen capital of Grozny. Kosovo has been "Ethnically Cleansed" of Serbs, Genocide continues in Iraq, and the U.N. is more concerned with whales and spotted owls, than with the slaughter of millions of Tutsis and Hutu in Rwanda and Sudan. AgiProp put the South African Communist Party and the ANC in power and now a Media blackout hides the murder and misery of Mendela's primordial Dark Continent.
      "Unsubstantiated" rumors and "unidentified sources" are the basis of Big Brother's Terror Tantrum. Saturation Patrols, Swat Checks, Terrorist Prol-files, and x-rayed luggage, WILL NOT END on January 1st. Y2K is the kickoff for a World-wide Crack-down which will intensify in coordination with Gun Confiscation and Bio-chip implants. The Goose Step is the dance step of the New Millennium.

SLUDGE 12-23-99

     Atlanta Brave's pitcher John Rocker is already feeling the sting of the PC Thought Police for giving his opinion of New York city. "Off his rocker" and "out of bounds" will be the predictable Agiprop line, and the 25 year old Georgia star will feel the testicle-crushing power of the Party. Who sets the boundaries of speech or opinion? And is a "good" PC lie , better then a "bad thought" truth?  If all debate and opinion is processed through the PC filter, that makes the Ministry of Truth the arbitrators of "acceptable discussion".  What about Betty Friedan's "Dirty old White men", or Carvill's "Trailer Trash", are these "in bounds"? And how about Alec Baldwin's rabid scream for the murder of Henry Hyde and his family on National Television, wasn't that some kind of hate? It's getting tough to stay one step ahead of the Thought Police, because "out of bounds" is never defined,  Flag posts are moved as soon as the ball leaves the bat, and Party Umps determine Fair and Foul. Punked-out proles will titter with glee, as Big John's nuts are crushed in the Vise of PC.
     Prole's memory is now measured in nano-seconds, so they fail to notice that MinTruth has very systematically narrowed they're "choices" to a Final Four in the Presidential Elections. Smearsh campaigns have purged God, the Constitution, and the Republic from the ballet, while limiting "debate" to trivial tripe.  Loss of Individual freedom and National sovereignty to NWO Dommunism is no longer an issue.

     How sick for our society that this is the last of the century that saw the end to values.  We now no longer can securely even bring up Christ's name or see open public worship without getting the pressure of the system down upon those of us who have accepted Christ as Our Only GOD!  Now we see neighborhood Xmas parties where the main discussion is on Buddha and all other FALSE GODS.
     We are really lost when comments on Charles Schultz departure include, "It is time for new comics which are more modern and accurately represent our society today."  Okay then, let's bring on a comic strip about a gang of gay males and females who only source of recreation is the intake of meth. and the constant attacks on schools by system created armed thugs.  That would finally wipe out any more silly notions, while reading the strip on Sunday, that Sunday was a day of rest declared by GOD.
     As christians, we should all be very proud of ourselves that we still go to church and still accept all that is wrong and one's choice.  Why not just re-write the bible to one line,  IF IT FEELS GOOD, IT MUST BE RIGHT!
     I know in my heart that the 21st Century is definitely our last.  I will be surprised if we even make it to 2010.  I can only imagine our bald shaven heads, white schmocks, and single chanting as what will remain of our world.  We were given the answer long ago, but as the little assholes we are, chose to close and burn The Book.

SLUDGE 12-22-99

     Terror for travelers, Holiday Horror, America is at war with itself. White House spokesman, Joe Lockhart stirs more stress in the mess by reiterating the Party's Y2K hysteria, and closes his "release" with, " on the Domestic FRONT we have nothing to report." If the U.S. is now a "Front", who are we at war with Joe? And better yet, why are we at war? Is it because we are now the hammer for forging a Dommunist New World Order? And yes Joe, there is news to report "on the Domestic Front." We have an Immigration Invasion from all borders, schools are now Bootcamps for Psychotropic Indoctrination, where kids can't read or count  past they're fingers, we're Street Sweeping the Homeless, busting the " 1 out of 5 " mentally ill, less Rights more Prisons, Big Brother pissing on our faces, Fag Families and Gun Grabs, Neurosis is the Norm, and insanity is Mainstream. KY is OK for Y2K, right Joe?
     Baseball pitcher, John Rocker will run the Gamut of Mintruth's Paddle Spank for daring to express his personal feelings about the city of New York. He will be whipped on the Public Scaffold, where he will  forced to cry in shame and grovel for repentance. He will join Jimmy the Greek and Marv Schott in the Speech Crime Hall of Shame.

SLUDGE 12-19-99

     Video Posse's, Neighborhood Watch, 800-SNITCH lines, Sting and Undercover Ops, the SSsystem rewards the Hoards who for turning you in, and Trust and Honor become the Sin. Garbagemen, Meter readers, Teachers, Doctors; the entire lower stratum of the Party has been Deputized, and a Crime is a drop of a Dime rationalized. Proles good intentions cause other's Detentions, "Civic Pride" means somebody's Hide, and Warrants are Pre-fab for "Bomb shops" and "Meth labs".
     Hate crime becomes Speech, Teach, or Preach crime,  the subliminal becomes criminal as Opinion becomes minimal, and "Rad" Thought is Bad Thought. But "Radical" from what reference, and why the preference for an Insane Mainstream, when Sanity's is "Extreme", and Morality is depleted because God is deleted?
     Time's tapes prove the Columbine Killings were created, inspired, and motivated by the Ministry of Truth. "Latch-key kids", Ritalin injected and socially rejected, sought name fame, not blame, in a Spielberg Snuff Flick.

SLUDGE 12-18-99

       "Behold, I see a Red Dragon Rising from the Sea."-Sludge

     The British turn over Hong Kong, we give away the Canal, and Monday morning Portugal hands over Macao, and Taiwan is toast when the Dragon breathes fire. Red China sells America $8 worth of Slave Labor goods for every $1 we sell them, and our Asian(Japan and China) Trade Deficit is over 80 Billion bucks a year!  Corporate Colonialism has bought our Rulers, who worship Mammon, and allegiance to political party has superseded Patriotism.
     Dan Burton's DNC Fundraising Hearings drone on and nobody cares, a pacifier for the proles. If it's not Ass-flash, Emotion, or a "pubic hair on a Pepsi can", in Prime Time, it's not happening.
     Believe it or not: Waco's being stonewalled under the old "National Security" canard. The same people who didn't notice the theft of our "Crown Jewels", are now concerned with security risks, and you'd think it was Linda Tripp who bugged they're offices.
     The Party's turning up the heat with Hysteria Stories at NORAD, and Jesus is getting darker.

      How dare we expose Klinton for the beast he is.  Just ask Tripp what happens if you do so.  I think it may be pretty well locked up tight.  That is, the machine is well established and trying to change or rid ourselves of it is probably pretty futile.  The proles should be pretty proud of themselves, cable and beer in every home.  If you have no home it's a cardboard sign and $90.00 per day in tax free income.  Plus any "guilt benefits" given to you by your other more "fortunate" prole.  So this year when you all sit around your trees, which have become a commercial tribute to satin, be happy that you will not have to be responsible and worry about you individual freedoms in the new millennium.  Course when I say millennium, you say M & M'S. Kahn 12-18-99

SLUDGE 12-17-99

Nothing's more boring then a Gaggle of Lawyer's pretending to " get to the Truth", and "I don't recall" is the stall for Johnny Huang on C-Span's House Government Reform CMTE hearings. Dead Air lawyer-consultation and broken English are designed to turn off all but the Comatose Couch Slouch.
     Arm-and Hammer was the son of Julius Hammer, ex-con, Baby Butcher, and founder of the Communist Party USA.  Al Gore Sr. retired from the Senate, and went to work for Occidental Petroleum @ $500,000 per year and Son of Gore now claims his father, was an "inspiration". Certainly, Albert Speer was an "inspiration," and he was charged with "deportation of slave labor" at Nuremberg, so it's hardly surprising that we find an inspired Son of Gore now defending his Role Model... Captain Blye, by getting in the face of reporter Katherine Prudhomme, when she dared mention the rape of the Broaddrick broad.(PC?)  And didn't he employ the exact same technique of "Icing", which Blye used at the White House Picnic? Accomplished Public speakers use CAMERA INTIMIDATION like a Rattler uses his rattles. "Stand up here so I can look you in the eyes", said the V.P.
      If the "Justice" Department had gone after Rape, Murder, Treason, and Bribery,  like they're going after Linda Tripp......

The Paradox of Our Time                by George Carlin

 The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but
 shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but  have less; we buy more, but enjoy it less. We have bigger houses and smaller families; more conveniences, but less time; we have more degrees, but less sense; more knowledge, but less judgment; more experts, but more problems; more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry too quickly, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too seldom, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but not a life; we've added years to life, not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbor. We've conquered outer space, but not inner space.  We've done larger things, but not better things. We've cleaned up
 the air, but polluted the soul. We've split the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information to produce more copies than ever, but have less communication. These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion; tall men, and short character; steep profits, and shallow relationships. These are the times of plenty food, but less nutrition. These are days of two incomes, but more divorce; of fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throw-away morality, one-night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the show window and nothing in the stockroom; a time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share  this insight, or to just hit delete.

 George Carlin

SLUDGE 12-16-99

Martial Law Highway signs, stories of possible Terrorist attacks, and Y2K warnings. Pinocchio is on a record pace with over 300 Executive Orders, and former director at BATF and White House SS Goonsquad commander John W. Magow, has joined Buddy Young and other(remember the 21 Arkansas Highway patrolmen?) appointees at FEMA. Big Brother's beefing up to do some serious ass-kicking, while Barney Frank joins Ed Kennedy in the 40 foot deep Farmington Bunker in Massachusetts. The same Pigs who ridiculed "Survivalists" in the 80's, are now going underground while proles are herded, with no Civil Defense, on the surface.
      "Suspected Terrorists" are being rounded up all over the world, and the Party claims that Denver based, Concerned Christian leader, Monte Kim Miller believes he will be "slain by Satan" in Jerusalem this Saturday. According to MinTruth, Miller views himself as one of the "two witnesses" described in the book of Revelations whose death will kick off Armageddon.
     MinTruth is frantically pumping and stumping for Son of Bush. Junior gets Good Feel, Name-Rep & Face-Flash, while "The Field" are ignored or gored. Allan Keyes had to fend off Smearsh attacks and "Gottcha questions" from both the "left" and "Right" on CNN's "Crossfire", and vowed to split the Mensheviks if a pro-abortion VP is picked. Keyes left both Hydra-heads speechless when he said that the interests of the Nation should be paramount to the interests of the party.
      Authors of the Best Selling "Year of the Rat", Bill Triplette and Edward Timperlake, have released the hottest bombshell of the year, with " Red Dragon Rising ". A must read for all who don't know why we gave the Panama Canal to Red China and the Reason for the Treason.

SLUDGE 12-15-99

     No doubt Jimmy Carter was taking a stab at the Sludge Report when he made the sniveling comment, "There are those in my country spreading false stories about security of the Canal." The Red Chinese now control both ends of the Panama Canal and have a beachhead in Central America, and this fool is standing in a puddle of water speaking Spanish, as he apologizes for Columbus coming to America. MinTruth has spiked the death of over 40 Marines and the attack on the Colombian Naval base on the Panama border, and this stooge is whining because someone reports it.
     CNN's Jeff Greenfield has suggested that the debates be limited to "two or three serious presidential candidates"(the ones with the money) as Alan Keyes has TOTALLY DOMINATED ALL THREE MENSHEVIK DEBATES! The Ministry of Truth repeats Bush, Bush, Bush, like frogs croaking Bud Light, hundreds of times a day, print,radio,and TV, but he just can't get it up. Here are the latest CNN results:

                         Bush   McCain   Forbes   Bauer  Hatch   Keyes

Presentation                      15%      17%         8%         11%       6%       72%
Cares about people          20%      16%        10%        19%       8%       57%
Command of Issues          14%      21%        20%        11%     13%       66%
Likable                                28%      22%         9%         13%      9%        56%
Presidential Image             26%      25%        7%          5%       7%        47%
Leadership Qualities         23%      25%       11%          6%       8%       56%
Quick thinker                     15%       19%       14%         9%       6%        71%
Inspiring                             17%       19%        7%         7%        4%        71%

SLUDGE 12-14-99

     Kiss it good-bye! The Panama Canal give-away is a done deal, although it won't be official until December 31st. Jimmy Carter was the only one dumb enough to stand there and take the blame, Sol Linowitz certainly deserves his fair share. Sludge reporter, Willie Weber threw a cold bucket of reality on the Celebrations by reporting the attack on the Naval base at the coastal town of Jurado, in Choco State, Columbia by FARC Narco-Terrorists. Panama has been a vital interdiction base in the "War on Drugs", and now we have a Chinese influence and a power vacuum in the drug trade.
     One out of 5 proles are mentally ill, says the Surgeon General, which explains how Klinton got elected. Here's what the Commander-in-Chief had to say about the treacherous Treaty," I supported it at the time, and I still support it," he added that Carter, "deserves enormous credit" for winning Senate passage of the "very controversial, immensely unpopular," treaties, which caused "a lot of members of the Senate to have their seats put in peril." The truth of the matter is that a whole lot of arm-twisting and Payola squeaked the treason by one vote.

      I'm in one of those really nasty moods which has lasted for the past two weeks.  I really do not give a f___ about it either.  Matter of fact, the way I feel now, I would enjoy watching the systematic panic give us what we want, all out chaos on New Years Eve.  That way the process of natural selection could take place and exterminate the stupid "prole".  That is the civil unrest would wipe out those stupid enough to emerse themselves in the middle of it.  Seattle...I did not have any real use for either side of that conflict.  The cops are screwed by their management and the proles are screwed by their low low iq's.  An all out clash is welcomed once again to thin out the illiterate.  Today I have no pity for the weak.  We all had our fair chance.  The weak have chosen to be weak....Kahn 12-14-99

SLUDGE 12-13-99

Reuters-Bogota-40 dead and as many wounded, as FARC guerrillas storm Navy Base on Colombian-Panama border. Reinforcements have been sent. Sludge reporter, Willie Weber is on the story as it develops.

     "Directors will be fighting over this story," exclaimed Dylan Klebold. The Columbine Killers discussed who could be trusted with the script, Spielberg or Tarantino. Which means the Ministry of Truth LIED about the motive, because MinTruth IS the motive. Parents float blissfully in the Matrix of delusion and WORSHIP THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST, so why the surprise when kids make love to the Camera? Eric Harris picks up the shotgun and says, "Isn't it fun to get the respect that we're going to deserve?"
      The Party is successfully funneling the Elections to the Final Four Lackeys, and God and the Constitution will not be on the ballet. Amerika 2000 is a Satanic Police State.
       June 20, 1785-" We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves, according to the Ten Commandments of God."-James Madison
        Morality and Individual Freedom are not being Debated!!!!

SLUDGE 12-12-99

     Russia's Genocide in Chechnya goes on, and the Pope aborts visit to Iraq due to U.S. Genocide. The Red Dragon's drooling over Taiwan, and Wen Ho Lee gets a slap on the wrist. Missouri DJ's encourage vandals to "fight Hate" by tearing down KKK highway clean-up signs, while a "Gay" Monster in Pakistan sodomizes 100 boys and dumps their bodies in a "kinder, gentler", Acid Pit. Dead bodies and Lies, buried in the Past, are floating to the surface.
     Secretary of Hate, Mad not-so-Bright has canceled her appearance at Tuesday's Panama Treason ceremony, one week after Pinocchio's No Show announcement, nobody wants to be associated with the Give-Away. The Klingon Dictatorship is stripping the Bill of Rights, while the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks BOTH Stonewall, and the Ministry of Truth babbles about next year's Elections.
      Balint Vazsonyi, director for the Center For American Founding and author of "America's 30 Years War", is kicking off his RE-ELECT AMERICA campaign and bus ride at
       Bear Arms or Wear Chains, and since the American proles haven't gone for their guns by now, the Class-Action Gun-grab pitch-out and end-run around Congress is just running up the score. Saturation Patrols, Martial Law, Executive Orders and Sobriety tests are the New Year greetings.

SLUDGE 12-10-99

     All the King's horses and all the King's men can't pump air into GWB, he's Klinton with darker hair, his smirk smacks of elitism, he's a party-boy's Party Boy. McNasty is the back-up, and the rest are dismissed by omission. Allan Keyes is on a hot streak so the Ministry of Truth is bringing in Minority Relief pitchers to serve up spitballs. The whole Racist-Gender Game has become so ludicrous that it's now SOP to bring in a Minority to pitch Smearshballs to a Minority, and nobody comments for fear of the Hate Tag.
     America is being surrounded like a Ripe Plum, and Lenin said,"Capitalists will buy the rope that hangs them", which is why Pinocchio will NOT attend the December 31st hand-over of the Panama Canal to Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., because he's too busy "doing the peoples work" by stumping for MFN trade status for Red China in the WTO. And where's the lawsuit in that flood of SKS's to the Bloods and Cripps in 1992???
      Seems like only yesterday that Pinocchio was yuking it up over a joke that Boris Yeltsin hadn't yet delivered, and now we have a pissed off Yeltsin stating, "It seems Mr.Clinton has forgotten Russia is a great power that possesses a nuclear arsenal". Aid and Trade with our enemies has created a BALANCE OF TERROR!

SLUDGE 12-09-99

     H.U.D. is now a PAC for Big Brother Gun Grabs, rent John Revolta's "Civil Action" for details. Class Action suits against Gun Manufacturers are a threat to NATIONAL SECURITY and Government Agencies are representing the interests of the U.N...... not the American people. All eyes are on the Election Shows, while the Klingons gut the country in the dark. The Sick Lame Duck will skin us all to save his hide, and he has 405 days to do it.
      Memphis,Tenn.(AP)-A jury ruled James Earl Ray a Patsy in MLK's Termination, just as Lee Harvey Oswald was in JFK's. John Kennedy was shot both front and rear and no examining doctors were interviewed by the Warren Whitewash, both Oswald and Jack Ruby were Party pawns, and Cross of FBI coached witnesses was ruled, "Not germane to the to the subject."
      Washington Times-Bill Gertz says Red China has built two bases aimed at Taiwan. The Yongan base is 220 miles from the island, and Xianyou is 135, making them both within range of the hundreds of CSS-7 Mod 2 missiles aimed at Taiwan's Military bases. Dana Rohrabacher(R)-Calif. "Officially" broke the Chicom control of Panama Canal story, and the Smearsh Op against Allan Keyes has already begun with Maureen Dowd's Finance Lies and Chris Mathew's Knuckle Balls.. The Cruel/Cry Herding of the Homeless is now a Political issue, so Votes now determine their Fate.

SLUDGE 12-08-99

     CNN gets it's feeds from Military Satellites, so it' really no surprise that commentator Jeff Greenfield would suggest limiting the Debate Candidates to Party Puppet Picks. The Media is frantically pumping up their Stooges, but like Rubber Dolls  with leaks, the air whooshes out....and the Prole sees right through, which is why Allan Keyes is making such dramatic showing in the Menshevik Debates. The Final Two Party Picks LOOK programmed, because they ARE. Carefully coiffeured heads with smirky smiles, reading scripted responses to scripted questions from a Tela-Prompter.
     Stamper steps down after the Stomping in Seattle. Police Chief, Norm Stamper proudly wore his uniform in support of "Gay Pride", but on the same week-end FORBID his Officers to wear theirs in a "March For Jesus" rally.
     C-SPAN has broke the bad news about the Give-away of the Panama canal. David Rockefeller picked the Peanut out of Georgia, and Jimmy Carter still gets Good Press because he still toes the Party-Line. Carter's "Legacy" is the Canal Give-away, the undermining of the Shah, and the 100,000 Muriel Criminal Dump by Fidel Castro.

SLUDGE 12-07-99

     Pearl Harbor was set-up, as was the Maine and the Lusitania. Winston Churchill, became First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911, and he took control of the Lusitania from Canard Lines and had it loaded with 6 million rounds of ammo by JP Morgan in N.Y. The Intimate Papers of Colonel House disclose a revealing conversation between House and Sir Edward Grey:
Grey:     "What will America do if the Germans sink an ocean liner with American passengers on board?
House:   "I believe that a flame of indignation would sweep the United States and that by itself would be sufficient to carry us into the war."
Since England broke the German war code on December 14, 1914, and British Intelligence had a tracking of all U-boat patrols, the Lusitania became a Sitting Duck for International Finance on May 7, 1915.
      Allan Keyes is stealing the show in the Menshevik least according to Da People Polls, but the Ministry of Truth determines "Official Truth", so expect a Smearsh Campaign soon. Son of Bush and McNasty are looking wooden and programmed next to Keyes, and the Plutocrats  will purge all Populism from the Da People's Choice.
      The Media has "Laundered" the N.Y.Wall Street Bank scandal.
       Hollywood has unleashed a flood of Christian-bashing movies timed for "Project Megiddo".

      Did you ever note that when you catch most people lying or at fault that their reaction is to become very mad at you and attempt to transfer the blame to you for their actions?  That's is the same attitude that exists for the people on social programs.  It is your fault therefor you will pay our way.  I would believe that this comes from indoctrination by the system itself.
     I recently watched a son and mother attempt everything they could to get the son out of a shoplifting charge.  They asked such questions as:
     Can security stop me once I leave the store?  I wouldn't have taken the cd since it was my buddies idea.  I was at the doors when they stopped me.  I thought I had to leave the store first.
     The point here is this.  The mother nor the son wanted to acknowledge the obvious display of the son's intent for stealing the cd.  They were not concerned with the matter of the son's ethics only that the system caught him by the system's rules.  In there mind, there exists a point outside of that store that it is no longer considered a theft.
     No wonder Clinton had the internal struggle with whether or not he had sex.  How far in her mouth must it go Mr. President...........
Kahn 12-07-99

SLUDGE 12-06-99

     Sludge reporter Brenda Box gives a far different view of the Battle in Seattle than conveyed by the Ministry of Truth. According to Brenda, Prol-testers were herded like cattle, shot in the face with polyester bullets, tortured, and held without Due Process in indiscriminate Round-Ups. Civil Right Protests in the 60's were not only applauded, but ENCOURAGED by the Mass Media. Cameras focused on the Protesters and their Cause while painting the Police as brutal thugs and Nazis. American cities were set ablaze, and looting and shooting was glamorized as Socialist Radicals became Heroes for a Crusade. Not so in Seattle, where the National Media worked with the police, and edited their tapes to cast the Demonstrators as Terrorists, while maximizing the property damage and minimizing "Collateral" damage.
       Was it staged? NOTHING  in politics happens by accident, so we can rest assured the whole event was carefully choreographed by the Party as both a training exercise for Y2K and to insure a bigger forum for Left-wing Earth Worshippers at the WTO. The ban on Gas Masks, the Mace, and the Boot in the Face, bode ill for the future Protest, and THE CLUB doesn't discriminate on the basis of sex, color, or national origin.

The following has apparently been attributed to State Representative
 Mitchell Kaye from GA.  I hope this guy runs for President:

      "We, the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help
 everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid any more
 riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the
 blessings of debt free liberty to ourselves and our great-
 great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and
 establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt
 ridden, delusional, and other liberal, bedwetters.
      We hold these truths to be self-evident: that a whole lot of people are
 confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim that they require a Bill
of No Rights.

 ARTICLE I: You do not have the right to a new car, big screen TV or any other form of wealth. More power to you if you can legally acquire
them, but no one is guaranteeing anything.

 ARTICLE II: You do not have the right to never be offended.  This
country is based on freedom, and that means freedom for everyone - not justyou!
 You may leave the room, turn the channel, express a different opinion,
 etc., but the world is full of idiots, and probably always will be.

 ARTICLE III: You do not have the right to be free from harm.  If you
stick a screwdriver in your eye, learn to be more careful, do not expect the tool manufacturer to make you and all your relatives independently

 ARTICLE IV: You do not have the right to free food and housing.
Americans are the most charitable people to be found, and will gladly help anyone in need, but we are quickly growing weary of subsidizing generation after generation of professional couch potatoes who achieve nothing more than the creation of another generation of professional couch potatoes.

 ARTICLE V: You do not have the right to free health care.  That would
be nice, but from the looks of public housing, we're just not interested
in public health care.

 ARTICLE VI: You do not have the right to physically harm other people.
If you kidnap, rape, intentionally maim, or kill someone, don't be
surprised if the rest of us want to see you fry in the electric chair.

 ARTICLE VII: You do not have the right to the possessions of others.
If you rob, cheat or coerce away the goods or services of other citizens,
don't be surprised if the rest of us get together and lock you away in
a place where you still won't have the right to a big screen color TV or
a life of leisure.

 ARTICLE VIII: You don't have the right to demand that our children risk
 their lives in foreign wars to soothe your aching conscience.  We hate
 oppressive governments and won't lift a finger to stop you from going
to fight if you'd like.  However, we do not enjoy parenting the entire
world and do not want to spend so much of our time battling each and every little tyrant with a military uniform and a funny hat.

 ARTICLE IX: You don't have the right to a job.  All of us sure want all
of you to have one, and will gladly help you along in hard times, but we
 expect you to take advantage of the opportunities of education and
 vocational training laid before you to make yourself useful.

 ARTICLE X: You do not have the right to happiness. Being an American
means that you have the right to pursue happiness - which by the way, is a
lot easier if you are unencumbered by an overabundance of idiotic laws
created by those of you who were confused by the Bill of Rights."

SLUDGE 12-04-99

     Orrin Hatch said, what everybody knows, the "Debates" are stilted and structured, which is to the ad of John McNasty and Son of Bush because they have the most to hide. Money-man Steve Forbes is in a particularly bitter battle with Bush, who he suspects of Smearsh Ops through the Republican Leadership Council. Gary Bauer and Allan Keyes are mentioning the Constitution, so they are being treated as Minor candidates. The REAL issue is the Party versus the Proles, and ANY candidate who stands for individual freedom and national sovereignty will be targeted by Smearsh. The massive smear of Pat Buchanan was the first goal of the Party, and now they are keeping McNasty and Son of Bush in Plastic Bubbles.
      Fox News still claims to be "Fair and Balanced", but it sure looks like it's getting a Left-tilt after dropping Matt Drudge and adding Susan Estrich, Geraldine Ferraro, Eleanor clift, and Ellen Ratner.
      No Live Feeds in Seattle. Tapes allow the Ministry of Truth to control Viewer Impression. The Focus was on the Protesters, not the Protest.

SLUDGE 12-02-99

     Rodger Klinton's playing Rock in Communist North Korea, and Bill and Hillary are going checking Poll results for their "Trial Balloon" divorce. The Egypt Air crash is being dumped in the Mexican mass graves along with Hatfield's Biography on GWB, and does anyone remember the Mexican Train Rail killer? I doubt it.
     Seattle Protesters sang, "The Whole World is Watching", which just happened to be the same chant sung at the 1968 National Democratic Convention in Chicago, and the Secretary of Commerce at Seattle just happens to be the SON of ex-Mayor Daley. AFL-CIO Teamsters mixed with a strange bag of Environmentalists, Anarchists, Street people, and Bull Dykes from the RUCKUS "In Your Face" boot camp. Looters and vandals wearing Nike and Gap, targeted Starbucks and spray-painted "Barbie kills" on toy store windows. Tom Hayden had an acid flashback and showed up for a whiff of gas from baton-wielding Darth Vaders from Hell. The 90's ARE the 60's upside down, and the Protest game has under gone some rule changes; the cops are no longer "Pigs" and the Hero image of the Civil Right Champions has been replaced by Terrorist Prol-files. A No Protest Zone has been roped around 50 square blocks and the selling of gas masks is now illegal, and Ministry of Truth which once praised Protest, now denounces it.

SLUDGE 11-30-99

     Game Wardens are now packing and Smoky the Bear is Robo cop, Civil Servants are all Deputized, and People's Patrols are Auxiliary police. Video Patrols and Neighborhood Watch are the Narodnaia Druzhina of Amerika 2000, and Comrade Courts, Troika Judges, and Instant Justice with Flex Plan penalties are the norm. The creed of law enforcement by Social Organization is summed up in this 1959 poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky from the Soviet handbook on People Patrols:
Discipline and self-control, are the backbone of the worker's patrol! So that if you grab by the collar, the hooligan shrinks till he's smaller.
      U.N. Grave-checkers in Kosovo came out looking as ridiculous as Whoraldo at Al Capone's Vault. The absence of the Corpus Delicti in Yugoslavia might assuage our guilt for the 7 confirmed Serb tank kills(assuming these aren't the same U.N. inspectors who spent 8 years looking for "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq), but Mass Graves in Mexico will certainly turn our attention.
      Protest is now "Terrorism", and Mace in the Face will be the Party's response to WTO protesters. NAFTA, GATT, and now Red China in the WTO, will mean a Global Slave Labor Gulag Sweatshop, with hugh Trade deficits and cheap prison labor being exploited by Corporate Colonialism. "Thou Shalt be Equal Slaves", is the Cant and Mantra of Dommunism.

SLUDGE 11-29-99

     Jesus Christ and Columbus have been deleted, so Gluttony Day has become nothing more than a one-day truce in a quiet war on the Homeless, a Slop Feed from the bottom scum of the Public Trough, to the fastest growing and most despised segment of society. Proles who fall through the Cracks now find the Party has pulled the Safety Nets, which will facilitate a Cattle Drive into Gulag Work Camps under the brand of "Social Parasitism." Ambiguous laws and a "booming" economy based upon Illusion, rather then Production, keeps Proles a dice throw from Prison and a Paycheck from the streets.
      Proles had hardly digested their turkeys when the Ministry of Truth began they're annual Retail pump-up. The Party will fleece the flock until Commerce day, before the Y2K hysteria really kicks in. The good news for Sludge readers is that the aim of the Party is GLOBAL SLAVERY, so rest assured, the beat will go on and you will be reading a special edition of Sludge on New Year's Day!
      Michael McNutty's "Waco: A new Revelation" is hardly new, Linda Thompson's "Waco: The Big Lie" disclosed the same information, but she was 8 years too early, and the Party still had use of the Klingons. McNutty and John Danford are now privy to evidence from the Department of Public Safety in Austin, Texas so  Son of Bush has "Gottcha" ammo.

     I completed my trip today to SLUDGE headquarters.  Once again the meeting was fairly productive, me filling my deer tag.  There was some rumble at headquarters after me and a staff member walked upright and away from an empty bottle of Ezra Brooks whiskey.  It seems some members were not impressed. Or was it the fact they could not keep up.  Just kidding gang.
    Sludge was contemplating allowing some of the select guest book writers to join staff.  I suppose that is okay if they are will to bring their own shovel and pale to clean up after their monkey sh_t!  I still do not see how the universe explodes, creates fish, then monkey's swing from trees throwing their feces and then us, course have you seen the McCain gang lately?
     We shall see how it resolves itself...Kahn 11-28-99

Wow, there are some countries out there who support us . . . who'd have
thought . . .

     Widespread but only partial news coverage was given recently to a remarkable editorial broadcast from Toronto by Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian television commentator.  What follows is the full text of his trenchant remarks as printed in the congressional Record:
     This Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possibly the least appreciated people on all the earth. Germany, Japan and, to a lesser extent, Britain and Italy were lifted out of the debris of war by the Americans who poured in billions of dollars and forgave other billions in debts. None of these countries is today paying even the interest on its remaining debts to the United States.
     When the franc was in danger of collapsing in 1956, it was the Americanswho propped it up, and their reward was to be insulted and swindled onthe streets of Paris. I was there. I saw it.
     When distant cities are hit by earthquakes, it is the United States that hurries in to help. This spring, 59 American communities were  flattened by tornadoes. Nobody helped.
     The Marshall Plan and the Truman Policy pumped billions of dollars into discouraged countries. Now newspapers in those countries are writing about the decadent, warmongering Americans. I'd like to see just one of those countries that is gloating over the erosion of the United States Dollar build its own airplane. Does any other country in the world have a plane to equal the Boeing Jumbo Jet, the Lockheed Tristar, or the Douglas 10? If so, why don't they fly them?  Why do all the International lines except Russia fly American Planes? Why does no other land on earth even consider putting a man or woman on the moon?
      You talk about Japanese technocracy, and you get
radios. You talk about German technocracy, and you get automobiles. Youtalk aboutAmerican technocracy, and you find men on the moon - - not once, but severaltimes  - - and safely home again.
     You talk about scandals, and the Americans put theirs right in the store window for everybody to look at.  Even their draft-dodgers are not pursued and hounded. They are here on our streets, and most of them, unless they are breaking Canadian laws, are getting American dollars from ma and pa at home to spend here.
     When the railways of France, Germany and India were breaking down through age, it was the American who rebuilt them. When the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central went broke, nobody loaned them an old caboose.  Both are still broke.
     I can name you 5000 times when the Americans raced to the help of other people in trouble. Can you name me even one time when someone else raced to the Americans in trouble? I don't think there was outside help even during the San Francisco earthquake.
     Our neighbors have faced it alone, and I'm one Canadian who is tired of hearing them get kicked around. They will come out of this thing with their flag high. And when they do, they are entitled to thumb their noses at the lands that are gloating over their present troubles.

I hope Canada is not one of those.

SLUDGE 11-24-99

     Sludge readers have been instrumental in bringing to light several stories of considerable importance this year. The organized protest of the Bilderberger meeting in Sintra Portugal last spring was a smashing success, and Sludge E-mails to the major Networks played a large part in getting Fox and CBN to air the "Tainted Blood Trail" story that dripped out of the Arkansas prisons. O'Rielly  of Fox News, deserves particular congratulations for having the fortitude to report on the NSA's Echelon Project, the sodomite rape and murder of 13 year old Jessie Dirkhising in Arkansas, and the Terrorist activity of the Animal Liberation Front(although they curiously failed to mention  the BRANDING of a reporter by the ALF).
     "A Place Called Waco: A survivors story", by David Tibado, claims that the holes poked in the "compound" were to provide ventilation, so that the fire would destroy all physical evidence. The rest was suppressed, and 5 survivors are now doing 40 years on weapons charges THAT WERE DROPPED!  It's quite obvious that the Waco Investigation is leading to a political Show Trial (designed to dovetail with the movie), and since the Texas Department of Public Safety is controlled by Son of Bush, it will be timed for optimum effect.
     L.A. Times reports that presidential candidate Steve Forbes has filed a complaint with the Federal Election committee, accusing Son of Bush of conspiring with the Republican Leadership Council to run Smearsh Ads against him. Since the RLC is controlled by GWB's Pioneers and Henchmen, it looks like the smirk on the face hides the knee to the nuts.

SLUDGE 11-23-99

     A low-scoring game benefits a good defense, and a low-voter turnout is to the advantage of the Establishment, because the 1/3 that vote is equivalent to the rock-bed 1/3 who work directly for the Party. This explains why the Mass Media devotes 99% of Smearsh coverage to Patrick J. Buchanan, who they claim will only attract 5-7% of the vote. THE ISSUE in 2000 is the surrender of individual freedom and national sovereignty to a World Government, so why are the "Final Four" all Party Toadies? Bradley's dragging out his old Knick team-mates to screen out Gore in a battle for the narrow  Party-line, and John McCain talks like he does, because Smirking George "W" is playing "Gottcha" with his testicles. Smirking George knows dad has access to  50 hours of tape which the North Vietnamese filmed of McCain and his "nurse", and a whisper of Keating-Five will cause Total Meltdown. So King George can afford to sit back, be tutored and primped, and smirk pre-scripted speeches from telli-prompters, while Media whores give him Good Press.

  Here's a note from actor/comedianDrew Carey (a former Marine).  I hope you'll agree that he ought not to sugarcoat his feelings about these sort of things.

 "How many militant feminists does it take to change a light bulb?  Two. One to change the bulb, and one to kiss my ass.

   That's right. I said kiss my ass. 'Cause I've had it. I'm tired of  being pushed around. Tired of being grouped in with all the dead-beat dads and rapists and lecherous bosses just because I'm a man. All men aren't potential rapists.  I'm not a potential rapist. But, I am a potential  murderer if all of you don't shut the f--k up and get out of my face  already.

   You've ruined it for everybody. Everybody, do you hear me? Men, women, everybody. Because of you and everyone else in this society that needs to play political victim and go to court instead of just dealing with it  themselves, no one can have any kind of fun anymore.  Men and women  can't flirt, or hug, or look at anyone sideways because of you and your  lawyers.

   Are you happy? You've used a stink bomb to kill a few ants. And while  I'm at it... Naval aviators, who are willing to die so that we can have low  prices at the gas pump, should be able to throw the wildest parties  they can manage without one uptight biddy coming in and stopping it. There were scads of women at that Tailhook party who were having the time of their lives, voluntarily being just as debauched as any of the men.

   Everyone who flew a plane or even knew someone who flew a plane knew how wild those parties were and what went on. What did she expect?  A prayer service?  And why didn't she just throw some punches of her own when these couple of guys groped her? Why didn't she give them what they had coming and just kick them in the balls? Didn't our tax money go to teach her how to fight?

   I'm not trying to make the idiotic "she had it coming" argument here,  which would go something like "of course they grabbed her tits, look  how big they are."  Plus, just reaching out and grabbing some tits is wrong no matter what.  When I was in college, even at our most drunken fraternity parties we never acted like that.  No matter how hard I try I can't think of an excuse good enough to do something like that. But it's still nothing to lose a career over.

   Besides, fighter pilots are supposed to be aggressive assholes. That's  what we pay them for. I don't know about you, but I don't want a navy  full of fighter pilots who've been to a sensitivity seminar. I want mad-dog,  rabid killers going to battle for me and mine. Men and women. When our  stable gas prices are threatened by a Middle-Eastern Madman, when we  want to force our form of government on some poor, unsuspecting Latin American country, when uppity foreign diplomats "forget" to pay their  parking tickets, I want to be able to call on men and women who like to fight and drink and f--k.  I want a naval officer who knows how to whack some drunk in the balls when he grabs her tits, not call a press conference and a lawyer.  If you're a wimp who doesn't know how to find the exit at a rowdy party, go fly a kite, not a jet fighter."

SLUDGE 11-22-99

Every Holiday is a Crackdown, so the Party has already designated Thanksgiving as a "Seatbelt Op,"  and Proles that do duck the SWAT  Roadblocks, can expect to pay more for  Turkeys, just as they pay higher Gas prices every Fourth of July. Of course, Christmas is the big Shakedown and it looks like Pokemon will be the Cash Cow, but  NBC has activated the Y2K Countdown to Stress Out for the New Year.
     Stereotypes are Profiles, and the web of "Human Right" coalitions used the Sheppard case Cruel/Cry screen to try to slam dunk the Hate Crimes Prevention Act though a brow-beat Senate. In an uncharacteristic display of patriotism(the kind shown only in an Election year) the beetle bureaucrats boldly stood their ground, trunks rooted to the Public Trough, defiant in the Light of TV cameras and spitting into the Mics. Preachers and Teachers can be charged with "Incitement of Hate Crimes", and schoolrooms and churches will become Terrorist Cells for "homophobia" and "incorrect history", as the Party squeezes the Masses into the MOLD. And the Mold isn't just PC, it's the Political Mainstream and the Psychological Norm, it's that Great Mean of Normality, that stretch for Mediocrity, it's that Zero Tolerance between the "Droopy Driver" and "Road Rage." It is TOTAL CORRECTNESS!

  by Paul Harvey

  I would gain control of the most powerful nation in the world;

   I would delude their minds into thinking that they had come from
   man's effort, instead of God's blessings;

   I would promote an attitude of loving things and using people.

   I would dupe entire states into relying on gambling for their state

   I would convince people that character is not an issue when it
   comes to leadership;

   I would make it legal to take the life of unborn babies;

   I would make it socially acceptable to take one's own life, and
   invent machines to make it convenient;

   I would cheapen human life as much as possible so that the life of
   animals are valued more than human beings;

   I would take God out of the schools, where even the mention of His
   Name was grounds for a law suit;

  I would come up with drugs that sedate the mind and target the
   young, and I would get sports heroes to advertise them;

   I would get control of the media, so that every night I could
   pollute the mind of every family member for my agenda;

   I would attack the family, the backbone of any nation.

   I would make divorce acceptable and easy, even fashionable.  If the
    family crumbles, so does the nation;

   I would compel people to express their most depraved fantasies on
   canvas and movie screens, and I would call it art;

   I would convince the world that people are born homosexuals, and
   that their lifestyle should be accepted and marveled at;

   I would convince the people that right and wrong are determined by
   a few who call themselves authorities and refer to their agenda as
   politically correct;

   I would persuade people that the church is irrelevant and out of
   date, and the Bible is for the naive;  I would dull the minds of
   Christians,  and make them believe that prayer is not important,
   and that faithfulness and obedience are optional;

   I guess I would leave things pretty much the way they are." ---

    Paul Harvey

SLUDGE 11-20-99

      The Big Four Drug States, N.Y., California, Florida, and Texas, are also Illegal Import Centers for "undocumented workers", which is why the Final Four Candidates could be speaking Swahili by Election time, and the fact that 80% of Donated Cash is laundered through the Big Four Drug States, means that the Presidential Elections are, for the most part, sponsored by Drug Money. Since half of the Drug Land is Bushland, Hillary's "run" in N.Y. now makes perfect sense, and the fact that neither she nor Giuliani are making an Issue of the N.Y. Bank scandal is quite clear. The ugly Truth is that Wall Street is so dependent on Drug Money that the legalization of Drugs would be a pin prick to a Helium inflated Economy. The Profit loss would be felt on both ends, Drug and Anti-Drug, and the Corporate Prison Industry would no longer be listed on the Stock Exchange. The War on Drugs is nothing more than the implementation of a Feudal Slave Caste System and a Corporate Gulag Industry.

     All right all you cyber freaks where have you been lately as they are electronically taking away our freedom?  For all of you that have pentium III chips.  You are being well watched.  That specific chip allows further interaction and observation by sources out on the web of your hard drive, etc.
      I recently purchased McAfee Virus Scan given it's good reputation and ability to update it via the net.  Of course it is obviously out of date given the virus climate constantly changing, but the good folks at McAfee have provided a site to help you keep up to date on a daily/weekly basis as to any newly created virus's.
     Now I do not have any problems with that obviously, however McAfee offers an online service which you simply log on and they scan your computer.  You do not have to keep updating your virus software, for they maintain it on their site.  I'm not picking on McAfee, just using them as an illustration for the trend out their to push all our software to the net, having us log on to use it.
      Implications:  TOTAL INVASION OF PRIVACY known, volunteered or not.
      Advice:  Go through the extra trouble of loading your own and updating your own software.  It's worth the piece of privacy.
 Kahn 11-20-99

SLUDGE 11-19-99

     Lies and dead bodies weighted down with 50 years of "National Security," are bobbing to the surface on the Waves of Corruption as decay and rot eat the Heart from America. James Earl Ray was a patsy in MLK's murder, just as Lee Harvey Oswald was in JFK's, BCCI and N.Y. Banks are dirty with Drug money, and it's no coincidence that the same "Big Four" states: California, Texas, Florida, and New York, who launder over 200 billion dollars per year, contribute 80% to the Presidential Primaries.
     President George H. Bush pardoned all in Iran -Contra, kidnapped Noriega, and Red China and Leftist Colombian Insurgents are now in control of the Panama Canal. The U.N. can't condemn Russia's Bombing in Chechnya because it's a replay of Yugoslavia where the KLA controls 70% of the Heroin Trade to Western Europe. The Genocide goes on in Iraq, and Communist China will get MFN status because it's ALL BUSINESS, and detailed by former federal investigator, Rodney Stich in his 610 page book, "Drugging America: A Trojan Horse". The Webs of International Finance and International Intelligence crisscross in a mesh of Deceit and Death(Rev.17-2) with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

SLUDGE 11-18-99

     Franklin Roosevelt was verrry careful that his cigarette-holder be photographed with at a rakishly uptilt, Optimistic slant, as he repeated his Lie, "Again and again...,"  denying the plan to send American troops to a " foreign war." The opening of KGB files and the release of the 1948 annotated transcripts of the interrogation of Gestapo Chief, Heinrich Muller, now prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Roosevelt was lying through his clenched teeth. The moment Japan, Germany, and Italy signed the Tripartite Treaty(September 28th, 1940), Roosevelt and Winston Churchill began making plans for Japan's attack on the United States, which is why he dismissed Admiral J.O. Richardson, Commmander-in -Chief of the American fleet in the Pacific in October, and why he personally ordered the planes to be bunched, wing to wing, like Sitting Ducks at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Gordan W. Prange has written of the treachery in a book titled, "At Dawn We Slept: the untold story of Pearl Harbor".
     Hatfield's Bio. on Bush was dis-missed in the same fashion as Pat J. Buchanan's book, and both were buried along side the Tortured body of 13 year old Jessie Dirkhising of Arkansas. Truth takes a backseat to Political Correctness and Smear has replaced Discourse. NO DISCUSSION of the validity of Soha Arafat's statements, only condemnation of Hillary's delay in rebuking "Inflammatory Rhetoric".

SLUDGE 11-15-99

     The Party chained Women to the Workforce, ripped the Belt from Dad's hand, stuffed the Latchkey Kids with Beavis & Butthead,Rug Rats,South Park,Pokemon, RAP, and Sugared cereal, now Talk Show Hosts send them off to "About Face" Bootcamp for puking it all up. Step-Parents, "Sally", "Jenny", and "Maury," now sentence the unruly Brats to Torture and Abuse on the Public Pillory, to jeers and cheers, in a Running Man sequel. The New America is neither "Kinder", nor "Gentler", CRUELTY and INTOLERANCE is the Face of Big Brother, and Winnie Mendela's the New LAW & ORDER!
     Swastikas on the Red, White, 'n Blue, and Mass Protest are expected in a Greek Greeting for Pinocchio. Hate for NATO has been Spiked in the U.S. Sector of the Press, as the Albanian Body Count turned out to be just another pack of lies.
      The Party say's it doesn't want to Shock the Flock by playing tapes of Columbine or Egypt Air, but shows no care in the Y2K Scare, so who's kidding whom? Justifying Censorship in the name of "Public Sensitivity" is about as lame as the claim of "National Security."

SLUDGE 11-14-99

        Mass Media has become a Matrix of Illusion, where Proles play the Roles scripted by the Party, and "Stereotypes" materialize as Public Psychosis. Catholic Priests are now fingerprinted due to "guilt by Hollywood Image," short-cropped G.I. Janes in the Military, Kids in Trench-coats, and Candidates dance to the Tune of camera critique. "Gore needs to get more animated", "McCain needs to get mad", "Bradley has to show more emotion", and poof....these Puppets twitch on their strings. Meanwhile, Son of Bush is the Jerk with the Smirk with the Teflon Halo.
     David Israel, executive producer of NBC's Y2K Horror Scare flick, says,"My Slogan while making the movie was ' Paranoia is our most important product'." If this is the case, the Media has a Monopoly on Mass Hysteria.
     Hillary has been sent to the Wailing Wall for her "tardiness" in condemning Soha Arafat for her remark that, "It is important to point out the severe damage caused by the intensive daily use of poison gas by Israeli forces in the past years that led to an increase in cancer cases among Palestinian woman and children." Soha's statement was denounced as "Inflammatory Rhetoric" and she was accused of Passing Gas at the Eternal Middle East Peace Process.
      U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan screamed,"We are One World!", at NWO sponsored Rock Concert. The music is intended to drown out China's Religious Crackdown, Russia's Murder in Chechnya, and U.S. Genocide in Iraq.

SLUDGE 11-12-99

     Drugs&Anti-Drug are the backbone of a "Booming Economy." When you make something illegal, you create a Black Market, and when you impose regulations, fines, and burdensome taxes, you drive the price up, which is why Illegal Drugs are now worth more than gold or silver, while "over the counter" drugs have gone up 4-5 times. A low unemployment rate, due to sub-poverty "Service Industry" jobs (and simply cutting proles from the doles) is held up as the Economic Indicator. America incarcerates a higher percentile of proles per capita than any country in the world, and Private Prisons have created a Gulag of Slave labor.
     "There's no business like Shoah-business," but for long-term investment of human fossil fuel, there is no Holocaust in all of Written History to match that of the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of proles who were slaughtered, starved, and worked to death in the name of Communism. Since World Dommunism is a hybrid merger of Democracy and Communism, the Ministry of Truth has no intention of digging up their fossilized remains. But time has a way of bringing Truth to the surface, and Robert Conquest's "The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivity and the Terror Famine," stands as a shocking indictment to the Historical Blackout imposed in the name of "Bending the Past to Fit the Present." New York Times(All the news that FITS) correspondent Walter Duranty was rewarded by the Party for ignoring the 8-10 million Ukrainians intentionally starved to death in Stalin's Planned Famine of 1933. "Uncle Joe" wrote in 1928 that his reason for implementing the Ukrainian Holocaust was "to remold the peasantry, its mentality and production, along collectivist lines."

SLUDGE 11-10-99

    The REAL issue in the Microsoft suit is the Power Grab by Big Brother of ALL Communications. The IRS will be On-line as your phone,TV, and computer merge to a Tele-Screen,while Executive Orders, FEMA, Project Megiddo, and Marshal Law Crackdown greet Y2K Party revelry in Global 2000.
      TWA Flight 800 had 183 witnesses to a flash before the crash, now why is Egyptair 990 a stall to make the call? What is the reason, that the Klingon Cabal is mute to "Foreign" Terrorism and Treason?  Pop quizzes and inane chatter, conceal the lack of matter, and ignores the Bore of the "Final Four."
      Corporate Colonialism and a Feudalistic Caste, have replaced Nation states with a mass of lower class, and "Planned Obsolescence." is the name of the game, as Multinationals stamp out products that all look the same. Monsanto's "Terminator Seed" is sterile, so you buy every year, and Slaves make Knave's clothes that are sold with a Leer, while  the Logo on top guarantees they're Sweatshop.
       Edward Conklin, an eminent biologist, has said that: "The probability of life originating from accident or chance is comparable to the probability of the unabridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in a print shop." The chance that the chain of 100 amino acids align to form protein is one in one, followed by 158 zeros. Add to this staggering figure, the requirement that BOTH male and Female of the species be produced at EXACTLY the SAME time(and proximity) to propagate, and the odds are mind-boggling....but not impossible. Creationism and Evolution are BOTH Theories, and not necessarily mutually exclusive. The fact that the High Sci Priests of the Party are genetically engineering Soulless DNA  Androids, who are being Patented as Slave PRODUCTS, is proof that the REAL issue not Creationism nor Evolution, but rather WHICH Creator one chooses to worship.

SLUDGE 11-09-99
     The Sssystem reacts to religious symbols in much the same manner as your standard Vampire in a Hollywood script, both come on with a kiss to sink their fangs and suck the Blood and Soul from the Prole. Maximum Security schools ban God and blame the Gun, while smearing Christ with Elephant Dung.
     Daily Telegraph(Sidney)-Journalist Graham Hill, who's documentary film "Inside the ALF" exposed  the Animal Liberation Front as a Terrorist Cell of the Party, was kidnapped and branded with the initials ALF. Terrorists who assault hunters, spike trees, and  promote the Party's agenda are called "Activists", and are never RICO'd and rarely prosecuted.
     British reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard quotes Pinocchio on an Air Force One flight in November of 1996, "It was the moment when the militias, the Christian right and the Gingrich onslaught against government, all melted together in the public mind as one rampant movement of extremism."
     Jimmy Carter was picked by Chase Manhattan chief David Rockefeller, and his claim to fame was Figurehead Mediator in the Panama Canal Treason. The deal was a steal in violation of the Monroe Doctrine, which puts Chicoms in control in the year 2000.

     I went to a college basketball game this evening where I watched the local team play a team from one of the Soviet spin offs.  As with all games of this nature, the visitor's national anthem was played.  As I came to attention out of courtesy, I looked around and saw several fellow americans putting there hands on their heart.  Now correct me if I am wrong, but do not we do that only if it our anthem?  Is this the sign that allegiance has now been placed to the world, not our country.  Who said the take over would be hostile?
     Crosswinds is still fighting their computers.  Stay tuned on Xoom and Tripod.  Kahn 11-09-99

SLUDGE 11-06-99

Ayn Rand claims there's nothing wrong with a "Good Monopoly' in a truly Free Enterprise system. A Big Brother-free Marketplace will always attain Equilibrium if the Game is on the level. Big Brother is the Conspiracy, Big Brother is the Monopoly, and Big Bro is the Bully in the Microsoft case.
     Sludge reporter, Brenda Box used her "influence" to score a back-row seat at a preview of Mike McNulty's "Waco: A New Revelation." Brenda claims much of it was redundant re-run if you've seen "Rules of Engagement."
     Conflicting stories concerning the firing of New York Times, 56 year veteran editor, A.M. Rosenthal. One says he was under fire for spiking Israel's role in Chinagate, another claims he wouldn't use the PC euphemism, "Gay".
      Prole Pole question of the week is, "Why is Government opposed to Religion?" Because Big Brother wants to play God!
1 John 2:22  Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is Antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. God has been expelled from schools and expunged from Government because the NWO is the Antichrist's Throne.

SLUDGE 11-05-99

     Our latest Prole Pole results stand as a shocking indictment of a Two-headed Hiss-stem out of control and unresponsive to da PEOPLE. So who ARE these Pigs really representing? Terry Reed quotes a Mossad agent in his book,"Compromised:Clinton, Bush, and the CIA," as stating," We think your country has had a very quiet coup. Look at the evidence, it's all there." Indeed, "the Wall" came down because International Finance, Organized Crime, Mega Media Monopolies and Global Intelligence have merged under the Banner of the Planetary Federation of Dommunism.
     Just prior to the election of Ronald Reagan, he was asked who really runs this country. Reagan replied, " I think there is an elite in this country and they are the ones who run an elitist government. They want a government by a handful of people because they don't believe the people themselves can run their lives...Are we going to have an elitist government that makes decisions for the people's lives or are we going to believe as we have for so many decades, that the people can make these decisions for themselves?" After the election Reagan assembled a "transition team" of 28 CFR members, 10 Bilderbergers, and no less then 10 Trilatateralists,* to "screen out Elitist Appointees." He then excepted Bonesman, George Bush(CIA, TC,CFR) as VP, and De-facto President.
                 * Anthony Sutton, "Trilaterals Over Washington"

     The Crosswinds site is still down.  I have been monitoring their updates page and sounds like they purchased some new equipment which turned out to be a basket of lemons.  Good ol' American Screw Job.
     On my way out of Montana, I passed through Missoula.  An old buddy of mine who works on the police force informed me that his psychotic chief was at it again.  The chief was doing his annual United Way fund drive and one of the guys filled out the form in another officer's name, donating money to the various gay organizations.  The chief was so pissed(apparently a homophobic), that he conducted an all day investigation to find the culprit who in the end had to write apology letters to the chief, the person who's name he used and another officer who sat next to him.  The chief accused the officer, who sat next to the guilty one, first and ran him through the hoops before he had his facts straight and found the actual author of the document, which by the way was intended to be nothing more than a joke.  Estimates are that this whole little drama cost the tax payers of Missoula between $200 and $400 in labor costs.  All this do to an over inflated ego.  You see, it's getting really weird at the various local levels as well.
     And now back to our program, "Baking & Shaking" starring Janet Reno.
Kahn 11-05-99

SLUDGE 11-03-99

Somewhere between Alex Haley's Roots and Norm Lear's Archie Bunker, we went from Mayberry to Mad Max, and now we are being squeezed though the Looking Glass and sucked into the Black Hole of the New World Order. America is Gulliver, strapped down to a gurney, bound by Minions with weaves of Foreign Entanglement, Fed Poison intravenously.
      The "Debates" were Shadow Boxing, with Rehearsed answers to Scripted questions. The only suspense for the Bolsheviks was the elbowing and positioning between Bradley and Algore for the Party-Line, while Son of Bush scored more P.I. points for his No Show, then the Gaggle of Mensheviks who showed up.
       The same Media Bloodhounds who swooped on Texas and Wyoming when Hate was the issue, had to be dragged reluctantly to Arkansas to sniff the tortured body of 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising, when Homosexuality was the Motive. The Party defines "Hate" as opposition to Homosexuality, therefor "Love" cannot be a Motive, which is why Proles are taking Hate Law Enemas.
       Hollow words and Narrow Planks, now that Buchanan has left the Ranks.

     We have not been posting since 10-26-99 due to an agency review being conducted at SLUDGE and our main server is updating.  Sludge took this time to invite staff in to a golf tournament which he sponsored.  The tournament took place at a small out of the way course in Central Montana of all places.  Sludge chose this place for it's remoteness.  We braved hurricane force winds of 75 mph to close 18 holes.  Of course Sludge took all, but we chose to be polite up to the point where he told me I stood too close to the ball.  I walked.
     I attempted to regain some of my youth this past weekend and partook of the bar scene in the Central Montana area.  This was a total mistake on my part.  First of all, you can never go back, only forward.
     The scene repeated itself over the course of two nights, as if one was not enough punishment.  I met up with a trio of sorts, one guy two gals.  Before your sick little minds wonder, it went no where immediately.  The guy, who I shall call Bird and the girls who I shall call the Barbies, left much to be desired.  It seems the Barbies swapped their Ken for nothing more than a little Bird.  I watched as Bird forked out the cash to the Barbies and they lapped it up as they would from their papa.  When the Barbies lost energy, they simply went to the rest room where I'm sure they "powdered" their noses and changed faces on the changing table.  And it was ca-bing!  New girls again, as if the night just started over.  I simply drained out and slumped over into my drink and gut.  Bird must have pumped 100's into the girls, but that was the only thing he pumped into them.  Doesn't the poor basturd see the full screen yet.
     Upon my return back to home base, I simply looked in the mirror and imagined my face as my liquor cabinet was bare.  Kahn 11-03-99

SLUDGE 10-26-99

     The "Gay" Rape murder of 13 year old Jessie Dirkhising was a Non-story, J.H. Hatfied's 368 page Bush Bio is a Non-book, so it's hardly a surprise that Patrick J. Buchanan's Patriotic "Last Call to America" was a Non-speech. Pat's Mike cut out, and Payne Stewart's Lear Jet crashed on a flight from Jeb, Florida to George, Texas.
     Here are the Sludge Highlights from Pat's Speech, 10/25/99:
"Today candor compels us to admit that our vaunted two-party system is a snare and a delusion, a fraud upon the Nation. Our two parties have become nothing but two wings of the same Bird of Prey. On foreign and trade policy, open borders and centralized power, our Beltway parties have become Identical Twins."
 "We choose not to play our assigned role in their sham election. My friends, this year is OUR LAST CHANCE TO SAVE THE REPUBLIC, before she disappears into the godless New World Order that our elites are constructing in a betrayal of everything for which our Founding Father's lived, fought, and died."
  "We intend to dust off an ancient document and restore it to it's rightful place as the Alter Piece of American government. You may have heard of it. It's called the Constitution of the United States."
     Buchanan's stirring speech was censured from the Public, but it hit a nerve with the Party, because Smearsh devoted the entire Evening "News" to Hate Smear of Pat.

SLUDGE 10-25-99

     The Party's Two Minutes of Hate KKK Masquerade was a smashing success, Great Hate in Manhattan as a Troika(3 man) Federal Appeals court made a dramatic last minute ruling to unmask the Goldsteinists. The Klan had appealed to the courts for protection because they had suffered "Unhate" attacks. Unhate Crimes are not Federal and receive no Press. An example is the Nonstory in the recent Torture and "Gay" Gang Rape Murder of 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising in Arkansas.
     Partial Birth is an oxymoron, and is being made an Issue because of the value of the Tissue. In 1993 President Clinton signed the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act lifting the ban on Fed funded research involving the transplantation of fetal tissue. Death is big business and Body Parts are Big Bucks, check the 1999 price list of Anatomics Gift Foundation: Skin $100; Limbs $150; Spinal cord $325 and a special on Brains at $999. By calling the babies "Donors," Body Shops circumvent Fetal Tissue Laws prohibiting Sales.
      The Monopolization of the Media now enables Smearsh to destroy a Public Figure in one week, and a prole in one day. J.H. Hatfield and his "Fortunate Son" book were both shredded in a one-day Blitz. Ruby Jean Jenson, a local mystery writer who assisted Hatfield early in his career, said,"I'd trust him(Hatfield) a lot more then I would the Bushes. I knew they'd get back at him."
       The same Smearsh agents, who are so quick to vilify, denigrate, and slander Pat Buchanan, played a Violin Sonata for GWB which drowned out any discussion of the allegations. The Media Minstrels will play whatever Tune pays the most.

     I usually try to comment on issues of my own.  However, today's Sludge is a bit too much.  I have placed the last two paragraphs in bold.  I would hope that you all would take careful note.  So far, no further information can be found on the book or Hatfield.  How would you like to exercise your 1st amendment rights and disappear in a day.  All politics aside, this should be alarming to every American and if you have one ounce of patriotism left, you will stand up.  These people are not looking our for you.  Please take note........Kahn 10-25-99

SLUDGE 10-23-99

     Sludge's Toe Tapping Toady of the week award has to go to "Brown Nose" Bill Bradley. The former N.Y.Knick star used a "goose-step-dribble", to fast-break down the Party-Line past a flat-footed Al Gore JR., who's stuck in the muck of the Klingons. Meanwhile, Liz Dole has cashed in her chips(as if anyone cares), leaving McCain hoping to be the Stud in a one-card cut from GAB for the V.P.slot. McCain did a Root&Toot for Kosovo, and was a Smear Leader in the Buchanan Lynching, so he's hoping he's holding a couple of markers.
     De ja vu of 92, as J.H.Hatfield's 368 page Bio on GWB is BURNED, and the author is nailed by his testicles to the Public Scaffold. Hatfield's book, "Fortunate Son, George W.Bush and the making of an American President," rated 3 and a half stars by reviewers and was 21st and climbing when St. Martin's Press yanked it. THE QUESTON is: Did Daddy fix a Coke Bust in 72?  If I recall, Paula Jones was denounced as a "Trailer Trash Bimbo," now we don't just kill the messenger, we shred the message.

SLUDGE 10-21-99

     Sin and Wickedness in High places; we're not "Slouching toward Gomorrah" as Robert Bork claims, we are on the FAST TRACK!  The Conspiracy hatched in the Heavens is now sucking the Souls from the Proles, as they slumber in the Illusion of the Matrix. The REAL issue is far greater than mere "politics," it is a Brain Drain and Soul Sap by Predatory Parasites of the Forces of Darkness, who denied Light from God, must STEAL it from the Proles.
     Compromised:Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed & John Cummings gets 3 stars from Sludge. Page 264:
"Bobby says you've got a problem about going to Mexico because of the deal with Bobby Seal," the glassy-eyed governor began. By this time, the smell of marijuana was unmistakable.
     Clinton paused for a moment as if trying to sort out his thoughts, "I can see your concern. I understand Seal was a friend of yours. His death does appear suspicious. And Bobby says you got a feeling somebody here in Arkansas may have a motive to kill him. But nobody here had anything to do with that. Seal just got too damn big for his britches and that scum basically deserved to die, in my opinion...."
      With that, Clinton got up from his chair and went to the back of the van, returning with a half-smoked joint. He reseated himself. He took a long, deep drag. After holding it in until his cheeks bulged, he than exhaled slowly and deliberately.
      He extended his arm and offered the joint to Reed. Terry shook his head and gestured, no thanks.
     "Go on, I'm the commander in chief here; you won't get busted," the governor said with a straight face while exhaling.

       I'm still waiting for the decision from MSNBC.  Why you ask?  What a wonderful opportunity to exercise the media a bit.  I can track this deal to once again prove them to be part of the problem.  You can never have enough proof.  I think it is a constant reminder to you all how it really works, the press that is.  So far all I have received from MSNBC is a 6 question questionnaire wanting to know further about our identity.  Tracking sucks.
       My speculation is that people are in constant fear.  We have a wonderful avenue for people to express themselves on line, freely. However, only a few use it.  I guess the others still do not trust us or the internet.  I guess the 1st amendment is now no more than a dream.  Kahn 10-21-99

SLUDGE 10-20-99

     Manhattan should be a caldron of seething hatred this weekend, as the Party kicks off it's Crime Prevention Act Rally featuring the KKK. This month's theme for the "Two Minutes of Hate" is "Unmasking the Hate," and a WWF Main Attraction will be a First Amendment ruling between New York's Mask ban and the Rights of the Klan. No info as to whether Jessie "The Body" will show.
     (USA Today)-Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Center, who have made a fortune bankrupting Goldstein's Groups in Ad-infinitum Civil Action Suits, will sponsor an FBI seminar entitled "Millenium, Militias and Mayhem, what to expect in the coming year," at next month's meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Charlotte North Carolina. A report called, "Project Megiddo" will focus on Militias, Hate groups, and Cults, in a Doomsday scenario.
      Has Sludge offended the Media Gods? Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone was quoted as stating,"I have long said content is king," and spoke of "...the wonderful diversemedia" after swallowing up CBS in an $80 billion dollar Mega Merger in September. The Censure Czars have defined "diversity" as relative to the Party line, which is why the dull grey pallor of conformity is reflected on the putty faces and rigor mortis grins of clone candidates.

SLUDGE 10-19-99

     Red China's president Jiang Zemin starts a his Tour for a "Greater China" in London's Buckingham Palace(Bank of England). Zemin, former secretary of the Communist Party, is tolerating NO PROTESTS as he cuts deals with the Inner Party Elite for control of Taiwan and Tibet. Token Human Right Protest "Stings" will be staged and Dissidents Stung.
     Reebok and Nike Indo-China Sweatshops make a killing outfitting young Proles to imitate MTV Rap Gangstas so Big Brother can justify Anti-Gang legislature based on "Prole"-filing.
     Hate laws are now Ster-etch-ing the Fed Net to include EVERYONE, so that EVERY crime becomes a Federal Case. The Party now determines Motive. And with selective enforcement, fluctuating penalties, Judge-ment calls, and Crapshoot Courtrooms, that makes them Referees in the Running Man Instant Justice Game. Sexual orientation, gender, and disability are now being added to race, religion, color, and national origin, as pretexts for Federal Intervention.

Error: posting not allowed.

MSNBC is currently rejecting posts from your site.
If you feel this is in error, contact

      Above is a copied version of the message we receive when any posting attempt is made to the MSNBC bulletin boards.  I have yet to receive a response from the above email address regarding my inquiry to them into this matter.  Apparently the truth will no longer be allowed on their bulletin boards.  Amazing how these people can selectively stand behind the 1st amendment.  Perhaps the guilt does not set in until such time they go home at night and take off their costumes revealing the lizards they are underneath......I'll leave the porchlight on.  Kahn 10-19-99

SLUDGE 10-18-99

     One day we're hearing what to do with a Surplus, the next day it's talk about "shutting down Government," the economy is BOOMING, and then rumors of tremors in the Stock Market, the "Crown Jewels" of our nuclear weapons are stolen and sold, and now debates over Test Bans. Lies to cover Corruption and Big Brother plays the "National Security Card" to hide the Lies.
     Medical check-ups at the U.S. Naval Hospital at Bethesda, Maryland are hardly routine, they are Stamps of Approval by the Party. U.S. Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal "fell" out of the 16th floor window in 1949 for exposing the Party's plan for the Korean War. His personal diaries were confiscated, his phone was bugged, he left no suicide note, and his bathrobe cord was wound tightly around his neck.. Senator Joe McCarthy, who's name became a euphem-"ISM" to slander all who oppose the Party, died in an oxygen tent at Bethesda in 1957 to the tune of, "I'd rather have  bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy."               McCarthy claimed that Roosevelt and Uncle Joe Stalin had planned both the Korean war and Vietnam at Yalta in 1945. September 23, 1950 he said,"Here was signed the death warrant of the young men who were dying today in the hills and valleys of Korea. Here was signed the death warrant of the young men who will die tomorrow in the jungles of Indochina(Vietnam)."  President Richard Nixon, suffering from a swollen leg, refused treatment at Bethesda, when he flatly stated, "I won't come out alive."

     I was told by one of our faithful readers not to hold my breath when dealing with MSNBC.  Seems they censor anyone opposed to their view, rather that allow it to be printed.  By the way, you are encouraged to voice your opinion here, anonymous or not, pro-Sludge or anti-Sludge.  Yes of course on occasion we may comment on the negative comments, but you will still be allowed your post whether you are Karl Marx or Bob Dole.  We will welcome them all.
     By the way, MSNBC still has not emailed me a return to my questions regarding the 1st amendment.  So far, it would appear they are in fact selective when it comes to that issue.  If you would like to participate on the bulletin board we have been banned from, you can by going to:
Tell em Kahn sent ya!  Kahn 10-18-99

SLUDGE 10-17-99

     Our Sludge Prole Poll seems to have generated a lot of controversy. Smearsh CNBC Pitcher Chris Matthews was so pissed after Patrick J. Buchanan smacked his Spitballs out of the park, that he brought in Winston S. Churchill for an Instant Replay Smirk Session. Party Toady Chris, who looked like he'd shit his pants in the original interview, was a gleeful, giddy contrast as he joined with Churchill to chuckle over Selected Splices.
     Prole Posters were concerned that the Poll was exclusive, that's because it was meant to be, and is part of a much larger Demographic Composition which the Sludge Staff is putting together to analyze voter reaction to Buchanan's split with the Menshevik party. Smearsh Smear of Buchanan is intended to shear the Sheeple from the hardcore Brigades, so the Flock stays with the Mensheviks, and the Reform Party can be denounced as "extremist".
     Gary Baurer? Nice guy, but his own staff pulled his plug. The sabotage("spending to much time" with a mid-level 27 year old blond named Melissa McCloud) was probably merciful as the Big Boys would have chewed him up.
     Congratulations to the Prole who mentioned the Armand Hammer-Al Gore Sr. connection in the P.P. comments!  Arm-and(baking soda, get it?)Hammer has been an Inner Party member who made his fortune by stealing the Crown Jewels of the murdered Czar and profiting from the Slave Labor Death Camps of the Gulags. Al Gore Jr. has been a lackey for the Klingons because his dad was a Butt Boy for Hammer.

      It looks like we may have caused a couple of heads to turn hard enought to kink.  I have been informed that we are no longer allowed to post to a specific message board.  I will not release the name of that board, pending a response from them as to the reason why we have been banned.  I will say this, the board in question is rooted in the major media.  So it is possible they do not want to exercise the 1st amendment in our case.  More to come....Kahn 10-17-99

     By the way, I am no angel that is for sure.  But for all you angry little evolutionaries, if we came from the damn monkey, why the hell is the little booger still here.  Don't waste your time answering that.
     This is what the 1st amendment is all about, the right to speak and worship God.  You know, the guy who gave us that little thing called life!
      This is not public school where you can strike us down for speaking of God so if you can not control your guilt for a miserable life, you don't have to tune into this. Kahn 10-15-99
SLUDGE 10-13-99

     John Dewey, the "father of Progressive Education," wrote,"There is no God and no soul. Hence, there are no needs for the props of traditional religion. With dogma and creed excluded, then immutable truth is also dead and buried. There is no room for fixed, natural law or permanent moral absolutes." The Theory of Evolution contradicts itself, because by sucking the Soul from man, he becomes animal(animated evil). Dewey's atheism reduced Man to Monkey status, so he could be caged and numbered by the Dewey Decimal Ssystem. Sigmund Freud told Monkey Man to grab his crotch on MTV.
      The Party is celebrating 2000 AD as a World Victory for Godless Marxist/Leninism masquerading as Dommunism. America is a Ripe Plum surrounded by a Black Hole of Hell. Marxists in the White House, Marxists in the U.N., Marxists in England, Spain, France, Mexico, Canada, Marxists in the Military, Medicine, Justice, Entertainment, and Education. Is it any wander that ONLY Marxists will be on the Ballot next November?
      Pinochet is being rail-roaded as a "Bad Guy" for overthrowing Marxist Allende in 1973, Somoza was a Bad Guy when Nicaragua was betrayed, Nixon was a Bad Guy for his role in the Alger Hiss case, and McCarthy is worse, he's Evil, for pointing it all out in the 50's. Marcos was Bad, Marxism is Good, Batista was Bad, Castro is Good, Russia's our Buddy and China's our Friend, so Moral Absolutes are now defined, not by your relationship to God, but your relationship to the New World Order of DOMMUNISM.

SLUDGE 10-12-99

     If your dog shits in the house you kick him out right? So why does America have to hold it's nose for another year of the Klingons? Greased Pigs are sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom. Sludge says EVICT NOW! and don't let the door hit you in the ass!
     Will Pinocchio barricade the White House and pull an "Al Pachino" as SCARFACE? And more importantly, will the skies suddenly brighten and the birds start chirping when they're finally gone? No Sludge Fans, the Legacy of the klingons is a Corruption of the entire Process, the Ssystem. What is needed is a Massive move back to the Constitution and God, the Bill of Rights and Morality. The Odor of the NWO won't go away by "holding our noses" for another Greased Pig with a Greedy Snout, a fish rots from the head down and we need to Fumigate!

      I have watched all this sicken for quite sometime.  Worked various jobs and seen the trends of management to use Marxist tactics to divide the workers against each other.  Safer than having a strong union.  The workers are so dummied by it all that they just line up and play their roles without so much as a question.  The ones that do question it or at least sound off out of their bowels never seem to ever act on their words.  "Ya guys I'm gonna tell them what for."  "Well gee Bob, asshole is in his office right now, go on in and give him what for!"  "Uh, I can't right now, uh, I've got to get this work order filled before the weekend, but I sure will get in their after I'm done."  Basically fear kids.
      I still stand up, but it is a very lonely place.  Your supervisors shun you and your equals run away from you cause you may mean a risk to their "careers."  I guess it is me who is afraid.  Afraid of not being able to look myself in the mirror.  Maybe it is I who is the fool and will never get anywhere on principles.  God knows I'm not perfect, but I was taught right from wrong and paid my debts when I was wrong.
      I do not speak of this about my work place, but speak of this about all workplaces.  If you really want it to change, exam your grandparents and ancestors for the source of their courage.  Perhaps then you will be able to understand what it will take to really change it.  Kahn 10-12-99

SLUDGE 10-11-99

     Spin is a cute word for Slant, both are deception and Lie. "Triangulation" is simply standing for NOTHING while pretending to stand for EVERYTHING. The Ministry of Truth is nonchalant to Christian Religious Icons stuffed in a Urine bottle and smeared with Elephant Dung, but POUNCE on Jessie Ventura for expressing his opinion. And woe to Pat Buchanan for Deviating from the Party's WW2 Hollywood Film scripts, Historical Truth has been replaced by Image.
     "Ultimately, men fight and die for the ashes of their fathers and the temples of their Gods, not some NWO. Who would give his life ----for the U.N.?" (A Republic, Not an Empire)
      The Party fears a large voter turnout like they fear a run on the banks, which is why they give the Prole a "Lesser of two evils" choice. Celebrities relying on P.I.(Popularity Index) and CEO's with money to burn are jumping into the Show, but in the end the Greased Pigs will rule the Animal Farm, because they are all backed by the Masters of the Global Plantation. The Bolsheviks and Mensheviks are both united in a Campaign to erase God and the Constitution from the Political Forum.

SLUDGE 10-10-99

"The man in the street does not notice the devil even when the devil is holding him by the throat."

                                                                         Johann von Goethe

     Love has become Lust, and Music which once touched the Heart and soothed the Soul, now stimulates the Genitalia. Mass Abortion is a Sacrificial Blood Orgy to dispose of the byproduct. Snuff Videos are sold to Shock Junkies for $19.95, "Kinder Gentler" has become a Cult of Death and  Death Worship.  Now we find ourselves descending deeper into the Bottomless Pit of Cultural Depravity as Proles, "spared the Rod" by sensitive Mr. moms, yearn to be strapped and restrained by Big Brother. Naughty Bad Boys and Sadistic Control Freaks, both find expression in a Sick, Twisted "Cops" episode, where there's Security in Cuffs and a titillating Justice in the slap of the Sam Browne across the bare buttocks.

SLUDGE 10-08-99

     Cris Matthews and "Whore"aldo Rivera are Smearsh Agents for CNBC. Matthews serves up Puffballs for Inner Party members, but he was the Designated Assassin in a Smearsh Ambush aimed at Jessie Ventura at Harvard. Harvard is a training ground for Toady Toddlers of the Elite, but even these Snooty Snobs found Ventura's candor a refreshing contrast to the Phony Stuffed Shirts and Coffered Dews of the Plastic Party Puppets. Ventura reminds the Proles that the Pigs are supposed to be Civil Servants, not Professional Politicians, so he's is being painted as a "Baffoon." Meanwhile, King George has deftly Moon Walked to the Left to avoid the Doo Doo being thrown on the Right. His Flex Plan based on Compromising Conservatism is an oozing Puddle of shape- changing Muddle.
     Light from the Waco Investigation is now reflecting on the Oklahoma City bombing, and wherever Light is cast on the Klingons, the Shadow of Death seems to follow. The Dead Deltas could  prompt the Pigs to White-Wash Waco since the Party Line was that Tim McVeigh was an Avenging Uno Bomber. Oklahoma City Police Officer Terrance Yeakey's death was filed as a "suicide" in spite of Official reports claiming he had slashed both his wrists, stabbed himself in the neck twice, and then....walked a mile and a half before shooting himself in the head. Yeakey and the late Dr. Howard D. Chumley, who's plane took a "Ron Brown" nose dive, were both guilty of Party Line Deviation at Oklahoma City. Whistle Blowers have become fodder for Cleaner Crews.

SLUDGE 10-07-99

     Animal Farm not only vividly articulates Current Politics, but reminds us that animals have a stronger Lobby than people, which is why the movie was run concurrent with the P.E.T.A. Campaign. Politicians as Pigs with quivering snouts is hardly a new concept for Sludge readers, and the shocking hypocrisies of Socialism are a compelling Indictment of the New World Odor.
     AgiProp's Gencite(Gender incitement) agents are drooling over the upcoming "Battle of the Sexes" boxing match between Man and Woman. We can only speculate on the sociological damage and ill-will this Promo will create. The Event is intended to be a Testimony to the degeneration caused by 30 years of Gencite Agitation since the Billy Jean King-Bobby Riggs Tennis Match. The Party will employ it's Standard Operating Procedure of utilizing the Friction to pass more Laws. Women's Lib of today is the Anti-Sex League of tomorrow.
     Big Brother is everywhere, so by interpreting "Separation of Church and State" to exclude God, Morality can be legislated everywhere. Legislatures are Rubber Stamping hundreds of bills to regulate sex, violence, Hate, music, images, words, and ideas. The Party inflames the Proles by wrapping the Flag around the First amendment and burning it. "Socially Redeeming Values" have become meaningless, so Proles gagging on Filth and Abomination scream to be FORCE FED.

SLUDGE 10-06-99

     God has no representation on the Party's Political Spectrum. Poles indicate that an overwhelming percentile of Proles are opposed to Gun Control, Mass Abortion, and "Gay" Scout Leaders, so why do they keep cramming this crap down our throats? And who is left to represent "We the People"? The Reagan Right of the Seventies has been chopped off and "Compromising Conservatism" is now Stylish, this Left-Right Unanimity underscores the narrowness of Political Correctness translated into Politically Permissible.
      Sludge Reports on the CHICOM giveaway of the Panama Canal has provoked a response, as a 4-foot high bundle of Petitions were dumped near the Capitol protesting the business leases to Hong Kong Front companies.(Washington times) "We built it, we paid for it, we use it," shouted retired Adm.Thomas H. Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff,"We want to make sure the Chinese Communists don't get control of it." I'm afraid Tom's too little, too late.
      Pinocchio was so impressed with the song," You can't have New York without Queens" that he asked for a copy of the lyrics. Shilling for money at a recent Gay Fund-raiser in California with his buddy's Mel Brooks and Rob Reiner, the now Infamous Congenital Liar and Sexual Predator took his swipe at Pat Buchanan. "All the Republicans, they've been fighting over what to do about Pat Buchanan now that he's got this interesting interpretation of WW 2. I suggested that Mel might put him in a remake of "The Producers," that would be a good thing to do with Pat." Pinocchio claimed that his favorite movie is "Blazing Saddles" and expressed an interest in a Hollywood Gig after he is pried out of the White House and run out of D.C. on a rail.

SLUDGE 10-05-99

     Proles who seek refuge from the SSsystem find no Haven. The Party seeks out, zeros in, and destroys any Alternative which threatens it's Dictatorship, which is why 70 year old Dr. Hulda Clark, author of "Cure of all Cancers and Diseases" and designer of the "Clark Zapper" is being held in a San Diego jail for "Practicing Medicine without Party Approval". The Sludge Report has received Screams of Protest from Proles who swear by the Cure-All Health Benefits of the Zapper and are concerned by the recent Shanghai and Extradition of Clark to Brown County, Indiana, where "medicinal effectiveness" is neither an Issue, nor a Legal Defense.
     Why is Ted Turner bad-mouthing Rupert Murdoch?  Is it because Fox is leaking News of the Klingons, Rating Jealously, or is it all simply a WWF Act and Murdock is creating a Reactionary movement now that the Klingons have been exposed!
     Judicial Watch is now filing Civil Action over the beating of the Adams Family by "Teamsters for Clinton" one year ago. Don and Teri Adams dared Protest King Klingon and were knocked to the ground and stomped by his Goon Squad. Matt Drudge has shown the censured "Picnic Photos" of the Sperry-Clinton confrontation. Waco, Chinagate, Filegate, Raped and Battered women, and Dead Bodies are now floating to the surface after 7 years of Silence and White-Wash.
     The Party has lopped off the Reagan Right and is stuffing it into the Black Hole. They have Smeared Buchanan as a Thought Criminal and Christianity with Elephant Dung. The same Moral Issues which were used to agitate between Buchanan and Ventura are now being used to isolate the Reform Party. The Moral Majority, repulsed by the "Ted Bundy of the White House,' will be rounded up and herded into King George's Centralist Camp.

SLUDGE 10-02-99

     Fayetville Times-Observer(North Carolina) reports that four Delta Force soldiers have died in training exercises. Alex Jones, radio talk show host for KJFK-FM(Austin Texas), has confirmed that at least three of the four were part of the Elite Combat Applications Group at Fort Bragg, N.C. who were at Mt Carmel during the Incineration Op. Two drowned in the Savannah River, one "fell" out of a MH-6 Little Bird Helicopter, and one died on the Rifle Range. The Texas Rangers have released a 13 page study, backed up by ex-Delta members, which reveals a "shaped charge" placed in on the concrete roof of "the Bunker", and have tied Delta to the Crime Scene.
     Remember the Picnic? The Media has now placed an "Embargo"(ban) on all pictures showing Pinnochio spraying reporter Paul Sperry with spittle during a ten minute Temper tantrum. The Media shows us a Smiling, Jovial, Dr. Jekyll but they continue to Hide the Hyde.
     "We're not inflicting pain on these f*ckers, when people kill us, they should be killed in greater numbers. I believe we're being pushed around by these two-bit pricks."
                   -Bill Clinton, quoted by George Stephanopoulos, "All Too Human: A Political Education"

SLUDGE 10-01-99

     Now that the smoke has cleared, let's take a closer look at the dastardly Smearsh Campaign launched last week against Pat Buchanan. Both Heads of the Party spat a veritable barrage of Lies, Slander, and Innuendo in a concentrated Character Assassination which included "Guilt by Association" with disgruntled Leftist Lenora Fulani. National Sovereignty and Independence became "Isolationism," and Protective Tariff was ridiculed. Abraham Lincoln said, " Give us a Protective Tariff and we will have the greatest country on Earth," while Karl Marx(1848) said,"The Free Trade system works destructively. It breaks up old Nationalities and carries antagonism of proletariat and bourgeoisie to the uttermost point. In a word, the Free Trade System hastens the Social Revolution. In this revolutionary sense alone, gentlemen, I am in favor of Free Trade." Karl also favored a Graduated Income Tax which put Big Brother on Steroids.
     Party Boot-licker John McCain and NWO Neo-Con William F. Buckley were vehemently vocal as Smearsh Operatives for the Mensheviks. McCain, who dumped his crippled wife for Cindy Hensley, daughter of a $100 million Arizona Anheuser-Bush Beer Baron, was a member of the "Keating Five", who Judge Lance Ito(who's Fame is the O.J. Frame) let off the hook by "screwing up" Jury Instructions. He hopes that by sending Birthday Cards to N.Y. mobster Joe Bananas and sucking up to the NWO he might get a V.P. slot. Buckley's Treachery is a bit more insidious, and can be explained by the fact that he is a Yale Bonesman like the Bushs. King George can hide out and count his money, while the "Change Agents" of the GOP delete all memory of the Republic from the Party.

SLUDGE 09-30-99

     The only meaningful Political Indicator is NOT a Linear Left-Right spectrum based on Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler, but rather a VERTICAL Thermometer measuring degrees of Collectivism. The present Political Spectrum polarizes Communism on the Left and National Socialism on the Right so the Mainstream "Center" is a little bit of both. The Dirty Little Secret is that the Mass Majority of "Americans" not only except, but DESIRE and SUPPORT the Planks of both Communism and National Socialism. Socialized Medicine, "Public" Education, the Planned Economy, Centralized Media and means of Communication, and most important of all, the Sacrifice of the Individual for "the Good of the Whole," are all common planks on the Main Street of the Global Village of Dommunism.

SLUDGE 09-29-99

     FEMA always gets good Press. FEMA Agents are always shown cheerfully lending a Helping Hand, where ever you see Disaster, you will find a smiling FEMA Operative. He's the Texaco Poster-Boy pumping your gas, the All-State Rep who puts you in "Good Hands," the more Crisis and Disasters, the more FEMA. The ugly reality is that the Federal Emergency & Management Act give Dictatorial Powers to Big Brother. Hatched in 1939 by FDR and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Baby FEMA grew teeth when Congress approved the Internal Security Act of 1950. A Senate Hearing entitled, " Intelligence Activities, Senate Resolution 21", in 1975 exposed it's existence and publicized it's Master Search Warrant(MSW) and Master Arrest Warrant(MAW) instruments. In 1982 President Ronald Reagan issued National Security Directive 58 which empowered the National Security Council to fund the secret(until now) Rex 84 Plan, which gave FEMA control of all internal infrastructure and suspends the Constitution upon a Presidential Declaration of a "State of Emergency." Under REX, the President could invoke Executive Orders 11000 through 11004 which would:
1) Draft all citizens into Big Brother Work Forces;
2) Empower the Postmaster to register all men, women and children(Master ID.....never leave home without it!)
3) Big Brother seizes all airports & aircraft's
4) Big Brother seizes all housing and Forced Relocation is implemented.
     Please call your local FEMA Detention Center for reservations, the Concentration Camp for the whole family, guaranteed to leave you with a Smile.

SLUDGE 09-28-99

     Did Paul Sperry, Wash. Bureau Chief of Investor's Business Daily, Nit Pick at the Picnic when he asked Slick Willy about Chinagate?  Willy sure thinks so, " Yah, the FBI wants you to write about that instead of Waco" he replied, as he casually slipped a hot dog into his coat pocket, presumably to be eaten. " We've given the Task Force every shred of evidence and they haven't found a thing" he bragged, in a parry to a Sperry query, and followed it up with a 10 minute tirade against "Accusatory Reporters."
The Klingon Dictatorial Dynasty was built by appointing Flunkies and Henchpersons in Key positions, Slander & Smear of any Accuser, Greasing it all with Payola, and Silencing any Resistance with a Goon Squad and White House Secret Police.
     GOP Neo-conservatives gathered in Anaheim California to Pledge Allegiance to KING GEORGE.  GWB has been unofficially Anointed to be the representative for the Menshevik Party and was referred to as "Nominee". Who can blame the Dying Quayle for dropping out, "THE FIX IS IN" at the GOP, and everybody else is picking up their chips and leaving the game, with the exception of John McCain. Johns hanging around the Locker room sniffing jocks in the hopes that he gets patted on the head for Rooting for the Kosovo Bombing and Smearing Pat Buchanan. Rush Limbaugh's already cashing in his Marker with TV Flash-Face for his Treacherous Treason.

SLUDGE 09-26-99

      How is it that Pat Buchanan can be an OK guy as a commentator for Crossfire for 20 years, but whenever he steps into the Political Arena he is Demonized? And stranger still, why is it that the same Smearsh Agents who pick statements out of context and Encrypt them to paint Pat as a Thought Criminal, blatantly ignore Arkansas state trooper's Larry Patterson's claims about the Klingons? Hannity & Colmes both sat mute when Patterson exposed the Klingons as Closet Racists and Anti-Semites!  Now Patterson has released a two-hour audiotape  titled "More than sex: The Secrets of Bill and Hillary Clinton Revealed! " published by, in which he claims that Klingon conversations frequently degenerated into Jew-Baiting arguments. Larry says, "It was quite common " for the Klingons to refer to each other as "a Jew mother f-cker" or a "Jew Bastard". He talks of Pinocchio's fascination with the Leadership skills of Adolf Hitler and Mein Kampf, and recalled "a lot of jokes were made about the Jewish people".
     Documents released by the Starr investigation seemed to support Larry's claims of Hate Speech in the White House. Monica Lewinsky is taped by Linda Tripp as admitting that she and Pinocchio swapped several Jewish jokes, such as "Why do Jewish men like to watch porno films backward?" Lewinsky would give the punch line, "So they can watch the prostitute give the money back." Pretty lame stuff really, but then what do you expect from a guy who laughs at funerals

SLUDGE 09-25-99

     BBC-When Big Ben strikes Midnight New Year's Eve, 2000 pyrotechnic candles will be set off to create a 60 metre high "River of Fire", which will shoot up the Thames River at 300 MPH. The Fireworks is timed to last exactly 10.8 sec. which coincides with the speed of the Earth's rotation, so that we can "Spiritually rotate with the Planet into the New Millennium". Sounds like New Age fun huh? Well think again Proles! Why is the Party planning on closing EVERY bridge, therefor sealing in millions of gawking Proles? Does it strike anyone as rather peculiar that ALL Party members are so enthusiastic about celebrating the year 2000, while All Proles(at least those without Biochip Transponders already implanted) are dreading the date? And now that you think about it, doesn't that Giant Ball which the Party plans on dropping in New York City, look very similar to the Poison Gas Ball which the Penguin dropped in an earlier Batman Movie?
     Smearsh Operatives continue their campaign against Pat Buchanan, the Party has a complete Monopoly on all Mass Media, so it's quite simple to fling so many Feces Balls from so many directions, that the victim is buried before he can respond. Mention of the Israeli Lobby makes one an "Anti-Semite", criticism of Affirmative Action brands one a "Racist", Anatomy books are "Sexist", and if you object to Crotch-Grabbing, you must be a "Homophobe". Goldsteinism, in fact, the ACCUSATION OF GOLSTEINISM IS A FAR WORSE CRIME THEN TREASON! Goldsteinism is the "catch-all" Article 58(Counter-Revolutionaries or KR's) which makes Thought Criminals out of EVERYBODY(or perhaps you've forgotten that Polish joke which got laughs at that late-night office party 10 years ago, right?) because the ACCUSATION IS THE CRIME!

SLUDGE 09-24-99

     The Party claims it's not a Conspiracy and labels as "Kooks" those who say it is, but just what are the mathematical odds that EVERY Media Interviewer, would take the SAME misquote, from the SAME page of Pat Buchanan's book, A Republic, not an Empire-, and that would be the ONLY topic of discussion? The same SMEARSH Agents who give Blow Job Interviews to Party Stooges, turn into Grand Inquisitors, heating up their Branding Irons on the Fires of Agitation, and stamping their victim with "Guilt by association with Goldstein" or simply "insufficient Hatred toward Goldstein". The Scarlet Letter is permanently Branded on the hapless victim as he squirms like a stuck worm on the Stockade of Public Humiliation. James "Bo" Gritz, the most highly decorated soldier in Vietnam and real life "Rambo" suffered the same fate, stoned by Mobs hissing "IST".
      Does it strike anybody as rather strange that the Bolsheviks have teamed with the Mensheviks in denouncing a third Party which "experts" claim will only damage the Mensheviks? And who can deny that if the Mensheviks had attacked the Bolsheviks with the same Hate as they have shown toward an America First Party, we'd have been spared 8 years of Rape, Robbery, Murder, Treason, and Lies? GWB and his "Compromising Conservatives" can sit back and count the Cash, while the Ministry of Truth destroys all opposition. He doesn't have to take a stand because his toes are on the Party Line, just like Daddy's were.
      A final note to radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh; Judas sold out cheap, didn't he Rush?

SLUDGE 09-22-99

     Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan lands his plane after undergoing a solid week of withering "ANTI"-Ack Ack Flak and "IST"  Missile attacks from the "Fair & Balanced" News Media. Info-tainment Shows parallel the Political Panorama, with a Marxist on the Left and a Compromising "Conservative" on the Right, this Hegelian Dialectic mirrors the Bolshevik-Menshevik Illusion of a Political Spectrum and there is no representation for the Republic, Constitution, or the Bible. A Review of Pat's book, A Republic, Not an Empire-Reclaiming America's Destiny, became a coordinated Smearsh Buchanan- Bashing, as the Left Head spewed it's usual Name-Calling Venom, while the Right Head agitated his differences with the Reform Party. Gore was scheduled to take a fall for the Mensheviks just as Dole took a fall for the Bolsheviks, the "Fix is in" for GWB, however, the Party could bring Bill Bradley off the bench if Bush's Bucks can't buy the Election. The Bottom Line is that the Party will Trash any candidate who does not play ball with the NWO.
     Larry Paterson, who served as Klinton Body Guard and Pimp, announced on National Television that Pinocchio has used the "N" word and made Anti-Semitic statements. Curiously, neither Fox News Left Head Colmes, nor Right Head Hennesy exhibited any interest in hearing the specific statements. Patterson claimed that he and his family were threatened by former boss, Buddy Young(now with FEMA) to keep his mouth shut. Who told Hennesy and Colmes to shut theirs?

SLUDGE 09-20-99

     Presidential candidate Allen Keyes revealed that his most influential teacher had been Allen Bloom, author of a Sludge Review Book titled "The Closing of the American Mind". Thought Crime and Thought Crime laws have restricted our view of the Past and denied Free Speech in the Present, and you will not consider a Thought if you fear expressing it. Keyes, in an interview with C-Span, said the magic words, "Survival of Freedom" and therefor qualifies as a Prole Party Candidate. Welcome to the Club Allen!
     This week's Prole Poll indicates overwhelming support for the Right to Bear Arms, so why are both the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks so rabid about confiscating them, and more importantly, doesn't that make both Parties UNCONSTITUTIONAL? And haven't BOTH Parties CONSPIRED to give away the Panama Canal, cover-up the $500 billion dollar S&L Scam, ram through NAFTA, bomb countries in senseless pointless Undeclared Wars, sell us out to Red China, and then DOUBLE all their salaries for doing such a good job?
     George W Bush got a $50,000,000 head start so now everyone else has to pay Catch-up. His theme of "Compromising Conservatism" is stylish, but how do you compromise the Constitution? How do you compromise the Supreme Law of the Land? And isn't Unconstitutional simply a "code" word for Illegal? It's time to hold Big Brother accountable to the Constitution.....Because it's the Law!

  I can read the headlines now when Buchanan announces his run on the
reform party for president.  RACIST!  That crap is so old people.  What I would suggest to Buchanan is find a black running mate.  For that matter, if a black person or other "minority" chooses to run and I find them upholding of the Constitution I don't care if they are as green as this print, they get my vote.  That's the bottom line here people.  Various persons of various races have been defending our country since it's beginning.  They are known as Americans.  Hey, I got an idea.  Rather than re-classify groups of Americans by their race, such as Afro-Americans, which I find to be a handy little label in order for the system to track the black American, let's just label those of us who support the constitution as Americans.  The same constitution eventually got the black men and women out of slavery.  Their rights as free men and women were always provided for by the constitution,  just not provided for by those persons in the south that now call themselves democrats.  KAHN 09-20-99

SLUDGE 09-18-99

      Letters, E-Mail, even the Sludge Drop Box in the Men's Room at Lafayette Park(the "Barney Frank" stall-please replace the Magic Marker when your through) have been a sudden FLOOD of support for Pat Buchanan. The Buchanan Brigade is the Wildcard in the next Election, and the Party knows it. The Bolsheviks and Mensheviks and their Harlot Media, have moved so far toward Totalitarianism that a Grass Roots of Discontent is growing. The Moral Majority of the 70's find themselves labeled "Extremists" in the 90's(extreme from what?) and Constitutionalists  are now "Domestic Terrorists", the Zeitgeist of 2000 will be a re-awakening of Individual Freedom.
     Unite the Right! Sludge would like to extend a Cyber Handshake to all who Rally at the Bill of Rights. It is too late in the Game to be divided by relatively minor differences which can be resolved later on. You quit worrying about "what color to paint the kitchen" when your house is on fire, and the Flag is now smoldering.
     Do not listen to the Party's Lies about a Third Party "splitting the Vote", they ignore the fact that most Americans have quit voting BECAUSE both Parties are one. The truth of the matter is that a vote for either is vote for Big Brother.

Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. Welcome to EZBreeZee Mortgages. I'm Alan Greenspan. No, no relation sorry to say. May I call you Bill and Hillary? Fine, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill it is. So you want to buy the old Rye Brook place, four-something acres as I recall. That's 2.2 million, and with the customary 20 percent down-that's $440,000--leaving a mortgage of $1,760,000. No problem. We do those kinds of deals all the time. Now let's have a look at your financial statements. Let's see, Mr. Clinton, you are the president of the United States, of course, and you salary is-oh, dear--$200,000 a year. We recommend buying a house that costs no more than two and a half times your annual salary. That means you should be looking for something around $500,000, perhaps a nice brick rancher on a quarter of an acre, not too fancy a neighborhood? And I see here that you'll be out of a job in 16 months or so. What will you do then? Open a library. In Little Rock. Arkansas. Wow. I bet that will be some kind of moneymaker. Mrs. Clinton, you're running for Senate, right? Senators are paid $130,000 a year-assuming, of course, she's elected-so even with your pension you're still looking at a house in the $825,000 range. Maybe a nice center hall colonial where the schools aren't so good. Mrs. Clinton, you haven't worked outside the house since 1991, correct? But you did some volunteer work, I see. You came up with a plan to overhaul the entire national health care system? I see. It flopped, in other words. But I see you had several business ventures back in Arkansas. How about this Whitewater Development Corp.? It went bankrupt. And Madison Guaranty? Bankrupt. And Castle Grande? Bankrupt, too. If you had gone to Yale business school instead of Yale law, you could probably get your money back Don't get upset. It was just a little joke. A little bad luck with the law, too, I see. Three of your business partners went to jail. Maybe you could get your money back. This is embarrassing, I know, but we have to ask because it does, after all, affect your ability to pay: Any problems in your marriage? No? Fine. Let's look at your assets: $1.5 million. Not bad. Yes,yes, Mr. Clinton, we're not forgetting your Mustang back in Little Rock. But-oh!--those liabilities. You owe $5.5 million. That means you're $4 million in the hole. How do you expect to pay that off? You're hoping people will donate to a special fund? So basically you're relying on the charity of strangers. You also have some serious expenses. A kid at Stanford had got to be setting you back $30,000 to $35,000 a year, probably more with the air fares. And she wants to go to medical school? Ouch! And Mr. Clinton, there's a little matter of a $90,000 fine for lying in court. I guess that rules out putting your law degree to work. Say, how do we know you're not lying on you loan application? Good point. It would look a lot better if you were lying. Are there any other legal matters we should know about? You say you're in the clear, Mr. Clinton, and the first lady is pretty much in the clear indictment- wise. What does that mean? You don't think-don't think-she's going to get hit with a perjury or obstruction of justice rap. But we're not totally sure, right? That means there's a remote possibility-note that I say "remote"-that you could be trying to pay off a $1.76 million mortgage while making 12 cents an hour stitching mailbags for the feds, and he is trying to make a go of a library in Little Rock. Let's review the situation. One of you is now unemployed and the other one soon will be. You have these whopping great debts that you're hoping someone is going to come along and pay. You have a financial history that can only be described as "checkered", plus a bunch of serious financial demands and ongoing legal problems. Your tangible assets seem to consist of an old Ford. So, Congratulations! Welcome to the EZBreeZee family of homeowners! You've got your mortgage! Isn't that what happened when you applied for your mortgage? Don't all mortgage companies operate that way? Maybe you just got the wrong one. --------------------
Couldn't let this go without sharing....Kahn
By the way, put me down for Buchanan.  I'm really tired of the crap as well.

SLUDGE 09-17-99

     Why is it that we hear no outcry of "Hate" in the Texas Church shooting? Charles Schumer's Hate Crime bill included "religious persecution", yet the Media and Justice department claim they don't have a clue as to what motivated the shooter. And didn't the Feds violate their own "Hate Laws" by burning out the Davidians at Waco?
     Mohamed Al-Fayd finds himself being mocked by the World Press as a "Conspiratorialist" for suggesting that his son, Dodi and "Land Mine" Di were murdered by the Inner Party. BBC radio has quoted Al-Fayd as saying," Henri Paul(driver) drove into that tunnel on the instructions of M15, M16, and the French Intelligence. Henri Paul was on the Payroll of M16 for 3 years as an informer. They killed him, they had to kill him of course."
     Suppressed books are the best, so Terry Reed's Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, should be an Underground Best Seller. Reed claims that the late Barry Seal( CIA Op. and Drug Smuggling Pilot for Don Lasator) told him that the DEA had video surveillance of Jeb and George W. Bush flying into Miami, Florida on a Dope Run.

SLUDGE 09-16-99

     Smearsh agents have already targeted Pat Buchanan. Bloated Bolsheviks are waddling from the Trough, and the Mensheviks are drooling to straddle our faces, only Pat now stands in their way. Since he is the only Major candidate standing up to the NWO he is being bashed by both Liberals and Crypto-Conservatives. The entire Political Landscape has moved so far to the Left that the Mensheviks are now sitting where the Bolsheviks sat 10 years ago, so the Republic and it's Constitution are without a Party. Sludge Prole Poll results indicate a growing fear that this could very well be the last Free Election in America. The reality is that Pinocchio has pushed the SAME agenda as Daddy Bush, and the Party is intensifying it's efforts to meet it's Global 2000 Goal.
     Are these Shooters Cued to Kill? Are they merely Media Copy-cat creations, or subjects of MK-ULTRA mind control, programmed to shoot randomly and terminate? Regardless of the Motivational mechanism, Qui Bono, who's to Benefit? The Party, of course! The Party is frantic to grab our guns because their Faces are melting.
     Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago describes a process which is taking place in America today. The "Wreckers" in Russia in the 20's and 30's are the "Toxic Waste Dumpers" of today, we have our "politizakrytki"(political Prisoners), our "Kulaks", and we are certainly going through a "streamlining" of Justice, as well as Government. Women's Lib(Women's Freedom Movement), Hate Laws, Gangs, even the same canard of "Separation of church & State"; all used to Destroy, Confiscate, Torture, and Murder.

SLUDGE 09-14-99

     Pat Buchanan's words, " What we have here is a One Party system masquerading as a Two Party system", echoed loudly like an empty Beer Can blown by the wind down a Sunday morning street. No Response from Clowns, busy primping for Sunday Worship. Street Sweepers would wipe the can away along with the Blood and Vomit, and we can go back to Pretend Politics, Coke Jokes, and Name Calling. Truth cuts Crap, and Buchanan's got to be a Sludge reader, so Go Pat Go!
      Dommunism is a High Tech Hybrid of Communism and Democracy. The Space program has given Big Brother Global Eyes and Ears, merging all Communication into One will assure One Consciousness, and we'll all learn to Love Big Brother...or at least pretend to.
      Party Deviation is the crime! Proles scrambling to fit into that Psychological Norm and Political Mainstream will soon find no refuge in "Correctness". Big Brother's Net only grows larger as "Conspiracy, Hate, Terrorism, etc." are given broader definition. Beware poor Proles! Big Brother KNOWS you are fiegning Compassion, because he knows what he is.

     I haven't contributed much to this little experiment lately.  I have been mostly concerned with it's promotion and behind the scenes work.  Probably best though.  I got sick this evening sitting back in my vodka application chair watching the news and reading this month's PC Computing magazine(October 1999).  This after one of the many false prophecies yet to come had past, that being the 9-99-99 hyper-scare/grab for cash.  By the way, ol' Bell seemed to keep pretty hushed after it came and went.  Guess he was more concerned with the crank radio sales.
     You see, yet another great disaster looms with hurricane Floyd just off the east coast.  This just may become a level 5.  That's a monster folks.  But it still won't be enough to wake the people up.  This summer we saw tornadoes where they most likely won't be, in Salt Lake City, UT and Lewistown, MT.  We saw earthquakes galore.
      This month's issue of PC Computing, pg 87,  has an article by Paul Somerson, opinion columnist.  Somerson's article, "Inside Job" discusses the implication of the chip imbedded in human beings.  Kevin Warwick a British professor has helped usher in this technology by having a silicon-based transponder put into his forearm last year.  It turned him into a walking "EZ-Pass".  What does this mean.  No more cash needed for transactions.  Just a swipe of his forearm which within the chip a 64-bit identifying number is generated.
     These issues have been addressed through the real prophecy of the bible.  Though some pay attention, those in power ignore it.  This has been told people!  And here it comes.  Yet we will do nothing more than sit on our thumbs as it comes into being.  I believe 1999 will not be best known for the year before Y2k(SCAM), but for the year we finally were able to completely dump our ethics and morals....God help us please.
Kahn 09-14-99

I have copied yet another article which again sheds light on how sick it all really is.  Enjoy!

      I received this email this morning. ABC (Disney) is planning to honor
Jane Fonda in Barbara Walters Feature, "100 Years of Great Women." This is a short account of her treasonous actions.
     History is a heavy sword in the hands of those who refuse to forget it.
 Think of the following the next time you see Ms. Fonda-Turner at a
 Braves game.  Folks, There are few things I have strong visceral reactions to, but Jane Fonda's participation in what I believe to be blatant treason, is one of them.
      Part of my conviction comes from exposure to those who suffered her attentions.  In 1978, the Commandant of the USAF Survival School was a former POW in Ho Lo Prison-the "Hanoi Hilton". Dragged from a stinking cesspit of a cell, cleaned, fed, and dressed in clean PJs, he was ordered to describe for a visiting American "Peace Activist" the "lenient and humane treatment" he'd received. He spat at Ms. Fonda, was clubbed, and dragged away. During the subsequent beating, he fell forward upon the camp Commandant's feet, accidentally pulling
 the man's shoe off-which sent that officer berserk.  In '78, the AF Col still suffered from double vision-permanently grounding him-from the Vietnamese Col's frenzied application of wooden baton.
      From 1983-85, Col Larry Carrigan was 347FW/DO (F-4Es). He'd spent 6 ½ years in the "Hilton" - the first three of which he was "missing in action". His wife lived on faith that he was still alive. His group, too, got the cleaned/fed/clothed routine in preparation for a "peace delegation" visit.  They, however, had time and devised a plan to get word to the world that they still survived. Each man secreted a tiny piece of paper, with his SSN on it, in the palm of his hand. When paraded before Ms. Fonda and a cameraman, she walked the line, shaking each man's hand and asking little encouraging snippets like: "Aren't you sorry you bombed babies?" and "Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?"
     Believing this HAD to be an act, they each palmed her their sliver of
 paper.  She took them all without missing a beat. At the end of the line and once the camera stopped rolling, to the shocked disbelief of the POWs, she turned to the officer in charge...and handed him the little pile.
 Three men died from the subsequent beatings. Col Carrigan was almost
 number four.
      For years after their release, a group of determined former POWs,
 including Col Carrigan, tried to bring Ms. Fonda and others up on charges of treason. I don't know that they used it, but the charge of "Negligent Homicide due to Depraved Indifference" would also seem appropriate. Her obvious "granting of aid and comfort to the enemy", alone, should've been sufficient for the treason count. However, to date, Jane Fonda has never been formally charged with anything and continues to enjoy the privileged life of the rich and famous.
     I, personally, think that this is shame on us, the American Citizenry.
 Part of our shortfall is ignorance: most don't know such actions ever
 took place. Thought you might appreciate the knowledge. Most of you've probably already seen this by now... only addition I might add to these sentiments is to remember the satisfaction of relieving myself into the urinal at some airbase or another where "zaps" of Hanoi Jane's @#&#$% face had been applied. :)

 Subject: Shame on Jane!!!!

      To whom it may concern: I was a civilian economic development advisor in Viet Nam, and was captured by the North Vietnamese communists in South Viet Nam in 1968, and held for over 5 years. I spent 27 months in solitary confinement, one year in a cage in Cambodia, and one year in a "black box" in Hanoi. My North Vietnamese captors deliberately poisoned and murdered a female missionary, a nurse in a leprosarium in Ban Me Thuot, South Vietnam, whom I buried in the jungle near the Cambodian border. At one time, I was weighing approximately 90 lbs. (My normal weight is 170 lbs.). We were Jane Fonda's "war criminals." When Jane Fonda was in Hanoi, I was asked by the camp
communist political officer if I would be willing to meet with Jane Fonda. I
said yes, for I would like to tell her about the real treatment we POWs were receiving, which was far different from the treatment purported by the North Vietnamese, and parroted by Jane Fonda, as "humane and lenient." Because of this, I spent three days on a rocky floor on my knees with outstretched arms with a piece of steel rebar placed on my hands, and beaten with a bamboo cane every time my arms dipped.
     Jane Fonda had the audacity to say that the POWs were lying about our torture and treatment. Now ABC is allowing Barbara Walters to honor Jane Fondain her Feature "100 Years of Great Women." Shame, shame on Jane Fonda! Shame, shame on Barbara Walters! Shame, shame on 20-20. Shame, shame on ABC. And, shame, shame on the Disney Company.
      I had the opportunity to meet with Jane Fonda for a couple of hours
 after I was released. I asked her if she would be willing to debate me on TV. She did not answer me, her husband, Tom Hayden, answered for her. She was mind controlled by her husband. This does not exemplify someone who should be honored as "100 Years of Great Women." After I was released, I was asked what I thought of Jane Fonda and the anti-war movement. I said that I held Joan Baez's husband in very high regard, for he thought the war was wrong, burned his draft card and went to prison in protest. If the other anti-war protesters took this same route, it would have brought our judicial system to a halt and ended the war much earlier, and there wouldn't be as many on that somber black granite wall called the Vietnam Memorial. This is democracy. This is the American way.
      Jane Fonda, on the other hand, chose to be a traitor, and went to Hanoi, wore their uniform, propagandized for the communists, and urged American soldiers to desert. As we were being tortured, and some of the POWs murdered, she, called us liars. After her heros-the North Vietnamese communists-took over South Vietnam, they systematically murdered 80,000 South Vietnamese political prisoners. May their souls rest on her head forever.
Shame! Shame!
 Michael D. Benge[Address & phone # withheld]

 cc: Mr. Eisner, Walt Disney Co. Sandy Bernard, President, American
 Association of University Women,

Links and addresses to which you may send your comments as follows:  will link you to 20/20 comments page  is for Sandy Bernard

147 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY 10023

 How to write to the stars.  ABC News Contact Page

This article originated from:

GovtWatch for Freedom

SLUDGE 09-13-99

     Charlotte, N.C.(AP)- Fed Judge orders end to busing. The ruling came after seven white parents sued on behalf of a half&half, white /hispanic girl who lacked the required pigmentation for Racial Purity. Cristina Capacchione was twice denied admission to the communications magnet program at Providence Elementary School because she fell into the "non-black" category. Photographs of Martin Luther King at the Communist Highlander School are proof that his "Dream" of colorless Proles holding hands while singing "We Shall Overcome", was in actuality, a Nightmare of differing Cultures forced together by Big Brother's Bayonets and Decrees. The Crusade of Manifest Destiny and Horace Greeley's cry of "Go West young man" became an Ambush as the Colonies of Western Civilization were imploded, differences accentuated, and agitation utilized for Collectivism and "Corporate Colonialism".
     According to Eustace Mullins, the Bush Family Tree dates back 5000 years to the Black Nobility and the Bank of England. Mullin's states in The World Order: Our Secret Rulers, that " By becoming servants of a dynastic family of the second rank, the Harrimans, the Bush family entered the ranks of the third group of dynastic families of the World Order". Mullin's rates the Rothschilds(Red Shield) and the Ruling Aristocracy of England and Europe, who have owned stock in the Bank of England since the 1700's as First Rank, while Second Rank are Rockefellers, Morgans, and Harrimans. Prescott Bush was a longtime director of CBS and Averill Harriman dealt directly with Felix Dzerzhinsky, head of the Cheka, now known as the KGB. So with the Bush family's firm being Brown Brothers Harriman, and Daddy Bush at the CIA, General Westmoreland never stood a chance in his lawsuit with CBS.
SLUDGE 09-10-99

The Party knows exactly how you feel, because they are the ones who made you feel this way. Our Sludge Prole Poll Profile seems to indicate a large degree of pent up emotion, frustration, perhaps even rage toward the Klingons. Rest assured, the Party never stops monitoring the Public Pulse, and is therefor fully aware of this "Attitude" as well, in fact they have been bottling it, storing it on the shelf.
     So who's feeding the fish? Why are the Media Sharks now circling the LOVEBOAT in such a frenzy? Only Friendly Dolphins, frolicking, balancing beach balls, leaping to catch tidbits thrown by delighted debauches during their all-night Worship of Bacchus(and God only knows how many VIP's, hanging over the rail, spraying puke with pants at half-mast in the moonlight they have been witness to). For 7 years, from China to Kosovo, Friendly Furbies have playfully followed the ship, and now we have Bloodthirsty Sharks!  Nobody finds it odd that former chief strategist Dick Morris now sits in Fox studio(he took an early life boat) and CRITICIZES the Klingons? How about Pat Robertson's CBN now running a two-part series on the old Sludge "Blood Trail" story? Women, formerly denounced and dismissed as "Bimbos" are now on the Mainstream Media's " Golden Rolodex", and we have the FALN Clemency story which is an obvious No-Win for the Klingons.
     A Giant Stage has been built, and all eyes will be on Texas, where behind the Curtain the Actors are scurrying to put on their costumes, and stage crews are preparing the Props.

footnote:       ** The "Golden Rolodex" as it known in the news profession, is the small list of so-called "experts" which Party Puppets parade and interview in order to give "deep background" and credence to their outlandish claims on the Nightly News

SLUDGE 9-9-99(hey, we are still here.)

     "What the f....what's happening, where'd everybody go?"mumbles a groggy Captain Blye, emerging from the LOVEBOAT"s cabin, "Hell of a party huh?"  Blye was still wearing his favorite raincoat, the one with "SLICKER" written on the back, and holes cut out in strange places. Stonewall Janet was too busy scrapping feces off her glasses to give Blye much notice, her wig and "Buck stops here!" cap had been knocked off her head by the flying Debris, and bright lights from the Media Sharks gleamed off her head as she and Louis Freeh lay huddled near the bow. The Sharks were causing waves, and the LOVEBOAT now lay adrift, half full of water and dung. The rest of the crew, except for Bill Richardson and Sandy Berger, had split before the storm hit, and were now back on dry land, writing books and doing interviews on TV. Blye's hooded raincoat and shades shielded him from the steady fusillade and Camera lights as he squinted through his Spy Glass, checking the horizon. The fog was lifting to the east, and the first hint of morning's light now uncovered a large sinister outline. He leaned over the side, straining to get a better look, all of a sudden he saw it clearly, the ragged fluttering flag of the Skull & Bones!  " It's Big Daddy Bush," shouted Blye as he turned and ran for the cabin, " That means CIA, Trilateral Commiss...."  Blye stopped when he saw Stonewall Janet standing rigid, a look of horror on her face as she pointed a quivering finger toward a large shadow of land. Then he saw it, a large sign made out of the twisted skeletons of 23 small bodies nailed together to spell out the word WACO.

SLUDGE 09-08-99

      "Give us the gas!" screamed hundreds of Fan Proles at last week-end's traditional CSU-CS Football Rivalry at Denver's Mile-High stadium. Sex Ed, Holocaust Ed, Ritalin, I, and Snitch-Lines to report students who are red-flagged in Big Brother Brain Scans. Psychological Profiles(Psy-Pros) are in vogue, as Government Schools are in Lock-Down. William Z. Foster, National Chairman of the Communist Party, U.S.A., wrote a book in 1932 entitled Toward a Soviet America in which he stated," Among the elementary measures the American Soviet government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are the following: the schools, colleges and universities will be coordinated and grouped under a National Department of Education and its state and local branches. The studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic and other features of bourgeois ideology."
     Time-Warner bought out CNN, Gold-Sachs bought out Disney over Walt's dead body and then gobbled up ABC for $19 billion, Gen. Electric owns NBC which is a subsidiary of RCA, Westinghouse Electric bought into CBS which has now merged into one Megalithic Monopoly called VIACOM. " We will be Global Leaders in virtually every facet of the wonderful diverse media and entertainment industry," said VIACOM Chairman, Sumner Redstone after the record $80 billion dollar deal was done. How can a Global Monopoly which now controls MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Blockbuster Videos, chains of Radio stations, and is syndicator for King Productions and "Eyemark  Entertainment," all totaling 40% of the American Viewing Audience, be described as "diverse"? And if Monopoly is now Diversity, then why is Microsoft defending itself against Anti-Trust by the FCC?

SLUDGE 09-07-99

     Politicians claim that THE issue in 2000 is Morality, yet the Media which claims to "give people what they want," gushes Filth and Abomination. Public Outrage and Protest exist only when the Party organizes it. This explains why the ACLU defends Corruption yet ignores daily shredding of the Bill of Rights. Corruption gives the Jackboot something to stamp out, and is a required ingredient for Dictatorship.
     According to the International Labor Organization, the U.S. is the only country in the Industrialized World  which is INCREASING the working hours of the Proles. PTA's have turned into Support groups for Government Schools, and now that male and female Proles are required to spin the wheel, no one notices that the Cage is getting smaller. The Individual has become an Insect, and Big Brother sits Omnipresent and Omnipotent on the Hive.
     Big Brother is THE issue in 2000, as he was in 1993 when "representatives" from both Parties crawled and groveled to lick the boots of newly appointed Justice Czar, Stonewall Janet Reno at the Waco Hearings of the House Judiciary Committee. Stonewall Janet revealed her strategy for the next 6 years by countering all questions with, " I cannot comment on a pending investigation." This rhetorical ploy is, of course, the very reason why she keeps all investigations pending. Orin Hatch(R-Utah) who has become an "ambulance chaser", milking every News story for Face Flash in his pathetic Presidential Campaign, is caught on tape praising the Special Ops, which he now is so vocal about investigating.
      So the Media who dutifully stood 3 miles back and IGNORED, the Politicians who PRAISED, and the Masses who CHEERED, are now going to pretend to seek Truth and Justice as the Politically inspired Davidian Wrongful Death suit is showcased in Bushland.

SLUDGE 09-05-99

     Fox News has finally released the Echelon story. An interview with Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga) on the "O'Rielly  Factor" has now disclosed the existence of the highly automated, tracking stations operated by NSA officials, which pick up ALL satellite communications and focus on KEY words and phrases. The Mainstream Media has spiked the Echelon story and Party Officials have denied it's existence since Martin Brady, director of the Defense Signals Directorate in Cranberra, Australia, first made it Public on Australian TV. last Christmas. Big Brother's Global Ears are based on signals intelligence(SIGINT) and they monitor every Fax, Phone Call, or E-Mail sent anywhere around the Globe. You'll note, I have purposely highlighted the word Echelon because you can bet it's a KEY word, which means that we can assume that this Report is being read as I type. This is done with the hope that they will appreciate the candor when they stick me in the 4x4 room with the 40 watt bulb and hook up the electrodes to my genitalia. You can also bet, that if there are Humanoids behind this technology, they are Inner Party members who have sworn to uphold the Constitution. I would therefor like to take this opportunity to ask them one final question.
     How do you justify a Global Invasion of Privacy under the guise of " National Security," when the Klingon's have sold that out?

SLUDGE 09-03-99

     Proles are frantically stocking preservative food, propane lanterns, ammo, guns, waiting for a Y2K Doomsday Scenario. Fine, no harm in being prepared. I was Paranoid before Paranoid was cool, but let me tell you the real Score. The Beast has beefed up and the Proles have gotten weaker. "Screw ups" like Waco and Ruby Ridge are actually Operations designed to test Enforcement Personnel, as well as Public Reaction. The more the Beast bleeds the Proles the stronger it gets, and the faster the bleeding Proles have to peddle, the less time they have to watch Big Bro. We are at a Decisive Point, a Critical Time.
     Now we can sit and bitch and whine, bar up our windows and wait for the U.N. Troops...or we can realize that we still have our Bill of Rights(on paper anyway) and we still might get one more Free Election. Yes Folks, We the People, still have the
opportunity to turn this around!  The CONSTITUTION is our PLATFORM!
     George Washington said it best, "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence: It is force, and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

SLUDGE 09-02-99

     One spouse now works full-time just to pay the taxes, which means that the " Women's Lib " movement actually chained Women to the Pigs Trough, where they're forced to turn tricks for CEO's and Bull Dikes in Power Suits. So mom was kicked out of the kitchen, and the 1.4 Rug Rats are fed Voodoo Music, Pornography, and Evil Cartoons, all designed to mess them up so that the Party can justify their Discipline in Hitler Youth Boot Camps. Parent Proles who don't flow with the Party Line are tongue lashed by Judge Judy, sentenced to " Sensitivity Training " and fed Prosaic.
      Socialism isn't compassionate, and Compromise is not Conservatism so GWB's Slogan is bullshit. Forget the Coke Question, ask him how he feels about Skull&Bonesman Daddy Bush and his New World Order.  Our military is being used to pound out DOMMUNISM around the globe, and the "Streamlining" of Big Brother was a merging of the Checks and Balance System so that we would fit into the International Order. The Klingon Cabal has been granted Immunity by the Inner Party because they have carried out the Party's Agenda. They are disdainful of the feelings of the Masses, whom they have sold out, because they are Heroes to their Comrades in the Inner Party. The Two-Party System is a Two-Headed Monster, a tool of the Internationalists, perhaps it's time for the PROLE PARTY.

SLUDGE 09-01-99

The Beast sucks the Life from the Proles, it's Power is a reaction to the Collective Hatred generated by agitating the differences, and responding to the Corruption which it creates. The Spell cast by Drugs, TV, and a Perpetual Patter of Lies is wearing off, and the Proles are getting hip to the Game. The Light of Truth is melting the Smiley Faces, exposing the Hideous Skulls of Greed and Cruelty, and the Proles are sick of both the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks taking turns sitting on their Faces.
     Americans put aside their differences and fought shoulder to shoulder, when they perceived a common enemy in both World Wars. Whether or not that perception was valid is a matter of controversial dispute, but the fact is, Americans were united in the Cause of FREEDOM! This COULD be the last Free Election! The ISSUE is INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM!
     Sludge hereby proclaims a Call to Liberty to ALL Americans who cherish their Freedom. We don't have to pretend to love one another, we hold our noses and set aside our differences in the face of the greater threat. Smokers and non-smokers, Men and Women, Faggots and "normal" people( just kidding boys), White Supremacists and Black Supremacists, Christians, Muslims, Satanists, Convicts, Cops, Drug Addicts, even repentant Politicians.......the LIBERTY BELL is ringing!

Sludge Report 08-31-99

      The twisted body shook with Demonic Possession, but the snake-like head with it's beady eyes weaved and hissed back with Vile Bile as StoneWall Janet Reno " Justified " the Torching of the Davidians.
     Panama City(AP)  Panama's president-elect confirmed yesterday, what we reported last week: " No more U.S. military bases on Panamanian Soil," said Mireya Moscoso at a news conference Monday. Sludge reporter Brenda Box was quickly ushered away when she attempted to ask about Chinese Military presents in Panama.
     Mass Graves containing 15 Serbs adducted from the American Sector of Kosovo in the village of Ugljare, near the city of Grijilane, did not make the "news," neither do the 6000 Iraqi children who die every month due to U.N. Sanctions on Iraq. The Truth is that People only care about People who are ON TV, which means that TV Executives have far more to do with decision making then the People, because they decide Who's ON TV!   Mass Communication is Mass Consciousness, and if it wasn't on TV it didn't happen. According to David H. Hackworth, author of "About Face", editor of the newsletter SENDMEHACK, and THE most decorated soldier in Vietnam, more Serb civilians have been slaughtered since the war in Kosovo "ended", then ethnic Albanians before NATO started bombing! So where are the cameras now?
     Bradley Dean Young, will probably ask that same question, if he ever comes out of his coma at the Rapid City Regional Hospital, where he is in critical condition after being beaten and drug by a rope around his neck, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, near Pierre South Dakota. Bradley is White, and his 3 assailants are Indians, so this story was originally called a possible "Hate Crime," however it is now being down-graded,so it is safe to assume that Bradley is a heterosexual.

Sludge Report 08-30-99

     Sludge Fans responded like we'd hoped, they didn't, to the Doomsday Poll Question. A Doomsday Cult has been created over Y2K and what we DON"T NEED, is Gloom and Doom. Morale is a big factor in any Battle, and believe me, we are in a War! The Sludge Report is THE CYBER RIDE OF PAUL REVERE! The Enemy is United behind a Worldwide Movement to strip Planet Earth of Individual Freedom. America is the Alamo, our Statue of Liberty stands clutching the Torch of Freedom, a Beacon of Light to a world growing dark. Patriotism is love of country, not of Government, and we all stood before the flag EVERY school day and swore allegiance to the REPUBLIC and our "Representatives" all swore to uphold the CONSTITUTION right? So what the f__k?

Art Bell vs. David Oates
-----------Art Bell vs. David Oates
--------Are you guys kidding or what?

       I finally did a little more homework since Art Bell has reposted his allegations against David Oates and Robert Stephens.  Rather than comment too much in depth, I will give you all the necessary links to do your own research.  As you know, I am skeptical about the whole thing and it is my opinion that this event is nothing more than a device to captivate an audience.  An event that is very much staged.  I have a hard time believing the feud between Bell and Oates is authentic.  I see it as an ingenious plan to bring ratings up for the radio programs of each.  If for some reason it is authentic.  We must reevaluate our media once again, not that this will get our media back online with actual and factual reporting.  I say this after listening to the June 12, 1999 program put on by David Oates.  I'll let you be the judge so go to the following two web sites and begin your own research.  Each site has repeats of the various significant shows.  A lot of Oates stuff has been pulled.  Robert Stephens' web site no longer exists, however you can hear his side on the 6-12-99 repeat of the Oates broadcast. of the David Oates/Art Bell Lawsuit
(David Oate's site) Art Bell-Lawsuit Update Page

KAHN 08-29-99

Sludge Report 08-28-99

     Confused? Is Politics all a bunch of mixed up people going Mad? Well, strap on the Sludge goggles and look again. Now you see the hidden monkey in the picture quite clearly, it's World Collectivism. The "Environmental Movement", "Women's Lib", "Gay Rights", "Animal Rights", Gun Confiscation, more legislation, and never-ending Racial, Gender, and Sexual agitation, ALL CELLS FOR WORLD DOMMUNISM! The minions and dupes are merely unknowing foot soldiers, unaware that they are driving Wedges of Discontent, which the Party will exploit at leisure. The Sludge Rule is: That you can never give a right to someone, without taking it away from someone else, and if you do, it implies that you have authority over both parties. So wherever you stick your Stake of Right, you are going to drive a Wedge of Discontent. We should be talking about the Bill of Rights, not "Hu-man Rights." The Bill of Rights is to protect us from Oppressive Government, Hu-man Rights is to subject us to International Law.
     What's wrong with the Right? It is Compromise and Corruption, "Ditto-Heads" who support Compassionate Conservatism instead of the Constitution, Republicans who sit on their hands while they pretend to see and hear no evil. Fragmented Factions, each clutching a piece of Old Glory, while at the same time, feuding with Fellow Americans. The Line in the Sand is the Bill of Rights, and Compromise has allowed the Left to drive Stakes which have created Fissures on the Right. Years of Socialist Erosion has caused large chunks of the Right to unconsciously break off and drift Leftward. We are at a Critical Crossroad in History, it is time for all Americans to quit squabbling over petty differences and rally around Old Glory.
                         INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM IS THE ISSUE!!!

 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100
 Washington DC 20037
 World Wide Web:
 For release: August 24, 1999
 For additional information:
 George Getz, Press Secretary
 Phone: (202) 333-0008 Ext. 222

 DOJ plan would give federal agents the power to break into your house

         WASHINGTON, DC -- A new proposal from the Department of Justice that would allow police to break into people's homes to disable computer security systems is a frightening violation of privacy that will turn law enforcement into law-breakers, the Libertarian Party charged today.  "This is the Blair Witch Project of law enforcement tactics:   It's simple, low-tech, and should scare the pants off every American," said Steve Dasbach, the party's national director. "By requesting the power to break into people's homes, federal law enforcement officials have essentially admitted that they want to act like criminals to catch criminals."
         Last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced it plans to send a request to Congress asking lawmakers for the power to secretly break into people's homes or offices to disable encryption software on personal computers. The proposal -- entitled the Cyberspace Electronic Security Act -- would allow judges to issue secret, "sealed" warrants for federal agents to enter private property, search computers, and install software to override encryption programs. Then, police could intercept computer communications without having to try to decode encrypted messages.
         DOJ officials said the proposal is needed to fight high-tech criminals, and is "consistent with constitutional principles."
But Libertarians said that Americans -- who are already concerned about the growing power of the federal government -- don't
 want federal agents to add B&E (Breaking & Entering) to their law enforcement arsenal.
         "This is nothing more than a legal burglary tool," charged Dasbach. "The Department of Justice doesn't want to just pick
 the lock on your front door -- it wants to pick the lock on the Bill of Rights, and steal our Fourth Amendment protections."
         The major problem with the proposal, he said, is that it could make secret search warrants a common law enforcement tool.   Normally, under the Fourth Amendment, the government must first obtain a court order from a judge (based on a finding of probable cause) before searching private property -- and must present that search warrant to the suspect. Only under the most rare circumstances is the government allowed to engage in covert searches.
         "Under this new proposal, a rare and little-used law enforcement tactic might become as common as computers," warned
 Dasbach. "This represents a huge expansion of narrowly defined exceptions to Fourth Amendment protections -- and represents a genuine danger to anyone who uses computers and encryption software."
         The DOJ proposal comes after the Clinton administration repeatedly failed to pass legislation to allow the federal
 government access to encrypted messages by giving law enforcement the "keys" to decode them.
         In fact, more than 250 members of Congress have co-sponsored legislation that would encourage the use of encryption, and wouldprohibit the federal government from mandating such encryption-busting "back doors" in software.
         "It's almost funny: Bureaucrats are thwarted in their efforts to spy on your encrypted e-mail, so, instead, they request
 the power to break into your house," said Dasbach. "We have to ask: Do they want to fight criminals -- or act like criminals?"
         Instead of proposing more ways to violate the civil liberties of Americans in order to catch criminals, the federal
 government should promise not to act like criminals in order to protect civil liberties, suggested Dasbach.
         "The cure for crime isn't more crime -- it's justice," he said. "And justice demands that the DOJ drop the so-called
 Cyberspace Electronic Security Act."

From time to time I will post those articles from others of great significance to us all.  Kahn 08-28-99

Sludge Report 08-27-99

         Brussels(Reuters) NATO declines comment on Kosovo spy report- Did NATO have a Russian Mole? Well that's hardly a surprise, considering the fact that the Sludge Report was quite clear in pointing out the fact that Boris Yeltsin announced the EXACT TIME THE BOMBING WOULD BEGIN!  Hello!.....Is there any intelligent Life out there?
     Fires rage in Helltown California, Flooding in New York, Dennis the Menace threatens our coast, HATE WEATHER!
     StoneWall Janet Reno now says she's troubled. She's troubled by Visions of Burnt Children screaming for Justice out of the Ashes of Waco. While the LOVEBOAT is springing all kind of leaks, Bill's Buddy Boris' Boat is scrapping bottom in the P.I.(popularity Index). Swiss Kickbacks and 15 Billion involving IMF loans, NY Banks, and Russian Mafia, are probably enough to sink Yeltsin's Vodka Bottle.
     C-Span was the only Media interested in reporting the plight of three Arab-Americans, who were jailed for traveling to Israel. According to Amnesty International, Israeli Policy is that "Palestinian-Americans traveling to Israel are to be treated like Palestinians and that you go at your own risk if you have an Arab name." Getting even less coverage, are Americans(and anyone else) traveling to Germany, who have expressed Opinion which the Authorities determine to be in violation of Germany's oppressive Hate Laws, EVEN IF YOU EXPRESSED THE OPINION OUTSIDE OF THE COUNTRY!  Americans traveling abroad used to be respected and protected, of course that was before we became Thugs for the U.N.

     COME ONE COME ALL to the first annual RENO TEXAS BARBEQUE!  It's BYOB and a potluck.  Join us as we roast em over an open fire.  Bring your own lawn furniture for you will want to be sitting down.  Kahn 08-27-99

Sludge Report 08-26-99

     Marxist-Narcsist in Colombia have pushed Government Troops into Southern Panama and the U.S. is getting involved.
     Panama was given away in spite of the fact that 80-90% of the people opposed the Treaty. This vital choke point could become a Noose for Red China in Central American as the Chinese control BOTH former Naval Bases at the head of the Canal. The Panama Canal Treaty, like NAFTA, was one of those Bi-Partisan Enemas which ignore the Screams of Protest when they're pushed. Chinese influence( a kind word for Bribery) has caused Panamanian President Ernesto Balladares to cancel the agreement to allow U.S. use of Howard's military facilities beyond 2000. This means that the Drug War in South America is going to be affected. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott agrees," We have given away the farm without firing a shot", he stated. Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey called the Give-away a  "Disaster," and said " it has created a huge gap in regional narcotics enforcement that Colombian traffickers have already exploited to a great advantage."
     Johnny Chung is singing like a bird, but no one's listening. We have Video tapes of Al Gore collecting cash at a Buddhist Temple, a Chinese military official giving Chung $300,000 to pass to Pinocchio because,"We like your president and want him to be re-elected", we have the CASH CONNECTION between Chung and O'Leary, what more do we need? Why aren't these "Investigative Journalists" connecting the dots, didn't we hear "FOLLOW the MONEY" when it was Nixon and Watergate? There is far more evidence to connect the Klingon Cabal to Chinagate, then there was to connect Richard Nixon with the June 17,1972 break-in of the Watergate complex. Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger were far more of an influence in motivating James W. McCord and the four Miami Cubans to stage the bungle Fiasco then Nixon.

When your neighbor refused to give up his guns and they burn his house to the ground, will you simply roast marshmallows on the remaining hot coals?  Kahn 08-26-99

Sludge Report 08-25-99

   Notra Trulock, the intelligence official who led the initial investigation of Chinagate, has quit in disgust because of the Stonewalling by the Klingons and the cover-up by the Media.
     Waco is back in the news. The Party is now acknowledging what we all really knew all along, that incinerary devices were used to fry the Davidians  at Mount Carmel. There was no "drug lab", no "illegal weapons", Public Opinion was used to destroy this"cult" when a local TV station took a quoted response out of context. David Koresh was asked about an accusation that he had impregnated a sixty-nine-year-old woman. Koresh answered sarcastically,".....and if I did that, I must be God!" The Ministry of Truth morphed this into " He thinks he's Jesus Christ," and this quote was parroted by radio talk show hosts to justify the Holocaust.
     Thomas Jefferson warned the American people about the dangers of the Party when he stated:" Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery." The "Wars" waged by the Party are not against "Guns", "Drugs" or "Social Problems", they are being waged against the Civil Liberties of the People.

Sludge Report 08-23-99

     61% believe Bill Clinton is a rapist! Wow, that means out of a group of 15 random proles, we can expect to find 9 who believe that Willie has forced Willard on women. Putting together our two weeks of Polling Pinocchio, we find that 10 out of 15 feel he is not doing his job, and 9 of 15 believe he is a Rapist. This is based on the trickle of information which has leaked out in spite of all of the suppression, imagine what it would be if we had disclosure?  Which brings up the question: What is he still doing in the White House? I thought a "democracy" was supposed to represent the Will of the Majority? Just WHO are our "representatives" representing?

Thank you wompas.

      Thank you to all of you who have found the Sludge Report and the Crap to be what you want.  We appreciated the positive comments.  Don't get me wrong when I say we welcome the negative too.  This crazy little experiment needs both sides.  We do not believe, nor do you, that the mainstream press gives you that.  There are also not a whole lot of electronic bulletin board forums out there that allow you to merely "hit & git."  They want to know everything about you down to your underwear size.  That is exactly what we do not want this forum to become.  The Poll allows you to vote and take off without leaving a name etc.  Our guest book is the same way.  For once, we have a place we can dump our daily build up of crap this world puts on us.
      Now I've been surfing and chatting a bit around the net.  Some of the comments I heard were, Sludge is just another anit-Klinton site.  That could not be farther from the truth.  Sludge, to me, is an anti asshole site.  You see, assholes come in all shapes and sizes, etc.  I have always believed if we could view the world in that manner, racism would dry up along with any other forms of hate.  When it gets right down to it, you are either an asshole or not.  Perhaps I may be considered in that class as well.  Depends on how you view it.
      So feel free to bash and trash.  You will not get an opportunity like this with the federal government that is for sure.  And keep the poll strong.  It only works if you vote.  Kahn 08-24-99

Sludge Report 08-22-99

     According to Gennifer Flower's Willy sucks up a line the length of the Union Pacific, which cause his scalp to itch and he feels a compulsion to pull down his pants and free Willard. A man who names his penis after a rat is obviously deeply disturbed, but is American Politics going to go from measuring who has the Biggest Nose, to watching these guys pulling their pants down on National TV? The Party uses Sick Puppets because they will Dance to their Tune.
     There goes the Neighborhood! The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Homosexuals are united in their determination to keep out Heterosexuals. The community feels that " it would destroy the flavor of the neighborhood " if "Straights" moved in. Hypocrisy Reigns as Women groups are stone silent as a 40 million dollar Prostitution Slave Brothel is busted in Atlanta Georgia. Thousands of Asian Women smuggled into the country and sold into Sexual Bondage, proof that Slavery is alive and well. We are all Indentured slaves to the National Debt(which they claim we owe to ourselves) so the Civil War was fought not to abolish Slavery but to CREATE it!  President Lincoln wrote of the "money power" at work behind the passage of the National Banking Act of 1863 which created a national bank with the ability to create money and loan it, at interest, to the U.S. government.

Sludge Report 08-21-99

     Jimmy Carter was always taking Rebound Heat for Billy Beer but Roger Klingon's FBI taped statement about his brother " making like a Hoover" has been suppressed. The "Nose Question" "just won't go away",of course, because the Media keeps mentioning it!
     The Party was so disappointed in the No-Show Two Minutes of Hate in Washington DC, that they have guaranteed a "Hate Week-end" in Cleveland Ohio. We have a Black Mayor giving a permit to the KKK to be marching, WHILE the NAACP is meeting, WHILE the Cleveland Browns are playing!  Will the Party be skillful enough to time the Two Minutes of Hate with the Two Minute Warning for a Crescendo of Hate?
     Republics are based on written Law, Government is limited by these laws, and the power rests in the People. Democracy is Mob Rule by an Oligarchy feeding on the Passions whipped up by the Demagogues at AGIPROP, where "Emotion becomes Law".
     Alexander Hamilton was quoted as saying, "We are now forming a Republican Govenment. Real Liberty is not found in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments. If we incline to much to democracy, we shall soon shoot into a monarchy or some other form of dictatorship." Democracies DO NOT protect the Rights of anyone, they take them away. James Madison wrote, " In all cases where a majority are united by a common interest or passion, the rights of the minority are in danger."  and John Adams summed it up best with, " Unbridled passions produce the same effects, whether in a king, nobility, or a mob.The experience of all mankind(please excuse the Oldworld Sexism) has proved the prevalence of a disposition to use power wantonly. It is therefore as necessary to defend an INDIVIDUAL against the majority as against the king in a monarchy."

Sludge Report 08-20-99

     Bureaucratic Beetles are all Lawyers so the Spiders spin their Webs with very fine threads of Ambiguous Law. The Justice System has become a Casino with the courts as Roulette tables, Punishment  a roll of the Dice. Nothings on the level in this Game, however, you can get a 1000 years or simply a Slap on the Ass for committing the same Crime. Selective enforcement is influenced by many variables, but Party Loyalty is the Prime Factor, which is why the same Klingon Cabal which wages Total War against those who believe in God and the Bill of Rights, are giving Passes to the WEATHERWOMAN and the FALN. Anti-Party Bombs are Bad, but Pro-Party Bombs are Good. Flex Penalty therefor, depends upon how well you toe the Party Line.
      Kiddy Comrades return to school in Uniforms and I.D. Badges, cameras watch as panting guards conduct Strip Searches. Two men are now charged with providing guns to the " Trench Coat Mafia". Jefferson County Deputy District Attorney Steve Jenson said, "This crime calls out for responsibility. So our office has taken the position that we want to impose responsibility...and full responsibility." Philip Duran and Mark Manes are both charged with identical Crimes in connection with the Columbine Shootings. The question is, will the mitigating factor that Manes's mother is a Loyal Party supporter for Handgun Inc. be enough to "tip the wheel " for Mark?

     I see that Art Bell is settling his law suit against Robert Stephens and David Oats.  I guess I question the validity of the existence of a law suit, period.  You see, I have studied this radio personality.  It is my belief that when he felt his political show, which was very good, was not going anywhere, he decided to cut up for the 1 900 psychic gang.  Too bad.  I heard his show the other night when he was discussing topics with an animal rights protester.  Bell was very well versed and the show was captivating.  But then he drifted back out to Deep Space Nine.
     Concerning the alleged law suit.  At one point Bell reported Stephens had been served with a supoena.  I read this article and discovered it was not so.  You see, Stephens is a Montana resident.  Giving a court document to his landlord does not mean it has been legally served no matter what kind of formulated terminology you use on your web page.  Law in Montana is very specific when it comes to this.
     I guess my point is it is truly a shame that a man such as Art Bell traded his mind for creating a forum for science fiction.  Kahn 08-20-99

Sludge Report 08-18-99

     Separate what you really KNOW from all the rest, and see how much you have left.....not a whole lot left right? On the one hand, you have KNOWING, and on the other you have TAUGHT THOUGHT. He who controls the Past has a pretty good edge in the Present, so by twisting TAUGHT THOUGHT, the Party insures ITS Future. "Spin" is not a new phenomenon, the Past has been not only Spun, but slanted, warped and twisted to conform to the Party Line.
     China Treason keeps leaking like some noxious smell in a crowded elevator, Pinocchio, "Stonewall Janet" Reno, and Bill Richardson continue to hold their noses and point the blame elsewhere. Culpability is avoided by clever Sphincter Control but the Cloud of Putrid Stench hangs over the Klingon Cabal.
     Billboards in the sky could become a reality. According to the London Times  advertisers plan on using Lasers to project images ON THE MOON. The same technology used  to peddle products can, of course, be used to sell candidates...or Political Dogma.
     The Coke War in Columbia is heating up. The White House sent 200 "instructors" to the area last May and now Drug Czar Barry McCaffrery wants to increase Payola by one billion dollars. Daddy Bush provided security for Shell and Texaco in the late 1980's, so it's no surprise that GWB is having difficulty with the COKE QUESTION.

Sludge Report 08-17-99

      Smiling Faces and Joker-like Grins, Brutality in the name of Compassion, and Cruelty with a wink. " Welcome," says the New World Order as our cell doors clang shut, "And have a nice day!"  One can invariably identify Party Puppets because their faces tend to contort into those grotesque Joker-like grimaces, whenever the CAMERA is on. DOING the Camera is a must skill for Flash Face. Since the Elections seemed to be based on FAT WALLET, and FAT WALLET buys Flash Face, the snap-on Joker Grin has become an art form. Charley Chaplin as the Funny Dictator.
     Unisex and Uniforms, Barbed Wire around the Playground, Collectivism is the real issue. The Klingon Cabal has trashed the Founding Fathers because they stood for a Republic based upon individual freedom and small, LIMITED Government.
     Don't waste your time on Dick Morris's Behind the Oval Office book, it's what you would expect. But J. Patrick Shannan has come out with " the other side" of the Freemen story with his book, The Montana Freemen: the untold story of Government Suppression and News Media Cover-Up. Discover why the 19 page document which James "Bo" Gritz handed over to Department of Justice lawyers, has NEVER been answered or addressed. Find out how Chief Justice Leroy Schweitzer presided over the first Common Law Grand Jury in 135 years, on Wednesday, July 17th, 1996, in Billings, Montana.

Sludge Report 08-15-99

     Culture- The raising, improvement, or development of some plant,animal, or product, refining. The Party promotes "multi-Culturalism" because by beaming the Masses with a steady stream of Agiprop and HARP  ELF waves they create the confusion and friction required for Mass Manipulation. INDIVIDUALITY becomes the real victim as they build their Tower of Babble, and the INDIVIDUAL Vs the SSsystem is the real issue.
     Hate Filters are being proposed by the Party as a means to prevent Bad Speech and Bad Thought, and since the Party can continually redefine what constitutes "Hate", this device should prove invaluable in preventing the questioning of the Ministry of Truth. We can now "filter" out the Past and continually revise our view of the Present to fit the Party Line. This is Double-Good because by blocking out Bad Thought we don't have to worry about expressing it in Bad Speech.
     Now that every incident is turned into a Reichstag  Fire in which the Beetle-Bodied-Bureaucrats are forced to come crawling out from under there rocks and feign sympathy for, I wander where they hide when there are no incidents? They must have Secret Hiding places in the White House because you certainly don't see their faces when the Media mentions Subpoenas, Treason, or a roomful of women screaming rape. Spiders, hiding with their Crying Towels, waiting for a vibration on the Web.

Sludge Report 08-14-99

      Every event or incident is now used as a pretext or justification for broad, vague, undefined, and unconstitutional Draconian Laws. The more the Media focus on a story, the more Public Hysteria is generated and concentrated into yet another slashing strike at Civil Liberties. If Communism is dead, why is our Government pushing a Stalinist agenda?  Now that most of the Public Libraries across the country have purged(discarded) most of the Old world books on Communism, the masses are not aware that Gun Control, Abortion, Hate Laws, Conspiracy Laws, Cult Laws, Women's Lib, and all the rest of the Socialist Agenda are NOT NEW concepts, but have been imposed in the past.
     A fine net of RICO statutes, Hate Laws, and Anti-Gang legislation is being cast over EVERYONE!  The Party defines what constitutes a "Hate Group", a "Gang", a "Cult", and a "Conspiracy", but who fits all of those "Enemy of the People" labels better than the Party itself? And who promotes more Hatred then the Party? Certainly the Party has no problem creating fictitious Atrocity Stories and movies with Racist Stereotyping when it is the "Hun", "Jap","Kraut", or "Gook", who they want to generate Hatred toward. Since you never give a RIGHT, without taking it away from someone else, the Party uses the resentments of BOTH sides for control. Divide & Conquer and continual agitation is being employed to promote continual friction between all races, men/women, gay/straight, smoker/non-smoker, police/public, employers/employees, and anywhere else they can exploit.
     Hate Crimes FEDERALIZE crimes already on the books. Abe Foxman, executive director of the ADL is now referring to "Conspiracy of the Mind" on the Internet. Was Waco a Hate Crime motivated by the religious beliefs of the Davidians? How about Ms Bobbick cutting off her husband's penis? Now that Hillary claims she is Jewish and Pinocchio claims his ancestors came from Africa, isn't all criticism Hate?

Sludge Report 08-13-99

     Garibaldi proclaimed, "It is with  Liberty as lever and human passions as fulcrum that we shall overthrow Kings and Priests forever." Chou En-Lai stated that "Hatred is a mighty Lever in Society". Anatole Lunarcharsky, the former Russian Commissar of Education declared: "We hate Christians and Christianity, Even the best of them must be considered our worst enemies. They preach love of one's neighbor and mercy, which is contrary to our principles. Christian love is an obstacle to the development of the Revolution. Down with love of our neighbor! What we want is hate...only then can we conquer the universe."
     Hate Rallies are heavily promoted periodically by the Party to generate support for new laws. Since these new laws are blatantly unconstitutional and the people would not normally except them, the Hate serves as a Chaser. The pattern is quite predictable, a handful of supporters for Emmanuel Goldstein, the Enemy of the People, hold a March in a major city, the Ministry of Propaganda provides Saturation Coverage, and ad-hoc coalitions, each representing a facet of the Party's agenda, are mobilized in a massive counter-demonstration. The latest of these Two Minutes of Hate was scheduled last weekend in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House, where 2,500 D.C. Police, 450 mounted Park Police, and an unknown number of Anti-Sniper sharpshooters, were posted to protect Goldstein's Marchers from thousands of angry protesters, who were left holding the rocks in their pockets and a serious case of blue-balls, when only 4 members of the American Nationalist Party showed. The Hate was then focused on the leader of the ANP, Wolfgang Greenbaum, who gave an interview outfitted in an SS suit and stick-on Goldstein mustache. Threatened with a lawsuit for the cost of the show and apparently unhappy with his role, Greenbaum immediately resigned. Is this what triggered Buford O'Neal Furrow Jr.?
      The more Big Brother restricts freedom of speech and freedom of expression, the more desperate become those who feel alienated and frustrated. Big Brother then uses their outbursts to raise a Hue&Cry for more and more laws.

I received the following from one of our loyal readers.  I believe it to be important enough to post it here in order to pass it along.






THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1999
2:00 P.M.

Since the dawn of creation there has been both
good and evil in the heart of men and women. We
all contain the seeds of kindness or the seeds
of violence.
> > >>>>
The death of my wonderful daughter, Rachel Joy
Scott, and the deaths of that heroic teacher and
the other 11 children who died must not be in
vain. Their blood cries out for answers.

The first recorded act of violence was when
Cain slew his brother Abel out in the field. The
villain was not the club he used. Neither was it
the NCA, the National Club Association. The
true killer was Cain, and the reason for the
murder could only be found in Cain's heart.

In the days that followed the Columbine tragedy,
I was amazed at how quickly fingers began to be
pointed at groups such as the NRA.

I am not a member of the NRA. I am not a
hunter. I do not even own a gun. I am not here
to represent or defend the NRA -- because I don't
believe that they are responsible for my
daughter's death. Therefore I do not believe that
they need to be defended. If I believed they had
anything to do with Rachel's murder I would be
their strongest opponent.
I am here today to declare that Columbine was
not just a tragedy - it was a spiritual event that
should be forcing us to look at where the real
blame lies!
 Much of that blame lies here in this room. Much
of that blame lies behind the pointing fingers of
the accusers themselves.

I wrote a poem just 4 nights ago that express my
feelings best. This was written way before I
knew I would be speaking here today.

Your laws ignore our deepest needs
Your words are empty air
You've stripped away our heritage
You've outlawed simple prayer

Now gunshots fill our classrooms
And precious children die
you seek for answers everywhere
And ask the question "Why"?

You regulate restrictive laws
Through legislative creed
And yet you fail to understand
That God is what we need!

 Men and women are 3 part beings. We all
consist of body, soul, and spirit. When we
refuse to acknowledge a third part of our make-
up, we create a void that allows evil, prejudice,
and hatred to rush in and wreck havoc.

 Spiritual influences were present within our
 educational systems for most of our nation'
 history. Many of our major colleges began as
 theological seminaries. This is a historic fact.

What has happened to us as a nation? We have
refused to honor God, and in doing so, we open
the doors to hatred and violence.

And when something as terrible as Columbine's
tragedy occurs -- politicians immediately look
for a scapegoat such as the NRA. They
immediately seek to pass more restrictive laws
that continue to erode away our personal and
private liberties.

We do not need more restrictive laws. Eric and
Dylan would not have been stopped by metal
detectors. No amount of gun laws can stop
someone who spends months planning this type
of massacre.

The real villain lies within our own hearts.

Political posturing and restrictive legislation are
not the answers.

The young people of our nation hold the key.
There is a spiritual awakening taking place that
will not be squelched!

We do not need more religion. We do not need
more gaudy television evangelists spewing out
verbal religious garbage. We do not need more
million dollar church buildings built while
people with basic needs are being ignored.

We do need a change of heart and an humble
acknowledgment that this nation was founded
on the principle of simple trust in God!

As my son Craig lay under that table in the
school library and saw his two friends murdered
before his very eyes -- He did not hesitate to
pray in school. I defy any law or politician to
deny him that right!

I challenge every young person in America and
around the world to realize that on April 20,
1999 at Columbine High School -- prayer was
brought back to our schools. Do not let the
many prayers offered by those students be in

Dare to move into the new millennium with a
sacred disregard for legislation that violates your
conscience and denies your God-given right to
communicate with Him.

To those of you who would point your finger at
the NRA -- I give to you a sincere challenge.
Dare to examine your own heart before you cast
the first stone!

My daughter's death will not be in vain. The
young people of this country will not allow that
to happen.

I think this about sums it up.  Kahn 08-12-99

Sludge Report 08-11-99

     Treason by the Klingon Dynasty is now causing serious repercussions which threaten to ignite the Asian World in a Bloodbath. Pakistan, which acquired it's "Needles of Sheba" Nukes from Red China is exchanging jabs with India, which is also packing Nukes. North Korea, another member of the Nuke Club, is flying Russian MIG's into South Korean airspace while threatening to launch their Taepodong missile. Now in a SLUDGE EXCLUSIVE, it has been confirmed that the U.S. now has TWO CARRIER BATTLE GROUPS IN THE CHINA SEA!  In a replay of 1996, the USS Kitty Hawk and the USS Constellation are now conducting exercises amid growing hostility between Beijing and Taipei. Mainland China, now armed with our "Crown Jewels" thanks to the Klingons, have been flying Fighter Jet sorties over Taiwan and have now moved AMPHIBIOUS forces to Fujian, where they are now staging maneuvers across the Taiwan Straits. Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui shows no sign of backing down from the Red Dragon.
     We can expect Kosovo to turn into a major SNAFU as the Mafia is moving into Albania and the Albanians have NOT BEEN DISARMED. The UN Security Council used the 14 murdered Serb Farmers to establish the United Nations International Police(UNIP) so as winter approaches we can expect U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to deploy more World Police to the area.
     It says it all, when Proles are prohibited from washing their cars, watering their lawns, and flushing their toilets, yet billions of gallons of water are released to float Al Gore's canoe.

Sludge Report 08-10-99

     Now that Kosovo has been reduced to hate and rubble, the World Dommunist Government has finally unwrapped it's true intent by introducing the first 500 of it's new Official 3000 man World Police Force, as predicted by the Sludge Report last winter. Now that the World Government has assumed Taxation Power(based on GNPs) we can expect the same economic "leveling down" on a world scale that we have experienced since the second plank of Karl Marx Manifesto was imposed in 1913. A "heavy progressive or graduated income tax" is necessary to reduce the masses to the lowest common denominators. This Power of the Purse will be used to finance a much larger World Police Force, and the World Court will be given credibility by the publicizing of War Crime Trials.
     Hillary still has the Media buzzing around her TALK magazine interview and her "run for the N.Y. Senate", both of which are Distraction Operations designed to keep Dan Burton and China Gate out of the News. Now they have dug up Dick Nixon and superimposed Watergate to further obscure their Treasonous Treachery. Ken Starr, who has been cast in the role of Grand Inquisitor, packs his bags after 5 years of revealing nothing.
     Aztecs claim that the "sun will talk to us" when Wednesday's(Woden's day) August 11th, eclipse takes place. Legend has it that this date marks the "Opening of the Eye of Horus" which looks much like the Egyptian " Eye of Osiris", which looks pretty damn similar to the Masonic " All-Seeing Eye" at the top of the pyramid, on the back of our dollar bills. The constellations making up the Beasts of Revelations are scheduled to line up in the Grand Cross and the Mayan calendar ends this Friday the 13th, can the TRIBULATION be far off?

I felt the following needed to be noted today.  I received it at Sludge headquarters by a person who is a Capt. in the United States Army.  I felt I needed to be a responsible journalist and get this particular story out.  Kahn 08-10-99

Subject: Kosovo & The Kennedy Death, in Perspective

 The U.S. Navy dumped John F. Kennedy Jr.'s ashes into the sea last week, ending-we hope-the shameless media glut over the private plane crash that  killed him, his wife and his sister-in-law.  Maybe now we can get back to some real news. Two US soldiers died in Kosovo last Sunday. You may have missed that because Tom and Dan and Peter and God-knows-who-else were too busy gushing over the Kennedys. The soldiers died when their armored personnel carrier overturned. They
 weren't celebrities at the wheel of a their own airplane, heading for a weekend jaunt and a family wedding. They were just two ordinary grunts, serving their country.

      Dan Rather didn't hop the next plane to Kosovo to talk about how their families felt about losing loved ones. He was too busy talking about John-John. Tom Brokaw didn't call their deaths "an American tragedy." Nah.  A dilettante dies and it's a tragedy. Two soldiers die and it's back page news. Katie Couric didn't put on her best phony look of concern and
 devote her time on the Today Show to talk about two American patriots who died while working a thankless job in a foreign land. She couldn't stop interviewing an endless collections of has-beens whose only claim to fame
 was that they went to school with, worked with or once said hello to John Kennedy, Jr.

      The media didn't just lose perspective this past week. They slaughtered it. Many compare the media overkill on JFK, Jr., the orgy of coverage devoted to Princess Diana's death. The Kennedy overkill was worse. A Nexis
 search on the first six days of Diana's death shows 17,913 stories worldwide. The first six days of JFK Jr.'s death generated 18,227 stories.  At least the Kennedys didn't ask Elton John to join them on the Navy ship today and sing Candle in the Wind. The Washington Post devoted more than 2,000 column inches of coverage to JFK Jr.'s death since last Saturday.
 They used one wire story about the soldiers' death in Kosovo. Other newspapers ran countless stories about both the Kennedy and Bessette families. Those same papers didn't even run the names of the two soldiers in Kosovo, much
 less tell us anything about their families.

      For the record, the soldiers who died while serving their country are Spec. Sherwood B. Brim, 30, of Dallas, and Sgt. William W. Wright, 27, of Clear Lake, Calif., a former California National Guardsman. Their bodies were
 flown home earlier this week to be buried with full military honors. They were the fourth and fifth American casualties of the war in Kosovo. Our Thoughts should go out to their families as well.

Sludge Report 08-09-99

     Fox News is the only channel giving coverage to Dan Burton's subpoenas against "Stonewall" Janet Reno, but why is it that they refer to obstruction of justice as "bungling" or "dropping the ball"? If you recall, the Media referred to 14 year old Sammy Weaver being shot in the back and his mother, Vicki Weaver being shot in the face, as "mistakes". The cremation of 87 American citizens, including 23 children, was dismissed as a "botched job", so why wouldn't they refer to high Treason and it's cover up as "bungling" or "dropping the ball"?
     The Grand Strategy of the Inner Party seems to be to use the hatred and resentment for the Bolsheviks to create support for the Mensheviks, while playing on the same old fears of "splitting the Party" and "wasting your vote". They don't ever mention that both parties are such a turnoff, that only one quarter of the people bother to turnout and if Jessie Ventura's 73% approval rating is indicative of the country, it is time for a change. "Compassionate Conservatism" is a slogan for the Socialist Slop of the "moderate" Republicans who's platform has been retreat and compromise.
     Reefer Madness was a spoof on marijuana, by Harry Anslinger, who had to make new jobs for his Treasury agents when Prohibition was lifted. It's comical portrayal of the effects of marijuana were designed to PROMOTE it's use in much the same manner as the DARE program does, which means that the "War on Drugs" is a pretext for a WAR ON THE BILL OF RIGHTS! The ex-hippy-middle class-baby boomers were so sick of Daddy Bush's Cavity Searches, that when Pinocchio replied "I didn't inhale", his approval rating went UP. Victimless crimes are symptomatic of Totalitarian systems and Sludge policy strongly opposes them...BUT, since Proles are forced to piss in bottles and risk losing their minimum wage jobs for a nanogram of THC, why are the Elite exempt? I find it highly ironic and even a bit amusing that GWB is now being subjected to the same standards which Daddy Bush imposed on the Proles.

Sludge Report 08-05-99

        The Klingons have done it again, instead of the Media focusing on China Gate and the Cox Report, we have been listening to Bill and Hillary's gibberish, which was just "filler" between the Atlanta shootings and today's Alabama shootings.
        The Pentagon has carried out 108 air strikes on Iraq this year, the most recent have killed 17 in the last two days. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has picked his youngest son, Qusai as his future successor.
         Why is it that have freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but we are not free to talk about religion? asks Michael Magner,CPT.,U.S. Army. The answer is that these rights exist only on paper, Hate crime laws and PC have limited Free Speech to "correct speech" which meets Party approval. Religious leaders have been reduced to State sanctioned spokesmen for beliefs that that have been compromised by the Dommunist agenda. The colonists who came to this country believed that "Rights came down from God" as was laid down in the Magna Carta of 1213, therefore common law and our Constitution were based on Biblical Law. Since the STATE has become God, it now discourages all opinion that oppose it's agenda, which is why we are being forced to except Pedophiles and Sodomites as Scout leaders.
          Michael's second question concerns the REASON for the bombing of the Chinese Embassy. Regardless of whether or not Americans believe it an accident, Bejing has convinced the Chinese people that it was intentional retaliation for China Gate. Since there are no "accidents" in politics, theories abound as to WHY we hit the Embassy, but that brings us back to WHEN WILL THE MEDIA FOCUS ON CHINA GATE???

Kahn is on assignment. Kahn 08-05-99

Sludge Report 08-04-99

        The phony wax masks are beginning to melt as the Media turns the heat up on the Klingons. The Lame Ducks time grows short and the more they quack the more visible their psychosis becomes.
           The Shroud of Turin is the question of debate again as Professor Avinoam Danim of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem now claims that pollen traces, floral imprints, and blood stains prove the Shroud is from the 1st century, not the 8th as was suggested by carbon dating. Addressing the International Botanical Congress in St. Louis, Prof. Danim said,"there is no way that similar patterns of blood stains of the identical blood type, with the same type of pollen grains, could not be synchronic-covering the same body."
           North Korea is now expected to test it's 6000 mile range Taepodong missile, but they better be careful, says the N.Y. Times, that none fall on Japanese territory. Korean Central News Agency lashed back by warning the U.S. and Japan about sparking a third World War. North Korea is flexing now that big brother, Red China's been buffed up.
           I see I have a complaint in the Sludge Guest book from "dick", who was concerned that I might have got the title of Jimi Hendrix's song wrong. Well "dick" you're probably right, I was too busy zigzagging through a rice paddy back then to catch the whole title, and I was being a bit facetious when I suggested that Hendrix's song might have caused the fires at Woodstock 99.
The point I was attempting to make "dick", was that a misquote, " falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater," was used to justify Speechcrime laws. I appreciate you keeping me on my toes though "dick".

     If they start removing the amendments one by one merely by just taking them away, What will YOU do about it?
Kahn 08-04-99

Sludge Report 08-02-99

        Hong Kong newspapers report that Chinese troops in Fujian Province facing Taiwan are on heightened alert. China has just tested it's Dong Feng-31(East-Wind) missile and thanks to treason in the last four administrations is now a Fire breathing Dragon. We waited 6 months for the Cox Report which was buried by the Kosovo Bombings and now that the Puppet Masters are covered and 123 suspects have split, the Media is beginning to pay attention to China Gate.
        Roger Morris, author of "Partners in Power" calls Hot Springs Arkansas where Bill spent his boyhood a "Mob Capitol" which should come as no surprise since "Stone Wall" Janet Reno came out of Dade county, Florida. So we have a boy growing up in a criminal environment, subjected to God only knows what kind of abuse, who learns to lie to save his ass, or perhaps he lied to get the spankings, we really don't know do we? Regardless, he meets an ambitious Lawyer who can spank him like mommy once did, and Wicked Wanda and the Con Man found love at first bite. Whatever, I really don't care what caused his problems or their Merger, I'm concerned with why everybody, beginning with the 21 Highway patrolmen from Arkansas, who tried to warn us, have been ignored for 7 years!?

      It really makes me wonder how we even get enough ambition to get the milk from the cow.  Lies in Washington are now right up front.  Our politicians now tell us up front they are gonna screw us.  The media came right out last night and told us our gun ownership will be history.  Take Dan Rather's report on the second amendment.  Totally one sided and citing a 1939 Supreme Court ruling which said the Second Amendment is for raising the Militia(Nat'l Guard) only.  Nat'l Guards were at one time "State Militias."  You all must pay close attention now!  The Nat'l Guard in accordance with the "All Army" deal is now a part of the Nat'l Department of Defense. Those are the Feds boys!  We have no state militia anymore.  Who will defend us from the Feds?  Our Highway Patrol?  Perhaps the local boy scout troop?
     Now go ahead and just label me a right winged nut so you don't have to contort and puke over this story do to "bad medicine."  In the bigger cities where police response time can be up to 1/2 hr or more, who are ya gonna call when the thug is a beaten down your door?  Perhaps the "Ghost Busters?"  I do not advocate giving Charles Manson or sexual predator, Bill Clinton a gun either.  However, I do approve of giving the responsible american citizen the right to ownership of a good self defense weapon, should it be a handgun or not.
      Unfortunately we now live in a country where the responsible go unnoticed do to the agenda of the media.  If you want to read some of these true stories of responsible gun owners saving lives, check you the American Rifleman.  Now remember, since my 1st amendment rights to calling you all liberal flakes is becoming more stifled, why don't you all show some restraint and just check out the facts before you label me David Koresh or Adolf Hitler.  Hitler, by the way, banned guns prior to taking Europe.  Kahn 08-03-99

Sludge Report 08-02-99

     Doublethink is the ability to hold simultaneously two conflicting beliefs, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them. Stress is our nervous system's reaction to dealing with the Smiley Face and the didactic Jackboot of Militarialism.  Our fear of Big Brother is Paramount so we desire his love because we fear his spankings and Rational thought, Logic and Common Sense, have given way to Orthodoxy(no-think). BB made an example of Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott who was suspended from baseball and sentenced to "sensitivity training" to "correct" her thoughts. We all watched BB spank Marge for saying a "bad words"so in order that we might avoid the same fate we have "corrected" our thoughts to fit the Party Line. Orthodoxy(Political Correctness) is praised while Badthought is punished and our desire to please BB is proportionate to his wrath. Doublethink therefore lowers stress because it eliminates the fear of Badthought becoming Badspeach.
      Seven years of rape, pillage, murder, the Waco Holocaust, bribery, senseless bombings, treason, and never-ending lies have been justified by Hillary's admission that Bill was abused as a boy. Didn't Jennifer Flowers mention that he liked spankings? Since the Party is getting ready to install a new Dictator, the Media is now resurrecting old stories which they had previously ignored and disclosing some of the dirt swept under the White House rugs. The Klingon Legacy is Moral Corruption and the unthawing of the Cold War, now they claim that it was all due to an abusive childhood!
       The Linda Tripp indictment is only going to serve to open more old wounds for the Klingons, but I find it interesting that Mike Tyson was demonized and sent back to prison for falling victim to a wire sting, but then Doublethink creates Doublejustice.

 I have been busy with staff doing the day to day promotion of this site.  Therefor I have not had time to defecate onto the screen.  From time to time I have yelled at you all for your behavior when it comes to your sex life with the commercial world.  You all are attracted to the biggest most colorful add-cocks and seem to enjoy to just pump your money into the animal.  Before you start pumping your families hard earned dollars into Y2k hyper pills take a hard look at what is really happening.  Those who are selling you the crap are making money.  They are in business to make money.  They have studied and perfected their skills at making money.  Do you for one minute think that the power companies, other money makers, really want to take a chance that they may loose your gigawatt pennies for even one second of a glitch.  I think not.  Do you really think the bank who covets your dollars really wants to take a risk of loosing track of the records that they use to masturbate every night when they count up the interest you money has made them.  I think not.
       If you are still unsure go ahead a stock a months worth of meat and some fixings and retain a bank statement.  Maybe this will pacify your craving to be bent over and have all of your cash taking out with a scam enema. Kahn 08-02-99

SLUDGE 07-31-99

      ORDO AB CHAO( "order out of Chaos") is their PLAN. They CAUSE the Chaos and then establish their Order, and just as Nimrod's Tower of Babel was a bust, so shalt their New World Order. But in the mean time, the people are getting their asses kicked.....why? Let's go back to Dec. 23, 1913, when Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act in violation of Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution which gave Congress the prerogative and the OBLIGATION to regulate the value of U.S. money. This put the Power of Money in the Party's pocket. The Power of Money was then used to purchase the Press, which at that time was the written(or typed) word. The Constitution clearly states that " Congress shall make no law....abridging freedom of speech, or of the press," but the invention of Radio & TV  gave it's owners control of " Broad-Casting" because Big Brother decided who got a "license"....and who did not. Selective licensing( commercial) caused selective Freedom of Speech, which enabled the Party to monopolize mass communication. The controlled Media let's out a global scream of "Censorship" if you try to limit their filth, but are silent as Public Opinion is made criminal.
        When it comes to buckling your Seat Belts or registering for Selective Service, the Party appeals on the basis of "personal safety" or "patriotism", but end with, "Because it's the LAW!"  The people that make these laws then take the SUPREME LAW, which they have taken an oath to obey, and use it to wipe their asses.

SLUDGE 07-30-99

     "If it bleeds, it leads" but it's only hot if your shot so the clubbing caused the dubbing which is why I don't expect 13 dead in Atlanta to get the coverage that 13 dead in Littleton got. It won't rate if there's no hate, and money as a motive is ignored.
      Why are the Elite so elated and the proles so deflated as the New Year approaches?  The same Party that vociferously denounced "silver hoarders" and "survivalists" in the 80's now recommend that proles stock up while at the same time, they plan celebrations!  I imagine it has something to do with with the Y2K Information Coordination Center(Bunker)(ICC), the National Infrastructure Protection Center(NIPC), the Federal Intrusion Detection Network(FIDNET), the National Crime Information Center, DNA Data Banks, "All seeing Eye" surveillance Cameras, holographs, and the end of individual privacy. John Koskinen, head of the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion, said the Washington based Bunker would "keep tabs on critical private-sector activities as well as local, state and federal computer systems; on overseas developments; and on any "cyber incidents," such as attacks." All information will be funneled into the International Y2K Cooperation Center set up by the United Nations and World Bank.
      Check and Balance and accountability have given way to Centralization. The Judicial stonewalls for the Executive and blackmail and bribery control the Legislative. The U.N., World Bank, and World Court are now calling the shots.

SLUDGE 07-28-99

       The human species, if viewed as a totality, is now being bred for regression. The people of planet Earth have been conditioned to except COLLECTIVISM as Progress when it fact, it is a regression of natural instincts and a perversion of Nature. The Mass Warfare of the 20th century was only made possible by the invention of Mass Media. Only termites, bees, ants and Manipulated Masses engage in Mass Warfare because their decision making organism is a Seat of Power, whether it be an ant-hill, bee-hive, or Capitol.
       Ancients referred to Collectivist Systems as Serpents, beasts, or Dragons, hence you find the Northern European heroes slaying Dragons and in China we see depiction's fashioned out of paper and paraded through the streets. Conan(Arnold Schwarzenegger) was the Odenist Warrior fighting against the Serpentine Collectivist System which had as its symbol, the Snake.
       Taiwan(Formosa) became a refuge for the people fleeing the Dragon of Mao Tse-tung's Revolution, now that Dragon is breathing fire across the Strait of Taiwan because Amerika has given it the power to do so. Both Rigs and Digs have swilled at the trough of Mammon to give Most Favored Nation status to Totalitarianism. The cries of Human Right abuse and Ethnic Cleansing in Tibet, will fall on deaf ears as they lap up the blood of the Innocent.

SLUDGE 07-27-99

         Sludge Reporter Brenda Box claims that it wasn't the $10 hamburgers, $30 T-shirts, or even the $4 pretzels that sparked the conflagration at Woodstock  99, it was Red Hot Chili Pepper's rendition of Jimi Hendrix's " Let me stand and light your fire," which caused the crowd to start rioting. For those who can't recall, Hendrix was one of many Pied Pipers who played Revolutionary Music while American cities were being burnt in the 60's. Hendrix became a "counter culture" hero by strumming his guitar and shouting, "Fire, I'll see you burn!" Now since the 90' Hate Laws were justified by Misquoting Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holme's " You don't have the right to FALSELY shout fire in a crowded theater", why aren't the Red Hot Chili Peppers held liable for the crowds spontaneous reaction?  Wasn't the band FALSELY shouting fire in a crowded theater? Since the Hate Laws are holding people liable for INFLUENCE, how about Natural Born Killers, Cop Killer music, and Jerry Springer? The Party not only allows, but promotes INFLUENCE that justify more Crack Downs, while defining as "hate" all thought or opinion that oppose its agenda.
        Secretary of State, Madeleine(Mad Bomber) Albright rode her broom to the Far East to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister, Tang Jiaxuan. The absurdity that the same Madeleine who was in heat over bombing Kosovo is now refereeing on the Taiwan Straits is incredible to say the least.

      It looks to me that there is a lot of fear to express one's self out there.  Take for instance the lack of entries to our guest book by Dreambook.  That demonstrates to me that you are not willing to take a risk of being identified to get you opinion out there.  To be honest with you all, we do not have the capability to check the identity of anyone that writes to us.  I can not say, however, there are those who do not have this ability.  I'm sure the Fed. can trace you all down easy enough.  Remember, the origin of the internet is rooted deep within the Department of Defense.  This is a warning I give to all who ask.  Now do not, and I repeat, do not take this to mean I support illegal activity on the internet. I do not.  I am simply saying you can write to us without any recourse against your exercise of the 1st Amendment.  We welcome you input.  Secondly, if you see something that you feel we hear at SLUDGE need to know, let us know.  We will send our reporters to verify it.
       I hope this clears up any questions on this matter out there.  If you still don't feel comfortable enough to leave us your input, then simply don't. Kahn 07-27-99

SLUDGE 07-26-99

   Nero fiddled while Rome burned, so it was only fitting that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing when Woodstock 99 ended in flames at Griffiss Park in Rome N.Y. Sunday. The hypocrisy of a bunch of middle-aged burn-outs listening to music from the Cultural Revolution of the 60's while paying $30 for Souvenir T-shirts and $10 for a hamburger caused major flashbacks, which ignited the ATMs set up on the site by Hawkish Venders. The reality of the  90's popped their bubble when Riot Police began clubbing them upside their groggy heads. Hopefully the Billy Clubs might jolt these Proles out of their illusions of "Freedom for da People". Opium in China, Vodka in Russia, Marxist/Leninist Collectivism always needs a chaser to keep it down.
     While a " Cult of Mourners " were following the JFK JR. plane crash, a U.S. anti-narcotics reconnaissance plane went down over the cocaine fields of Columbia. A De Havilland RC-7, with five U.S. Army personnel and two Colombians on board, dropped off the radar screens before dawn Friday. Columbia is the world's largest cocaine producer and is controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia(FARC) which is a Communist Army funded by the Drug Trade. The problem for top U.S. anti-drug official, Barry McCaffrey, is that we can make war against drugs but not against Marxist/Leninists, so you can expect THIS plane crash to become simply a fleeting blip on your TV screens. The 14 Serb farmers who were murdered in Gracko didn't even register that.
     Aspen's the Coke Capitol of Colorado so there must have been some very big noses at the $50,000 per plate dinner hosted by Pinocchio himself. Now we have Al Gore pointing at GWB's nose, so I guess we can conclude that the next Elections could be decided by who's got the Biggest Nose.

     What happened to Kahn.  Well let me tell you.  I burned out.  You see I made an ill attempt to research something that may have had a lot of implications down the road.  But like any one who is not married to the mainstream, I found myself stifled by the system.  I had even broke down and contacted Art Bell to see if I could resurrect my research on the soul camera.  Apparently Mr. Bell was just too busy cranking his battery radio to give me any help or assistance with this story.  I guess he is more worried about his advertisements than anything tangible to bring to his program.  I must cut myself short here for if you even imply an attack on the Bell empire, you can find yourself in civil court.  Freedom of the Press.    Kahn 07-26-99


     Due to the fact that the Media Monopolies have used the JFK JR. airplane "accident" to BLACK OUT all news in the Galaxy, there will be no Sludge Report  today.  The staff and management express our deepest regrets that the Press has become a bunch of pencil-dicked, shit for brains, puss-nutted, anal retentive lackeys.

SLUDGE 07-24-99

     This is not table warp folks, this is GODDAMN PLANETARY TILT!  The ratings are UP for these Single Story Saturations which pre-empt all other "news". Before this Plane Crash it was Hillary's phony Run for the N.Y. Senate, before that it was Littleton, before that it was Albanian Refugees. These Emotional Orgies have da people either Sobbing or wanting to rip somebody's heart out. Ever since the Hate O.J. Trials and the Bomb Iraq Celebrations, New Speak has tried to maintain a healthy balance of Love & Hate on the Cruel/Cry Emote Index.
     The Rigs and Digs in the Senate both voted to suppress Freedom of Speech when they approved the new Federal Hate bill which will expand federal authority to prosecute hate crimes and includes people victimized because of their sexual orientation, gender or disability. While you were crying over JFK  JR. Sen. Ed Kennedy(D-Mass.)  and Arlen Specter(R-Pa.) quietly slipped through the SAME bill that was defeated last year. Not to be out done, the Rigs Sen. Orrin Hatch added a narrower bill which expands jurisdiction to hate crimes committed after crossing state lines. The Rigs and Digs are both currently pretending a Tax Cut for da people and since the Digs are playing the Bad Guys in the next elections its up to them to do the Veto. This comes a week after both parties gave themselves raises which goes to show that if you put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig.
     China's military build up against Taiwan is the News!  If Communism is dead why is a Communist Dictatorship threatening to invade Taiwan and why are Marxists/Leninists massacring da people in Columbia? Because its NOT ON T.V. that's why!

  SLUDGE 07-22-99

      Saliva dripping from their quivering beaks, the Media Vultures hovered and circled as they waited for the bodies to be exhumed from the ocean depths. A solid week of repeating the same redundant technical gibberish and delivering a Fairy Tale Eulogy found them lusting for raw meat. Like Stukas they dove, hoping their long range cameras might document some tangible proof that a week of subdued, Zanex Eulogizing would justify the Nielson ratings. If a Prole goes down the Media are talking urine tests and liability, but if its Royalty no one wants to appear "insensitive" enough to inquire about a Toxicology report. But while the cameras are pointing at the Atlantic, the action is in the Pacific where Red China has massed a military build up and is threatening Taiwan.
      Pinocchio giggled and cracked unfunny jokes in the East room of the White House yesterday. He didn't seem to mind one bit that he was the only one responding to his pathetic attempts at comedy, he knows that he has no credibility and has exposed himself to the People so he has dropped all pretense of dignity.
      The cigar industry got a big bump when Hollywood made them sex props and Pinocchio made Virginia Slims popular so now the Federal Trade Commission wants a cut of the action. Cigarettes have been squeezed to death so now the " Health Hazard" is cigars. The Lottery is nothing but the Numbers Game which the Mob used to operate, and the A.T.M. machines which have been placed in gambling Casinos sound just like the slot machines. The R.I.C.O. Act didn't stamp out Organized Crime, it simply moved it into the White House.

SLUDGE 07-21-99

     Repetition enhances the importance of a story and the Media has become a One Trick Pony which focus's our attention to a Laser point and utilizes the Collective Emotionalism to alter the Landscape. This should hardly be surprising because Mega Mergers have put it in the hands of a Controlling Clique. CRUEL/CRY is National Schizophrenia created by the oscillation of Love and Hate. Sorrow & Pity for one group become Glee Bombs on another. Media Harlots are trained to change their demeanor and voice inflections to reflect the response desired by the Party. Objective Journalism has become an oxymoron and the "News" has become Editorialized Disinfotainment  designed to create a "Cult of Consciousness" very similar to National Prayer. Sympathy for Kurds became Hatred of the Iraqis, Compassion for the Albanians meant death to the Serbs, and the same Stooges doing sobbing eulogies for JFK Jr. would have viciously Smeared & Trashed him if he had dared mess with the Klingons during the Impeachment Hearings, which means that the same Masses who are now crying over his death would be feeling no more remorse then if it had been "Trailer Trash" Paula Jones or "bad guy" Ken Starr who had hit the water.
     Cruel/Cry is always used to promote the Party's agenda whether it be Domestic or International, and it is actually quite simple to spot because the Cry is always generated before the Cruelty is inflicted. Since the agenda of the Party is DOMMUNISM, the Collective Emotionalism of the Cry is used to either Strip Civil Liberties or destroy opposition to the Party. The Visual Medium has become a form of Cult Worship and Edited Reality dictates our Zeitgeist.
      And the first went; and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon which worshipped his image.       Rev. 16:2

SLUDGE 07-20-99

       Pinocchio held one of his "Buddy" news conferences with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak(remember James Carville left the LOVEBOAT to campaign for him?) in which he once again used his charade of pretending to end the Conference, and then returning to address one final question. This ploy amplifies the importance of that final question and Pinocchio gets to deliver that Scripted response he memorized on the toilet. Since WAR IS PEACE, Barak is to get 50 F-16 Fighters with which to promote PEACE in the Middle East. It is traditional for every president to do a "Middle East Pact" so Pinocchio has set a 15 month time limit. Since the Balfour Declaration(actually drawn up by the House of the "Red Shield") was the promissory note used to get the United States into WW 1, peace means the Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinians.
       Beijing's China Daily newspaper claims a public opinion poll indicates 85% support a military invasion of Taiwan. Rep. Dan Burton(RIG)-Indiana and Henry Hyde delivered a scathing testimony detailing the China Treason last week, which was only aired on C-Span. If the Media had covered China Gate like they've covered this Plane crash the Klingons would not be in the White House and Taiwan wouldn't be preparing for an invasion.
       If you don't want the Beast to rip your heart out after you die, you'd best check your Driver's License to see if your a "presumed organ donor". States like Arizona have already copied England's " Presumed Consent " laws which state that "everyone is presumed to be a donor." You didn't actually think Big Brother wanted you to quit smoking and become Drug Free because he gave a shit, did you?

     Who authorized the dismantling of the constitution and the rights and freedoms of this country?  You did.  Kahn 07-20-99

SLUDGE 07-19-99

  Orson Wells 1938 radio newscast War of he Worlds, which used Martians to get us ready for Pearl Harbor, was also an experiment in Mind Control designed to gauge our reactions when  they stuck a stick in our Anthill.  The Media's Coverage of JFK  jr.'s Nosedive was designed to cast a National Spell.  The waves and circling of the Search Boats induced Massive Hypnosis  and now the only thing happening is the " Curse of the Kennedy Klan." The family became Blue Blood when Joseph P made his fortune running rum on the Great Lakes with Meyer Lansky( FDR's came from the "China Trade") but the Curse on the family's sons is rumored to have originated from a Sour Deal further down the Family Tree back in Ireland.
      Sludge reporter Brenda Box asks " why would a guy with only 46 hours of flight time, wearing a cast on one leg, fly off in a fog?" She also claims that a reporter for the Vineyard Gazette witnessed " a white flash" about 10 yards from shore, on & on will go the stories, theories, speculations, and rumors. Nobody dares comment on the fact that America has become a rigid class cast of Royalty and Prole. THOU SHALT BE EQUAL applies only to the rest of the Animal Farm.

    I have come to the conclusion that I will have to drop the matter of the "Soul Camera."  Interestingly enough the hard drive of my laptop where the data was stored has crashed to the point where I can not recover any info.  This whole undertaking has become nothing more than a bad attempt at the truth.  For some reason it seems that no matter what I do with it, there is another wall directly in front of me.  Now I know what you are thinking.  Have I been a victim of the gov't.  I have no way of proving that.  The thought did cross my mind, especially the day after I announced I would be piecing together what I had left concerning the camera and would report it to you.  It probably is too much of a coincidence that the next day the hard drive was crashed.  Only time will tell.  Kahn 07-19-99

SLUDGE 07-17-99

     The same people who confuse LOVE OF COUNTRY with LOVE OF BIG BROTHER, feel more allegiance to political Parties than to country. Loyalty to Political Parties has blinded to them to the reality that the two party system is a one-two punch for collectivism. The same RIGS( Republican Pigs) and DIGS(Democratic Pigs) that gave away the Panama Canal and then gave themselves a 50% pay raise, have insured a lock on the SSsystem. Like father like son, and when Daddy Bush(30% approval rating) and the RIGS finally waddled away from the Public Trough in '92, the DIGS danced the Makerana. Now the RIGS are mad because the DIGS pissed in the Trough, so they gave each other another raise. Phyllis Shafly summed it up with her statement on GWB when she said," The Fix is in".
      Surplus is SlurpUp, and since the bankers issue monopoly money based on nothing, it does not exist. So although the DIGS and RIGS may talk of a tax cut, they are both lapping up a SlurpUp based on higher tax estimates. The National Debt is now 5.6 Trillion and rising, so when the "Fed"(which is not Federal) raises interest rates we pay more on the Banksters fraudulent Bonds.Now you see why the RIGS and the DIGS did not justify their pay raises( $136,000 with Medical, Dental, Travel, Postal, etc.etc. WAS NOT ENOUGH) as "costs of Living", because according to their bogus "Inflation Index" there is no inflation!
       And now you also know why the DIGS & RIGS condemned Minnesota GOV. Jessie Ventura for refereeing a wrestling match while excusing a President who dropped his pants and fondled himself.

SLUDGE 07-14-99

       Civil Court has become a weapon for the Party. Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Center, who makes his living bludgeoning organizations who don't toe the Party Line into bankruptcy by filing endless Civil suits, teamed up with Renaldo on RIVERA LIVE to threaten Matt Hale, leader of the Church of the Creator, with Civil Action because ex-member Ben Smith went on a shooting spree. Just as Hate Laws and the RICO Act have stretched criminal responsibility, Civil Actions are being used to silence all Dissidents, simply by bleeding them to death in the courtroom. And just as the Hate and RICO laws were FIRST used on The Order, Perpetual Civil Actions are being used FIRST on unpopular groups....beginning with O.J.'s second trial!  The Party's rationale is that if what you say INFLUENCES a person who commits an action to do that action, you can be held liable. Are preachers who speak out against abortion or homosexuality responsible if someone bombs a clinic or "bashes" a gay? So how about television and the movie industry? How about teachers, parents, etc.etc. How about Spike Lee suggesting Charlton Heston should be shot, or Alex Baldwin screaming out on national television for the death of Henry Hyde and his family? Under current standards wouldn't Martin Luther King be held liable for the Race Riots of the 60's despite the fact that he, as does Matt Hale, preached non-violence?
     Interestingly, Scientologist  John Travolta now plays in movie called " Civil Action" in which he plays an under funded, underdog lawyer, who's firm is fighting a Deathmatch Moral Civil Action against bad guy toxic polluter, Robert Duval. I say interestingly because didn't Scientology us the same Perpetual Civil Action technique to bankrupt the Cult Awareness Network?

SLUDGE 07-13-99

   And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:  Revelations 13:16
     Evil moves like the hour hand on the clock, and shrouds itself in Smiley Face altruism. The Social Security Act created a trough which the pigs could get their snouts into while at the same time setting up a National Identification system. The SSsystem assured the Proles that it would not be used for I.D. by printing: Not to be used for Identification on their cards. This guarantee has been wiped off the cards and Proles pay a SECOND tax on their "benefits" which are worth 10 cents on their original dollars. All transactions with the SSsystem now require your SS number as I.D. and just as your television, computer, and phone are merging, so are the bank A.T.M.s, Credit Card machines, and Grocery Checkout Counters. National D.N.A. banks have been set up to fight "crime" and thumbprints are demanded for the issuance of Driver's License and vehicle plates.
    The 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibilities Act has set up an Official NATIONAL I.D. system, which is to be implemented on Oct. 1, 2000. Congressman Ron Paul(R-Texas) describes the bill: " No American will be able to get a job, open a bank account, apply for Social Security, or Medicare benefits, purchase a firearm, or take an airplane flight, unless their state's driver's license conforms to the National I.D." Express your concern at
     and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
      Revelations 13:17

The introduction of the Internet has allowed the instant dissemination of information as well as disinformation. The masses are subjected to an overload of input from which they have no frame of reference to discern accuracy, so they float in a sea of deceit and lies, no direction, no reference point, no hope,......until the Sludge Report!  We report the "news" BEFORE it happens, and if you didn't read it in the Sludge Report, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!  Dr. Kahn, the man of a million faces and voices, is so feared by the False Prophets and phony Talk Show Hosts who feed their greed while preying on the Fear and Paranoia of the masses, that he is banned by the "Mainstream Media" and under constant surveillance by the Cult Awareness Network BECAUSE of his debunking! The Sludge Report doesn't believe that people should live in fear of comets hitting the earth, being carried off and eaten by giant birds, or Alien Invasions, so that Charlatans can prostitute themselves to sponsors while ignoring the Dommunist World Order being imposed. The Sludge Report cuts the fluff and crap and dilutes it to unadulterated Truth because it refuses to be a Harlot to sponsors or a pawn to the Party.
       And I will give power unto two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.
               Revelation 11:3

     Dr. Robinson is no longer returning my calls.  Matter of fact, he is completely avoiding my requests either by mail, phone, or fax.  This man was very informative and seemed to enjoy sharing his information with me.  Now, it is as if we were in grade school and I had made fun of his toys.  Staff is researching just how tied in with the gov't Robinson is.  I do not take it personally.  I only find it very unusual, as you should, that a door was shut quickly and a wall built.  I understand the implications of a device like Dr. Robinson's, just not the recent reaction.  Perhaps slick Willy did not enjoy seeing his soul?  Only history will tell after it is re-written several times.  Kahn 07-13-99

SLUDGE 07-12-99

  Your T.V. screen only appears static and stationary, in actuality it is repeating a hypnotic visual pattern designed to focus attention on a single point. Since the eye gravitates to movement, flashing words, numbers and pictures deepen the hypnotic state so that the subject responds positively to products, ideas, or candidates. The intonation and inflection of the Newscaster's voice facilitates the "programming" and creates the emotional response desired by the Party. The "lead" story and the "headline" is assumed to be the most important event of the day, and the repetition of News clips and Sound bites edits our reality and focuses our attention so that Public Opinion becomes merely a response.
  9o,ooo people boo Klinton's Face in Pasadena, American troops are under fire in South-East Kosovo, and the Media continues to focus on next years elections so that they don't have to talk about the murder, treason, pillage, and rape by the Klingon's Bolshevik Dictatorship. The Mensheviks, who were so worried that Porno Peddler Larry Flint might have an intimate snapshot of them with their dog, now want Equal time to commit Equal crime. Gore the bore is  to take a fall to the Mensheviks just as Droll Dole took a dive for the Bolsheviks.
    Here's a Subway tip: Always carry money in your pockets so that if you punch out that guy who grabs your crotch, and he turns out to be "Gay", you can claim he was a pickpocket. Don't be caught in a Hate Crime Sting.

     I will no longer be able to provide any further information regarding the "Soul Camera."  In a very suspicious/mysterious move, Dr. Robinson pulled back all of his information and research regarding the camera.  Dr. Robinson cited the belief he had released the info prematurely.  IN FACT, further research by my staff revealed the fact that Dr. Robinson is funded mainly by a federal grant.  Let me say that again, FEDERAL GRANT.  Hmmm, now I'm not going to point fingers without fact, but seems might peculiar doesn't it all.
     I have maintained some of the info for I was in the middle of research at the time of this event.  Part of that research was the documentation of Robinson's research.  Now I must first run it by legal staff here buy I may be able to provide further info regarding the soul cameral.  Stay tuned as events develop. Kahn 07-12-99

SLUDGE 07-11-99

   Justice is a Just -dis. The sniper who shot Vicky Weaver in the face while she clutched her baby got a pass, Web Hubble got No Penalty, " Stonewall " Janet Reno rewards Ron Nobles a top spot at Interpole for bulldozing the crime scene at Waco, murder, theft, obstruction of Justice, etc, the Elite are ABOVE THE LAW. The SSsystem focuses on Proletariat Crime yet ignores those in High Places. Amerika is a Feudalistic Caste SSsystem.
      Which is why the Media continues to babble about elections which are a year and a half away, instead of addressing the Mega Crimes of the Klingon Dynasty.
      Kosovo no longer exists in our consciousness because it is not on T.V. The Russians have widened their Beachhead at Pristina and fanned out to all key Sectors, the Maoist Narco Terrorist KAL is supplied by Iran and Saudi International Terrorist Osama bin Ladin, while U.S. troops and F.B.I. are under the command of Spanish Marxist, NATO Secretary General Javier Solana. This whole show could get very sticky if the DOMMUNIST U.N. decides to indict the Klingon Kabal.
      You assumed that the " Progressive " Movement meant that you were moving toward the sunrise of some Utopian Mirage, but in fact, you've been sitting in a stage couch prop at a Hollywood Movie lot and they've been moving the scenery. That's why your listening to the "mainstream Republicans " spouting rhetoric which was " far left " in the sixties and calling it " Compassionate Conservatism " when you all know it is really SOCIALIST CONSERVATISM!!!

SLUDGE 07-10-99

And he doeth great wanders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to in the sight of the beast....     Rev. 13:13
          Ann Lewis is Production manager for the New Year's Eve White House show titled " Honor the Past," so she must deal with the technical logistics of coordinating Klinton's speech at the Lincoln Memorial with "something magical" which will light up the skies.
          The same people who lobby to supress free speech claim they are puzzled when we're muzzled, and we flip out. Ben Smith went on a shooting spree when Matt Hale was denied application to the Illinois State bar because his views " violated the bar's character & fitness " requirements.
          The Media has completely distracted the masses attention from the China Gate Treason by focusing on next year's elections, especially the Red Herring run by Hillary in New York. The Klingons have streamlined a Dictatorship and our Rulers are above the law. Politics has become a Sado-Maso Bondage Game played by Control Freaks and the sting of the whip has become titillating on the masses bare asses.

     So many of you have commented on the previous release of information by this source.  It only goes to show that many of you do not have the open minds as you so boldly bost about.  This would lead me to believe you are the usual hipocritical liberals.  It really floors me when I have reported that I am currently researching the validity of the Soul Camera but all you all do is jump to conclusions.  This is still very much in research and I will release more as it comes available.  You little assholes need to really look at this carefully before you jump to your usual conclusions and tripe.  I will only show the truth here as always.  Kahn 07-10-99

     We have been going over the tons of data we have acquired regarding the "Soul Camera" which I reported to you all yesterday.  Much of it is censored so that even we cannot analyze the camera closely as to find out what makes it actually work.  Much of that is do to the fact the patent rights are still in dispute according to Dr. Robby Robinson.  Therefor as we get info we will release it to the general public but not to infringe on Dr. Robinson's requests of us to treat this delicately.
     I am including a picture that has been analyzed by such camera.  The picture was actually a photograph taken of President Clinton by a White house photographer.  You see, this camera can eve analyze existing photos as well as taking new ones.  The data gathered from the camera purports to filter out the physical items/bodies in the photograph displaying the aura or soul as you may define it.  As you can plainly see in the posted photo, the camera uses a con vexing lens which focuses the emitting energy used by the camera onto the subject.  The energy is reflected off of the subject, returning to the camera, which analyzes the transformed energy thus filtering out any opaque physical matter revealing the aura. Notice in the photo below the yellow blotches to the right of the presidents head and on his jacket and pants.  These are allegedly the aura of the president.
The yellow blotches indicate existence of aura
     Now I realize this is incredible and very difficult to believe.  I assure you all that as we study the documents on this device as well as possibly being able to see a demonstration of same device, we will inform all of you are findings.  You might say we have become a product testing grounds of sort. Feel free to send us your questions via email or through the guest book.
Kahn 07-07-99

     With our semiannual board meeting over, I am now healing up.  I do think the changes in the months to come will be very pleasing to all you.  We have had overwhelming requests as to divulge our biographies. So we have added the above.  We hope this helps solve your little internal struggles accepting the truth.  I know you all twist and contort much like you do before puking when you are hit in the face with the true facts of the manners we face everyday.

     I am not one to buy into things readily as you can tell by my comments on Art Bell.  As you know his show is one that exploits the super fiction attempting to make it fact.   But when something does come across my desk that has merit, I will be the first to say it is so.  This was the case recently when I saw a bit written by an unknown thrown out scientist by the name of Dr. Robby Robinson.  Robinson's research took him in the direction to study the human soul and to define it within the scientific boundaries.  Robinson has claimed to have developed a device to allow one to actually view the soul within the human body.  Though as impossible as it may seem, this just may be the next step to exploring the human body.  The benefits of such a device would be infinite as to curing what ails us mentally/spiritually.  I realize this is much to digest.  I will, in the months to come, be reviewing the information I have before me, along with Sludge, to determine validity of the information.  Once this is done, we will be releasing it to you all as soon as possible.  Much of this will include documentation and photographs.  But once again, it will be done only after we determine it's validity.  You all know me by now and I am a skeptic.  So I believe it all passes my tests, then it will be worthy of report by this report.  Kahn 07-06-99

SLUDGE 07-01-99

       The merging of A.T.T. and T.C.I. is a merging of your TV, Telephone & Computer into a Telescreen. Since the Party plans on regulating what you say on your phone, watch on your TV, and access on your computer, we can be assured that all information is Party approved. We can also feel more secure because Big Brother will be watching our homes. That potentially deadly slip in the tub becomes a humorous minor incident, when your properly monitored. What's that? You're whining about Privacy? Just what is it that you feel you have to hide?
       The Eschalon  System links up all 2,500 satellites, each of which can read the fine print of that newspaper you thought you were reading alone. L.A. drivers can feel safe knowing that 142 Traffic Surveillance cameras are positioned on the freeways to spot Road Ragists and Droopy Drivers, while Baltimore Maryland citizens can feel blissfully secure since they are taped 24 hours a day as they walk down the streets by the Video Patrol system. This may sound good, but Great Britain has proved that it can be better, as they have nearly eliminated they're " Hooliganism" problem by hooking up their 250,000 Infra-red, motion detector, Closed Circuit TVs with computers which match up and profile FACES in a crowd. Since crowds are Hooligans, these criminals are quickly brought to justice.
       Some Opponents of the All Seeing Eye, point to the Tenniman Square Riots as an example of abuse because protesters were identified and apprehended when tapes from the Surveillance Cameras were shown on national TV. Neurological Surgery and Psychotropic Drugs should eliminate the need for protest and leave us with a " Joker " like ear to ear grin. So smile, your on Candid Camera!

SLUDGE 06-30-99

    Ho hum, I  see the Mainstream Media is finally admitting what we said a couple of weeks ago, that the Serbs pulled out because Yeltsin jerked Milosevic's chain as soon as he pocketed the 8.5 Billion dollar I.M.F Payoff, not because NATO had blown up 13 tanks. Pinocchio said this was going to be NATO's Gig, right? So why are the Russians moving reinforcements into several Sectors?  Gottcha again didn't he? He said they wouldn't get a Sector remember? You snooze, you lose.
     So instead of talking about the REAL issue, which is the Nuclear Secrets Treason, we find the Public Watchdogs discussing the relative positions of various candidates for U.S. Dictator. The leaders are those who say nothing about anything.
     How about a debate IN SPANISH, between GWB and Gore the Bore?  Since GWB is considered "soft" on Immigration(why not since they're all votes?) isn't it coincidental that a Nationwide Manhunt is being staged for an " Undocumented Worker "(we can't call them Illegal Aliens) whom the Border Guards let go?
     Why is Sports announcer, Marv Albert described as " disgraced ", and why was he fired by NBC?  Marv has the same "Biting" habit as Pinocchio, but NBC spiked the Broddrick Story and I don't hear them describing Pinocchio as "disgraced" or calling for for his resignation. I guess this proves that in the Animal Farm the PIGS ARE MORE EQUAL.

     The Sludge Board of Directors is scheduled to meet over the 4th.  Once again I will be defending my position with the firm and the content, or lack thereof, of my column.  I've argued with the group repeatedly that the reason there is no response to this column as well as even Sludge is that we are writing to Americans who no longer exist.  I believe our target audience existed in the 30's when people were still accountable.  What is allowed in this country today would have been the reason for mass prosecutions of criminals under the law back in that time.  Look, I really am caring less and less these days what you all want to define as right or correct.  Since none of you have any value system in place and I am only one voice, it only is mathematically just that your voice will be heard over my one.  All I ask is that you respect my individual rights, those rights that you all held onto to regain you control from the morally correct.  Now that you are in power, I would expect that you respect me as I did you when you were struggling for your power again to once and for all put a death to this country.
Kahn 06-30-99

SLUDGE 06-29-99

    Praise the Lord! The Truth is out there, it's just inverted so you have to stand on your head in front of a mirror to grasp it. LIVE spelled backwards is EVIL.  They cannot receive light from God so they must steal it from the Children of Light, this makes them Parasites from Hell! The Klingons have Pimped out the White House, they have defecated on America's Seat of Power. The KLINGON KABAL has turned America into a Corrupt Dictatorship. There it is, and we all know it. The Judicial and Legislative branches are under the control of the Executive, Amerika is a Morally Bankrupt Dictatorship.
          And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great and blasphemies;
          and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.
                                                                                                                        Rev. chapter 13:5

SLUDGE 06-28-99

     N.Y. Human Rights Watch said a one-week investigation indicated that Kosovo Liberation Army members are engaged in murder, rape, and pillage of Serb civilians and Gypsies, who are now the Refugees as a result of NATO air support. The same people who feigned compassion, now ignore there plight just as they have ignored the murder, rape, and pillage by the Klingons in the White House. The wrap up of the Web Hubbell case concludes years of investigation in which no one was held liable for anything.
     How many movies have you seen where the " outgunned " Party Agents were so " restricted by the Constitution," that they didn't " take the shot " on a Bad Guy who would be " right back out on the streets?"
     Does Bin Laden look familiar? He should, because he is a clone of countless Hollywood " Arab Terrorist " flicks, which means that Howard Beal must have lied to us( in the movie Network) when he claimed that Arabs owned the American Media.
     I see N.Y. architect Peter Eisenman has been authorized to construct the National Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, this insures that shakedowns will continue into the next Millennia. Opposition to another Icon is restricted by the Volksverhetzung( incitement to racial hatred laws) under which 17,207 people have been prosecuted in the last 5 years, proof that Hate Crime is Thought Crime.

SLUDGE 06-26-99

   When Judge Ito ruled that no mention of drug trafficking could be mentioned in the O.J. Simpson case, he eliminated the motive. The Victors held a ceremony in which they melted down OJ's trophies which they intend to peddle at $100 a gram.
   I've been analyzing Klinton's habit of looking right-left,right-left, never straight ahead as he spews his bullshit at these Press Conferences, and concluded that it is the M.O. of a habitual Liar as well as a scan for his stooges. Sure enough, he went right to "Brown Nose" Ellen Ratner and perennial flunky Sahra McClendon for Puff Ball questions.
   I told you we would be getting " Human Soap " stories by summer, and I also told you that the Kosovo War is far from over, now the Pentagon has confirmed that NATO only destroyed 13 Serb tanks which means that claims of "degrading Serb forces " were exaggerated to say the least.
    You might also recall that Sludge said the Middle East would brew up after Carville's Campaigning, know them by theirfruits!
     So we have the Balkans at a Boil, the Middle East brewing up, India vs Pakistan, North Korea vs South Korea, China eyeing Taiwan, were still bombing Iraq while we wait for Bin Laden to strike. So here is Wisdom for those with ears: Why is it that the same people who are so rabid about confiscating American's firearms under the pretense of " making us safe from Hate" have armed the globe with Nukes and continue to foment Hate?

SLUDGE 06-25-99

          It's now pretty obvious that the bombing of the Chinese Embassy was no mistake, so now we hear from Klinton Reporters at the N.Y. Times that our bombs fell on Spies who had failed to pay a Spying Fee, that'll teach the freeloaders a lesson.
          Polls are used to create Bandwagon Effect for the Party Line, but they are also an indication of a person's P.I.(Popularity Index) ratings. P.I. ratings are dependent on your current status with the Party which is basically how well you walk the Party Line. The current polls show you flocking to GWB, however they also show that you don't know what he stands for, other than getting elected of course. I remember you flocking to the Klintons after Skull&Bonesman Daddy's Bush's P.I. went South after you burned out from Iraq 1. Remember how the newspapers all printed those American flags and we cut them out and posted them in all the schools, and all the kids held rallies and sang bombing songs? After the Bombing Party we were so bummed out because we didn't get to see Sadam tortured and paraded around in a cage that Daddy Bush went from 80% to 30% approval. Now the point is, the Klintons walked exactly the same Party line as Bush, which is the establishment of the DOMMUNIST NEW WORLD ORDER. You forgot the $500,000,000,000 S&L Scam, just like you forgot the Panama Canal giveaway, and now your looking for someone else to sit on your face.

SLUDGE 06-24-99

     We now have Serb Refugees fleeing Kosovo as International Agents of the Dommunist World Order sift through the dead bodies in an effort to separate the "Legal" kills from the "Illegal" kills. Legal kills are dismissed as the " Collateral Damage" resulting from 78 days of 3000 Cruise Missiles and 10,000 tons of explosives, all others will be charged to Milosevic. Sludge sources have confirmed that yesterday's snipers were KAL, so if I were you I'd cancel that European Vacation.
          Since Hillary knew she might be asked to testify in the Web Hubbell Trial before she leaked the Trial Balloons about running for the N.Y. Senate, one might conclude that she plans on denouncing Ken Starr and " the Right-wing Conspiracy " for Torpedoing her campaign.
          The new Tarzan and Austin Powers dolls are proof that "Multiculturalism" is really a code word for No Culture. The kid lifts Tarzan's arm and he gives a yell while lifting his loincloth, while the owner of the Austin Powers doll hear him say, "Do I make you horny baby, do I?" Are these going to be the historical anomalies which will leave the apes shaking there heads as they dig through the artifacts of Western Civilization?
            Multireligionism translates as atheism, because if  we can't include ALL religions, we must exclude ALL religions, after all, isn't Worship of God, a Dis of the Devil?

     That bottle of fine wine, $100.00.
     Cadilac sport utility vehicle, $60,000
     Lobster dinner in Maine, $2500 for the trip
     Brand New three piece suit(taylored)  $1500
     George W. Bush for President, Well over $500,000,000,000 of cost to the American Public

  Mosterbation Card, for the Public who do not hold anyone accountable....
Kahn 06-24-99

SLUDGE 06-22-99

     Love of Country has become synonymous with love of Government, just as " Public Land " has become a euphemism for Government Land. We have become desensitized to Hypocrisies & Lies. During the transition phrase in the Old World, during the Cold War, when walls separated the Collectivist Countries from the Free World, we had a policy of not interfering in the Affairs of a Foreign government. Now that we are the Hegemony of DOMMUNISM( Democracy&Communism) we only apply this policy to Communist Dictatorships. Amerika has become the primary Proselyte of Dommunism.
    Sadam Hussein never had a giant gun made out of oil pipes and the Davidians  never had a 50 cal. machine gun, these are the same kinds of Disinformation stories which caused us to bomb an aspirin factory in Sudan. Peace, in Party Jargon, means all opposition is wiped out, so Lies are justified as "wartime" propaganda.
    Speaking of war, let's not forget that we have perpetual, never-ending Internal Wars raging. The Bill of Rights is being shredded on a daily basis, under the guise of fighting Abuse, Hate, Discrimination, Guns, Drugs or whatever. Why is it that the Media only focuses on the N.R.A. as a lobby group and they never mention the Gun Grabber's Coalition?  Who is providing the funding for the Gun Confiscators and why have they been able to pass 20,000 laws restricting the Right to Bear Arms?
    The Party is using the Stalinist tactic of Deputizing the Private Sector in all these Wars: Teachers, Doctors, Employers, the Meterman, Mailman, Garbageman( I'm gambling here that you don't report me for using Oldworld Sexist job titles and therefore violating the Unisex code of the Party Deviation Laws) and Banks. The Gun Show laws would create more Deputies by compelling the Private Sector to report on the Private Sector. So while were waiting for the Two Headed Dictatorship to tell us how many of our Civil Liberties we have to COMPROMISE because of Littleton, the Klinton Supreme Court rules that Police don't need a Warrant in the Maryland Case, oh well, it's all for our own good...........isn't it?

SLUDGE 06-21-99

     The Party always pitch's to the lowest common Denominator which just happens to also be the Demographic Majority, therefore the rest are forced to except an Alien Culture or be ostracized as " Thought Criminals." We have " progressed " from a Constitutional Republic, based upon Moral Laws where your word was your bond and a handshake would conclude an agreement, to a Corrupt Dictatorship where lying is the norm and the Fine Print can wipe out your Life Savings. Collectivism is not Progress, and neither is the Compromising of Moral Values and the continuos erosion of Civil Liberties. You don't debate about the Cosmic Laws of the Universe, transgressors are always punished, Nature is your Courtroom.
      The Golden Rule is " They who have the gold make the rules," if I might add a Sludgism, " They who have the gold make the Rulers."  You have to have the bucks for Face Flashing, so the King maker's pick who we will vote for, this is called Democracy.

     I was given a little time off this past weekend so I took advantage of the situation, shutting off Art Bell and heading to the mountains.  My travels took me to Glacier Nat'l Park in Montana.  The site was magnificent as well was the fresh air.  After a day of site seeing we hunkered down in our campsite, $15.00 per night.  Wait, didn't I pay the bill by April 15 already.  I began to "gather" some downed wood and sticks around the area of the campsite to provide us with a fire.  One of the staff members immediately interrupted me and informed me that in the campsite john was a notice regarding doing such a thing.  The notice was federal regulation which would have me fined $50.00 for sprucing up my campsite and providing us with a heat source.  Seems you must now go pay $4.50 for a bundle of 5-6 pieces of wood for your camp fire.  Total bill so far $19.50.  Oh did I mention entrance to the park was at least $10.00.   Thought for sure I paid this years federal taxes well before April !5th.  There's $29.50 for camping in Glacier so far.  Now with the potential slip up costing at least $50.00 in fines for gathering wood and another $50.00 for being on "unauthorized public land", the typical trip to Glacier Park could net a federal government bill of $129.50.  Guess my taxes must have got lost in the mail.
     Now the irony is the fact that here exists a public domain that can no longer support recreation for the poor.  The federal park system used to be the answer for families who could not afford RVs or other fancy vacations.  Now even that has been drying up.  The second irony it is this same group of poverty stricken people that pay the majority of the taxes.  They can not even enjoy their toils.  "Captain, I'm given her all she's got but she wants more and more."  God Bless Amerika!!!!
Kahn 06-21-99

SLUDGE 06-19-99

Hallelujah, I believe I see a bit of light out there, a glimpse perhaps, but that means it's radiating from a Source. Through the smoke and rubble of a Spiritual War I see Americans beginning to stir, dragging themselves to there feet as they shake off the Mind-numbing, Spell-casting effects of a lifetime of PROPAGANDA.  You were just going to hand over your guns, when you noticed they're hands were shaking with anticipation, they're eyes a bit too shiny, and when you refused, they were angry! Then you looked at they're faces, Charles Schumer(same guy that rammed through the Hate Bill) Barbara Boxer(biggest check bouncer in a scandal that went away because she's related to Hillary) and none other then Captain Blye himself!  Some innate instinct, some suspicion, or perhaps you sniffed the stench of the New World Odor, caused you to rebel.
        Now off in the distance, I see a figure bowed under the weight of a heavy load, making his way down the Mountain trail. It is none other than Sludge Reader Charlton" Moses " Heston, packing the Ten Commandments and armed to the teeth, coming to save us from the Planet of the Apes. I see Americans with the blood of Washington, Jefferson and Doc Holliday roaring through they're veins, rallying around the last remnants of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM in a wiped out Culture.

SLUDGE 06-17-99

        This is getting pretty twisted, I just commented the other day that GWB was " Reaching out and touching" the Hispanic Vote, and WHAM! there's Al Gore trying to drop Spanish Phrases in Tennessee. I think it's safe to assume that we'll be seeing Taco Time Spots with these clowns in Sombreros, just like we watched Klinton munching his Big Mac as he courted the Black Vote.
         Rupert Murdock's " Fair & Balanced " Fox reporter looked like People magazine's Meg Grant just urinated on him when she admitted that the rumors of O.J.Simpson's drug abuse were complete lies. The "source "( if there ever was one ) refused to be interviewed, but it's obvious that the purpose of the " Story " was to influence the Custody Battle over O.J.'s children. I think it bears repeating that the PURPOSE of the O.J.-A Look Back, series, was to Transfer our outrage from Klinton to Simpson. China Gate didn't go cold, it's just on simmer while Klinton carries out the Party's designs in Kosovo.
    Since they always test mice first I should mention a news release from Los Bancos, Calif. which reads Hermaphroditic rodents found at toxic-runoff site. " The number of inter sex mammals was a surprising finding to everybody,"said Michael Delamore, chief of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's drainage program in Fresno. " We're not sure what it means, because it's new, and the phenomenon hasn't been widely reported." Well it is now!  I think one-third of the field mice running around with both male & female reproductive organs is news! There condition was due to a collected toxic runoff at the Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge.
      Since NATO's Kill Count was higher than the Serbs, and considering their impromptu appearance, chances are fair that the Mass Graves found in Kosovo were due to Bombs.

SLUDGE 06-15-99

      GWB appeared as a computerized Holograph in Iowa, a composite of all of the Demographic desires and feelings of a projected reaction to Klinton. Wearing a large cowboy belt buckle and boots, standing by a bale of hay with a large prop of a tractor behind, he delivered his programmed, prepared speech with the ease of one who has spent many hours practicing in front of video cameras and mirrors( remember Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver?). He has set up a power base in Texas in the same manner as Klinton set his up in Arkansas, he plans on being the first "Hispanic" President, in the same manner that Klinton became the first "Black" President. Countless hours of listening to " Learn Spanish the Easy Way" tapes pay off as George is careful to include a few phrases in each speech, while denouncing " Anti-Immigrationists," so it is quite obvious that he is planning to ride the Tide from the South.
        Daddy Bush formed Zapata Oil in 1953 along with Hugh and Bill Liedtke, they chose the name of Mexico's most bloodthirsty Communist terrorists, General Emiliano Zapata. According to Eustace Mullins, author of THE WORLD ORDER our secret rulers, Zapata Oil was a CIA front from the beginning, and Zapata was the secret code name for the Bay of Pigs Invasion.
        "Fair & Balanced" Fox reporter's treated J. Neil Schulman like a Heretic as he described his book, The Frame of the Century, based upon the O.J. Simpson Case. How is it that the same Media that is so careful to assume Klinton innocent, foamed at the mouth as they screamed O.J's guilt!? Are you telling me that there is not a "Mountain of Evidence" against Klinton? Klinton has not even been brought to trial, Simpson was found NOT GUILTY, yet you hate OJ but you don't hate Klinton....right? Before you permanently damage your heads pondering that contradiction, allow me to suggest that the purpose of O.J.-A Look Back, is the transference of Hate based on that DoubleThink!

      I had begun to continue my study of Art Bell last night, but to no avail.  Seems that after adding his 442nd affiliate station, it was just too much for Bell to go on the air and lead on the "Nuts of Nye".  But never-the-less, the crazies stayed up and continued to call in to his substitute magician.  You see, even the rich need a day off to count the interest they have earned.  Far be it for me to judge Bell as he counts the endless dollars coming in from his sale of the Beijing radio or dietary supps.
     Now before you all start sending in the hate mail, hear me out.  I do believe there are those things which occur that none of us can readily explain if ever.  I do not discount all of the people who call into the Bell show.  What I do not like is the way Bell has exploited you all by giving you a soap box and then selling products beneath it, not really paying attention to your testimonies.  To me, that really distracts what your point may be.  Bell is the master at taking you to the point of proof and then not actually revealing it.  Just like he captivates you all long enough so he can take some days off.
Kahn 06-15-99

SLUDGE 06-13-99

Serby didn't want Alby selling drugs in the Hood so they got in a fight and Alby got his ass kicked, so the self appointed Neighborhood Watch Boys pound on Serby, until Serby's big brother shows up, and now there all sitting there in their tanks pretending everything is cool. Well let me tell you, things are hardly cool. All these countries packing all this hardware and fire power into a Jungle of Hate does not spell Peace!
          You can decide for yourselves how successful the Sludge T-Shirt Streak of the 47th Bilderberger meeting was by going to and checking the stories for yourselves. As you can see, nobody breached Security, but there were plenty of happy Sludgees who received T-shirts for the Moonshots(the local news reports referred to this as " blowing kisses")
          Dick Morris says Mrs. Blye has no intention of running in NY, that it's just another ponzi scheme to scam 3-5 million in campaign contributions, which she plans to use in Illinois in 2004.
          Since the Media is still O.J.bashing I will remind you to check out Christopher Springer's web page by searching his book, " If O.J. Didn't". I noticed that the Media never once mentioned the fact that the " Mountain of Evidence" was all built on the 1.5 ml. of blood that was missing from the lab. or the fact that no time sequence could be established because they TOLD THE CORONER NOT TO COME TO THE CRIME SCENE, or the fact that dispite a citywide search NO MURDER WEAPON , BLOODY CLOTHES, or SHOES were ever found. The same Media also failed to mention that ALL OF THE BLOOD " EVIDENCE" WAS TAINTED WITH EDTA, WHICH MEANS IT CAME RIGHT FROM OJ"S BLOOD VIAL. Neither did the Media replay Det. Vannatter putting OJ's blood and tennis shoes in his car and taking them home, after stating that he took them to the Evidence Room!  The jury had to acquit because the gloves DIDN'T FIT, they were 2 sizes to small, so we are asked to believe that one of these gloves just slipped off his hand at Bundy(and he didn't notice), the other glove slipped off his hand at Rockingham(he now didn't notice he had no gloves on) and that his knit hat fell off his head at Bundy and he wasn't aware of that either? No wander Klinton got elected twice!!!

SLUDGE 06-12-99

       It was pretty obvious from the appearance of the Russian troops that it was Yeltsin's tug on Milosevic's Leash, not NATO bombs which prompted the Kosovo Agreement. It was also pretty obvious that Jamie Shea has been feeding us a pack of lies about " degrading Serb forces," therefore, although nobody has seen the Agreement, we can assume that the Russian/Serb allies were cut a pretty sweet deal. The role of the Russians is undefined, but whatever it is must be pretty broad because they boldly swept into Pristina to undermine NATO's " Operation Joint Guardian," and ruin Captain Blye's Victory Party. So we now have the KFOR nations, the KAL, Serbs, and the Wildcard Russians, all moving into the Balkan Powder Keg.
       All major Networks have combined to stage a 5 year " Look Back at O.J.", which amounted to a reunion of the same Lynch Mob that tried him twice. The O.J. Inquisition Team are all authors and Talk show stars who got rich and famous off of Simpson and now their back to soak it again. CNN was the only station to allow any Defense of O.J., " Fair&Balanced" Fox was even more rabid than Renaldo& Marsha, as several Fox Reporters suggested to Ron Goldman and Denise Brown that they hire a " Hitman " to kill O.J. Simpson. The overall focus was on Simpson's Pension, so I assume that is the Goal. If the Media had gone after the Butchers of Waco with the intensity that they have gone after Simpson, we would have been spared 8 years of Captain Blye.

     I checked out Bell's show last night to just see if I was not a little to decisive about the man in yesterdays Crap.  As you may already know, the subject of last night's show, and every night's show for that matter, was ufos.  There was a twist to it though.  It seems the whammo discs aren't cutting it quite enough so now we are looking at (Con)trails.  You know those little white trails left by jets at about 30,000 ft.  You see, if more than one jet leaves a trail, then it is chemical warfare on the Amerikan people.  If the upper atmosphere winds spread one trail out, than we really have a problem with the government.
    Bell and his flunkies are the slickest little people on radio.  They prey on the weak minded, much like yourselves, by turning everyday natural occurrences, such as leaky dripping faucets, into supernatural multi-million dollar industry.  You little pukes have given him over 442 affiliate stations around the globe.  This only goes to prove no one is interested in facts anymore.  It is beyond me how one man can come up with smoke from his cigarette in his studio and call it a ghost.  And the beauty of it all, is you people eat it up.  By the way, just below this article I have included a picture of a ufo landing in a blizzard.  If you look real close you will see a ghost actually directing the craft in as a white (con)trail circles it.  Can you see it yet?  Kahn 06-10-99

SLUDGE 06-10-99

        Only in Commie Ball can everybody claim victory. The Serb team are claiming a win because they pushed the Albanians off the field and withstood the NATO air assault, without their Q.B., Balkan Badboy Milosevich, getting sacked. Boris Yeltsin, who was appointed by both teams to referee, blew the whistle, the Serbs headed for the lockeroom, so now Captain Blye and his NWO Police can claim a win too! Everybody wins right? Well not quite, there is a few thousand Collateral Damage deaths, 800,000 Refujews who I doubt will return, and guess who's going to pay for the whole thing? Remember that phony 65 Billion dollar Surplus?
         The beaches were cleared of protesters by Riot Police but large signs reading, " Killers go home " were still hanging as our troops landed in Greece, the Drug Lord sponsored KAL is still armed, and the Serb civilians could now become the new Refugees. The Balkans is a seething Tinderbox of hatred and tension.
          There was a bit of humor, however, as 75 year old George Bush Senior staged a cheap publicity stunt for his son GWB, by parachuting from a plane.  It seems pretty obvious to me that the Party's plan is to install GWB as the next Dictator after Blye is trashed. How else do you get 15 million in campaign contributions without campaigning, and more importantly on what basis do you get picked when you don't stand for anything?

    Today there is a story in the Missoulian, a small town tabloid in Missoula, MT.  Our staff found it while surfing this morning.  It has to do with a man by the name of Robert A. M. Stephens of St. Ignatius, MT.  Now let me lay down my foundation for writing about this piece.  I really do not care about the man or his enemy.  Stephens claim to fame is contradicting UFO claims by claiming he is an expert working for NASA.  Stephens has been on several talk radio programs.  The Missoulian characterizes Stephens as an artist, computer-imaging expert, railroad model maker, living in a rambling farmhouse with one other family.  The paper goes on to describe the residence in another single paragraph bringing attention to a run down lawn, dogs, and a "disabled" vehicle in the carport.  Let's cut the crap....just call him a loser and we will be done with it.  What makes this "loser" unique was is ability to bring national attention to himself by attacking the credibility of another.  The other responded in a very rash way.  You see, Stephens is named in an alleged $60 million lawsuit for slander.  Since then, Stephens has lost a web page, had it taken down by the, in SLUDGE's words, "party."    This was do to the fact Stephens made unbelievable allegations against this other man.
      Now I too have been the subject of anther's falsehoods over and over.  At one point I was answering the door to the police at least once a week responding to false reports against me and my family, each time the police documented them as unfounded.  I had apparently ticked off a neighbor who instead of facing me had to go into the dark where his face could not be seen along with his lack of courage.  I went so far as seeking a restraining order from a judge, who only chastised me for not being able to show financial loss.  Basically I had to just deal with the problem.  I did so by moving away.
      Why is it that another can actually file a $60 million lawsuit against Stephens who probably did no more harm than my neighbor to me by writing false allegations against another.  The answer to that question probably is with the plaintiff...
Art Bell.  And now you know the rest of the story...................Kile Kahn....................................Good Day!

      Another example of the power of the media.  Even the freak shows are connected.  Kahn 06-09-99

You can verify this story by checking out Art Bells web site.  Stephens has a new web site as listed by the Missoulian at  However when we tried the site we were denied access.

SLUDGE 06-09-99

           The Media not  only " Frames " our perceptions of a particular " story ", but it " Frames" the entire Political Landscape because it dictates what will be discussed.  A story has " Legs "(Media jargon) when it is mentioned day after day by the entire Media. The O.J. trial had " Legs " because it was always on the burner, some mention was made everyday to keep it simmering, and any new info brought it to a boil. The Ministry of Truth , therefor, determines whether an event will be a story as well as the degree of importance we should give it, so if it's not on TV it's not happening.
           The Kosovo muck up is far from over and the " Iraq  War" never ended, both are the bludgeoning of Muslim Nations into the New World Order. Captain Blye will remain bulletproof  as long as he implements the Party's designs, when his usefulness has run it's course he will be discarded and the new Regime will take power by playing on the REACTIONARY feelings of the voters.
            The networks cut away from the Jerry Springer "trial" when Springer was asked, " If I hit you with this book, on TV, would you consider it a real assault"? He had no answer to the question, nor his culpability due to the fact that the off duty police officers were under his employ, but the Prime Time cuts showed only Jerry's remarks, which were made with a chorus of Springer supporters shouting " Jerry, Jerry!"
             The School Shootings, as with every other incident, has been used to further the COLLECTIVE program of the Party. Gun confiscation, Photo ID, Uniforms in Schools, etc. have nothing to do with kids being taught that they descend from animals, or with Demonic Possession.

SLUDGE 06-07-99

Geoffrey LaPage writes in "Parasitic Animals", that the parasite is always smaller & weaker than it's host, and that the parasite always disguises it's appearance and it's intentions. LaPage says the parasite sometimes castrates the host in order to weaken it. We witness this strange relationship in the case of the parasitic crustacean Sacculina, which destroys the reproductive organs of the short-tailed spider crab, Incacus Mautitanicus. Now perhaps you understand why the Sludge Report sponsored the vulgar and perhaps obscene streaking and mooning protest of the Bilderbergers meeting, it was an expression that WE THE PEOPLE still have genitalia and have not been castrated by these Feudal Lords and their Unisex Movement!
         The good news is that CNN did run Dr. Galster's( Michael Sullivan) BLOOD TRAIL story, the downside is that they completely omitted Galster. In Media Lingo this is referred to as " Framing " the story, which means they can claim to have " covered" the story while in fact they obscured it, leaving the firebombing of Galster's clinic, the break-in and theft of the Blood gate files( CNN said they were "lost") and the fact that Royal heads have rolled on two continents because of Blood Gate, all on the Cutting room floor. Producers James Polk and Ron Talas spent a week in Canada and a week in Arkansas filming the Trail of Blood and editor, Meg Pearlstein reduced it to a 5 minute Non-story. The wedding of CNN's Christiane Amanpour and State Department spokesman James Rubin is symbolic of the merger of Investigative Journalism and Government.

SLUDGE 06-06-99

         A vague, garbled, unconfirmed report from an unidentified observer has confirmed that two Sludgees have breached Security at the Bilderberger meeting which is concluding today in Sintra, Portugal. one reportedly made it as far as the sand trap near the 15th hole, another got as far as the pond in front of the Clubhouse, but no one has made it into the building itself, which means that no one has claimed the Sludge T-shirt. Since today is the final day and considering the rigid security, we will settle for a MOONSHOT, but it must be confirmed by a photo( keep in mind that we know a re-touch when we see it).
         Who gives a shit whether Mrs.. Blye is going to run in NY or not, and who gives a shit whether Elizabeth Dole says people " don't need to own an Uzi or AK-47"? Big Brother now determines what we NEED? I think if Lizzy would surprise her hubby with an Uzi for Father's Day, he wouldn't be doing Erectile Dysfunction commercials, and she might give up her pathetic campaign. Back in the days before the Revolution, the Beatles claimed that " Happiness was a warm gun", so why wouldn't a big clip be multiple orgasms?
         Let's follow the BLOOD TRAIL!  Sludge investigators have confirmed that on March 9th of this year, the former French Health Minister, Edmond Herve, was convicted of manslaughter(sentenced to NO PENALTY) for his role in BLOOD GATE. According to Dr. Michael Galster the prisoners in Arkansas were paid $7.00 for each unit of blood, which they gave up to four times per week, these units were then sold for $50.00 a piece to the Canadian Red Cross, through a contract with Montreal's Health Management Associates, which sold to Continental Pharma Cryosan, which sold to Toronto based Connaught Laboratories. Galster has been waiting 3 weeks for Stonewall Janet Reno to figure out that there just might be a connection between the firebombing of his Pine Bluff, Arkansas prosthetics Clinic and the break-in of the Quebec chapter of the Hemophilia Society(Montreal), even though the Blood gate files were stolen within hours of the bombing!  Sludgees are urged to make their concerns known to CNN, which is scheduled to air the Blood Gate story this evening at 7pm Central time.

Dateline: 06-04-99
Clinton has sold bad blood to Canada...where's DRUDGE on this?

             Do you believe that Captain Blye would intentionally sell bad blood ? He did, according to Michael Gaulster, (pseudonym - Michael Sullivan) who has written a book called BLOOD TRAIL. The fact that this story has been covered for 8 months in the Canadian Press by CBC and the Toronto Star, and has been BLACKED OUT in the U.S. is undeniable proof of the extent of the Media's CONTROL OF INFORMATION!  According to this Sludge Exclusive, contaminated blood from Arkansas prisoners was sold by the Arkansas Dept. of Corrections to Canada, where it has now spread to France and Europe.  Dr. Gaulster's Arkansas Clinic was firebombed on the same night that the files were stolen from the Canadian Hemophiliac Headquarters!  NBC spiked the story, but it is expected to run Sunday, June 6th, on CNN....we'll see. For details check
               A reminder, the Sludge Bilderberger Streak is still on, and you have until Sunday to get to the Caesar Park Penha Golf Resort in Sintra, Portugal(mailing address is Caesar Park Penha Longa, Estrada da Lagoa Azul, Linho 2710 Sintra, Portugal) to score that Sludge T-shirt!

     We recently intercepted reports of a ufo siting that occurred earlier this week over the White house.  Though reports are sketchy, it is apparent that a large aqua blue oval object appeared directly over the White house.  Of course gov't is in total denial will will certainly reject the reports as the product of nuts.  Why is is the gov't so denies such things.  One speculation is the panic the acknowledgment of such occurrences would cause.  The other is possible gov't involvement.  Either way, the systematic denial by our gov't to me only reinforces the fact that such things are in existence.  Perhaps someday, when our country finally grows out of childhood, we will be able to finally address such things and explore them for the betterment of man rather than just deny them. KAHN 06-03-99

SLUDGE 06-03-99

     The superficial Political observer might dismiss the fact that on the first day the Bilderbergers meet in Sintra Portugal, a Peace Plan is drawn up for Kosovo, but only the very astute will recognize the significant fact that that it occurred the day after the Sludge Report announced it's Tee-shirt offer!  I believe it's pretty Goddamn transparent that pressure from naked Sludge Fans descending upon the Bilderbergers, in brutal competition for the coveted Sludge Tee-shirts was a factor in the Peace Proposal. I really don't anticipate any recognition from the Mainstream Media, however, because the Puppet Masters of the Media Monopolies, who are in attendance, do not report these meetings. We will have to be content with the fact that WE THE PEOPLE made a difference!

SLUDGE 06-02-99

        Memorial Day was War movies and barbecues as Proles ran the gauntlet of a National Police Seat belt Crackdown and paid high gas prices before returning to there functions in the hive. Holidays have become commercialized Rituals devoid of any meaning because God and Individual Freedom have been deleted, after all, it is difficult to honor those who died fighting for freedom while you are the subject of a Strip Search. Which reminds me, the front office is offering Sludge Tee shirts to anyone who Streaks naked at the upcoming Bilderberger meeting, which is going to be held June 3-6, at Sintra Portugal(40 miles from Lisbon). You must enter the building to qualify and a zigzag pattern is suggested since the guards are on "shoot to kill" status.
        The Sludge staff have reported a flood of mail asking why the Cox Report has not created outrage in America. Public Outrage is only created when there is full consensus in the Media, and it is the ONLY issue! The break-in at the Watergate Hotel by the " Plumbers " was the ONLY issue, the Watergate trials were televised on EVERY channel, Woodward& Bernstein( supplied info by "Deep Throat")was the ONLY news. We were ousting " Tricky Dick" and the "Whitehouse Germans" in a National Crusade. Only the Party can create Public Outrage, because the Party owns the Media. Debate in the Media creates indecision in the Public, so there is no Lynch Mob. Why was the entire country so Outraged over the O.J. Simpson trial? The answer is because there was FULL CONSENSUS, IT WAS THE ONLY ISSUE, THERE WAS NO DEBATE!  The Media proclaimed him guilty before his trial and guilty after his acquittal, therefore the Lynch Mob could howl for his head in righteous indignation because they had full approval of the Party. The fact is that Blye has carried out the EXACT program for the Party as Bush did, which is the destruction of the Bill of Rights and the subjugation of America to a World Dictatorship and since both the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks are implicated in the Cox Report, neither has an interest in making an issue of it.

   ****** Kahn Exclusive ******

Could it simply be that the face on Mars is simply recovered stolen property.  Recent research may support that theory.  It is fact that there were tombs robbed here on earth.  By who?  Or should it be rephrased, by what?  Is the face on Mars simply a failed attempt by our government to cover up the fact that this "face" is an artifact from ancient man, stolen by another life form, but dropped on Mars during that entity's travels.  You be the judge.....
  Just who's face is it anyways?

     Recently the Sludge Report Page fell under attack by outside hacking types.  Apparently the content herein was not suitable to their liking.  Staff here has taken additional security measures to prevent this from happening in the future.  It is most unfortunate that our material would cause the slugs to turn inside out as if salt was being porn upon them.  However, it is possible these slugs were supported by a bigger asset.  Our tech people have been able to trace the source of the hackers to a dead-end.  BUT, what they found was alarming.  One of the residual address's left as pigeon droppings had in it's source.  Interesting to say the least.  Now we know it could have very well been one of our glorious gov't. employees again spending the tax payers dollars to screw around while at work.  It also could have been a mere book mark of the bigger novel.  We will let you decide.
      I believe we are witness's to the fall of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  When they are marching on your cities and private property in the name to prevent school shootings, taking your guns and ammo, subjecting you to re-defined legal searches.  Basically just violating you and your loved ones.  Do something for me won't you.  Picture me telling you I told you so over and over as you defecate in you LEE brand jeans.
Kahn 05/25/99

Sludge Report  05-31-99

Why is it that only Sludge sees the contradiction when the underlings and agents of the System always invoke the "Nuremberg Defense" of " Just following orders ", while at the same time they're Whip Masters can make the claim that they were not informed?  Waco, Ruby Ridge, China Gate, etc., the lower stratum says it's " just following orders " and the upper stratum disavows all knowledge, so we have people being issued orders from people who have no knowledge of what they're issuing orders about, however since shit splatters downward, it is the bottom of the Civil Servant food chain that is being forced to walk the planks on the LOVEBOAT, which is drifting precariously close to the Burmuda Triangle. Since Captain Blye has barracaded himself in the cabin with the Playboy Bunnies and the drugs, and the rest of the crew is busy covering they're asses by feeding the fish, no one is steering.

Sludge Report  05-26-99

           And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, his heads the name of blasphemy.
                                     Revelations 13:1

               The LOVEBOAT is hit by a deluge of flying feces from the Cox Report, Reno and Berger are both standing on the poop deck and take the first salvo smack in the face. Reno's glasses and short cropped wig are swept off her bald head, and the crew find themselves staring at a John Demjanjuk double. "It's Ivan the Terrible!" screams Berger, who has slipped on the slimy muck and is trying to wipe off his glasses as he lays sprawled on the deck. "Close enough" yells Carville, "some heads got to roll, the fish got to be fed, it's every man for himself now, where the hell's Blye?" " The son of a bitch ducked out in a raincoat and he's locked the cabin door" screams Mad Not-so-Bright, " get the battering ram."
                I'm afraid were going to have to pick up this sordid scene at a later date, as I have been informed by the Editors that due to technical difficulties the Sludge Report will be down for a few days.

Sludge Report  05-25-99

     The System is finally responding to pressure from the Sludge Report and is going to release the " De-Classified " Cox Report, if your curious enough to want to know about the 30% that was deleted you can dig through our old reports. If you hadn't noticed, the Insiders have all quietly rowed away in life boats, Dick Morris, Stefanopolis, Mike Mclurry, Rubin, Lanny Davis, escaped to shore and covered there asses, which means the Red Dragon's shit is about to hit the fan and splatter the LOVEBOAT with feces. Captain Blye will scurry below and flunkies will be fed to the fish.
      Does this mean that the Party's going to round up the Posse? Well let's just say that if I see you fine folks bellied up to the bar swigging shots of that good old RIGHTEOUS HATRED that you were drinking when you lynched O.J. Simpson, BEFORE his trial, then I'd say that's a pretty good indication. The funny part is that half the Mob will be made up of suckers who voted Blye into office TWICE.
       But hey, how can you have TREASON when there is no National Sovereignty? In fact, isn't National Security really a code word for National Chauvinism? After all, what do Nations have to hide from the "International Community", aren't we all linked together by Golden Arches, holding hands as we sing " We are the World"?
       Bill Gertz just reported that Russia is digging an underground facility the size of Washington D.C., in Evil Mountain, about 300 miles west of Moscow. Our Party dug there foxholes years ago, so at least we know the Queen Bees will be safe right? When Poles dig shelters they are called "survivalists" and "Gloom&Doomers", of course before the Party took the silver out of our coins, only a "Silver Hoarder" stored hid his coins. So let's get this straight: we are dropping bombs to help people who left because of our bombing, this is pissing off the Communists, who don't exist, but who we have built up so that they can nuke us, and our Rulers and they're Rulers are preparing to go underground, after signing the ABM Treaty and ignoring Civil Defense.....thats called COLLATERAL DAMAGE!

Sludge Report  05-24-99

          There is only one issue, and all of the other "issues" are simply sub-plots fabricated by the Party to implement it's goals. That one single, dominating issue is COLLECTIVISM. The Party functions on the principle of thesis, antithesis and a synthesis which results when the thesis and antithesis are pitted against each other for a predetermined outcome. This Hegelian Dialectic, the dialectic of materialism, keeps the Proles continually fighting against one another by an endless, steady stream of AgiProp stories. Racite(which continually inflames racial differences) and Gencite( which agitates sexual differences) keep the people divided up and so busy fighting among themselves that they don't notice Big Brother, who is quietly sitting in the corner, playing Referee. The Party uses the polarization based upon racial,ethnic or sexual differences, just as it uses the polarization between the"smoker" and the "non-smoker", for one purpose,CONTROL.  The Party EMPHASES the variants for the purpose of enacting new laws which will ultimately be used to reduce us to numbers, so that we can be processed by there computers. Units of numerical value are equal.
            The Party puts on it's Smiley Face of Benevolence as it convinces the people to disarm for domestic control, while at the same time it promotes hatred among nations in which the differences are becoming so minimal that they are not worth a World War. Divide and conquer(Divide et impera) is being employed by International Finance to create International COLLECTIVISM in the same manner as it is being used to create national COLLECTIVISM.

Sludge Report  05-21-99

I told you we would be getting Serb "human Soap" stories by summer, this is to justify our Genocide of the Serbs. NATO spokesman Jamie Shea dismisses all our murder as "mistakes" and points at all our "good hits". Are you telling me that if I am shooting beer cans off my neighbors fence, and I blow his head off while he's mowing his backyard, I can point to all the cans I've hit as justification? The funny part is that is that all the major player's in this Kosovo Scenario are Socialists and Communists, Tony Blair, Captain Blye, the KAL, Milosevic, Russia and Red China, so were spending $65,000.000 a day to determine whether were going to call the New World Order the DEMOCRACY or the COMINTERN. Meanwhile nobody is addressing the TREASON that has been going on for three administrations, or the fact that our government has become a DICTATORSHIP, or the fact that we are now a POLICE STATE!  How is it that Garth&Gertz can write books on China Gate and we still haven't seen the Cox Report? I'll tell you why, because both parties are guilty, and both parties are still busy slashing with they're Magic Markers!
            Meanwhile the rest of the world is on pause right? Were still bombing Iraq and everyone's forgotten why, Blye's henchmen, James Carville and Sidney Greensberg stumped for Barak in Israel so watch for the Middle East to heat up, nobody cares that Africa is the Dark Continent once again under Communist rule, and nobody finds it strange that we are playing baseball with Fidel Castro.
           Back home we have the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks squabbling over how much of our Bill of Rights they're going to delete, depending on the daily news, which means the Fate of our Constitution is now in the hands of the Media! Did you catch the similarity of technique in how they rammed the recent Hate Bill to the way they just passed the Juvenile Bill? You should have because they were both Choreographed by the Dept. of AgiProp(Agitation Propaganda). The trick is what you FOCUS on, so AgiProp got you focusing on the BLACK MAN in Jasper,Texas and the HOMOSEXUAL in Wyoming, and they quickly shoved the Unconstitutional Hate Bill up your asses while you were feeling sorry. AgiProp focused on the GUNS after Littleton and when the Georgia shooting occurred they didn't even have to grease it did they?

Did you know that in the work place you can be monitored, observed, spied upon and there isn't too much you can do.  It's part of you employment and if you don't like it leave.  The system has us...bottom line.  What kind of little wicked people are it that must spy, cheat, and steal from us our basic freedoms.  Paranoia probably describes me a bit.  But is it paranoia when it is the fact that I am watched, followed, and tapped.  Why must this take place.  I usually find it is the thief himself that does not trust anyone else.  This is do to the fact that if he knows he can't be trusted, then neither can anyone else.  If I'm bad, then everyone else must be too.
We never grow up.  Oh sure, we gain a vocabulary and act out sophistication in social circles, but we are only children with the capability of reproduction.  The lying, cheating, stealing, spying, snitching are merely child like behavior that we justify in the name of business, well being, government, country.  This will never stop.  It will never get any better here.  We must just constantly adjust to it.  But times it is very difficult for us to accept, tolerate, or ignore.  Eventually some even explode.
Go ahead....tease that Grizzly Bear.  But when he mauls you to death, don't one of you sons-of-bitches ban him from the forest.....  Look comes Sludge!
Kahn 05/20/99

Sludge Report  05-20-99

I've told you before, but since I know you've forgotten, I will repeat:THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM IS A LINEAR LINE WITH 0% GOVERNMENT CONTROL ON THE LEFT AND 100% CONTROL ON THE RIGHT. So we put our Founding Fathers, who created a Constitutional Republic based on individual freedoms on the extreme left, and we place all the " isms" to the right. Jeffersonian Liberalism(Latin-libra,libri-meaning freedom and tolerance of other's views)  was based on belief in a Supreme Deity and NATURE and NATURE'S LAWS.  Violator's of Nature's Laws are not arrested by police, and 9 Just Men don't vote on the morality of their transgressions, but the penalties are absolute and certain.
         The twisted world of 2000 AD calls Nature's Laws Hate, while it bans God. Liberalism has become an intolerance of those who don't except Socialism, and Political Correctness is the Goose Step. Homosexuality, public nudity, and 40 million dead babies are tolerated, God isn't. Jesus in a Urine bottle is "art", therefore protected as "freedom of speech" while Worship of the Devil is "freedom of religion." Quit kidding yourself people, this is not just the imposition of a Marxist/Leninist World Dictatorship of the Proletarian, it is a Cosmic Star Wars. Use the Force Puke!

Sludge Report  05-19-99

We live our lives in a Episodes dictated by Hollywood script writers, Newscasters, Talk show hosts and columnists, who frame our consciousness, mold our opinions, direct our attention. We are swamped with infinite problems from every direction as we move from one Crisis to another, only to find that our Solutions to the problems have inflamed more problems, new Crisis have broken out, and our 10 second Sound Bits memories can't recall what the original problem or Crisis was. CRUEL/CRY is used to keep us staging never ending Campaigns and waging never ending Wars against invisible enemies, who regenerate and morph into more enemies. A world of chaos and madness, where love is hate and peace is war, Common Sense and Reason have been replaced by Emotionalism.
                  Lift the curtain of the Great Oz and you will find the PARTY. Issues are Issues only because they implement the designs of the PARTY at some level!  NATO to Kosovo is what the National Guard was to Alabama, Human Rights will be used to destroy National Sovereignty as Civil Rights were used to destroy State's Rights. You scoff? Check out the quote delivered by Polish Foreign Minister Geremick at NATO's 50th anniversary summit in Washington recently, "Relations between nations can no longer be founded on respect for sovereignty, they must be founded on respect for Human Rights." Sludge says, No Rights are given from one segment of society, unless they are stripped from another segment, just as no money is given to one segment unless it is stolen from another. This rule applies on an International level as well.

Sludge Report  05-18-99

     Sunshine and a cool ocean breeze, as the LOVE BOAT lies anchored off the California coast. We see Captain Blye looking a bit disappointed as he concludes his West Coast shakedown of the Movie Moguls. He's heading up the boarding ramp talking to his dog, Buddy, " Cheap bastards, if they want to pour that filth into people's homes they sure as hell better be willing to pay for it, a couple million bucks and some dirty videos is all I got out of them." James Carville, just back from the Israeli elections, greets Blye as he comes aboard, " Well we got I guy in the saddle, here take a hit of this shit, it'll set your head right," as he offers a bowl of Turkish hashish. Blye grabs the pipe and takes a Hyper-hit, as he starts checking out yesterday's Bombing results. Janet Reno, clad in thigh-high leather boots and a riding crop, is screaming as she comes out of the cabin," how the hell am I supposed to keep stonewalling this China shit with the Cox Report coming out.?" " Not to worry," says Blye as he replays Gravity bomb explosions on his computer screen, "wow, these are cool when your stoned, BOOM! we won't have to set up Hoovervilles for those Refujews." Suddenly he jumps up and points euphorically at the sky, " Look, A-10s, F-16s and maybe Apaches, we'll have enough air support to cover that China shit." The crew are so intent on straining there eyes to focus on the non-existent planes that they hardly notice the putrid stench that is permeating the air. "You old dog," says Carville as he fastens his gas mask, " I get it, your going to leak it out and point somewhere else, beautiful." "It's all sphincter control and staying up wind," says Blye.

Sludge Report  05-15-99

Have you heard the latest Rumor? Goldstein is forcing the Refujews to walk around in formations, each wearing caps, each of which forms a part of a composite, which when viewed from the air look exactly like planes, tanks, and even bridges! I shit you not!  So we have to apologies for Collateral damage, but we still get credit for a hit.
           Blye is out on the West Coast collecting a "Licensing Fee " from the Media Mongols. These "Campaign Contributions" are write offs, and simply a business expense, for covering there asses after Littleton. No pay no play.
           The trick in Kosovo right now is for James Rubin and his CNN wife, Christiane Amanpour, to create enough HATE for the Serbs to keep our minds off the fact that the Albanians are gone, and the "Human Shields" which we are bombing, are the people we claimed to be concerned over. So as we intensify the HATE, we can intensify the BOMBING, even if were killing the people were supposed to be saving.
           The line of the day came at the daily "NATO briefing", when after 2 months of daily bombing, some clown said, "why aren't those people sleeping in there beds"?
            Why is it that the same Reporters who have been deputized to legally STALK the Proles, who chase you down the street with the police and camp out at your home, become docile Stenographers, who sit quietly like little kids and raise there hands, at these briefings? Louis Lane got right in your Face! These Hookers are glad to be White House Approved, and ecstatic if they get picked to ask they're rubber stamped question, so they can scurry off and put it on the Wire.
             The hit on the Chinese Embassy silenced negotiations and has complicated the reaction to ChinaGate. What a coincidence, didn't the Kosovo Crusade begin with ChinaGate? Yes, I believe it did, therefore I assume we can expect an ESCALATION in the Kosovo Crusade next week as the COX REPORT is finally released.

Sludge Report  05-14-99

           So let's pick up Captain Blye and his LOVE BOAT, as they sail on to the KOSOVO CRUSADE. The weather has turned rather ugly, and typhoon winds are whipping at the deck, as Janet Reno emerges from below, where she had been helping the young cabin girls into their Bunny costumes. "Goddamn Hate weather", she screams, " didn't anyone tell the HARRP boys to cool it ?" " That's Boris, he's pissed because I got out of my impeachment he knows he's going to have a tougher time with his, he's probably shit faced about now and he's messing with his Weather Modification machine", Blye yells over his shoulder. The crew all ducks there heads as they realize Blye is playing his favorite game, positioning himself upwind and urinating at an angle so that he sweeps the deck without getting any on himself. " Anybody get hit?" he says with a grin, as he turns around, his pants at his ankles. Enough. Let's leave this disgusting scene and focus on the Domestic Front.
            So why is our government so concerned about fighting "hate" back home, while they are isolating us in a Sea of HATE abroad?  Because Hate and RICO laws are nets which have been stretched out to criminalize any opposition to the Party. They are immune from liability and they have silenced all Protest. So if they are creating all these enemies all over the globe, why are they so RABID about disarming us, why have they weakened our military, and why doesn't anybody mention CIVIL DEFENSE? Gun Control is a National Security issue, and so is Civil Defense!  The LOVE BOAT CRUSADE is creating WORLD WIDE HATE and we are being disarmed and made defenseless. No wander there not worried about financing Social Security.

Sludge Report  05-13-99

Massive Geopolitical shifts are taking place under the earth's crust, plates are moving under the oceans of Lies and deceit. Multi Dimensional chess games are being played out by the rulers, with us as the pawns. Meanwhile the NATO boat braves choppy waters and ignores icebergs, as it continues it's course. Captain Blye[ Clinton claims his real father was a William Blythe, but since the records of his early years have been destroyed, as were the medical records for what was rumored to be an abused septum, and considering all his past lies we really don't know how he was spawned, so Blye will do] stands at the helm next to his faithful sidekick and favorite party boy Tony Blair. Sandy Berger and Mad Albright are sweating profusely as they row, while Jamie Shea and James Rubin keep up an incessant Babel, as the Crusade Fleet sails toward Kosovo. They're banner with the slogan " Save the Refujews" righteously flutters in the wind, dispite the fact that 90% of the Albanians have left because the country has been carpet bombed. Blye looks behind occasionally to make sure the rest of the NATO Armada is there, held together by Payolla. Suddenly Blye notices that the money man, Sec. of Treasury Robert Rubin has jumped ship, he curses under his breath, because he knows that the Bag Boy's to the Money Powers always know when to bail out. He hears the rumbling under the ocean's floor and is glad they spaced out those IMF funds to the Russians, they've got 4.5 Billion of it, and hopefully Yeltsin will be able to bribe his way out of his impeachment with the rest before the hard-liners in the Duma swamp him. The Chinese are still bitching about the Embassy hit, but luckily for Blye, they had to bus the Protesters back to college, because the Tenniman Square anniversary is nearing and the Party does not want them on the streets anymore. That reminds him of his college days, when he shook John F. Kennedy's hand and vowed to emulate him. A smile crosses his face as he realizes he has molested more women, brought the cold war back, and is playing more brinkmanship then John did with the Cuban Missile Crisis. " Where are we going?" asks Tony, "Who cares", says Blye.

How's your little alcoholic rations holding up.  YOU little people seem to be pretty pleased with everything as it goes currently.  I even heard the comedian Chris Rock make the statement, "I don't mind it if I have to pay more taxes...."  Apparently his rations are well stocked.  I just thought I would note you voted for Bubba twice.  Now everyone pat yourself on the back.  Remember the scene in Conan the Barbarian when James Earl Ray has one of his followers jump off the cliff to prove the strength of the flesh.  Now everyone together....JUMP!
Kahn 05-12-99

Sludge Report  05-11-99

Charlton Heston has delivered a couple of excellent speeches and I would like to quote from his Feb. 16, 1999, "Winning the Cultural War" speech at Harvard, in which he quotes from Martin Gross book, The End of Sanity: "blatantly irrational behavior is rapidly being established as the norm in almost every area of human endeavor. There seem to be new customs, new rules, new anti-intellectual theories regularly foisted on us from every direction.
Underneath, the nation is rolling, Americans know something, without a name is undermining the nation, turning the mind mushy when it comes to separating truth from falsehood and right from wrong. And they don't like it." Well I'll give it a name, COLLECTIVISM, and PC is the dogma defining behavior and thought. Feudalism with a rigidly defined cast system is being imposed in America, day by day, the Beast grows stronger. They pass Criminal Syndicalism and Anti-terrorism Laws, and RICO anyone who protests.
          I told you the Media always protects the Media, and there primary defense is to deny they're influence. They're silent when the State passes laws which violate the PEOPLE'S Rights, but scream if it effects them. They Goose Stepped with the State when it held Cigarette and Gun manufacturers liable for people who use they're products, but listen to them howl over the Jenny Jones verdict! Does anyone want to bet it will be overturned on appeal? You know it will. They deny there influence, yet everybody knows that the rash of School shootings which have followed Littleton were the direct result of it being on TV!  Speaking of Littleton, ask yourself this, If Klebold had been asked if he was Jewish, and shot in the face, wouldn't this have been a Hate Crime? Don't Satanist hate Christians? Why isn't Anton Levy held responsible for the actions of Satanists, in the same way that Tom Metzner was held liable for the actions of a skinhead? More importantly, why isn't the Media responsible for the actions they cause?
         But it's not real if it's not on TV right? And if a commentator doesn't mention it, we don't think it do we? Since TV determines our reality, we have conflicting realities because the Chinese view our bombing of their Embassy as retaliation for they're Spying, while we view it as a diversion from the Spying. We pay 29 billion a year for " Military Intelligence", and they claim they used an outdated map? The Chinese Embassy is on the Tourist Guidebook for Christ's sake!  We wait 2 months for the Cox Report and the week it is to be released we happen to make a "mistake" that could obscure our Treason, and now they can react to cover there spying.

This goes out to all you "militia members".  What the hell are you people thinking.  Not to brite to stand up to the Kremlin once they have their missiles locked and loaded on you.  Where the hell were all you little people when our country was turning socialist.  Didn't see any of your "grand poopas"  or what ever self title they use, standing up in congress or to the government when there still was a say.  No sir, they were watching the mud dry on their plows drinking their beer ration for the week.  Tell a well armed bank robber to stop it when all you have is a pea shooter in your hand.  Bo and Luke Duke were characters on TV not the real mccoy baby.........Shucks!
Kahn 05-10-99

Sludge Report  05-09-99

When I saw this Freak show Clique dancing the Makerana to celebrate they're Coup de tat, I thought, " wow, that's a curious reaction for a bunch of people who were just appointed Civil Servant jobs". Bull dikes, Midgets, Drug Fiends, ran through the White House, led by a Psychotic Sexual Predator who stuck the Wand of Power down his pants. They gleefully burnt the Davididians just to show people they were serious, and ordered Pizza to celebrate. Reno grabbed the Justice Dept., bribery and murder silenced all opposition. They pulled our Military bases and weakened our Armed Forces, while at the same time involving us in bullshit bombings which turn the World against us. They built up Eurasia economically and sold out our Technology, and now they shoot three missiles into the Chinese Embassy and claim it was an accident! THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS! PEOPLE MAKE SHIT HAPPEN! THIS IS INSANITY!  Why else do you have Hillary using the emotional hype at Littleton to stump for Gun Confiscation while her husband is doing his best to start World War 3? Why are they so concerned about disarming Americans when we just pissed off a Billion Chinese? They told you Communism was dead right? Pull out a map of the Globe, get your crayons, and use the red pencil to shade the geographic areas which are under Communist Dictatorship, don't forget Africa, Cuba, and Central America, especially the Panama Canal. Keep in mind that they attacked our Embassy in Russia, the Duma hates are guts, and hard-liners are pretending to be Democratized in the Soviet Satellites. Now take your pink crayon and shade in all the Socialist countries, mixing red to color code degrees of Socialism in proportion to the number of Marxist/Lenists Planks fulfilled. Not much white is there? In fact if you can find me a Free Republic with individual Freedom, let me know, otherwise, I suggest you sandbag your walls, buy as many guns and as much ammo as you can afford, and lock&load.

I have no real idea why anyone would try to even buy the crap of today.  Sixty bombs found at Columbine School in Colorado.  Ban them damn guns!!!  The two suspects believed to have acted alone.  Ban them damn calculators because for some reason the math isn't working here people!  No one saw them bring in that many devices?  Parents were not aware?  This whole damn thing reeks.  I do not know what anyone would have to cover up here, but this whole incident from start to present is really screwed up to say the very least.....Goodnite Miss Monica where ever you are kneeling....Let's go to Sludge.
Kahn 05/07/99

Sludge Report  05-07-99

Congress voted 92-0 to award Jesse Jackson some token P.I.points, Slick Willie stopped at Ramstein to steal a few himself, on his way to a meeting with some Inner Party types at G-8. He looked like a naughty little boy who just got spanked for playing with himself after the meeting, when he said," This is the first time I heard about Russians in the Peace Keeping Force". Pinnochio's been told to pull out prematurely so now he's going to pretend he's ejaculated.
         Do you recall the Oldworld political cartoons where "Uncle Sam" was tall, lean and righteous, and dressed in Red,white,&blue? That's because when he was born he was fed only Tariffs and only allowed to Provide for the National Defense and Regulate Trade. Then in 1913, the Jackals met on Jekyl Island, and gave us Karl Marx Graduated Income Tax, while at the same time creating exempt Foundations which they could use to control our lives. Crude versions of Cruel/Cry were used to beef up Uncle Sam, Smiley Face Slogans like New Deal, New Frontier, Great Society, and Kinder Gentler, fattened him up Domestically, while wars justified the steroids. So the bigger Sam got , the smaller we became, the stronger he got, the weaker we became, so now he just kicks our asses. Now TRUTH is a drug which should be mainlined pure, so let's quit trying to cut it, the fact is that Cruel/Cry is a hermaphroditic Political process, which is the result of giving women the vote and punking out the men. Cruel/Cry sets it's bait on the bottom because that's where the suckers are.

Sludge Report 05-05-99

Jesse Jackson could have scored more PI (Popularity Index) points spitting in white people's Big Macs, then he got risking his ass for the POW's. Liberals accused him of being a pawn for Milosovic, while Cripto Conservatives said he was a dupe for Klinton. Goldman Sachs stooge, James Rubin sarcastically used the word "thrilled" to describe White House reaction. Cris Hichens says Pinoccio will go down in history as the worst War Criminal of the 20th Century in his latest book, No One Left to Lie.  The inmates are in control of the asylum and a Sociopath with serious sexual disorders has his finger on the trigger. Where the hell is the American Psychiatric Association?
          Your called "insensitive" if you don't indulge in Cruel/Cry. Cruel/Cry means you sob hysterically for perceived Victims, and then strike out in at mindless Rage at whoever or whatever the Party fingers as the Cause. So Bombs are good, guns are bad. I guess you could call it " Sensitive Cruelty", an oxymoron which justifies extreme Cruelty out of compassion for the victims. The stronger one feels for the Albanian Refujews, the more justified they are in bombing , and the more bombs we drop, the more Refujews we create. This kind of DoubleThink allows us to fix the blame, not the problem, so we always have plenty of witches to burn, while we shred the Bill of Rights.

Sludge Report  05-02-99

It's getting pretty obvious that were late in the Fourth Quarter. The Sob Act over the Littleton victims is fading out, and the Media has launched a Frontal Lobe Assault against the Right to Bear Arms. Charlton Heston delivered the greatest speech since Patrick Henry at the NRA convention in Denver. Surrounded by a rabid mob of Gun Control Freaks organized by AgiProp, Heston referred to the Media as " The VULTURES sitting outside". I told you he reads the Sludge Report! Well, here's some more Chuck, ask WHY they are the focusing on the MEANS or INSTRUMENTS of the kid's actions, instead of the CAUSE of the behavior? The bigger Queston should be WHY are they so anxious to disarm Americans? Will Shakespeare would have said, " I FEAR THOU PROTEST TO MUCH!"  Yellow Journalism and inflammatory rhetoric were used to Ram through the recent Hate Bill, in the same manner they were used to Ram through the Omnibus Crime Bill, now the second Amendment is under serious attack.  The Goal of the New World Order is a Dictatorship of the Proletariat, they have the ball deep in our territory, and since there hasn't been a turnover since 1776, they have an infinite number of downs. Ravenous, Murderous, Meth Freaks  moving yard by yard towards our End Zone, eyes bulge as their skulls can't contain the Lust for Power. An Armed Populous stands at the Goal Line. That's the Ball Game folks! The rest of the Bill of Rights is forfeit, and they don't kick the ball back.
            So we have this incessant Bombing which is deafening us to the China Treason, and distracting us from hearing the stomping of the Jack Boots. PC is Goose Step, and nobody's stepping higher than the Media Stooges
            Klinton demonstrated that he cared more about his golf game than he does about the POW's. He did not bother to answer when a reporter asked him about Jesse Jackson's visit. Estimates vary as to how many points Jesse could cop on his P.I. rating if he pulls this off, however, since the White House disavowed  any support, their response should be interesting.

Sludge Report  04-30-99

Camels stick they're heads in the sand, humanoids bury them up their asses, proof that thicker skulls are an evolutionary anomaly, and proof that we are living in a Pretend World. Pretend World is our "happy Place" where miscegenation has lost all meaning, where Eunuchs belong to no Nation, because there are no Nations. An Androgynous band of Hermorphrodics holding hands around the World, living in Perpetual Peace because there is nothing left to dispute. The word "I" will be archaic chauvinism so Privacy will be a crime, after all, what have you got to hide? Everybody's Equal, Everybody's Numbered, Everybody's Processed. Genetic Engineers will replace the Discriminating practice of marriage, and Big Brother will take care of us from Test Tube to grave.
           No wander the kids are pissed, we've destroyed Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, and now we want them to live in our Pretend World!  Since the Grown Ups are living in Madness, what does it look like to them? They see hypocritical Manic Depressives who are preaching Love and Compassion one minute, and screaming Hate and Murder the next. They watch us sob hysterically for the Kurds, the Albanian Refujews, the Littleton long as their on TV.  It's know wander they worship the IMAGE of the Beast, Grown ups only pay attention if your on TV. Your Popularity Index is a direct correlation of your Nielson Ratings. People with high P.I. ratings, like entertainers, Sports Stars, or Corrupt Politicians, are given Get-Out-Jail Cards, which are playable as long as their P.I. was high enough at the time the incident is announced. So you can get caught with a pound of cocaine and a dozen prostitutes and play in the next game, do the next Gig, or even get re-elected, but it's going to cost you a card and you'd better have the P.I. approval.
               The China Gate Treason is finally breaking out, but Reno left the barn door open long enough for 121 suspects to slip out. We can expect the diluted Cox Report soon. How did Robert Duval know of a diversionary War in Albania when he starred in WAG THE DOG?
                Jesse Jackson is the Rudolf Hess of Kosovo.

Sludge Report  04-29-99

So Jessie Jackson's going to fly in to Belgrade, with Slick Willy disavowing any official support, while he intensifies the Bombing. That's right out of one of those Southern White Hate flicks, I wander if Willy will have Buddy barking as Jackson boards the plane?  That "Hymie Town" remark doomed him to sweeping up around the White House, so this is his shot at Glory. Klinton knows the Bombing Ratings are beginning to drop and opposition is forming, so he has to shit or get off the Pot. The Media has already "Geared up" for Ground Photos and Bill can't deliver. The reason he can't declare War, is because were supposed to be waging Peace.
           So Bill went from a Wanna be Field Marshall to a Compassionate Altruist, who just happened to have a cabinet full of UnConstitutional Bills which he felt it would be appropriate to ram through while everybody's crying. We all know this is Bullshit, but no one wants to think it, because they can't say it. It's the Funeral Director slyly getting you to sign the big Bill with the fine print at the Wake.
           Speaking of Funerals I see they have spaced these out for Optimum Coverage at Littleton, while everybody pretends that kids are not rioting across the country. Since the PROGRAMS are different for Grown ups then they are for the kids, that's understandable, but OUR CHILDREN ARE CRYING OUT, THEY ARE TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING!  Are they trying to tell us that Daddy is molesting them?
                                             The Cox Report is finally coming

Sludge Report  04-28-99

     If you look up the Old World Newspapers, you will notice they used smaller print and had much more detail, and contained more pages than New World ones. This is because they gave direct quotes from real people(not unidentified sources), and printed Legislation and Treaties word for word. We got more information off the wire services because there were enough Independent Papers to encourage " Scooping". The Scoop died with Media Monopolies like Gannett and Newhouse. Huntley&Brinkley covered the World news in 15 minutes, so why have the Newspapers shrunk and we have 24 hour TV news? Answer, it's all Fluff, Infotainment, Opinion Molding Editorializing, Mind Bending Sound Bites, Strobe light Photo Ops, Spliced up "man on the Street" interviews, and then they prop up their " Experts ", and post their Polls to prove we should agree.
               The News is that Talk Radio and the Internet have resurrected the Scoop and given each of us a forum so they must be controlled. Freedom of expression and the Right to Bear Arms are the only scraps left of the Bill of Rights, which is why they are both under attack.
                Our children are fed Ritlin, Dexetrine, Prosaic, Death ED,Sex ED, Pornography, and Doom Videos, and we wander why they are weird? We "Liberate" Mom from the Family and ban God from Government and ignore the consequences. We sacrifice our Freedoms on the Alter of Blame.
                                                  Where's       the      Cox       Report    ?????

I'm Kile Kahn and you surely have something better to do....don't you?

Sludge Report  04-27-99

The Pied Pipers in the Media are fanatically denying responsibility for the the filth they peddle under the pretense of "Free Speech", while at the same time supporting their Komrad Stalinists in criminalizing Public Opinion. Does anyone recall the early days of TV and movies when "Socially Redeeming Values", was the yardstick? Obscenity Laws were deleted because they were judgment calls, therefore too vague and relative to be enforced. We were told that pornography was in the eye of the beholder and should not be criminalized. Obscenity, profanity and pornography were judged to be expressions of " Free Speech". These same people intentionally misquoted Supreme Court Judge Oliver Wendal Holmes, who said, " you don't have the right to FALSELY shout fire in a crowded theater", leaving out the FALSELY, to justify vauge, relative, Hate Laws which are judgment calls. The same System that ridicules "Conspiracy Theories" against them, passes broad unconstitutional Conspiracy Laws against the people. They scrapped the Obscenity Laws under the guise of "freedom of Speech", yet we have less freedom of expression.
            The phony subdued Eulogy goes on over the Columbine School Shooting, while at the same time a fierce battle is being waged to find Fault. The Media and State are both working to avoid Liability, because the Buzzards of the BAR are circling and smacking their beaks, as they salivate over the potential Lawsuit bonanza. Pat Buchanan is the only presidential candidate who has the guts to comment. The others are "playing it safe", sitting on the fence, like the political Vultures they are.
             Speaking of obscene, we continue to spend the non existent Surplus, on the pointless Kosovo Bombing. Remember how they were going to put this 69.2 Billion dollar " surplus" into saving Social Security and Medicare? It turned out to be another Lie, proving that figures don't lie, but liars figure. It has become pretty obvious that NATO is being held together by arm twisting and payoffs, not Moral Commitment. Russia is pissed because the "Alliance" has incorporated Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, but interestingly Netanyahu has sponsored Yeltsin's 12 billion dollar IMF loan. This payola diminished Secretary of State, Madeleine Not-so-bright's leverage and sets up a high powered stand off in the Balkans.
                                          Where's the Cox Report?

Here's a little farm report/forum.  Seems last years beef production was up, however, prices were down.  Here is a commodity that is vital to our very existence and yet the price for it is enough to run the suppliers out of the business.  My uncle and other relatives were based in the ag business, at small operations of course.  I was able to grow up and enjoy many of the harvests.  So were many other children around the world.  My question, why is our gov't's attempting to run the farmer out of the business.  Answer:  To further gain control.  Your pet is usually pretty obedient to you since he knows where his meals come from.  Food obviously is very vital to us.  We need it period.  Take the guns away, availability of food.  Our testicles.  Now you have a formula for complete control.  I have dibs on that corner in "Winston's" room.
Kahn 04-27-99

Sludge Report  04-24-99

So we have the " Crisis in Kosovo", and "Terror in the Rockies". I guess Fox News has given the order for ground troops, since their latest coverage was called, " Gearing Up ". They need the Apaches to break the Bomb Boredom that is setting in, hopefully the foot soldiers will arrive before the Ratings plunge.
        I have to acknowledge the efficient manner with which the Media has covered it's ass. Remember I told you that the MEDIA ALWAYS PROTECTS THE MEDIA?  They also protect the State, and since both are controlled by the Party, they use incidents like the Columbine Shooting to ram through unconstitutional Bills with no opposition. How do they do they fool us Sledge? I will tell you. They do it by CENSORING ANY DISCUSSION OF THEIR INFLUENCE AND MINIMIZING IT'S EFFECT. Columbine was no "incident", the "copy cat" reactions prove it is symptomatic of a much larger problem, and since we can not discuss the problem, we cannot solve the CAUSE of the behavior.
         If the Media is doesn't influence, why do Candidates spend all their money on Campaign Ads? Why do sponsors spend hundreds of Billions of dollars on Advertisement?  If Media does not control the people, why do Dictators and Terrorists grab TV, Radio, and Press? Why did we bomb Serbian TV?
        The Media barely whispered that the " Trench coat Mafia" watched Natural Born Killers a hundred times. They know that all across the country children are being influenced by MTV Death Matches, Basketball Diaries, South Park(in which a puppet screams "kill Cathy Lee Gifford"and "kill the bitch"), Half Baked, Gang Related, Boy's in the Hood and Video games.
           Why did they get rid of Joe Camel if he wasn't an influence? Or did the 200 Billion dollar shakedown of the Tobacco Industry, have more to do with the State controlling Bill Boards?
               China Gate is a Non Story.
               Hillery keeps sending up " Trial Balloons" over New York.
               O.J.  Assault Story Spiked
               Blame Game goes on.
                                                Where is the Cox Report?

I'm back from my assignment. Let me tell you all straight out.  It is none of our country's business to be interfering in the former USSR.  To hell with the refugees and to hell with gettin our boys killed for the fat man's dollar.  If you for one moment can not recall the fact that NATO was established for defense not offense then fuck you!  Ya, that's what I said.  Death is final you assholes!  You can kiss my ass you who use the term human resource.  Our military is for defensive purposes only.  Those boys grew up in peddle cars and bicycles.  Those were the little boys you waved to on the way to work where your only real physical worry was whether or not the coffee was going to be warm when you got there. The same little boys whose parents neglected in Colorado as well!

I'm as conservative and right winged as they come.  But don't wave the flag in my face when you  want to put the boys in the front for your fucking financial gain.  By the way, the Albanians were in Serbia last.  Hitler is really dead.  Our media has never told us the truth.

I'm Kile Kahn and I'm not happy right now.
Kahn 04-24-99

Kahn has been sent on assignment to an undisclosed location.  Will be back soon....

Sludge Report  04-23-99

The System is the Surrogate Parent. The State has more power to discipline and the Media has more influence than do the Genetic parents. The Genetic Parents can't spank their child, but the State can put them in Boot Camps. The Media injects the children with sewage, and expresses disbelief when they become sick. Now the Blame Game has begun. "Cover your ass" is the name of the game. The System was the first to express their condolences, their sympathy, their compassion....their sensitivity. The same hypocritical bastards who burned 24 innocent children to death at Waco, now express remorse, while they drop bombs. The same mouth that spews forth blasphemy, invokes prayer. Remember Jim Carrey in Cable Guy, " I'm a Bastard Child of TV? It was Beavis and Butt Head re-enacting a composite of Hollywood Videos. Mommy and Daddy finally paid attention to them.
                                         Where is the Cox Report?

Kahn has been sent on assignment to an undisclosed location.  Will be back soon....

Sludge Report  04-18-99

         Tell-a-vision began with Uncle Milty(Milton Berle), and Vaudeville. My childhood illusions were cracked by Mr. Moon. He wore a large card board moon face mask, which must have been uncomfortable, because when he ripped it off one Friday afternoon he said, " That should satisfy the little bastards until Monday". This occurred after the cartoons, so he assumed the cameras were off. He was fired for this indiscretion, but how many little kids did he devastate for life? Remember Jack Benny? Didn't America chuckle at the stereo type of the " stingy jew"? and remember how Jack would yell, " oh Rodchester", and the Black guy would shuffle in with lowered eyes, and a "yes Sir"? Who would have thought that the people laughing at Amos & Andy in BlackFace in the 50's, would condemned as " Racists" in the 90's? How about Jackie Gleason threatening Alice with, " Your going to the Moon!", as he would swing his double fist, wouldn't this constitute Spouse Abuse?
          Then we had the Cultural Revolution in the 60's, and Norm Lear's Archie Bunker series. Carol O'conners, who played the main character, admitted in a Playboy interview, that Lear instructed him to mispronounce two syllable words. Archie, who had been chuckling at the Stereo Types of  the 50's TV, was now Politically Incorrect, an Ogre. Week after week, Americans watched Old values discredited by the slobbering, beer drinking Archie, who became the new Stereotype. America had no idea that the PC would be enforced so rigidly, that the "Archies" would become the Rosa Parks in the 90's. Who's sitting in the back of the bus now?
                                     Where is the Cox Report?

Sludge Report  04-18-99

More bombs & lies. Rupert Murdock's Fox News claims to be " fair and balanced," but they have been overtly antagonistic towards any one not parroting the NATO line. This was the case when they interviewed Bulgarian Senator, George Ganchev, who was abruptly cut off when he dared to mention that the KAL was being funded by Drug lords. The London Times was the first to break the story, detailing the "Istanbul-Yugoslavia-New York " flow of China White Heroin. So the Internationals want a World Police, Multinational corporations want the mineral wealth of Northern Kosovo, and International Banks are laundering Narco Terrorist money through the KAL...not to mention the Munitions dealers and Defense Contractors interest.
      The Refugees are the Pawns in this mess, they have been portrayed as the "jews", in the Administrations Holocaust Scenario. Photos of them riding in Passenger trains(like the one we smoked) enhanced that image. Whether they're fleeing the Serbs, or our bombs, is anyone's guess, but it seems doubtful that they would desire to return to the rubble, after being dispersed all over the world. The situation is an overnight campout compared to the 12,000,000 German citizens who were uprooted from their homes in East Prussia,Pomerania,Silesia, and the Sudenland. James Bacque's book, Other Losses, documents the "Ethnic Cleansing"which took place in Eisenhouer's Concentration Camps, while Solzhenitsyn describes the liquidation of the "Zeks"(prisoners of war) in Gulag Archipelago. The mass starvation of 10,000,000 Ukrainians under Stalin was hardly mentioned in our newspapers, the Kaytn Massacre was ignored, as were the 65,000,000 people slaughtered by the bolsheviks, and the 100,000,000 murdered by Red China.....but the Albanian Refugees are on TV!
          I became nauseous after watching a few segments of Klinton's pathetic attempt at stand up comedy, at the Newscasters convention in San Fransisco last week. He swished and flittered his hands as he tried to justify the bombing, and then hopped a plane to take care of " the business of the country".....begging for more Democratic Campaign money.
                                                           Where     is       the    Cox    Report?

     Spring as sprung.  I know this for the price of gas is now up a whole 28 cents per gallon.  Willie, this should really fortify the economy since everything is tied to the price of energy.  Does anyone remember the times of 1974.  The mess in vietnam had just ended, lines at the pumps were atrocious, the general state of the economy was in the toilet.  Now look at 1999.  Gas prices for one lie or another are rising.  We got ourselves into a messy war.  Who would gain from these factors, which obviously can't be good for the economy.  Would it be to get the wealth out of the hands of the little guy again.  Too many of us have computers now, with no mercedes in the driveway.  God forbid should be finally be enpowered and be able to finally control our own lives for a change.  Everybody to the table, oral sex is on Willie!    We better be getting to the Sludge....

Sludge Report  04-16-99

I figure if we increase the Bombing, the " Collateral "Damage will increase, therefore the Emotional Intensity level must be Jacked up to a Max at Agiprop. So we could get stories of the Serbs scrubbing with soap made from dead Albanians by summer. The basic strategy is to convince the people (or at least create some doubt) that the other guy is so bad, and is doing such bad things, that you must be good and doing good things. How many times can you say " Ethnic Cleansing"?
          Klinton apologist, Ellen Ratner admitted that the mineral wealth in Northern Kosovo could be a motivating Factor for Multinational Interests. She was forced on the defensive when a caller to Fox News objected to the Administration's Obvious" Holocaust" analogy. The caller grabbed the Moral High Ground , by claiming he had lost relatives, but Ratner countered with the same claim, it seems like your at a serious disadvantage in Moralist Debate if you don't have a card to play. The Holocaust card is the Royal Flush, and as Louis Farakhan has found, will beat the Slavery Card of the 90's. You see the Slavery Card was strongest in the 60's and 70's when Agiprop was putting out Roots and Shaft movies, I remember when you could get 3 Woman Cards(this was during Woman's Lib) for one Jessie Jackson, until he made his " Hyme Town" remark that is. The Handicap Card has always been weak, but the Gay card is very stylish, so if you pair them up you might get by.
          So ask yourselves, what would the " Headlines" be if we weren't banging our heads against the wall because it feel so good when we stop? Well, (R-Indiana) Dan Burton delivered a Bombshell(which nobody heard) to an empty Room, on C-Span yesterday, in which he detailed the Nippon Group and the Riady Family's funding of the 1996 Klinton-Gore Campaign. He mentioned that 121 people had either taken the fifth, or fled back to China. If you don't think China Gate Gate would be the Headlines, you missed Wag the Dog.
                                            Where in the hell is the Cox Report?

 I would like to offer an apology for todays Sludge Report.  You see, Sludge doesn't embrace diversity.  He has no compassion for the masses who for the most part... are sheep.

  My childhood memories include the original Mama, Papa, etc. burgers at A&W.  They since closed the one in my home town and now the rest of the chain serves the processed thousand island dressing patties.  I really liked those candies they called fizzies.  Remember, you would drop them into a glass of water and they would phizz like alka seltzer turning the water into a pop like drink.  Apparently they are gone now as well.  In the late eighties there was a show called the Jackie Mason Show.  The uniqueness here was when after the show he would step out of character and talk to the viewers.  Mason was great for he called it like it is.  You guessed it...he was canceled.  Back in school we studied the origins of a government.  The origins were Chistian based with emphasis on individual freedoms while stopping the past abuse of taxation.  The country fought a bloody battle to gain it's sovereignty and existence.  Many men died fighting, which was successful, though the price was high.  I believe that country has since guessed it....canceled.   I think it's time we take a look at today's SLUDGE....
KAHN 04-15-99

Sludge Report  04-15-99

KOSOBALL"S getting uglier, "Collateral" damage is creating fissures within NATO, and hatred from without. The White House were quick to release " Counter charges", to soften the Prime Time News, the air is thick with lies and disinformation. The sad truth is that there is no Plan. The more we bomb, the more we are hated. Hard line Communists are gaining support in the Duma, and Yeltsin will do what he has to to survive. No wander the Balkan's are called the " Powder Keg of Europe" How can American's blame the German people for Hitler's actions, when they allow this Madness?  The War Powers Act and Executive Orders have turned our President into a Dictator. Where is the balance of Power? Reno is a lackey, and Congress is intimidated. George W Bush went into seclusion, there are no organized protests. KOSOBALL is being played by little people with atrophied testicles, who have they're fingers on Big Bombs.
         Did anybody notice how EVERY newscaster made fun of O.J. Simpson being attacked by gunman at an LA golf course? Do you remember how whipped up the entire country was over the OJ case? Where is all that emotion now? Where is all that Rightist indignation? Do you think it is rational for a country to have gotten so concerned over a murder trial, and then be so docile over a possible WW 3? People react to truth, like vampires react to Holy Water.
                                      Where is the Cox Report?

       I pose this question.  Is it really necessary to continually try to surpass you last goal.  Can we really never settle in our current positions and be thankful we have a roof under our heads and food on our plates.  Why is it at work/school/etc. that we get low marks when we hold our current coarse.  No shit sherlocks we should not settle for last place, but what really is wrong with second best.  Especially when the person in 1st place most likely is a complete asshole.  I choose to be respected by my peers.  I place more value on that then striving to rise to the top above all them "little people".  Yet I get the "low marks" for not doing so.  I guess it is how you look at it.  I should be getting the high marks for not leaving my knife in someone's back.  For not biting when someone throws out the carrot on the stick bit.  I'm choosing to just sit back and enjoy what little bit of this miserable little life there is.  Go ahead and slam the shit out of me for not wanting to climb the backs of my fellows to get to the top.  Maybe it is just enviable to others that I may have already reached "my top."  Sorry the rest of you may not be as secure with yourselves.  I'm know shrink so don't look to me for the answers to your miserable life...And now to Sludge.
Kahn 4/14/99

Sludge Report  04-14-99

Elizabeth Ward Gracen spoke of " Rough Sex" with Bill, that's according to Michael Isikoff's book, Uncovering Clinton. I found it interesting that she suffered the same " bloody Bite"as Broaderrrick. This is Bill's M.O. and his "Mark of Conquest", which he copied from watching his dog Buddy. Fox's O'REILLY, asked the big question, when he asked Isikoff why the Washington Post & Newsweek were afraid to report all this before. I didn't buy Isikoff's wormy claim of " fear of pissing off the White House". Is not this the same Louis Meyer(daughter Cathy Graham)(1), who had Woodward & Bernstein stalking Richard Nixon?
     The Courts finally caught up with Serial Killer, Kevorkian. Jack got 25 years, when the jury agreed that he got off on his work. He's no more a Doctor than I am, and lost his license 8 years ago.
     Susan Mcdougal dumped everything on her dead husband Jim, and will stump for Bill to save her hide.
     Let's play KOSOBALL! This new sport has no rules, because it has no goals, so we don't keep score. KOSOBALL has no restricting sidelines, or End Zones, and anyone can join in and switch sides, at any time. It's better than Frisbee Golf, and double fun when your stoned. You just mindlessly bounce the ball off the walls, floor, or other people's faces, until someone knocks your teeth down your throat, cool huh?
                                                   Where is the Cox Report?
(1) Meyer(s) own the Post&N.W.

  I came to a conclusion yesterday.  The lie dominates the world.  There is no longer any truth to be told.  Everything is a selling campaign whether it is for buying that new car or getting a new assignment.  Yesterday staff here tried to have me become a part of a collective group which distributes the results of it's research as one.  First of all, I work alone, and second of all, the idiot who came up with the idea is now looking for new work.  Seems Sludge isn't into communism.
     By the way, do you think the cite made by the federal judge against Clinton will stick?  Or, will she be killed in a car crash with a bullet in the back of her head.  Only time will tell.

Kahn 4/14/99

Sludge Report  04-13-99

       The Mainstream Media is getting pretty obvious, nodding they're heads, salivating on they're Mics, wetting they're pants, as they talk about Ground Troops. The Bombing was precipitated by Pictures of Refugees and Tales of " Ethnic Cleansing". They seem to have targeted Inflammables at night( Fire shows up good), and Smokey Rubble stuff during the day. Now they want some real Gore!  Helicopters would bring in 2000 air troops, who could become Ground troops. Does this sound familiar? It should, because it's the exact format the Media followed to get us into Vietnam, then they began the Daily Body Count. The Media Curs turned against the troops and Focused on the Marxist Inspired Protests, led by stooges like Klinton, critical of our involvement. It's the same old game; Get your foot in the Door, take incremental steps, and Morph the situation into something which the people would have slammed the door on if it had if it had been suggested in the beginning. Where's Curly, Larry & Moe?
            Remember when Americans used to say, " mind your own business?", and, " It's none of your business?" Of course, that was back in the evil " Old World", when they took the Bill of Rights seriously, when they could do Bad things under the guise of INDIVIDUAL PRIVACY. What an archaic concept! What did they have to hide, huh?  Think how many Bad things people got away with before Piss Tests, Strip Searches, No Knocks Warrants, Eyes in the Sky, Cameras at street corners, it's mind boggling. Now when a Sovereign Nation " minds it's own business", we call that Isolationism. Read LINDBERG, by A. Scott Berg, if you want to understand how Charles Lindberg, went from a National Hero(Lindy) to a Public Enemy because he opposed our involvement in WW 2. Henry Ford, Ezra Pound, and many others suffered similar Fates. Presidential Candidate, Pat Buchanan, in an interview with Cris Mathews, on Hard Ball, dared to express the views of those " Dirty Old White Men", who founded this country, when he said, " Let's mind our own business".
                                                         Where's the Cox Report?

Sludge Report  04-12-99

I have noticed that James Rueben has assumed the mannerisms of White House Spokesman, Joe Lockhart. He had to go to the water glass prop, when he delivered the line-of -the-Week, saying," We are going to target Serb TV because they are Tools of Repression and Propaganda". Hello! Aren't they all? Doesn't it all come down to what Images we are watching? The Serbs are watching Images of Serb Civilians being killed, Schools and Hospitals being blown up, and US Bombers during Easter Prayer. Our Media has Focused on the Refugees, thus generating the Pathos to support the Bombing. I don't think Americans understand the contradiction of feeling Pity and Hate at the same time, because while they are straining to do the Double Think, the Reason for they're Pity has left. Yes folks, an exclusive by the Sludge Report, the Albanians have exited the Stage!  Weren't they the reason for the Bombs? So sense the reason for the Bombs is gone, we will increase Bombing, I see.
     Now we are left with only the Images of Serb citizens wearing state issued paper targets, and holding signs depicting us as Nazis. We are now the aggressors. We are now the Invaders imposing a Permanent 28,000 man(sexist?) World Police Force under a NWO Protectoratship. Milosovic becomes a Hero. How smart is this?
       While you were all hypnotized by Kosovo, did anybody notice that they very quietly slipped through H.R. 77, the Hate Crime Prevention Act of 1999? Sen. Charles Schumer(D-NY) floated it on by on the wave of Public Hysteria, which was created by AgiProp stories from Texas and Wyoming. The Bill makes it a Federal Crime if the courts determine, that an incidence of violence is motivated by an actual or PERCEIVED discrimination , based on race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disability of the victim. Despite the fact that it is vague, arbitrary, and totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL, nobody dared oppose it or even discuss it........and were going overseas to fight Oppression?

Sludge Report  04-08-99

The Media is showing us graphic tear jerker photos, while at the same time they are critical of bombing, so one can only infer the Party wants ground troops. NWO wants a permanent World Police, and it's looking like they could get a UN protectorate Land Base in the Mineral rich Albanion-Kosovo area.
       People are confused because there is no way you can spin a credible explanation for why it is in the US interest to give up our Sovereignty to a World Government, which is antagonistic to a Constitutional Republic. The UN Security Council is hostile to America, and we are not making friends with our slogans, " now that were in it, let's win it", or " Give war a chance". This has become total madness, the Sheeple are drunk with lies.


Sludge Report  04-08-99

So the Permanent World Police Force and possible UN  Protectorite is ,  I believe , the motive on an International level, but the war is a Wag the Dog for Klinton's China Gate disclosures. Where's the Cox Report? There is no other explaination for this madness, unless some White House corospondent asks what they are all smoking.

  Sludge again

Sludge Report  04-09-99

NATO was formed in a charter to defend Western Europe, how did they become a Global Strike Force? Remember when the Media was calling Reagan, " the Teflon President"?  They are going to have to Fumigate the White House when the Klintons finally leave. When the President is no longer accountable to anyone, he is called a DICTATOR.
SLUDGE REPORT 3/26/99(final entry)

 Susan McDougal is attributing everything to her dead husband Jim, which means that his untimely demise in prison, worked out pretty good for her and Pinocio.
 Kevorkian is looking pretty crazy as he tries to defend his Serial killings, in a court of Law. The snuff film, which he took of himself, shooting his Seconal/ Poison Kevorkian Cocktail revealed a little too much personal satisfaction for the jury, who are deliberating his fate as we speak.
 We have a trial going on in New York concerning a guy who got shot a bunch of times by Police, from the size of the Protest Groups & the Media Exposure, I would guess that it has more to do with Mrs. Pinocio political ambitions than concern for the victim.
 We have an AgiProp( agitation propaganda) Hate Crime trial being televised in Wyoming.
 China Gate is on the Back Burner, at least until the bombs become boring, or the Cox Report is released. No wander we got Bi-partisan support for the bombing, since we had Bi-partisan guilt in China Gate. You True Believers are going to have to face the facts, BOTH party's were involved. Since Israeli Intelligence had enough clout to tape Pinocio's Cyber Sex, I assume they have enough to supress they're involvement. According to Uri Dan, NY Post, Mar.30, 1997, Begin authorized arms dealer Shaul Eisenberg, with US approval, to begin a 10 year, 10 billion dollar military beef up of Eastasia(China).
 But the REAL news is the "Crisis in Kosovo" right? It's already turning into a cluster fuck, which I can't support, so it has been by mutual agreement between Sludge Directors and myself, that I take an indefinite Leave of Absence. The Sludge Report does not wish to play a role in weakening the Morale of US troops while they are involved in a Military action, therefore I will be replaced by Kile Kahn. I've got know idea who he is, because I don't have a clue who I am.



     Ervin Rommel listed surprise as the greatest tactic, and his biggest problem in defending Northern France, so why did Pinocio call Yeltsin to tell him the exact time of attack, knowing he would announce it on TV? Weren't we just friends with Eastasia? Wasn't it a couple of months ago, that we watched with embarrassment, as Pinocio was cracking up over a joke that Yeltson hadn't told yet? I'll bet the Serbs are dug in like bugs, deep under ground, watching CNN.
     I'll tell you folks, I 've got bad vibes about this one. I'm still trying to get some reason for Panama(drug traffic doubled) and Iraq. Joe Lockhart just kept gulping water, so he wouldn't have to answer questions. Pinocio read a prepared speech, from the Teleprompter, with Visual Guides so we would know where this place is. He talked slowly, so we would get it, wrinkling his forehead to express sincerity. He invoked the Holocaust, which stamped Bad Boy Milosevic, as the new Goldstein, Butcher of the Balkans. I recall Bush, proclaiming Sadam Hussien as, " worse than Hitler", so how bad Milo really is, I don't know. I found myself having a difficult time doing the DoubleThink, when Pinocio claimed that " saving innocent lives", was the justification, for this one, when that same argument was ignored in the Iraq Bombings. I never heard one bit of regret over burning alive 87 innocent men, women, and children at Waco, and I don't believe there was any.
     So, after the Geography Lesson, Wolf Blitzer comes on and tells me what a fine job Pinocio did, of reading the prepared speech off of the Teleprompter, and the rest of the Media repeated the same old phrases, " Degrade his ability to make war"....blah blah bla...boring.
     Where's all these ALLIES that Pinocio's talking about? His little buddy Tony Blair sent a sub that shot a Tomahawk. Why are we the World Bank? Why are we the Military? Where are the countries, who are on the same continent with Serbia? Exactly what did the Peace proposal, which Milosevic refused to sign say? I know that it mentioned 28,000 UN troops(4000 American) occupying Serbia, but what else? What are we going to possibly get out of this? We are isolating America, creating enemies, and we are going to take the shit. Everybody's going to be so worried about assuring that they support the troops, now that they're in " harm's way", that the REASON,  will be ignored.



Do I hear Pinochio using the " Domino  Theory ", as a justification for involving the U.S. in Kosovo? Didn't Pinochio refuse to fight, and in fact, organize Protests, against a war , in which the justification for involvement was the " Domino Theory "? I think if Pinochio is going to stick his Long Nose in Europe, he should personally lead the troops, as Commander -in Chief. I supported Patton's plan to go on to Moscow and kick the Bolsheviks out, I supported Macarther's plan to cross the Yangteze River into North Korea, I supported the plan to Nuke North Vietnam, we were the Free World, fighting World Collectivism. We are sitting here in 1999, with an Oppressive Government, which is Subsidizing Totalitarian Regimes, which are supporting surrogate Nations, which we officially oppose. The Dominos have fallen, the Fall of the Wall, was the end of the " Free World", were doing joint ventures in space with the Soviets while they are given tours of our Nuclear Plants, we didn't just wake the Sleeping Giant, we built Red China, and gave them our Technology. Pinochio is just happy to get the attention off himself. Charlie Trei and Lee have both Split, China Gate will move to the back pages, at least for a while.
     Collectivism must be imposed by force, if the people are not willing to submit peacefully( like in the U.S.). People are being slaughtered all over the world; Mexico's killing Mayans, Turkey is killing Kurds, who were a protected species when we wanted to justify bombing Iraq, China is killing Tibetans, Africa is a bloodbath under Mendela( by the way what ever happened to Winnie the Whip?), Pinochio had 87 Americans burnt alive, so I seriously doubt that he is concerned with people dying in Kosovo.
    World War 1 was sparked by the June 28th, 1914 killing of Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, which ended up involving 16 Nations, and leaving 8,500,000 dead. In 1938, Adolf Hitler, moved to protect the Sudenland Germans against " Ethnic Cleansing", this was the spark, although the JOINT invasion with the Soviets, of Poland became the pretext, for WW 2, which left 50,000,000 dead. The Party used the first to establish the League of Nations, and the second to establish the U.N.
     So Milosevic and the 200,000 Serbs are not really the problem, the problem is Oceania's paradoxical relationships with Eurasia and Eastasia. The Founding Fathers avoided Foreign entanglements, they walked softly and had big Sticks, not big cigars.


Orthodoxy is Goodthink, so we must do DoubleThink, so that we can except GoodThink. We were indoctrinated with Socialist concepts in in the " public"(Government) schools, in fact, I would say that, generally speaking, the more "education" a person has, the more close minded they are to OldThink. I think I first experienced DoubleThink, when I stood up every morning in the Party Schools, put my hand over my heart, swore allegiance to the REPUBLIC, and then sat down and read that we were a Democracy. Now even as a kid, who was not encouraged to question " the Teacher",  I knew I was going to have a tough time with school. Since I used the same Sludge Formula for determining the validity of Input( percentile of probability) as I use today, I listened to their Theories of how the universe was formed, how man was created, assigned a percentile of probability, and filed them away.   I began reading OldThink, or I should say, trying to read OldThink. The older the copyright the better. Check out Oswald Spencer's Decline of the West , and tell me we're more educated! The first thing I realized is that we are so uneducated that we can't even read OldThink, let alone understand it, yet the Party claims we have " Raised our Consciousness"! I remember when the first Mustang car came out, and I watched a kid put a dent in it with his fist. It was the first time I ever saw a car which could be dented by a fist. Plastic replaced metal, and they called it " Progress". They made a big thing about the Space Program, but all I ever got out of it were some photos, they gave us Proles the impression we were going some where. They actually used it to make big weapons to scare us with, which is why we had to hide under our desks and put our heads between our knees. Now they use them to spy on us. Remember the Lowell Thomas films of the year 2000? The smiling housewife, in her automated kitchen? They didn't tell us that the " booming economy" would force her into the workforce.....they called it " liberation"
           Now since PC and Hate crimes have made OldThink, BadThink we must do DoubleThink, if we want to avoid the Thought Police. Do you know how many young children express BadThink? Quite a few actually, years of hearing their parents bitch at the System, in private, before assuming the mandatory, neurotic Face required of they're jobs. Isn't that what we do? Pretend heavy Neurosis? What really cracks me up, is that many of these same people, who have excepted conformity of thought, who are the most Neurotic, were sitting in the mud at Woodstock, listening to the Rolling Stones. They are living proof that the CIA's MK Ultra Mind Control Program was a success.!


I had my Barf bag close by as Whoopie Goldberg hosted the Emmies last night. She was totally unfunny, and frankly boring, as she used the limelight to stump for the Democratic Party, as she threw digs at everyone, except for the guy who is responsible. Than they started smearing Elia Kazan, because he spoke out during the 50's, during the McCarthy Hearings. Hollywood continually attacks the House of un-American Activities  for exposing their Cell, and forcing all they're Comrads to take the Fifth and flee the country. Every applause was automatic, every laughter patronizing, they all clapped on que. I watched as the Camera panned these Court Jesters, who before Mass Media were doing they're schticks in Taverns and theaters for dimes, thrown into a can. Something was missing, they didn't seem very glamorous, they didn't seem very funny, than it hit me, HOLLYWOOD HAS BECOME SO POLITICALLY CORRECT THAT IT HAS STIFLED TRUE CREATIVITY. It has become a Sub Division within the Ministry of Propaganda. Creativity is a function of Individual freedom, if you can't express a concept, you sure as hell will try to suppress it. Now I realize Hollywood has always been a tool of the Party, after all, the War Board was nothing but a group of Directors, who churned out " Evil Nazi" movies in the 40's, but PC now Completely dominates to the point where the truly creative individual, is Black Listed. PC and Creativity can not coexist.
         If I had to pick the most influential man in 1999, I would pick Matt Drudge. The mass Mergers in the Media have monopolized our " news", to the extent that Drudge scooped them all year!  He forces the Party to release information, which they would have suppressed. Radio Stations, who are located in the shabby basement of the Ministry of Information( they echo the news wire services) quote the Drudge Report daily. Would there have been an Impeachment Trial of the President without Drudge? Would there be a China Gate without Drudge? I expect the Party to discredit and silence him, he's ruining they're Game.
         Is it my imagination, or is Bill Clinton's nose growing?  I  watched this Pinochio Phenomenon taking place as he answered Sam Donaldson's question concerning the Broderick incident, at his Dow 10,000 Press Conference( which was what prompted it).    I compared some old videos of Pinochio from last year, but they were inconclusive, I shit you not, check it out.


I'm beginning to hear a lot of echoes out there. Are they opportunists, putting on a Populist, Libertarian, Face, or closet Sludge readers, who have name recognition, and intend to wake the Rip Van Winkle Proles?  I don't trust actors, after all, they get paid to create Illusion & Deception, maybe that's why they're moving into Politics. Charleton Heston's Harvard Forum speech, was a condemnation of PC and Thought Crime. Now Warren Beatty stars in a movie about Senator Sludge, actually, he names him Jay Bulworth, but the inference is obvious. Anyway, Bulworth uses a Rap delivery to expose both Parties, Media, and Money Powers manipulation. I have no problem with that, but Beatty's solution is MORE SOCIALISM!  He turns into Senator Bullshit. Didn't Warren play a pretty sympathetic role as American Socialist, John Reed? That must have been easy.
   NATO is poised to strike in Kosovo. The Founding Fathers walked softly and had big sticks, they were opposed to foreign intervention, and did not believe in Foreign entanglements. We are buzzing around the sovereign air space of Iraq, bomb an Aspirin Factory, we invade, threaten, and stick our noses into conflicts which are none of our business, all in the name of Peace. It's a big Risk game, where you are attacking other players, without any gain to yourself. What's the point?
     This is madness, we know China supports Pakistan, and that they want Taiwan, we know Russia supports India and the Serbs, just like we knew they were both opposing us in Korea and Vietnam. So we build them both up, give them our technology, pretend they are our friends, and then have to build new Defense systems to protect us from our friends. What's the plan here?
   I'll tell you " the Plan", it's a Godless World Government, based not on our Republic, but on collectivism. A World Ant Farm, with no individual freedoms, no National Sovereignty, where procreation is not determined by natural attraction of individuals, but by Genetic Engineers, no Privacy( what have you got to hide?), no private ownership, the Boot in the Face Forever!


These guys high fiving cause the Dow hits 10,000 makes me sick. The Inner cities are trashed, the drug trade and prison building industry are the only signs of life, oh yes, there's the " Service Industry", whatever the hell that is. I'm so sick of the Media chanting this litany of a booming economy when we all know that the Government regulated all productive enterprise to death and shut down small(private) business. All business which produced wealth, REAL PRODUCTS, food, timber, oil, steel, etc. have been shut down or are under the monopolistic control of Multi-National Conglomerates. We know we have a 10 cent dollar compared to 1970, have your wages gone up 10 times? If they have, than you are being raped by Karl Marx Graduated Income tax to pay for Socialist crap.  It's simple math, gas was 23 cents, candy bars a nickel, breakfast cereals...Sugar Jets was the most expensive at 35 cents. The point is, a country's wealth is determined by the REAL VALUE products which people need to live, personal wealth is reflected in they're standard of living( unless they choose to live like misers). Illegal Aliens( undocumented workers for the PC freaks), invading from the South, and " Liberating" women, have enlarged the work force, which like all economics, is based upon supply & Demand. THE OVERALL STANDARD OF LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES, HAS DECLINED SINCE THE 60's, DESPITE BOTH PARENT'S WORKING!   Women wore dresses, men wore suits, families were larger, Medical and Dental were affordable, people had Savings Accounts, they ate at restaurants, not Fast Foods, they took vacations, traveled more, had more leisure time, they were better educated and had Table Manners. This is the country which out produced, the ENTIRE WORLD!!!
       Everybody's buzzing about Charleton Heston's speech at Harvard , in which he denounced Political Correctness. I would just like to say to Mr. Heston, who I know will read this, since his speech was obviously inspired by the Sludge Report, if not copied verbatim, that I don't mind. Hey, that's what it 's here for. Feel free to repeat it.....if you don't mind getting strapped down on a gurney and taking a few thousands volts through the head. I would also like to say that I picked up the message in those Planet of the Ape Movies , where you were the Honkey in the kinky loincloth. I can tell you why your call for a protest against PC won't work, the Media cooperate. Protest is only effective if people know your protesting.


Big Train wreck You notice how Newscasters abruptly subdue they're delivery, right on que, when they go into a Tragedy Story? Any of you who have ever seen a Newsroom, when a Tragedy story comes over the Wire, know it is a Shark Feed, and that Newsman, who is tearfully telling you how many people died, was jumping out of his chair, and slapping hands , when it came off the Feed. Will it be used as an AgiProp Incident, to enact more laws & Regulation? Well, the fact that the Media has made an issue of the status of the Driver's License & record , are an indication that he is in deep do do. What that has to do with the CAUSE of the wreck is unclear, but I assure you that Chinagate will cause us to forget about it by the end of the week.
     Elizabeth Dilling wrote a book called, The Red Network in 1934, she described conditions in the Soviet Union after the Woman's Freedom Movement(sound familiar?). The woman had been " liberated", so they were hoeing the fields while the children were being indoctrinated in Uncle Joe's Day Care Centers. The Pied Piper's had espoused " Sexual Freedom", so the kids were suffering from the effects, V.D., unwanted pregnancy( which the State was happy to abort), and the psychological trauma from broken homes. The break up of the Family, was a plank of Karl Marx, and what better way then to put Women in the work force?
   When the " Women's Liberation Movement" began in the U.S., her book stuck in my mind, as I watched the Party convince American women that they were being oppressed, kept " Barefoot and pregnant", and " Chained to the Kitchen". A steady stream of GenCite( Gender agitation) movies and Anti-Family Sitcoms were imprinted on our consciousness. " Open Marriage", " Swinging Partners", " Alternative Sex", were presented as normal behavior. Take a look at the leaders of the " Feminist" Movement, why are they the ones with the most male hormones? The G.I. Janes, short cropped hair, Power Suits, who are most aggressive, and therefore dominant.
     When the U.N. declared, " The Year of the Child", it meant that the Pied Pipers were going after the Children, now that Mom was in the workforce. KiddiProp, timed for early morning hours and after school, MTV, Beavis & Butthead, Daria, Bart Simpson, and KiddiProp Movies, like Half Baked, are created to CAUSE drug use, homosexuality, and aberrant behavior, and drive a wedge between parent and child. The Party implements DARE and Sex Ed. and drug use ,and sexual experimentation increase, it encourages little girls to imitate Hookers, and expresses astonishment at the mass Abortions.


The Hate crime Bill which is going to be pushed next month, has now been dubbed, " The James Byrd Bill", beautiful, you take last years Bill which was unconstitutional because it was too vague and undefined, focus the National Media on a couple of emotionally generated AgiProp stories, name it after a guy who got drug behind a pick up truck, and ram it through, with no one daring to oppose it. "NEWS" are events which the Media chooses to focus on so as to implement Party Policy. The Media is not objective, it is owned , and controlled by the Party. Even radio " Shock Jocks", like the " Greaseman", get canned if they dare crack a joke about an emotional AgiProp story. Remember the old saying, "let's not make a Federal Crime of it?". R.I.C.O. and Hate Crime laws Federalize all law.
    I expect Chinagate to heat up this week, as the Cox committee releases it's report. Sludge said this one would be sticky and have " Legs".
    Monica's touring Europe, an army of Media Jackals following, they're shampooed hair flying in the wind as they streak through the night screaming in they're mikes. I am suspicious of Monica, all the other women were smeared as, " trailer trash", and " bimbo's", except Monica. I personally believe Paula Jones had the strongest case, but that happened in 1992, when the Party still had use for Willy. The Jones case was far more serious, as it involved Sexual Harassment and threat and intimidation against an unwilling woman. Now Gordon Thomas has come out with a very hot book, Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, which ties the Mossad to the whole Monica set up. According to Thomas, the flaunting, the Gifts(including a Yiddish Joke book), and the " phone Sex" at night, on ALT. ROMANCE, was an orchestrated Operation. Do you recall Clinton's remark, " We are being taped by a Foreign Embassy"? In any event, it is pretty difficult to believe that a guy, who spent as much time as he did, having CyberSex, would really be concerned with, " Getting on with the business of the Country", after he is exposed!


Washington (AP)
  " Lawmakers are renewing their campaign for an expanded Federal Hate crimes statute, hoping public outrage over recent killings will spur passage. " Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.( a co-sponsor) chortled, " No one says hate crimes are overblown now."
  The " New" Bill( which is the same one, the same people, tried to ram through last year) expands the coverage of Hate Crimes from being based on, race, color, religion, or national origin to include crimes based on a person's sex, sexual orientation or disability ! The Bill also would make federal prosecution of Hate Crimes easier, current law limits prosecution to situations such as , serving on a jury, voting, or attending school.
  Now this was right off the AP wire service, and I felt compelled to comment because it provides a perfect example of what I have been talking about. Now as soon as I saw the Media Feeding Frenzies in Texas and Wyoming, I knew the Party had something " in the can", which they were going to ram down our throats. I called KOA Radio, in Denver, and explained how they had just had 9 grizzly murders, in the suburb of Aurora, all of which could have been " racially motivated", and they were being ignored by the National Media. These killings, where all the victims were shot in the face with shotguns, evidently, did not fit the image the Media wished to project of Hate Crimes. Now how are you going to determine whether or not the motive for an assault , is based upon a person's Sex, when you have people changing they're sex? Disability? This covers everything from Carpal Syndrome to Glaucoma, and the Wire Feed, does not bother mentioning the " new" situations which would constitute Hate Crimes.
   Now lets face reality folks, Sen. Charles Shumer should have said, " No one DARES say the hate laws are overblown now" Who is going to dare question, let alone oppose these laws, when these recent incidents have been imprinted on the Nations consciousness? Who can oppose the fight against Hate, or even discuss it without being branded as a defender of Hate?
     Sludge has decided that THE ISSUE in the 2000 Elections should be INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. Sludge will endorse the candidate who has the guts to tell the masses, that the Bill of Rights is being raped! The Party has continually pointed it's Cameras and Mikes at social ills, which those same devices have created, and screamed for more power to solve these ills. The Party has repeatedly proclaimed others, as being " Enemies of the People", when it is the Party itself, which which is the biggest Terror in everybody's lives. The Party has declared Wars and waged never ending " campaigns", the result is more taxes, regulations and laws. The Party has made criminals out of anyone who opposes the State.


The Party organizes " ANTI" groups, which become Quasi-Party, Special Interest Pressure Groups. I call these groups, SIPG's for short. These groups are lead by a victim of some social injustice which the Party intends to legislate. These injustices can be inanimate objects like Alcohol, drugs, guns, or they can simply be behavior, Road Rage, Domestic abuse, etc. or they can be beliefs which the Party wishes to surpress. Basically, they can be anything which the Party wishes to regulate! MADD and SADD, are a couple of examples of SIPG"s which were created after the Media focused  on a series of incidents, in conjunction with timely movies from Hollywood. When the movie Karen Silkwood was released, the Media was focusing on Nuclear horror stories, Farah Faucet's The Burning Bed  came out, it was Domestic Abuse that was in the "news". Now the fact that these movies are "in the can" when these incidents occur, should get people thinking(Did you notice how the Larry Flynt Movie coincided with his Trial)
So you had , what many believe to be a CIA operation, the Jones Town incident, and the daughter of Senator Ryan, becomes head of the Cult Awareness Network. Now in the book, Russia and the Anti Cult Movement, the author(who I don't recall) describes how the Communist Party destroyed all religious organizations, except for the State Sanctioned, Russian Orthodox Church, simply by calling them " Cults". C.A.N. is a SIPG is used to control Religion. Mainstream Churches are Goose Stepping to the Party line. The Swaggert and Jim Baker incidents assured they're Party Loyalty, just like the use of the RICO act on abortion Protest assured they're silence on abortion, and the expansion of the Hate Laws keeps them from opposing Homosexuality.
     Morris Dees heads a group of lawyers who became quite rich by creating a SIPG called the Southern Poverty Law Center, which have been instrumental in expanding the definition of Hate, and Hate groups. They win law suits against Goldstein Groups, who's beliefs are so " Extremist", that nobody gives a shit, in the same manner as NOW rammed through Domestic Abuse laws and changed the Child Custody laws(putting the burden of proof on the parents to prove they're innocence) because OJ was "So Guilty". When the RICO act was used against the the ORDER , a White Supremacist group, who was going to give a shit? When the SPLC took White Supremacist, Tom Metzner's property, because the courts held him liable for the ACTIONS of a Skin Head, due to his SPEECH, who was going to care? Who cares if they sue the KKK? The problem is that now the RICO act is being used against Tax Protesters, opponents of Abortion, and  Criminalizes any organized Opposition to the Party, and Preacher's must be careful of saying anything which might INFLUENCE someone, or they can be held liable for they're actions.
     Pay attention people, because this is HOW the Party is obtaining Control of your lives! All it takes is the emotion generated from Brady being wheeled out in a wheel Chair, denouncing the latest " incidence" involving a gun, and you are conned into giving up your Rights. Have you ever considered how many lives were sacrificed to obtain those Rights? Consider how many it will take to get them back.


Sludge Production Manager just informed me that we are experiencing technical difficulties. By the way, has anyone else out there been experiencing audio fuck ups on your radio when your listening to a talk show and they are discussing some sensitive topic like H.A.A.R.P, for instance?
    Bill got an orchestrated welcome in Hope, Arkansas, where he was spawned. There is no first hand information available, as our affirmative Action "Stringer", who was our only contact in Hope, failed to report. We told her to "get close to Clinton", and she ended up getting busted for Indecent Exposure, public drunkenness, and possession of a Controlled Substance. I immediately suspected her arrest was a frame up , designed to discredit Sludge.......that is, until I saw the Police Videos!  Gross is an understatement. If Indecent Exposure was sentenced along Federal Guidelines, I would have to give her the stiff end of the scale. Now I bet some Zombie out there is going is thinking, " Sludge, if your opposed to affirmative Action, that makes you a Sexist, racist, homophobic, etc." These are vague, pejorative, undefined, Newspeak Thought Crime Labels. If you are not allowed to express certain concepts, you will suppress considering those concepts. So Thought crime is the result of Speech Crime. Do you want to see Affirmative Action enforced in Professional Sports? I think not. Big Brother does not give Rights to one group without taking them from another group. Affirmative Action took away the Right of the Employer, to hire as he wished, and regulated it with a Quota System. If you observe the "Right" to smoke free air, you must take away the "Right" of the smoker. Ayn Rand's premise, was that a Free Marketplace, with no Government interference, would stimulate fair competition, and Supply&Demand would insure the best product at the lowest prices. Now a Free Marketplace of ideas works along the same principles. If you are afraid to THINK certain thoughts, because you are not allowed to express them, then you are not going to be able to consider all possible causes to problems in society. Now if I pass a law which makes it a crime to say anything which might be construed as Negative about Batteries( I'll stigmatize you by calling you a "Batteriest") you could work all day on your car, with a dead battery, and never get it fixed. In fact you could not have a " Dead Battery", because the term would be Politically Incorrect!


It's beginning to look like Doom on Willy. If you recall, I told you that the CAUSE is all that matters to the Party, and I'm not talking about Republicans and Democrats. When I speak of the Party, I'm talking about the Money Powers, who always control both horses in the race, they are the Queen ants in a NWO Ant Farm. The CAUSE is World Collectivism. The Warrior Ants are those who implement they're Directives. We, of coarse, are the Workers. All but the Queens are expendable. The Party is now concerned with the 2000 Elections, they will use the Reactionary Backlash to the Klinton Disclosures, to install our next Dictator.
    You'll note, I said Disclosures, the fact that the Media Stooges have sat on these " Stories", until this Administration had served they're purpose, is a pretty good indication that my analysis is valid. How are the people going to make informed decisions when the information is purposely withheld by the Ministry of Propaganda? They aren't, they will vote for the guy who can buy the best FACE. I remember Jody Powell , PR make up artist for Carter, boasting, that with enough Public Relations, they could put a " Sophisticated Puppet", in the White House.
   Hillary knows Bill has served his usefulness to the Party, as well as to her. He is Damaged Goods, a liability, and she is shrewdly distancing herself from him. Stephanopoulis and Mike Mclurry, former Spokesman have come out to drive a couple more stakes into him. Even I, the Guru of RealPolitic, do not know at this time, to what extent the Party will trash Willy, as that depends upon to many variables, which are simply unknown at this time. Nixon was Demonised because of his role in the Alger Hiss case, and the Hearings of the House of UnAmerican Activities, but Willy has been a good Komrad. Keep an eye on the Susan Mcdougal Trial as an indicator. Keep the other eye on Willy's reception, later today, when he visits Hope, Arkansas, where the Billboards proclaiming it his home town have been riddled beyond recognition by bullets.


  I remember Jules, he was a skinny kid I grew up with on New York's east side, where recreation was stickball and stealing hubcaps. Jules always had money because he would lend it out at interest. If a kid didn't pay Jules on time,  he would be beaten up by others, who were indentured to Jules. Now when International Banker's play this same game, we call it a Balance of Power. I wander if it is mere coincidence, that us kids played stickball, within blocks of where, in 1917, Leon Trotsky left a NY harbor , with 300 trained troops, and $ 20,000,000  in solid gold, on Jacob Schiff's chartered ship. Trotsky hooked up with Lenin, Litvinoff, Kaganovich, and Stalin( known as the Jessie James of the Urals), in Switzerland. This Virus was injected by the Chief of the German Secret Police( Warburg) by means of the infamous, " Sealed Train", into Russia. You know the rest, the Bolsheviks would agitate( remember? the "outgroup" always agitate until they become the "in" group), murder the Romanovs, and create a Communist Dictatorship which would enslave 52 nations. Now why would " Capitalists" finance a system that was antagonistic to themselves? Didn't Karl Marx denounce " Capitalism" in Das Kapital? Is not Communism diametrically opposed to Capitalism? No, Communism, is based on Dialectical Materialism, which is opposed to FREE ENTERPRISE. Free Enterprise and a free market place are what made this country the richest Nation in the history of the world! A Capitalist makes money with money, producing nothing of value, while acquiring all. What we have in the world today is Corporate Colonialism. International Banks and Multi-National Corporations which owe no allegiance to any Nation. The Money Powers created Socialism, because it is a system of enslavement. They always seek a " Balance of Power" to insure that the " Vig" is paid. Now you know why the Money Powers have build up Red China.


I have been monitoring those Pavlovian Saliva drops which constitute "Public Opinion", and it's enough to make me puke!  I may as well go back to writing on Toilet Stall walls. I 'll call my next Newsletter the Jack Hammer, because that's what it would take to get anything through your teflon skulls!  Sheeple are calling they're favorite talk show host( the guy who has the same opinion as them) expressing " outrage" at the Chinagate disclosures. The party decides it is timely to release information, which they call " News", which is 10 to 20 years old and you are " outraged"?  Why?, because you can no longer pretend that you haven't been subsidizing the build up of a new collectivist system, which the Money Powers created, to replace the Soviet one, which despite all of our aid, has been gutted by Socialism, and is taking a breather? Haven't we all known Made in China means made with forced labor? Is it a coincidence that the "story" broke after Mad Albright had rubber stamped China's Most Favorite Nation status? I think not.
  I was watching Fox news as Susan Mcdougal made her appearance in court. The " moderator" suggested that she would remain " loyal" to Klinton. Now I've heard this "loyalty" bit before, and was pleased to hear guest Larry Klayman, of Judicial Watch, respond by saying what nobody else dares say, that it is not loyalty, but fear, that is dictating her actions. Klayman mentioned the fact that 58 people had met untimely demise when they did not exhibit " Loyalty" to Klinton. So I was flicking through the channels to see if the puke, Renaldo Rivera, was still frantically trying to defend Bill.....he was, when I came across a bazaar Spot by Bob Dole concerning the dangers of Erectile Dysfunction!  Widening your eyes, to convey sincerity is a standard tactic of Newscasters, but Bob looked like he either taped his eyelids or was wearing contact lens, as he explained why he couldn't get it up. Now why would a guy who ran for President, go on TV and talk about Erectile Dysfunction? Is Bob suggesting that we won't have to worry about him having any any Sexual Affairs? I suggest Bob get a new PR man.


There's a Specter haunting America, it  is descending in a Fog of Confusion, but it's true Face is Totalitarianism. It is a merciless,Vampire which sucks the life and blood from it's victims, in order to sustain it's existence. This creature cannot receive light from God , so it must prey upon those who can. This Beast masquerades as Benevolence, it wears a Smily Face, which conceals a Medusa Head, it freezes it's victims with it's hypnotic stare, and leaves only bones, no soul. Seduction and corruption are it's methods, Fear is it's name.
     This Fiend uses flattery as it tells the people, they are " raising they're consciousness" or " Progressing", when in fact, they are abandoning they're morals, values, heritage, and freedoms. It spews a continual stream of vile abomination from it's mouth, and then uses the effect as a pretext to " tighten the screws". Crisis and Crisis management, Hegelian Dialectic, 3 steps forward 2 steps back, screaming " Freedom", as it enslaves. A point of it's talon creates a new " Enemy of the People", a doomed Goldstein. Every incident is used to forge more chains, every discord to create new laws. It preaches love but feeds on Hate, it promises Peace, but thrives on war, it dangles a Utopian World and creates Hell.

*****Sludge Exclusive*****

-Mainstream Media is finally breaking " China Connection" stories! Senator Richard Shelby spilled the beans on Meet the Press, by disclosing some of the high Tech Treason which has been going on since the late 1980's. Fox News has dubbed it "Chinagate".
 Sludge scooped the Party Stooges by nearly a month!  There is now evidence of growing pressure to silence Sludge. Contributors, sponsors, and staff have been placed on alert and beefed up security in all facilities. We know who stands to lose if there is a major breakout of the these stories, therefore it is obvious where the pressure is coming from. Sale of Long March Missile technology, transfer sales of the MIAAD Laser( designed to burn the eyeballs of troops) from Israel to China, and outright theft of U.S. intelligence would do more damage than a thousand raped women.


Does anyone remember Budd Dwyer? How would he know that our attention spans would be reduced from 30 to 10 second " Spots ", when he put that pistol in his mouth and blew his brains out with the cameras rolling on Prime Time. I noticed his hands were quivering as he read  a " Death Bed" speech just before he pulled the trigger, a prepared speech, which the Media talked over,and dismissed as "Rambling"!  Do you recollect now? He was Pennsylvania's Treasurer, and evidently he believed that he could expose some conspiracy within the Party, involving Att. Gen. at that time Dick Thornbourgh. They severed his vocal cords and talked over his speech!  Now, I've seen the Media "talk over " interviews before, especially during all those "Hatchet Job" assassination pieces which 60 minutes has been doing for 30 years. You'd watch them smear the shit out of some company on Sunday night, and some Organ of the Government would bust them before the next show. You would see the "Defendants" lips moving, as he thought he was presenting his defense, but Mike Wallace simply superimposed more smear. 60 minutes cuts and splices if you do an interview, if you refuse, they stand in front of your company or residence with they're mikes and slyly suggest you have something to hide. Those of you who try to call Radio Talk Shows know the power of the the "Step On" mic. The Party's monopolic control of the mics and cameras give them a monopoly on "Free Speech". They fear the Internet as a medium which threatens they're monopoly. Now when I picture "Free Speech", I see a person standing up on a podium, in the Town Square, and expressing his opinion( no matter how " extreme " or "radical") to his peers. Free Speech should not be controlled or regulated, or it is no longer Free Speech is it? Free Speech should not be spliced, cut, and swept up from the censor's floor.
        The Party rarely mentions Budd Dwyer, and never replays his death, which was probably one of the most dramatic film clips shown on TV, he is a Non-Person. Did he die in vain? I can only speak for myself, when I say that the fact that the Party had the power to delete a Death Bed statement, to delete a life, made me wander what else they have deleted.


A special sub-section of AgiProp is Smearsh. Smearsh agents are dedicated to "smear" tactics and disinformation against anyone who the Party targets. Remember the Sludge Rule, " wherever you find discord, you will find AgiProp " Incitefull incidents are orchestrated and attributed to the Smearsh targets. These " incidents", carried out by the Parties Agent Provocateurs, are reduced to slogans like "Remember the Maine", or " Remember the Alamo". Hatred whipped up toward the "Huns", was fanned by British Intelligence, who designed the "Zimmerman Note" and the "Belgium Babies Without Hands" stories to foment WW 1. Lend  Lease policy and a Set Up scenario at Pearl Harbor ignited WW 2 against the " Krauts" and " Japs". Since it was in the interests of the international Smearsh Agents to pound out the New World Order and establish the U.N., Hate was encouraged and rewarded. "Gooks" become Undermunchen, sub human. " Iraqi's" are viewed as nintendo targets, with Saddam Hussien as the level Boss.
   Now the real pretty part is that AgiProp uses the same hatreds which they encourage on the International scene, to bring about Collectivison, as a justification for Federalizing Hate Laws within the domestic scenes of all countries.
   Smearsh " stories" are given the highest priority on the UPI and ASS. Press wire services, and are easily recognizable as "unidentified Sources", or as a tentacle of the Human Rights Coalition, ADL, Cult Awareness Network, etc. They're continual stream of vilification leads to the destruction of any individual or group, which oppose the Party. Smearsh Denomination always a prelude to destruction.


What a 2 day media Blitz!  They sure promode the shit out of the littles bitche's book. If you want to spend $25 bucks on a book, go to www. or and you'll find out why these Soap shows are going on to divert public attention.
  Do I see Liz Dole as a front-runner? Why isn't that the same Dole that as head of H.U.D., rammed through the "Safety Net" program , which allowed the Government to tie in all Departments info, even though they had promised not to? Mr. Drole Dole was picked to be a fall guy for Klinton.
      Lot of AgiProp stories going around. A guy using the word " niggardly", becomes the focus of National News? Of course we happened to all be following the Pick-up-dragging-Blackman story. Wherever you find friction or discord, you will find AgiProp at work!  Any news that can be given a Gencite or Racite spin, become Major Stories! Do any of you ever wander exactly WHO determines whether or not a crime is a "Hate Crime"? Let me give you an example. Let's say you need money , so you put on your ski Mask, hide in an ally, knock out the first poor schnook who comes along and grab his wallet. Your motive was money right? Not necessarily!  If  it can be determined that you slurred , what could be construed as a homophobic, sexist, racist, Antisemetic, etc. remark, even in a joking manner, while wearing that lampshade on your head, at that office party 10 years ago, you could be tried under Federal Law!  A guy comes up and grabs your groin, you deck him, are you guilty of " Gay Bashing"? I say, Qui Bono!, who benefits!, the Party does stupid!  Federal Conspiracy Laws and Hate Laws are going to make everybody a "criminal"! Wedges are continually driven into our society, AgiProp is used to exploit, and the Party creates new FEDERAL LAWS!


The only time I read where Christ got violent, was when he went into the Money Lenders Temple with a horsehide whip, threw they're tablets into the streets, and called them a den of thieves. Let's take a look at they're game. People didn't want to pack they're shit around with them, so they left it with " bankers", who would give them a receipt with which they could redeem they're crap at any time. Now why does everybody want to be the Banker when you get a bunch of people together to play monopoly? Because you control all the money! Well the bankers soon found that if everybody didn't claim they're stuff at the same time, they could issue more receipts then they could cover, and charge interest on them. So they could make money on assets which they did not own, or even have in have in they're possession. So they issue "checkbook" money, charge interest, and confiscate your Real property(collateral), if you can't make the payments. This is why the Usurers own everything. They created nothing, yet they own everything!


Anthoney J. Hilder & former Congressman, George Hansen, who was imprisoned for exposing abuses of the IRS in a book, To Harass Our People, have produced a video,  The New World Odor. Available through REKO INC, P.O. Box 4005, Joplin, Mo. 64803. or call 1-800-201-7892 to order. I just returned from a preview showing of this Video, and I must say that it will force one to question why the whole country is watching Monaca on 20/20, when the "China Connection" should be the issue. Hanson describes how the Red Chinese control both sides of the Panama Canal, CRISTOBAL and BALBOA!  George was a leader in the fight to keep the Carter Administration from giving away this vital Choke point. The BEAST, the MARC, eyes in the sky, transponders inbeded in the skin, and your going to be sitting there listening to Barbara Walters and Monaca discuss sex. The more the System becomes a Tower of Power, the more Penis Power becomes a factor. Since when should Civil Servants get erections over they're jobs?
          The Gestapo Chief series, annotated transcripts of the 1948 interrogation of German Gestapo Chief, Heinrich Muller, by Gregory Douglas is a must read if you wish to understand Post War World. The opening of KGB files and the release of 50 year old info, frozen for " National Security" reasons, have brought the lies to light.
          British Author, Gordon Thomas has just released a book concerning Mossad taping in the White House, it certainly wouldn't be the first time.


So while AgiProp stories keep an undercurrent of tensions going, the country needs an organized, unified release, and since it is illegal to organize against the Party, a scape Goat is found, a Goldstein. When the Party proclaims some one as a Goldstein, that person becomes subject to Patriotic Hatred. Proles that do not join the Crusade, or who reveal any reservation, are suspect. Goldsteins are strapped to the stockade in the public square, where the people can hiss, spit, shout foul names, and really vent for 2 minutes of Hate. Constitutional Rights, Due process, and all logic goes out the window. The unfortunate Goldstein becomes a "Running Man", with Richard Dawson inciting the crowd, because he has the cameras and microphone. Nixon, Noriega, Marcos, Gadoffy, Sadam Hussain, O.J., we forget about them if they're not " in the news" for a while, but all it takes is to replay the images, and the Party can regenerate the Original Hate. The Goldstein rarely, if ever, is allowed to face they're accusers, or to tell they're side of the " story". Not that it would make a difference, because the People are so drunk with hatred by that time that only the victim's Blood will do. They are a screaming lynch Mob with a rope!
                 A variation of Goldsteinism is employed against anything the Party wishes to change legislate. This is Crisis and Crisis Management, this is Hegelian Dialectic! The Party focus's on some social ill( which previous Party programs have created), what to do about ? More Laws and changes in the present laws which always erode the constitutional Rights of the people. The Party claimed woman were chained to the kitchen, so we get them in the workplace and you have " Latchkey" children, so what do we do with the " Latchkey" children? How about Government Boot Camps? The Crisis can never end, the problems never end, because each " Solution" causes more problems. We are perpetually at War, war is Peace!


Do any of you ever get curious about Real History? The Party teaches it to Inner Party initiates at the Ivy League Schools. The Prole is taught the "Accidental" version, where Revolutions, social Movements, Inflation, Deflation, and Wars, just happen to happen. No reason. Everybody drops they're shovels, grabs they're guns, and storms the Capitol, or attacks another Country who they suddenly feel a compulsive hatred toward. We got graded on how well we could memorize the names and dates when all this compulsive behavior took place. What kid is going to question the Teachers? What kid is going to give a shit? He just knows he has to be there and he's got to remember all this bullshit or else wear a long sleeve shirt, if he's going to pass the test. Did they ever give a plausible explanation for the "Dark Ages"?  The whole known world is progressing along, and than for no logical reason they slip into this funk for a couple of generations. Wow, it seems like that might stimulate a bit of curiosity as one matures! And how do you leave Jesus Christ out of history? By leaving out the one, single figure in all of history , who impacted the planet the most, you leave a whole lot of shit unexplained! Your ignoring the role of Catholicism, all of the Denominations which sprang from, your ignoring the role Christianity played in founding this country, our Republic, our Constitution, and the amazing impact which THIS COUNTRY has made upon World History! America has been a unique experience in the history of the World! Free Enterprise made it the wealthiest Nation in the World, and Freedom of Speech has made it the it the most Freedom loving. Free people, Free to express they're thoughts, without fear, Free people allowed to create and invent, to seek they're destiny.


The Ministry of Information is responsible for all Input. The Giant Media Monopoly Mergers have concentrated the control of all Thought. What is free Speech? A guy sitting on the toilet talking to himself in the morning? No, it was each Sovereign individual's God Given Right to stand up, in a Free MarketPlace of discussion, and express his view, to his fellow man, regardless of how Radical or Extremist that opinion might be. As soon you limit Free Speech , you no longer have Free Speech. Now before you go dropping any " Oh Sludge, your a Sexist", E-Mails in my Litter box, let me save you the trouble. When woman were given the vote, and subsequently turned into a Special interest group, Emotionalism began influencing RealPolitic. All it takes to change laws and strip rights is an emotional appeal . A movie, candle light, soft piano music, and the Public can be seduced into altering the Constitution. Marsha Clarke refered to O.J. Simpson as an "Acquitted Killer", as she gleefully announced that he was going to have to go through a THIRD trial. They've bulldozed his house, taken everything of value in his life, and know want to take his kids away from him. They have changed the Custody Laws in California so that the Burden of Proof is on the parents to prove they are competent, and "whats good for the child is decided by a State Psychiatrist!  Clarke and two other Woman Prosecutors ranted on about why OJ should be stripped of his children completely ignoring the fact that HE WAS ACQUITTED IN CRIMINAL COURT of the very charge which they are using as grounds to prove him incompetent!!!!  Now since the stupid Proles did not notice the first time, that the "Mountain of Evidence" was, in fact, less than the 1.5 ml. missing from the sample blood vial, which the LAPD took from Simpson( and each drop contained the preservative EDTA),  I  give him no chance. Hey, but you rightist people will get your 2 minutes of Hate won't you? You'll all start to salivate at the thought of another crack at OJ! When the Party gives you the nod to "Sick-um"! When the Party legitimizes the Hatred, it becomes a Rightist Hatred doesn't it? When you are united as one with your fellow androgynous, one great self rightist voice, one Cosmic Orgy of Pure unadulterated Hatred, ending in one fantastic Climax .


Several AgiProp(Agitation Propaganda) stories are being given play in the Media. AgiProp is a special Department, just down the hall from the Misinfo Office in the Ministry of Propaganda. It is responsible for continually keeping Racite(Race incitement) and Gencite( Gender Incitement) stories on simmer to hot, at all times. The operatives at AgiProp are very clever at giving "stories" a Racist, Sexist, or Homophobic twist, which conceals they're real design, which is the Federalization of all Police Departments and laws, enacting new Federal laws, and the destruction of due Process. Once a "story" has been given the AgiProp spin, a directive is issued, to it's standing army of quasi-Governmental Special Interest Groups( which includes everyone except those " Dirty, heterosexual, white males"), protesters and hecklers(agitation experts) are dispatched to the scene. These agents are skilled at staging demonstrations, so that the focus of the story is Victimization,  which can only be assuaged by giving Big Brother more Power. Jesse Jackson is the top Oreo for Racite, while Patricia Ireland organizes for Gencite, I don''t recall the Lesbo leader. Remember Jackson became a Powerful figure in the Black movement when he bragged about spitting in white peoples food, it almost catapulted him into the White House. Than he made his "Hyme Town" remark, which doomed him to Oreo status for life. Pat Buchanan, if you recall, met a similar fate, with his " Amen Corner" remark, during Desert Storm. It derailed his Presidential Bid( Sludge predicts it will be brought back to haunt him if he runs in 2000), and put him in row # 92, behind a pillar, at the Republican Convention in San Diego. I personally liked Pat's America First Platform, and will probably endorse him if he does run. I would urge him to take on Bo Gritz as a running mate. That is  assuming Bo has recovered from his self inflicted bullet wound, which I interpret as an expression of sincerity and dedication to the ideals of the Republic. I assume he was distraught over the invasion of the White House by the Bolsheviks.


The Brodderick Broadside caught Slick Willy just when he was about to Pardy Hardy in a No Gloat Zone. Maybe we should say he was, "Bush Wacked". The Rats in -the-know, jump ship first, N.O.W. Pres. Pat Ireland, Big Dick Morris, Doom on Bill! Why even his buddy, Renaldo Rivera, gave up defending Komrad Klinton.Hey Sludgees, now do you understand why I said that witnesses were crucial for the Republicans in the impeachment trial? One crying woman can illicit more response, in one interview, than all the months those clowns spent reading they're dry, boring , passionless, reports. Are the KingMakers getting ready to trash Bill?
I say if this story gathers "MO", Bill had better be able to prove she's lying!
Did you ever have an Antfarm? If you did you have observed socialism, because that's exactly what it is , a digression to the insect mentality. Our Republic was based on INDEPENDENT, FREE THINKING, INDIVIDUALS, who did not want a large Government. Socialism is a power system controlled by the Elite. The Cause is all that matters. When an agent no longer is viable to further the Cause, that agent is discarded as a liability, that's the rule. All "friends" desert and distance themselves to preserve the Cause.  Our next Ruler is being groomed by the Kingmakers, and he will be a Holographic Composite, of what the Public wants at Election time!
       I notice there are quite a few Race-Incite Stories going on in the Media. Creating Race agitation in the U.S. was, of course, a major strategic ploy of the Bolsheviks, and documented from meetings in the 1920's. The system deftly deflects attention from it's own Police State actions, and turns obvious Police Brutality into Race issues which creates further schisms among the Proles, who are blinded to the fact, that they're all getting fucked! This justifies the imposition of more, and tougher Hate Laws, which have been implemented Globally. Hate is whatever the Party says it is! Hate Crimes and Conspiracy Laws(R.I.C.O.) were also part of Soviet Law in the 20's. Now do you understand why you happen to find all those books on Communism, stamped with "Library Discard"?


You know, there was a time in this Country, when people used to pride themselves in being able to judge "character", to distinguish from the features and lines which time and experience etched as a permanent record on the face, a testament to "character". Public Relations, or PR is nothing more than hiring someone to put on a good face for you. You notice everybody's doing it , individuals, companies, Governments, anyone who wants to project a Face. The Smiley Face became a PR symbol. I thought of  the old Bolsheviks, motto,"Socialism with a kind Face". Can you imagine George Washington hiring a Joe Lockhart to speak for him ? But than Komrad Klinton's always to busy right? Taking care of the business of "running the country".
The J. Brodderick interview pissed me off, I gave her story a 68% probability on the Sludge input meter, but if she had come forth when it happened, we might not have had to go through 8 years of this Bozo!
I guess there's no sense discussing the next Bozo, the Media has already picked Bush Jr. He's down in Texas undergoing a Computer generated Image Makeover, which  will be designed to illicit the most favorable response by election time. The Bush's should have a pretty good war chest after the S&L scam, and with their Zapota Oil holdings they are establishing a Power Base in Texas, as Bill did in Arkansas.
   Hey, did any of you feel just a little bit queasy when N.Y. passed the law to confiscate cars, if your accused of being a Drunk Driver? Catch the new Money Laundering Bill coming down which requires Banks to Profile all customers. What was all this stuff about both Parties quoting the Constitution? People, your undergoing Cavity Searches and pissing in Bottles, while your mumbling about " The President's Private Life" You'd better all do a serious HeadCheck, because he's the same guy who's passing all this shit that has you bent over, but than maybe you've come to like it .


Why do you think, people tune to these Real Cop Shows ? What makes people want to see their neighbors, spread eagled, in handcuffs,wearing only their underware. Why is there a booming market for Videos of people really being shot, being attacked and eaten by wild animals, andreal footage of tragic accidents, air crashes, and biggest Hits ? Even the Cartoons have become Evil. Americans are Dogs that are being kicked, beaten, and fed bloody meat . They are continually being injected with a mixture of Cruely & Sex. Beavus and Butthead, Jerry Springer, MTV Death Matches, No Mercy. A dog wants to please it's master right? We use a combination of carret and stick to " train" the dog. If the dog responds to our Pavlovian methods, we say the dog is a "smart" dog, if he dos"nt, we say he's stupid. Now it never occures to us that the dog, may not want to be trained does it? Americans feel "in the right", when they're in the Pack! I started noticing this phenomena during Iraq 1, Dessert Storm,  when George Bush was talking about a Kinder, gentler New World Order, while we were carpet bombing a defenseless country. The children were forced to participate in Hate Rallies, which were organized by the Parties Schools. All schools across the country hung American Flags, which were inserted in all Party Newspapers, and Hate Monitors chastised any kids that didn't contort they're facial features or sing refrains from " Bomb, Bomb Iraq" loud enough. All churches held   Hate Surmons, providing the Moral Justification.
The Dogs have been taught, never to attack unless the Master say's "Sic um", and the Master never gives the Ok to attack Party Members or agents of the Party( unless they get out of line, therefore becoming "loose Cannons"). I think the Party teased the Dogs briefly during the Clinton Trial, never quite releasing the leash, they sure pointed and yelled "sic um" at OJ's White Bronco though! In fact they played on all that repressed racial hatred, which they usually don't allow, and turned it into a National Coon Hunt didn't they? The Dogs always desire to please they're Masters.


I'm a little tired of  talking about the Media, after all, Sludge does Inter-Dimentianal, Inter-Galactic, Social Commentary right?  Well you sure as Hell can't know what's happening, if you don't know what's happened right?  Well, see, the whole Planet's tilted. Now if you  build your Reality on a tilted base, which you assume(makes an ass of you  and me) to be perpendicular, your going to get a tilted Reality, right? Put another way, if you fuck up some math, at the beginning of the problem, even if it's correct all the rest of the way, it's going to come out wrong, right? Now, the Prole runs into a major Headfuck when he tries to read the Founding Father's writings, he can't comprehend most of it. Party control of Education was one of Karl Marx platforms, so it should as no shock that Karl would make us stupid. You ever pick up a old Muguffy Reader?  The Private Schools taught the 3 R's, and then it was your responsibility, if you chose, to spend your life Educating yourself. Think about it, the local townspeople hired the kind of teacher they wanted! Since they paid directly, they exercised direct control over what was taught and what books were used. The Natural Order of the Universe dictates that those two people, who created the child are the only ones who should decide what is in that child's best interest. Should it be surprising then, that the Break down of the Family unit was another of Karl's platforms? The Party userpted Parental authority by using the usual, "in the best interests of society " bullshit. Now you know why your kids are learning how to have Safe Sex in the Barnyard. Now the Party extorts our monies, pours it into the Pig's Trough, snout fights determine how much is spent to make the kids stupid. The ironic twist is that the Pigs send their piglets to Private Schools. So haven't we really come full circle here? The original argument by the Pigs, was that Private schools were "unfair" so we needed Party run schools.
   Party Schools teach What to think not How to think. They made History a bore. If you want to read some REAL history check out


Brainwash, To indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to effect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes.
"The pen may be mightier than the sword, but T.V. is more powerfull than the Bomb"- Sludge, 1999
     Read Christopher Springer's book, If O.J. Didn't.
This one will really hurt!


"Come, I will show you the judgment of the Great Harlot who is seated upon many waters, with whom the kings of the earth have committed fortification, and with the wine of whose fortification the dwellers on earth have become drunk."  Rev. 17
  " The waters that you saw, where the Harlot is seated, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues......"
   My staff informed me that Sludge exposure is increasing at exponential Warp Speed. By the way, do not bother putting your return E-mail  address on my Guest book!  This means you can leave your droppings and make your oink oink noises with complete anonymity, besides, I really have no desire to communicate on a personal level with any of you anyway. This should facilitate input from the Paranoids, and if your not paranoid in the 90's, your not paying attention.
    Sludge is beginning a new feature this week; Doublethink question of the week. All of you can put your heads together and E mail your answer( do not include return address), I will reprint the most plausible. Are you ready for this weeks Doublethink Question? Here it is:
     According to the Coroner's report, Ron Goldman's knuckles were scarred, indicating he hit someone, and Nichol had tissue under her fingernails suggesting she had scratched someone. Front & back pictures of OJ, taken immediately after his arrest revealed no bruises or scratches. How do you explain the contradiction?
     Now I know this is going to be traumatic, but your going to have to think up an explanation using your own brain!! The Media did not give you an explanation did they? But you spaced it off, didn't you?
ps Don't say he was wearing his Buffalo Bill's uniform.


I noticed this morning that the Miranda warnings are now under attack, last year it was Jury Nullification. See, I read the places on the Newspapers ( bottom left for right handers), which are physically difficult to focus on, and I always watch the peripheral of the camera for the same reason, remember THE PARTY DECIDES WHAT IS GOING TO BE AN ISSUE, BECAUSE THEY DIRECT OUR ATTENTION!  Now I know why one little boy , in the children's book, The Emperor's New clothes , was the only person in the Kingdom, that dared tell the truth, he was unaware that he could end up in a body bag. Now folks, I wish this were just about one man, I wish it were just about sick sex. This is about an orchestrated, well planned movement, this is about World Collectivism. The Out group agitates until it becomes the Ingroup(then it consolidates, protects, and restricts rebellion and protest). The same people who staged protests in the 60's, restrict protest in the 90's. Was louis Meyer's Washington Post neutral during Watergate? not hardly, a movie was made of Woodward and Bernstein, and the "leak", "Deep
throat". Gus Hall, head of the American Communist Party( I thought that was "dead"?), came out on C-Span, urging full support of Clinton, Betty Friedan's, "Bunch of dirty old white men" remark, Alec Bauldwin screaming tirade on national television, urging people to kill murder Henry Hyde, and his family, Renalo Rivera using his show to defend Clinton and attack his accusers. The Agents of World Socialism came out of woodwork. The Democrats all Goose Stepped to the Partyline! Remember how the Media focused on Finegold when he dared vote out of step? This is voting your conscience?


The Media always defends itself, but when personnel don't Goose Step the Party Line, they become "loose Cannons", and are delt with accordingly. OJ Simpson was a Media Star personality, yet THE ENTIRE MEDIA had turned against him.....why? The Jurors spent 2 years listening to testimony, they were inches away when they saw OJ pull and tug "the glove", they saw all of the sneers and laughs from Marsha Clarke. They describe in their tapes, the blast of Hatred, which they received after they found him Not Guilty. They could not understand it! Then LAPD was hostile, the Media was hostile, and the Masses were really pissed! The same N.O.W. group that had demonstrated in front of the CourtHouse for 2 years, camped at OJ's house, hung banners across the Freeway saying "Murderer", which he had to drive by with his kids, harassed him on the Golf Course, and threatened him on the Phone. This is the same "Woman's(?)" Organization which had absolutely no sympathy for any of the woman, in the Clinton scandals! So what the hell was wrong with these Jurors? Didn't they watch Rivera?, read the Tabloids? Did they simply ignore all those Rumors from "unidentified Sources", didn't they listen to Talk Radio?, did  they just space off all those selected and Edited Sound Bits?  No, they were living in a Bubble, completely obtuse to all the INFOmation we got . Why they didn't even know that Simpson once held a knife in a Frogman movie! No wander they found him Not Guilty!   Jeopardy(n-exposure to conviction), is not supposed to be used twice, but the 2 years of Hatred caused some serious blueballs, so we changed the name of the charges, and nailed him with a "Wrongful Death" suit. Fred Goldman, screamed, " Yes, this is all we wanted!!!" Fred put a Lien on OJ's life, took his children, even his Heisman Trophy. The " People", rolled over and had a cigarette.


Ok, so we left off with OJ attempting to flee the country at 30 MPH, surrounded by Police and Media helicopters, followed by a caravan of pursuers, the freeway lined with fans holding, " go  OJ  Cue Cards, with he entire Nation watching. Now when the Ministry of Propaganda breaks in on our "Programing", with a "News Update", especially a Relious Revival like the NBA Playoffs, well we snap to attention!  Every Shock Jock, Every Newscaster, Every Tabloid, Every Newspaper, Every piece of artillery was directed at OJ.  Night after night, day after day, the barrage never lifted. Renaldo Rivera dedicated 2 years to the vilification of one man! The Masses, blind with Hatred and certain of Simpson's guilt ignored the anomalies and contradictions, because there was nobody to point them out! So Furman leaps over the wall and later they find a glove(surrounded by cobwebs, in the middle of the summer, in LA.). They take OJ's blood and it starts appearing everywhere. Didn't Van Atter claim he took the tennis shoes and blood file directly to the Evidence room? TV tapes showed him putting them in his car and taking them home. He gave no explanation for this evidence home, just like he had no explanation for taking the blood vile to the crime scene. Now, since OJ was sitting in jail, he had no way to dispute any of this, no Joe Lockhart to defend him, no James Carville to attack his accusers. No photo Ops of OJ playing with his dog or playing golf, unconcerned with the verdict. Anyway the whole Soap reached a fever pitch when Darden challenged OJ to TRY ON THE GLOVE!!! Now I'll confess I was riveted 12 inches from my screen when Simpson walked over and tried to pull that Glove on, IT WASN'T EVEN CLOSE!!! Court TV's Fred Graham stuttered and went livid. He had spent 2 years convincing the masses that OJ was guilty. When OJ threw the Glove down in disgust, I thought, WOW, there it is! What can the
people say now?  Everybody had to see that!  The Party immediately issued an explanation: "The Glove didn't fit because it had shrunk and because OJ had on latex gloves", that was the Mantra mumbled by the Proles the next day.


The bottom line is the only line that counts! When the OJ episode began( remember the Networks broke into our Sacred NBA playoff game, showing the White Bronco going 30 miles an our , Media helicopters and a caravan of police cars), people rushed up to me saying, " Hey Sludge, that OJ's gonna put out his books, maybe movies, and get rich off this" I checked out the Media just to see where this "public Opinion", was coming from. Sure enough, that was the Party's line. After the trial, I watched to see who benifited....Qui Bono. All involved in the prosecution did the "Book Tour" on TV, Marsha Clarke even got a Show! I heard the same crap when the Paula Jones story broke, she's going to get rich. Check out the tapes produced by the jurors after the Simpson trial( there in that building with all those books( your local Library), they could not understand the cold hostility which they got from the LA PD when they returned the "wrong" verdict. Do any of you remember
the mics " accidentally" being turned on on the Defense Council's table or the TV camera accidentally" filming a juror so that we watched Marsha Clarke scream" he's the only suspect", for the umpteenth time? Do any of you recall the " makeup" picture of Nichole which they froze on our screens? How about the outburst by an aspiring actor, claiming to be OJ''s friend, " This is sad OJ"? Do you believe Judge Ito was impartial with his wife being the highest ranking woman on the LAPD? The first thing he did was to ban any mention of drugs, or drug dealing. Since they couldn't find the murder weapon, after searching half of LA, they waved an envelope!  Remember how everybody wandered what was in the envelope? Why was the Coroner told to stay away?  Because you cannot establish a Time of death. Why was the melted ice cream and burning candles ridiculed?  Because they were only evidence left to establish time of death. Did anyone suggest that Marsha Clarke was
threatening Kato, when she repeatedly shouted, " For the last time, are you going to change your testimony?"  Remember, she wanted him to say that Simpson was "upset"? Kato, who was getting blasted by the press, and threatened with drug trafficking, said OJ was cracking jokes. Now what's my point? The Media and the "Public" had pronounced Simpson guilty long before he came to trial!!  The Press  the REAL prosecutor and the viewer's are the REAL jurors!!!


Ignore-v.t. To disregard deliberately; pay no attention to; refuse to consider. Why do people choose to be ignorant? FEAR!  this is why they feel HATE toward anyone who pops their Bliss Bubble. The STRESS(fear) level will increase exponentially as we approach 2000. Do you recall the scene in George Orwell's book 1984, when Winston is being tortchured until he wants to see three fingers when the Party holds up two? Winston was finally released when he had convinced himself ! We are being forced to do a whole lot of DoubleThink, to stay in good standings with the Party. I'm sorry people, but if you have a very sick sense of humor, as I have, it is pretty hilarious!  I imagine January 31st, 1999, 11:59 pm., groups of Neurotic Proles, drinking, smoking and injecting, waiting for a comet to hit the earth, their power lines to shut off, Armageddon, the world to end, while they pretend to celebrate 2000! You know that if none of this happens, it will be like Renaldo Rivara opening the empty tomb. The poor schnooks will set down their drinks, sheepishly nod goodnight to the host, and weave their way through the Police Checkpoints, back to their boring lives.


Jim Carey in movie, Cable Guy, screams, " I'm a bastard child of TV"!  Check out the Truman Show. Don't just watch for entertainment, catch the message. The messages in both are glaring statements on the MEDIA. Nobody dares lift up the curtain on the Great Oz! So why am I telling you people these things? They are the concepts that I used to mumble to myself while I was sitting on the toilet in the morning. I don't give a s___ whether or not any of you believe me. We have been raised on Visual Imagery, which is why are values and culture reflect it. Are "memories" of history are the collective of thousands of Hollywood scripts, personages from the past are Holographs of whichever "Star" portrayed them. George C. Scott is Patten! Did you read where Chuck Norris was Deputized, and actually participated in a big bust in Texas?  Everybody thought they were making a movie.


I happened to glance at the love letters in my Guest book and a warm glow of beatitude(Computer light) spread across my face. Sludge is causing the Junkies of Visual Imagery a little pain isn't it? That is because Sludge says what no one  else wants to even think! WHO QUESTIONS THE
MEDIA??? Talk show hosts bring up a issue, and than they tell you  what to think about that issue. They do fluff and infotainment, with hopes of TV spots. Do you think the Media is going to question the Media? Question Everything! Remember they ridicule so they don't have to even consider a point of view!  Don't use my Guest book for a crying towel because your head is throbbing , because I dare question the Great OZ! I saw one letter objecting to my criticism of the Republican Party, it was sent from a "devoted Republican" Party member. Hey, didn't I here that at Nuremberg?  Didn't I here " just following orders" after Waco? Get Real!  Klinton is following the same script as Bush in both foreign and Domestic Policy. Here's another Zinger for your heads folks. Tyson went to prison in the first place because someone sent a woman up to his room at 3 am wearing a wire, right? He's a "Bad Guy", right? Bill invites Paula Jones up, drops his pants, plays with himself, and when she doesn't cooperate, uses his position of power, to threaten her with" By the way I know your Boss!"  Where are all those "righteous" people who were ready to lynch OJ Simpson, because they were so certain that he was guilty, A YEAR BEFORE HE CAME TO TRIAL!!!!!  So don't whine to me because I point out the hypocrisies and lies which you have been trained to except.


The Media always defends itself!
Power Pyrimids!
Do you know that William Randolph Hearst used to have his flunkies spread out his newspapers for him on the floor, and he would tap dance over the headlines. Did you think Patty was going to be convicted? When you pick up your paper or turn on the TV, do you view the Headlines or "Lead" story as the most important event that day? Do you know who owns the people, who own the people who control the TOOLS OF MASS PERCEPTION? Who sponsors them? Who can influence those sponsors?  As above is Below. Hardball power plays in the Ethereal planes of realpolitic are packaged on an emotional level for Mass consumption. Do you know that the concept of JUSTICE used to mean that if you committed a certain crime, you were given a certain punishment? Sounds bazaar now huh? Do you realize that the 10 commandments were the basis of our Judicial Code? A Criminal( latin- criminalis) was one who committed an immoral act. HERE IS WISDOM: BAD guys are people who at some level f--ked with the system. The laws are
so ambiguous and the range of penalties so wide, that punishment depends upon your relationship with the SYSTEM. You needs some examples right? ok. Nixon was involved with the Alger Hiss Case, Klinton supports World Socialism. If there a good draw, entertainers don't miss a game or concert when they are caught breaking the same law, which the Proles get 100 years for. Mike Tyson is a BAD guy, who was sent to prison because somebody sent a girl, wearing a wire, to his room at 3 am. Why? Dupont(who's family owns Rhode Island) cops an insanity plea for cold blooded murder. Woodward, British Au Pair, convicted by a jury for Manslaughter, works in Law Firm for a few months and is free. Barney Frank is caught with Boy's prostitution ring being run in his basement-no penalty, Ed Kennedy, drunk, wrecks his car , leaves the woman to die, and doesn't report the accident-no penalty, Barbara Boxer( D-Calf.) biggest check Bouncer in short scandal-no
penalty( being married to Hillary's brother didn't hurt). Now the Media knows our memories are very
short(unless they remind us). Do you recall whether or not the sniper who blew Vicky Weaver's head off was penalized? How about the cremation of 87 people at Waco? How about charges against the Jenny Jone's show, do you think you'll see that on TV? But the OJ trial was a Unified Crescendo of National Hate...............Why?


This Court Case in Portland Oregon had better bother some people. Remember when the Government passed the RICO act to fight the Organized Crime? That gave the Public the impression that it was going after the Mob right? Yea, I know they popped a couple of mobsters right off the bat to further the inference, but they quickly broadened the interpretation to include any citizen who attempts to protest Government policy. Now if your sitting there saying, " Hey, they've done the same scam with Child abuse laws, Hate crimes, Gun laws, Tax laws, etc. too"! Than I've got to hand it to you, your real quick, but for the rest of you allow me to explain.
             1. Party Stooges in the Media Focus on a problem, real or exaggerated
             2. Ambiguous, undefined laws are demanded to stop the "Problem"
             3. The interpretation of the law is later broadened and the " tolerance level is lowered.
Now do you see why I watch television? Not really? Fine. Let me be more specific. Are they not the same devices of Mass Communication that spew Pornography and filth which causes or aggravates a social "Problem", the same instruments that Legitimizes the Jack Boot of Didactic Militarianism to solve the "Problem"? It's the very same Oracle Box which brought us Cheech & Chong, that declares the "War on Drugs"(remember it started as war on drug abuse), churns out movies creating  racial friction, that pushes for Hate Laws, promos Boy's in the Hood , Colors, Natural Born Killers, and Cop Killer records, and then justifies Anti-Gang laws. Check it out! The same Media has created a nation wide gangbang image that sends them to Boot camps for conforming to that image!!! Anti -Gang laws passed in most of the Cities establishes probable cause as " looking like " a Gang member. Anyway, the Court case in Portland concerned the prosecution of citizens who listed the addresses of Abortion clinic Doctors on the Internet. This is a double hit on individual liberty, as it "stretches the net" for RICO to include any Anti Government protest, and joins the multi-phase myriad of attacks to Federally control the Internet.


When I find myself laughing at something on TV, it bothers me. A guy laying on his couch, in a building, laughing at a box, so let's call it a sick chuckle. That's more descriptive of my reaction to the vote yesterday.  Who are they kidding? Bi-partisan, my ass! The day before one guy crossed party lines, the Media let everybody know. It's quite a stretch to believe that on both sides, every, single one of them think their side is right! The Donkey won't pull out, and the Elephant wants Sloppy Seconds. Hey, what ever happened to the "checks and balances" of the three branches? I thought when the Executive Branch became this powerful, they called it a Dictatorship? The Democrats came out like Apollo Creed, but Rocky's still on his feet and hitting back, is Slick Willy going to barricade the White House and do a Al Pachino stand off at the end? I forget the name of that one, but he stuck his face in a mountain of coke, grabbed his bazooka ....remember? Anyway the
movie dovetailed the War on Drugs with the War on Guns, which is really a War on the Bill of Rights. Than we got all these cop shows on TV. Every actor became some kind of Federal Agent or cop. The theme was always the same, The "bad Guys" are racist, perverted psychos, who we want to see brought to justice, but because the authorities are always undermanned, out gunned, and don't have enough power, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson or Chuck Norris are forced to blow them away! You've got cops on bicycles wearing spandex, cops on the beach, how many people watch "Butt Watch" for the plot? Since they tore down THE WALL( no point anymore, because we look just like them) James Bond became DEA. Than there's Court TV, The System, but I really have trouble with People's Court. There's something kind of weird about us wanting to see Koch or Judge
Judy scream, spit at and degrade people. Has Big Brother become Big Daddy and we want to see the Naughty people spanked?


Remember when you was a little kid? The teacher would ask one of those " how many of you think...." you know, polling questions. Now didn't most of the kids raise their hands tentatively, heads swiveling, wanting to be in the majority? Not many gave a stiff Seig Heil right off the bat. This is called the Bandwagon effect, and you'd better believe the Party caught it. Polls are used to tell us where to huddle. Remember Pavlov and his salivating dog? Buzz Words are used as the stimulus to trigger response. Isn't an Extremist or Radical actually one who refuses to gather at the Bandwagon?  Nobody wants to be called a Racist, Sexist or Homophobe, You can use the "F" word, but not the "N" word.  Remember, you ridicule so you can dismiss.  Hate was never defined, so it is now whatever the Party decide it to be. We are forced to narrow our spectrum of acceptable thought and speech, if we are going to huddle with the herd. I became a Heretic because I wouldn't join the OJ Lynch Mob. Simpson had to go to Britain to tell his side, he was banned in America. Where is the Lynch Mob now? Where is all of that rightist hatred in the Clinton trial?  Were missing Marsha Clarke and Fred Goldman screaming " He's Guilty, he's the only suspect!!" Were missing Renaldo's raving " he did it, he did it!!" Were not being told to hate, are    we ?


I was listening to Rush yesterday, In my opinion, he is one of those "Cripto-Conservatives", who attach themselves like Barnacles to the Fate of the Republican Party. He will Goose step when they are in power , bitch & gripe when their out. When the Party issues a " Bi-partisan Directive" suppressing(Waco, S&L, ) or supporting( NAFTA, WTO), he snap's to attention. Anyway, my point is that I listen to him because While he is doing his raving , lengthy Monologs, a few droplets of truth drip off his quivering lips. I caught one yesterday, when toward the end of his show, he announced that because of so much E mail concerning the Lisa Myer's NBC interview with "Jane Doe #5", Juanita Broaddrick, he was forced to release it. Now I realize that there is a lot of pent up anger out there toward Bill, but do not allow emotions to cloud judgment. Use the Sludge formula to compute Input. Unless you were at the Little Rock Hotel, in person, you don't really KNOW do you? Now, the moral to this story, is that a Syndicated Talk show host is forced to release a very pertinent NBC story because the Cat was already out of the bag on the Internet!  The same is true of the Lewinsky Story! Isn't it amazing how our "Public Watchdogs" become Hyenas when it's a defenseless Prole, and than slink back like Curs when Big Brother commands( Waco, Ruby Ridge, Freeman stand off).


I was starring at the Furby dolls on the Sludge Web page, remembering all those sheep standing in lines with their Christmas Spirit Credit cards. The N.S.A. declared them a National Security risk because of the recorders in them so now their being dumped. I noticed that I had activated someone's Implant to the point where they felt the need to relieve themselves on my Guest book, that's good, consider it your Barf Bag, let it out. I imagined Tom holding his throbbing head while he typed his "plea for help" with one hand. The use of the Party Buzzword "Bash" was the giveaway Tom. This word is used to stifle public REACTION to abusive and oppressive Party Policies. Tom, I want you to consider Sludge your support group, your Web Sanctuary, your Cyber Salvation.    I do not deny that I am critical of the "Mainstream". I am old enough to remember when the family was the building block, homosexuality was classified as mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association( in 1973 "Homophobia" replaced homosexuality as the "new" mental illness), my Social Security card said" not to be used for identification", candy bars were a nickel and gas was 23 cents a gallon. I remember when Americans were proud of being " the free World", proud of being FREE!   Individual freedom and free enterprise made this Country the riches and most powerful in the world! Freedom to discuss any subject, to question all, freedom to invent, hunt, fish or own a gun.  The freedom( not guarantee) to pursue your dreams!  Now take a look out your window Tom, all Party stooges say the economy is "booming" because everybody has to work, many 2 or 3 jobs. They  reclassify Tennis shoes by calling them "jogging" shoes and the inflation index doesn't go up. We all Know that that we are 12 Trillion in debt, all big companies have gone South to take
advantage of slave labor, We all know  that the biggest industry( the only one) in America is building Prisons. The economy is crap, our inner cities look like Dresden, are kids can't read and freedom has become Slavery.

Assume-verb, meaning, to take for granted; to suppose as fact. Assumptions are "Leaps of Faith",
they are the difference between 100% knowing, and the estimated percentile of probability, of the input. Unless you have a time Machine past events are Hisstory!   Lawyers attempt to pin their victims down to a 100%, Yes or No. " Are you certain you heard the shot at 4:13 PM"? " Could it have been 4:15"? " When was the last time you had your watch checked"? You know, Lawyer games. When you build on an assumption, you compound the problem. Extrapolating on incorrect data will cause false outcome, even if the rest of the equation is true.


Are you all a bit disgusted with the "trial"? It's ending like some show that's being yanked by the Networks for poor ratings. What made me puke was watching both sides waving the Constitution, which both sides have used to wipe with. Regimes so dirty, that no real issues can be discussed, instead, it was a Jerry Springer show, with all the " good" stuff bleeped out!
This brings me to Buzz Words, These are words or phrases which stimulate brain implants in either a positive or negative manner. Listen for the Buzz Phrase, "move on". You heard it in the Woodward case( she was convicted by a jury), you didn't hear it in the OJ case. The Party uses "move on", "put this behind us", or "let them move on with their life" when they wish to establish Public Amnesia, quite the opposite of "never forget". When I say Radical or Extremist, it activates the implant in a negative manner.  Now if Left and Right are descriptive of a linear Political scale, than radical or extreme would be a departure from the mainstream right? If we agree on a "normal" temperature, than we can refer to extreme heat or extreme cold. If we make a radical change, we have altered a "normal" pattern. The true Political Spectrum, put anarchy, or no Government control on the left, and
Totalitarianism  on the right. Jeffersonian liberals(Latin-Libra, meaning freedom), and the Founding Fathers were as far left as they considered possible( "Government governs best that Governs least"). Our Republic, which was created to protect individual rights, should be on the left! Socialism, which is Big Government, should be on the right! So where is this "norm", or "Mainstream", which everybody pretends to be part of, since" moderate" has become such a warm, safe, goal? Mayberry is gone, Otis is in rehab, Andy and Barney Goose Step for Janet Reno, Aunt Bee is an Organ Donor, and little Opy's a drug addict. Norm Lear's Archie Bunker bumped Mayberry! The "Moral Majority" was forced to go underground, while the "Radical Left" of the 60's became Mainstream!


Let me guess, You went around the dials and surffed the channels, frantically trying to find some Party Stooge, who might give you a plausible explanation for what's happening. Than a little voice in your brain said, "wow! Sludge said on Monday that Bill would be partying by Friday". Surprise, surprise, so your back here and you ask? " Sludge, how do you do it?" How is it that you don't do it? Your listening to the patter and not watching the hands. Right now I'm watching Buddy. Hillary doesn't appear to be real fond of Buddy, but Buddy likes Bill, he's Bill's Buddy. Now that's good, clips showing you playing with your dog while your being charged for crimes. Of course, when you've got the entire US government, unlimited funding, Wolf Blitzer, and an army of lawyers defending, you can play with your dog. Where's Woodward and Bernstein?  Let's get back to the problem, the brain implant. Now I'm not talking about a physical implant, like the Mark Super V11 Quantum E-Meter used by L. Ron Hubbard's people, I'm referring to all the collective perceptions you have been subjected to in your life time. Schools, teachers, preachers, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Books, and Movies. Now what do you really KNOW? Did I say scrap everything? NO. QUESTION EVERYTHING!!! Remember, everything from the Media is HEARSAY, noun<to hear say. Don't believe all the crap on the toilet stalls. THERE IS A TRUTH. Reality is not a myth. Sh_t doesn't just happen, MONEY MAKES SH_T HAPPEN.   Power Pyramids. Find out who owns what. Find out who owns what. Find out who owns what.


Do you feel that you are being fit into a mold? Floating passively in a sea of confusion and hypocrisy? They promised you Fantasy Island dreams, New Deal, New Frontier, Great Society, Kinder, gentler, but always, as you near this Mirage of peace, tranquility and Brotherhood, it's gone. The music stops, some asshole turns on the lights, and your staring blankly at a room full of shifted propels, the numbing effect of the Victory Gin a temporary reprieve. How's your memory? Staple newspaper headlines on your wall for a month and find out We've crushed all the Bad Guys, but new ones keep popping up! We got Hitler, Noriega, Nixon,O.J., Keresh, but it's a nintendo game with seemingly unlimited Goldsteins. We won all the military wars so that we would live in a Republic which because it cherished individual freedom, became the richest, most fun place on the planet!
So why are we modeling our Government after those we vanquished? Let me get this straight. Were waging wars against Social Ills, behavior, and inanimate objects( Guns, drugs,drunkdriving,etc.). To win these wars, we have to give up our freedoms, and give government Police State powers. Aren't these the very reasons we fought the military wars?  Okay, how's your stress level? You pay a bundle to one of those AMA quacks to tell you your stressed. Since he works for the same Big Brother that is causing your fears, the best you can hope for is a chemical bandaid. Kind of like the School System. Does anyone out there really believe that Government Schools are concerned with turning out freethinking, freedom loving individuals? If you buy that I can't help you, but for the rest of you, if you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, here's the diagnosis: You have a NWO Neuropsychiatrical Implant embedded in your skull!!! That may sound harsh, but not to worry, it
can be removed. Unfortunately my Prosaic has worn off so I'll catch you later.


Alright, I guess I'm expected to comment on what I said they would select as the lead story. First off, I didn't watch it. One reason for not was that it was 99 cent night at the video store, the other is that I only need to catch the Media's reaction to understand the sheeple's reaction. Do you ever get the feeling that it all has become staged? That's because it is!  Remember I said that the Republican's did a bore and snore they chose to ignore? The Demos always put on a show!  Hey, your dealing with a visual medium, the masses don't think, the emote. Remember the Chamelot inauguration? The Makerana dance? If I could do the choreography for those "Dirty old White Men",  House Whip sounds kind of interesting, they would have all got up, danced the "Dirty Bird", and split! The Social Security, Medicaid, etc. promises were designed for the demographics just like the "Oldy Records", the Senior tour, and the Geritol commercials. The "Baby Boomers" are the largest voting block,
as they are the biggest consumers. The debate over witnesses is critical. Remember Anita Hill's "pubic hair on the pepsi can" remark in the Clarence Thomas case?  The emotional outburst or Crying Card have become SOP in all courtrooms. If Bill's victims are not personalized the people will not be moved. That decision will be, as always, decided by the people who own the people, who own the people, who point the Mikes and focus the Cameras.


I've received several requests from Sludges, who ask, " Sludge, whenever I call my talk show and mention the big banks and stuff, they ridicule me as a Conspiracy kook?" Hey, those are whiners. Of course there going to ridicule you! They ridicule and smear, so they don't have to address! Conspiracy, from conspire (to breath together), is what created every enterprise involving more than one man! Christ, wasn't the whole deal in Heaven a Conspiracy? Am I Donald Southerland and you are all Podpeople? Do you dismiss it as coincidence, that every media commentator refers to the "Right" as kooks or nut cases? This is done to ridicule, as well as to stigmatize, so that your assured a retirement in PsyCamps for political dissidents. Have a nice day.


The hottest book going is Year of the Rat: How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash, co-authored by Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett. According to T&T, The     Riady( Chinese name Lee) family were the biggest contributors to the 1992 Clinton-Gore Ticket. Taiwan was sold out, along with high security Tech. The Chinese gained access to Long Beach Navel Yard for Drug and arms smuggling.   All who have opposed Bill have been smeared, threatened or are dead. The Media dictates our perceptions. Last week was a snore on C-Span. We saw staged sound bites of Bill helping kids and playing with his dog. Check out the coverage this week!  Bill will end up playing his sax while puffing on a cigar!


The movie, Mad City, is a remarkable demonstration of how the Media operates. A not to bright, disgruntled, average Joe( John Travolta), goes "Postal", after losing his job. " loose cannon" reporter Max( Dustin Hoffman), happens to be hanging around in the Men's room, from where he gives an on-the-scene remote.When Hoffman is discovered, he convinces Travolta to go " on the air" and the subsequent interview is designed to generate national sympathy. My point is, that when Hoffman was replaced by another reporter who took the same sound bites, spliced and diced, used an opposite angle and turned the masses ag.


Since Sludge assumes it's subscribers are a bit more politically hip than the masses, I trust you all appreciate how Sludge scooped the Party, concerning the recent confirmation, that UN weapons inspectors were, in aculeate, CIA and Mossad spies, using camera surveillance and briefings to pinpoint Iraqi targets. Speaking of Babylon(from Hebrew babel, hence confusion), have you all noticed how the Party went from "unidentified source", tousing tabloids like the Star, Globe, and National Enquirer as sources? No wander people are confused. These "Check stand Tabloids" stamp every forehead with their headlines, which range from total bullshit, to " stories"that the Party's Press has suppressed.   At the time of this release, I am waiting on the DNA results for Danny,
Primary Colors and and the Thomas Jefferson story prepared us. Observant political analysts, can learn a lot from watching internal conflict. I mean that when the Right and Left"WINGS" of the Party are engaged in a power struggle, little bits of truth are disclosed. The Party knows that the masses become irritated when they are confused, cognitive dissidence sets in, and they change the channel-tune out. When EVERY social commentator and BOTH Parties are in agreement, the Proles can confidently assert to their comrades " We know OJ did it! When they see American Flags in their njewspapers, they know the Bombings are justified. They all knew Nixon was a "Bad Guy", along with Gudaffy, Noriega, Saddom and OJ. Hitler was Total Evil; Stalin was " Uncle Joe". Qui bono, who benefits? When there is full official consensus it is a done deal! The 500 Billion dollar scam, Waco and the technology sales to Red China are nonstories because it is in the interest to all sides to blow them off.The mainstream Media has hushed up all of the dirt on Bill UNTIL it can be used to pressure him to do their bidding.  It's the CAUSE not the personality that matters. Betty Friedan's, " Dirty old whitemen" comment should have given people a clue, as should Alec Baldwen's tirade advocating the murder of Henry Hyde and his family. The System is so corrupt that you have a Pornographer pressuring Senators. We have built up Red China, propped up the soviet empire and now were going to "warm" relations with Cuba. Will the Impeachment hearings dovetail into the Y2K screw up and result in a FEMA martial law? Time will tell.


I must confess, I have been negligent in my self appointed role as Galactic Social Commentator, I sometimes confuse myself during the transition between " Howard Beal of the Internet" and " Ballast-Nerd" at Acme Lighting. But, Hey, did everyone have a Merry X mass? See we Xed out Christ under the 90's interpretation of separation of Church and State, which means you have a bunch of Atheists sitting on the Supreme Court deciding moral issues. If you didn't have a Merry one, it's not too late to send for the Sludge Cashmas Credit Card, while supply lasts. Worried about overspending? No problem. Just in time for the New Year, Sludge offers it's Kovorkian Cocktail, a potent cyanide- stellazine combo that's guaranteed to leave a "RigerSmile". Please specify the Belushi intravenous or our very popular suppository. What about the residue? Again No Problem, you can be worth more in death than in life! Yes, body parts are big bucks! China has the Body-Donor truck ready when stage those mass executions and now our Churches are encouraging members to sign over their body parts in their Wills. Remember Hillary's push for Socialized medicine? Kovorkian's visits will no longer be voluntary. Oops, before I forget, just a Holiday reminder, If you order the Kovorkian Cocktail kit NOW, we will ship a free box of 5 ring Clinton-Dildo cigars.


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